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Padagogy Wheel Presentation EdtechSA Adelaide 160715


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This is a presentation about the Padagogy Wheel and how it helps teaching and learning. Presented at the Edtech South Australia Conference Adealide Thurs 16 July 2015

Published in: Education
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Padagogy Wheel Presentation EdtechSA Adelaide 160715

  1. 1. Do You Believe this? - Do you believe in ‘ “C ' I Transformative Teaching t and Learning? ‘ GOOD TEACHERS TEACH. ” . . % GREAT TEACHERS ° What '5 ‘t? TRANSFORM. - What does a transformed [til student ‘‘look like’’ in the 21st Century? IVE - How do you do it? Quote by Queen Rania of Jordan youthfortechnologyorg
  2. 2. Disruptive Padagogy Stirring the Status Quo Richard Branson captures the essence “One has to passionately believe it is possible to change the industry, to turn it on its head, to make sure that it will never be the same again. " “Disruptive innovation is not a tactic. it’s a mindset. ” Luke Williams: Djgmm [)isrqmvePadagogyPieseniahmbyA| Im_Qmnnuislitnnsodundera , .:n , - i. ‘.l . i.'-. ~ . ..-2.. -i . .~ I-. . I . .v. -. . .. . " "° “ Ban-II I of disruptive thinking when he says this:
  3. 3. ; Introducing Allan - Learning Designer and Apple Distinguished Educator - Two Masters - Education (online) & Interactive Multimedia Designing Outcomes T _ o Awarded 2012 OLT National Citation for Outstanding elephone. +61 402468777 _ , , Tweeter; @ananAoL Contributions to Student Leaming E '1: fl . . . ma‘ - Awarded 2011 University of Adelaide Award for Excellence in Support of the Student Experience o Background in printing, publishing, web development & educational multimedia - Worked in corporate & VET sectors - 20+ countries & led schools in Hawaii, Texas & Paraguay o Taught communications, market research, print production & using the intemet for education o Passion for online collaboration & facilitation
  4. 4. Padagogy Seminars Padagogy 101 and 201 Over 600 staff 20 universities 5 countrie ‘Tan, ,1 Padagogy 101 - Brisbane Queensland
  5. 5. l’m the inventor of the Padagogy Wheel “How do we show teachers that the pedagogy should drive the technology and not the other way around? ” It's a Bloomin' Better Way to Teach 12 Jul 2012 as DIsripfivePadagoqyPrasenvanonbymh1_Qamn¢nnislicansedundara , i. .-1.. .-. . . A‘. 1,-, . . .-i. .- . - .1. i. ..‘ . - A «. » . - . 5' "C 5‘ Budonlal . I I
  6. 6. ‘V4 , ., in We «,1 in . a—i 1 fill ‘ , / -_ --»--l. .;” An illness caused by a preoccupation with Apps as being an end in themselves. The sufferer (aka teachers? ) sees Apps as learning outcomes and not just tools to enhance learning Vito uuluuin-nuqnsutolru - Excessive use of the word “cool” - Have “app tips and ratings searching" in their daily online routine ~ Excessive time searching for the latest and greatest app ~ Pedagogy becomes the question to fit the answer already discovered. e. g. “Wow this app will do this awesome function, how will I use this in class? ” 5 ’“"""‘ Dvsru tiv-3 Pads Presentation D" - ‘ T 1 lsllcensed undera s 4; D 909)‘ 7 $1 I | “vl%l@i . ll 1 1 y , J 8| l3;i-. i-it un . » work . i: 0”‘-gmtngommmu
  7. 7. What’s all the Flipping Fuss Is this Back to the Future or what? - Flipped thinking: Because shift happens! Use sound educational modeling o Flipped planning: Start with the graduate finish with content - Flipped syllabus: Assessment first then plan activities, then insert content in context o Flipped pedagogy: Content delivered online via JiTT (1999), frees up valuable face-to-face to focus on interaction and higher order creativity
  8. 8. Flipping the Curriculum Design 1 . Graduate Attributes: What do you want your graduate to look like? Also ask your students. 2.Learning Outcomes: When they finish course what do you want students to have learnt? 3 Authentic Assessment: How will you know they have? 4 . Learning Activities: What do they need to do to ensure they are ready for the assessment? Their engagement. their teaming, their °“‘°°"‘°5 3"“ “‘°" ‘"‘“'° 5”°°°“ 5 . Contextual Content: Which content to use and where it goes in the learning M M sequences? lt’s All About the Students
  9. 9. iocurvirnon-ja| u.ivi ‘"3’ IN-'| lUo§l9 gicmo mega -J-a<. ~;s5ioi- NM, “ imsrxi u hare l "Em £12101 mlyze e : -103 cum! in‘ v‘ ru(rJrv*rra>‘<1 suvwy . ’l'1f'lL. l'. I(‘lfi v Alum. - '. nil IYIIlUlI‘K. |fl loworiofis T8lX<O>lil0liiill@ diary advertisement , Ilmi:1u'e new E5;-or maoalnim il‘V! 'f1I*(Jll '(‘LlD3 £I: all€. |C1n’. "' pi. -xzio l’lH, "VAYV‘ amiu«; v.u»«-, ncuipiursa drorama nil) IYIJIJM A-. n1i Mioiu 9'3 I survew «: .s‘e-gum. -u stflaur are quriatntinmrn . , i: ~r-loan; A315-S9(l V / itY3fl"Y1V'! .‘| Il aommsl advulxiiw 3' lI. ",)QVl migrarn rm. --1 mm gang prucuu | ".UpD$ SHOW Small I-‘H10 machine UNDERSTANDING 4 . °" '~ REMEMBERING n h. t1D; .riLedo,09aine. wilusDace$. .coixv Andrew Churches Curriculum Manager Computer Studies 5 Senior School Leaming Innovator . Albany Auckland Email: m 3'09: !1ttn. lLemr. immi. n9iit: l9ai.9iJJ Twitter. Qachurches . .:p. .m)vil. a
  10. 10. The Padagogy Wheel V1 .0 ‘ rmirq 8 wuor-um-u D ‘ babutur-n-9 “-~’°f'§‘; ‘;; :,‘, T ’ olntegrated Web 2.0 "‘“’""’ ‘~ ’ activities e. g. blogging -Added 62 iPad apps and organized them by how they could be used by the activities Standing on the Shoulders of Giants m. Ya-uvzmy -I-ow Mlnzv ro own III mm«. ... ¢m m an admin! Pu -um . um. -mi urneluny venue mu -mi uu uuennnl n5r-eu~~i-. u1-u-«-aauu: iuino~u:4u-aAm-uuu. ::ui. .swnu- aunoumimn. rmanoup-nomnnnmp-4-ravvwn-nnuumoi moot-nu -mama»: -nus lhavemulvvtfiottgelrornurativtd -ta De lng Outcomes lhalnagqnwu-u. uknunmnu Vl0Publl| hod080712 """“""" -
  11. 11. A in , .. V _a -. . ~. . jl / _ 3 Designing Outwirier The Padagogy Wheel V2.0 -Added to the core of the wheel: Graduate Attributes and Capabilities -Added SAMR Model of technology integration
  12. 12. Graduate Capabilities from Indust Requested by CEO's and executives the people that hire. what they desire to see in graduates from higher education. -s--—s—--—-coooxic>oi4>com——~ mAwN__o. ... ... .. . Persevering . Learning from errors . Learning from experience . Remaining calm when under pressure . Being able to make effective presentations to different groups . Identifying from a mass of information the core issue/ opportunity muiiiiiuimmiir Having energy. passion and enthusiasm Being willing to give credit to others Empathising & working productively with diversity Being transparent and honest in dealings with others Thinking laterally and creatively Being true to one’s values and ethics Listening to different points of view before coming to a decision Understanding personal strengths & limitations Time management skills Prof. Geoff Scott UWS Please visit the blog post and listen to the podcesl episode at L
  13. 13. of Today’s i_. eai‘ne: i‘s -Critical thinking & problem-solving -Collaboration across networks and leading by influence -Agility and adaptability -Initiative and entrepreneurialism -Effective oral and written communication oAccessing & analyzing information «Curiosity and imagination -Empathy & Global Stewardship -Grit t. .~ J” -Resilience -Hope and Optimism Tony Wgners Seven Survival Skills ‘Vision as defined by business leaders in their own words Deiggri-g‘Out(orrizIA‘ * oSelf Regulation Jackleeeeleln
  14. 14. ii BEES E Graduate Attributes & Capabilities Energy. passion and enthusiasm Willing to give credit to others Empathising & working productively with diversity Transparent and honest Thinking laterally and creatively True to one's values and ethics Listening to different points of view before coming to a decision Understanding personal strengths & limitations Time management skills Learning from errors Learning from experience Remaining calm when under pressure iTiil@@@é. ‘ériTEl@iiiEfl@ Critical thinking and problem-solving Collaboration across networks and leading by influence Agility and adaptability Initiative and entrepreneurialism Effective oral and written communication Accessing and analyzing information Curiosity and imagination Global Stewardship Grit (Perseverance) Resilience Hope & Optimism Vision "_ -‘ti; Self-Regulation I W :7, Dexrgning Ourromcs
  15. 15. Drive: The Surprising Truth about what Motivates us Autonomy Mastery Purpose : J RSA Animate adaption of Dan Pink’s teaching on Motivation 10.45 mlns 13. 837. 529 views
  16. 16. Start with Attributes and Motivation Developing a profile of excellence with student commitment w Develop an Excellent Graduate Profile «- Recruit Student Participation - Request Feedback on Profile - Establish Learning Contracts - Sieve every teaching idea, activity and assessment through the grid of Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose Dvsruotive Padagogy Presentation by - ‘ - i is licensed under a _ 1 i » li - i i l l , f§i0l§I@ av vac 5- i3;. -.. -.iun. mum. .: l ,4 , ,,, ',, ,’, ,,. ,W, ,,, ,,, ,,(,
  17. 17. ' : (:Hl’; «lI']ilWlutI ‘ Tech allows for the creation of new ti tasks. previously inconceivable t'. l-i-lii'l>-‘: lil-iI ‘ Tech allows for significant task redesign "‘ ‘lllgllittliir-Ill-ti “"7 Tech acts as a direct tool substitute, with functional improvement ‘‘. lI7i‘‘‘I‘| '‘'rI]' : ' Tech acts as a direct tool substitute. with no functional change =1-Ii‘ir-_: i‘i. ;i-it-«; i,‘i, ii.1'ii§i I A q'h[vt: }r~ . ' ?1‘ll: _.'lIt': t'r[lIt-'_i 513:1!) 1_i, »y{, “p, L.p, .K; _i, ,,, _y ‘.
  18. 18. 973 f3‘_. *. , ' '3’ Designing Oi/ rromci The Padagogy Wheel V3 .0 -Expanded emphasis on Graduate Attributes and Capabilities Added a scientifically supported model of motivation -Autonomy -Mastery -Purpose Dcixrlap-‘1 tw Mar C. ;ir*irv; ~.)-i Dl"n)'ll'l; )0li‘ i-ms M» iI)*'SLL i»'«_i-mitt Elm, in ‘J p. AlIi| lS"«: l'1 (. -9Ol: l3 ‘ ' ‘ ''‘‘‘’ "
  19. 19. V3.0: Leaming Design starts with Graduate Attributes. Capabilities and Motivation How to use the , " ‘ Padagogy Wheel: - It's All About Grey- I matter Grids (GGS) A methodology Ia get me but results with Itiis leaching model This is the blog post whim explains the new features at the latest version of lhl Wheel Graduate Attributes G Capabilities liiulnitbyciotunauiucwau, trap-uutueinruvaut monninoaainguuenomuyu-oinnm rtnhqrnmunmiulmllnlun bgrllqbpnulibflul Ewlaltuluufitguduaflefibdly Bltioverinp-ulniuriunnuiennuutnotruu mnnqluiiilltanflaty leltgluulauvifluiinsaielin lnfibubflennlmitdneubeueeuvqhu lliimrmvfiupiuIlwImslII¢ie Thenuieulriiutiuh Perlenmg Lanlulrunmc-I Lluflullwlflfliua flnutquminciiniflntlnn uvgninmnuae-amen-unm-net: -ii W38 Iduibniutununuduiiiirielntieunuini iwoivfl mIIelIIflldlI€t&$Iht! illNCtlMflI ptduinguillltntnnntwoenvmltnficdnit uotulluihlaqollwi wnmnubtinruotavii-twat IiImIdIdIefih&&I. llIllhluIn—hfl oamiinumi-unguunn. uaq¢uvimemaq ldivnIyinltiuIfnidI: tbiguamrti—tIInucuIl umehriliautouroveirielcfiuillit Muueuiidiieiteoauduuriniunvnduurtzvl iveuuunnegmiuinuninnpuumphoan ‘lyaluvunelheevraaej yoiindtieeirviiyeif Standing on the Shoulders of Giants tr-In-nnvrryudnel ‘vomit-qua-has-ca-—-n-~-uunarvw Mwuium= uou;4-: io. ~rv~o-uunanla. am. n Ynnav-urn! »-ee. «e has-muiquvoumnauamdluvwmunuunmclmotiuuhr otuuvmesei The-lNmtn'terII! llI| m1WlIDI%. IO0InOee¢II -in-mu. up! -:—v-Due nun-»_~¢umn. .—. s ; 1.: -n. a.. :—. -mnunmam re‘ " l Developed by Alan Criinmii Designing Oummes Adelaide Soutti Austria Emit alzificlixonnanizmimiin Yvefleoapy, u~evl7rMns'. lz$. nIcc-wuiiiv-s«ncnnni'4nmn vmuvvxihuntuathoeizl MIIinaI. ul. k:min1un: - eaoaou-unu: m.'. 'uiulmnfirrnI. u
  20. 20. Updated Padagogy Wheel Tackles The Problem of Motivation in Education “The new version of the Padagogy Wheel tackles a major question that is lurking in the back of everyone ’s mind. If it’s not it should be. It's about the problem of motivation in education. How do we motivate students, teachers, parents, and everyone else to get excited about learning? How do ii‘ p . you stay motivated? What works and what ‘f ‘ ' “ doesn’t? ’’ ’ '. . , ‘ Jeff Dunn r. ..~_ ‘J 7 ‘ii i ’ f ‘ . ' ' i . l l‘j: r L: ' 3“ ' I» 3/ Editor Fr Ll_( t, _l1lV( Designing Outmiries
  21. 21. “'33.; -. ‘/at *5.‘ -r‘, . ’ 4", ‘ —'/ -tv i‘ O , - it so F, 3,7-1. to lf3.i_ «.4 . l_‘. .J. - Turning a Graphic into a Mindset Model Designing outcome: ® The Attributes Grid What do you expect an excellent graduate of a program is to “look like" ie. what is it that a graduate is and does that makes them and their communities define them as successful? 3 The Motivations Grid How does the teaming environment and activity experience I am building, give the learner autonomy. mastery and purpose? @ The Blooms Grid This is the ‘By the time you finish this workshop/ seminar/ lesson you should be able to <r‘nr; :'i. ~:e anti .3?! am -. ‘»'~(. ';> by <thr—: i f'i"[‘. 'l: l.‘Zr': .. w: 'j, ‘ l" ’i. ttt’: 'i3,'rie. >." type of thinking. 3 The Technology Enhancement Grid M/ ith teaming objectives and outcomes sorted, now think about technology aka apps. How can this technology sen/ e your pedagogy? “Getting the best use out of the a e S d Padagogy Wheel Model is there any task you can build into the activity that without me Iechnobqy would not be Dossmle? Dx. ~Lmptiw- F'n‘d. i‘gogyVPreeserI! :‘It>: >n by ‘ V is ' . :'Zl'€flS‘$r! ‘d‘‘Indl‘' u Based on 3 work at , ' . ‘V “C V
  22. 22. For Transformative ’ Learning: Start at the Core of the Wheel oiuiuovoPnongugy‘Pno-mnuvhrtbnnlmhlc-cuoeunaun r-M. @
  23. 23. At the Padagogy Wheel Core: Immers 1Ve «$7/” . ’ . Leat 11111 g Tat gets Engagement lmmersive» ad , _ , olmproves engagement Learning «Tests & models attributes & capabilities 9&1. -Challenges, choice & *9’) A consequences «The big picture “; '-‘€n. '.- A at l T ; r Deilgning outzames
  24. 24. Famxme NEWS . “--~_. . _ Don't ignore the Elephant in the G .33" '4 " room — make him work for you / /1. . - ""‘: !
  25. 25. mru dost: mm €'5t= l3l>-‘illdtl-+: ' : i.-— 9:: Jim ‘Jun ‘Jul: . _ _ 'i: t=I 4 ulin: L ullai: Page Views 234,191 46.753 280.944 Blog hiip‘iiiIilyllliiH| f:}llb| O(: l Visits 157,962 34.733 192.695 131.514 172.585 Padagogy Wheel Poster (single PDF) htlp . l“i"tinyi_ir| comlpaClv». »hee| posterii Downloads 109,012 30,312 139,324
  26. 26. An exciting announcement The Padagogy Wheel Version 4.0
  27. 27. ‘T3. .3‘‘_. : »‘If Deilgning outcome: :9 , __The Pa daeogv Wheel o Links to descriptions and download of 122 of the latest and most popular educational iPad apps oAdded app selection criteria and links to pedagogy resources of the APPitic online directory of educational apps. -Appitic resources are available in 19 different languages
  28. 28. App Selection Criteria rm mwmapp um toréduutton waosm Understanding Ami rat I! m: M ‘. na: -mmrq‘ sage ; -um: txocnrmslu mourn In a-rich luau iv rot-you Lhkulzmlav; gun «ago Man Your 1-n mozur :1 a 'n; rr mun: am rn-nu . -. rmrn nuur-an: trnmt 5:4 moum in y_rrIvun: r tivnrl In: hmme ru. -um; Uuammdlng cum. - Runtmbnring Am: rur ll rm Yw 'mmv'hovv*q' mg. limo. - re users may 11 an-: I"Ts cum, um an: ‘anal . m: was irtw-man um, amzxxrut mu Wheel V4.0 - my cim, llv1cr. i~i‘; l.istr_-rl. '.: How to use the Padagogy Wheel: It's All About Grey-matter Grids ‘u -no mo 'v. u-. «vtzumg' plush olluw-'-i ihn Am": £'; ':: ':: :"; ”:fi at mnmum uurwonv-: u‘ritallI¢«s iv-a human rd momma ccmw at rpm" "“-‘ '‘'’''’‘‘'‘9 "‘‘‘‘‘°‘ umms WWW Aw: rmlt ma mu awwg guy , r-out. apmmaimz ’II imam; tn narmn-an nu um, :1 ngmmtimmn pvoceixm Irv: rrrhod! “nevi sis: wiwtv M: nus, Arr: .. .. . .. ... ..-1 v ‘-4. - ll ? «?: L.-mw WWW” 5 :1 comprthemwe arlme mrumiry at apps in! fldlbralion omwhg-no by Wswwmrwfimm , IADE: iand mavanlabiu n 19 ‘”''Y'''‘I languages The wanna identifies Am. M u M; be 'mm. .;- Max npizm fa mm mu, )1 alwm. -In FAIMIIO IN 'Irralr rfl I"Ier/ In’. on: -nre rrulor-Jim am 'l', ‘DU‘L'f re my-. m-r :1 rumni Anaiyzinq cumin 7 ‘ _u, .,. ~. . - g. h, .': ._, _'. "' Enmmw - «.1-mm an-2--2-. _, ,., .. Anus rlzll m: 1w'IuImlng'a: a_:1ir'D‘Zv-1 on ""'”“' ""‘ “"“‘ am: 5:41) I: new rvule-ui ul“€1k'l)! new on ' mm 94: P. ) Panmm u no-mu K)m'. M- Pay my mam; moo mrlrl «mm . I:: u': c( mm, cnunm-m no no rrhmn: ommm Evaluating crium Crating Aw: rr it an re '1-. -mint‘ um imvoe apsovmvtu ti: .: .oau-xi qomai; -mu -! i~'gq- ‘an in: msa, .n emu-.1. Crutny Catlum 1 : ... .4.. ..-: , Au ; ..m; u 5", ," C. ,;, ,,, . “No, 3. , V 7 - iv. -’; lI9‘| O§ mum in - i~u. u.a mm , L». in : “~. ovo1U'u)'. i -- ' 40(lAp¢15 rt, ho sic-nms Coguuvn Domain Categories with 522 o1 We most popular apps riavidualy Inked em he Padagogy Wheel «um ‘um iumn-nu A "H J1lI'nn; - _ V»: -/new " on. ..“ _-. ,V. ~a~m rm Standing on the Shoulders ot Giants nu imnm, .. -.. .l . .m. .«. :-. Iron . . v. .. vn: -0-rovlrr m »«. ~m. .»- 5.1.4 mm . 1 oz» MN. ) _: .w. .4-zu- ~v. . . m« M. .. ».a, .i ~. , ' --A4». -. 3--I . ... .- fllljfxll in -«. n.. m rulluviaxl-1 4.-n mm’, .. ian= m<mt W. an In ». m-« --n truth: ;-4-zevux-. =.n. . nu. rvcliu no-nu » wn. .. Pr mm 1.». <1’: n : n'41ll 1 -. .. l: uhn: -to-XVI '10 «ms. » «Mk n- mm, mm l‘ll VH1 .4-an I-v tie um 1-. ~.-1 -mm : --u. -1-in-. m Veil-J-V .4-uh .9-. guard HIE -‘sow: :o -I won at ' 1
  29. 29. An Endorsement K ' ‘F Dr Matt Harris is Chair-elect of the Board of Directors for the International Society for Technology in Education (About ISTE). Man will take over as Chair of the Board in 2016, becoming the first person to hold the post while living and working outside of the United States. Matt Harrls’tl‘_3:l: [TI l'“il‘Fr ? $IF1"? i/1”»? -fit ‘rf i7C'HSTE) 'I': ?F§T3iiJiTF§. Matti-7 1201617-i*Z~ii-n’ ".5-5’§; ‘T. l'= ‘.. fl, ‘u‘. i"; '.3-i”": —1‘fi 9F4’£_, T, l'j, L:-. ‘,?7flJJ'. ‘:‘$l1‘IfE. l-‘? ,. '’In my experiences as an EdTech leader, I find that contemporary educators are passionate about using technology to extend and deepen learning. Most recognise the changing landscape of “the real world" and the modern pedagogies needed to prepare students for that world. However, more often than not, they find challenges in applying these new concepts with specific tools. With Allan Carrington '5 Padagogy Wheel Model, teachers have an at-hand reference that ties apps to specific learning outcomes directly connected to modern pedagogies and theories. They can easily sit with the wheel during lesson planning time to find tools that will best aid their students or use it during class time to extend or deepen learning towards a specific 21st century skill or content area. This connection of theory, practice, and application makes the Padagogy Wheel an invaluable resource that should be on the wall of every classroom". "¥3Z? £EdTech¥Eif$, l’1—‘3¥fl| ’l§]. Z{1)”ti—"il’€ x3i= TZ’? :i? zi*3'}; lhEfi3§3i7l‘<§l%§i‘l? £ffli3EllS'¥3J. ft*1ll‘]‘l‘B’«J7K? ’2:%5I}: iZ{iR¥'J“£)rl9‘? i_ii5""'F"I£7Flifi§£‘l«l: . fi'fi}B1i*C? fi5(i§§5'. «‘, }£-%'}E; l)i’75?; ’E£i2£/ §l5’Ni*—5’i~Zii§f§5Z1l3‘}’E5})l£§. frfififi. f@l| ‘]{£lE'E‘F¥i? ‘?; "S€I£é1 3£i’)1'LX%§’a‘"T? K#Cf'; tB§lZ§’$ill$’3?'JEEl? lio Allan Carrington El’JPadag0gy$’t"l5é. *.‘L"E-»'? —;§’3§iUfii§Zl3¥7"’Ni§}52’Fi‘JlfFfi? ‘EnTi’ia iZ? Ea"mi?5appszi~‘fl3;§: }1F}1l‘C'<?5Zi7$$D1F§i€Ei*J$3]f"l. fl7fEIi§§. 7:7lE3ff(Uil5{£f15ri¥B3‘MPadagogy§€? T¥2MiEéEE’. §'5$ HGIQ. fiifiiiifiiilififfiiZ$’€§}‘rt'? z723Z5§ltN¥’i21ifiéE? §fiEEi%i§)7l§‘J'$3o Padagogy§’i?24€‘1EilE~ ififfiflmlfi %‘. ’%, ;‘: ‘;—’I"$“? fr": B’JB§5L<T. e lilllié. }f%§‘§lYL¥fi‘Ji‘: i7l%fi§| i£i; ‘%‘; §. In Support of Excellence: http: //tinyur| .com/ alsltblog
  30. 30. Montessori Vs Conventional School 0 All about fanning the inner flame Montessori °' “W9 - Children not forced to learn o Stoking by: hands on - self-paced - collaborative - challenging - joyful learning Trexor r»s. «:= »- - Divergent not convergent thinking o Innovation instead of standardisation 0 Mixed age classrooms - Grab interest while it is hot
  31. 31. Action Research Project St Kevin ’s Catholic Primary School Eastwood NSW: May 2014 « 4 Teachers *""*. T3- N -f « Teaching Science ‘E , ,_o “Zs7_{'-. ‘* "v. ’**‘ra ‘I '1' ; 'i'>' + 116 students t ‘,3: All P. ';V; j.', f ! “ 3° <; §;gl o 11-12 years old 1 Vi I A V‘ ‘. _. f.; . . of . ‘._ . ‘V “Ea! « Padagogy Wheel the dnver ‘~ . .4 for personalised learning Maria Montessori - Used iTunesU for digital W370 ' ‘“952 activities aka ePortfolios The greatest sign of success fora teacher ° 8 _°”t °f 10 Said theV preferred . . is to be able to say, ‘The children are this method and learnt more now working as if I did not exist’ than the conventional method
  32. 32. Higher Order Thinking is easier in the Language of the Heart «» Launched the Padagogy Wheel translation project N o Sent out Tweets asking for help 6 Have commitment to translate into 18 languages so far a Four languages published so far English -is Spanish German Chinese
  33. 33. Spanish La traduccion al Espafiol es de Aroldo David Noriega de ISTE (lnstituto de Educacion a Dlstancia Santa Elisa, Ciudad de Guatema| a). El recurso PW V4. Espafiol esté en el blog de Disefio lnstruccional http: //tinyur| .com/ padwheelSP
  34. 34. Criterios para seleccionar aplicaciones del sitio Listas APPitic App pan . . » Modelo SAMR r‘ g . I 30: f / :a%0_ Padagogy V4.0 http lfitmyurl comrpo-, ~;terMSP Como ut zar la Rueda de la Padagogia. Todo bl: tram do-l p'urv. i de la muielia gns U". I rm“: rm igulfll’ rr dc -. -nan, -u. = iENl . As l" <* «-- -u mu. - mm - m. um‘ v i ‘am Irv: «, ..n. ui. . . :.~ ~- u 5- . mi. i - l)P. i1.: ;.-g‘ Sabre (cs hombres de Ins grannies . -,-. ,<A(iA L, .. _ . ... ».. . »'h'J. o,<rn-. ~we 3.. ., , W, my Si Au-«map an I-nuvnrr V4 . di. [r. .—< ml . hm) i‘ih!1y| ll'iCDlTl. ‘p3dWhi‘filSp “ ’ , _, i . ... m.. _.. .. rt»: ._ 4.. I i ‘l"' 1.. ‘ wu, « . 7 , .. . . http . ‘.‘tinyur| .com: |l_h'. Simulations . m.. .
  35. 35. German Die deutsche Ubersetzung wurde von Prof. Dr. Volkmar Langer, President, Hochschule Weserbergland, University of Applied Sciences, Am Stockhof 2, D-31785 Hameln Deutschland bereitgestellt. Volkmar wird iiber das Padagogy Wheel in seinem HSW- Learningblog berichten. http: //tinyurl. corn/ padwheelDE
  36. 36. Auswahlkritorlon dot App mi wmmm Lists for Education uremia mutton Aaucsuaurm-scas1.rarsaurn'n. nouu-iwva mrnucensmanum lb! !--)G‘aF£Kla4II¢lVrBlI‘¢uflI'JlrIIlIIgIlulfltl. ll0IMlIlI onr rrecgvrloin-rm‘: -has-nntvvsu-vuutucwixhvino-uFan¢ 3-w. unm¢haru~vnnr, Amu--avthuvmu-nvappe-v I -nu-an an ‘n'nrIMnrr| bravura: DmPaoh-. fviValvl't«MevIInIld nou-mu VU-ououlr-uum Itcfllmlhnrnfunrmaturv. -an Ilvvrana-rmmnnr-mnnaumiurnnlivsow-vevinm hvnmuqvurmmvdfiasnsomarwrmmhnum uumuumnu-uruaannnaarui l. nu-rnwnu-poi mhtpwumfiu--unutv-claw-niyvow I. -ilmw on E-mr-mu Analdurmkm r. IId«"'%Jlm1Jlv-ammo Mmmaiuu Inn-mstannmlilnul nonunion ‘. -;InvduvvIn'oo-prgnmuuutnainvn. -rum So ~¢v-ultamnoohnqgrhu-vw Kauuflnrnn-on nuuvnnnlaram-nu; -vutv Wheel V4.0 E, l1llp. .i‘l| lyUll COfilr‘p<}. ‘yll: 'lV~3GER WievemenaeimarIdas. Pada9ogyWheel‘: EsdreN sididasumdieflltirviemngdergrauenlellen Ema Mormon II“ are bcsum Emliorwuc ml Oman Model dc: Lame zu erhallan l. iilu'm' dn Ainul at. »- hiynhnzbwaowfiuuarswupuueru nmna-urrwawvuea-aefmvnanh-can nun-m-vmuummuuwummmm mum! -mi-Esau-. npcrutz. :1iuuuu rlcbnuqnnlmbnmfid-wi Ir‘rI|7'II"' un Annmrrs luuovlllau oMuFvuanu£uImrI' rmnaanuu »cb9uavnnv‘: I~¢uInuAt-nhrx 0-liunawnhubqpnpvtrvh-run: -4-Ir-av Qn§'l| !i'i! lII$'UvV§| mhwh0I'3|I nmwmrrsxmu-«an uucmo-inqnl = |lIfl| ll. UsflflllItlE9OIIdIllI| 'l'd| l.Im Dilflixvilldflfi Jlhhzubfii K'ltlr-an an anwmm Gulch-n Nu om-Imunuu. «‘mIdI-r-‘Murry: -r wcnIrv(ru9mwuwuv-uvmo-ra: $.u- Duran: ht'pn‘v'.1pp 'ic com umwuhdd-u-090:. v-rr-u: n--v-, aAa. npawr , ermaunvrlaiubmguwen E E EflKJlvIlIBEs -lI1II‘.9 Snr-uunnmlqnr ammun- aulu-rtmlaumlmnog. _ hifilflwllflnfiilbzruln-I llzalvoeuzvlnwsvlwl nun , flI. FlflfiyVIl‘UCIIAflM Domlmumuwmwaummi Awuvannutzgukxn-u Asa! -mnvl-nsvgne DI~I«l1IlR1fld3tIovImA: - Slaavui ! Hl735HIIvi nusmxnnnrunuivmvu nae-uemaumnnun on-uvcvrwiefivoauntnnsui anuv-tsd-luvvraugsurnuvc ll! TD’lilil1yllli(‘0m'pn! l»‘. ‘hCf‘iDE nItunan&uu-In mvuwnltvuvrunonc “M. I‘ imviwlsunrifluhnhvfivilnnfivavjhdpdhvu DlMI. HflUYVfii' . lV‘llIi%iIfl&I‘II10JQ1%IdImV -yluweunlnnyn-nu-grvcw-v v-cum: Ln-A-an-nu msanukm-mnuimunuaku-nmm-uumuam : DC| ,Mn1Inu-eIBl. uVrIfi: I¢| .uD4-an min-a-vcuguunn enuuzpunuuunuraumnu manna-vane» was uuupo V1041‘ 5~I'J—KFIfl—! II1lnk‘W5r. Vau-lhiiili . - hL| ¢IIfiI| Hlbv! l.huv1nI4Wfl)l&DIoIIH@lni$IlIdo an-aura-wanna»-smruwa-.91»: -my-an ' ‘ ~ . ' *""~“"'4"”""' ' "'*°""°' <h-inrlo-‘W-G‘! -anmnnun-uo«: .ru-tamuum ' Envttvol-Mfi&i. 'JW1Iiv~DIv1vg-Duxnvvuhkllislilal _ UKEIIHIDEIUIVI %IV—| $l| flI$lI! CI’dFr lrvlI’¢1llvIII| §OOI'l'3I| I"flIVu‘i'l. ‘lV$"l< l'lVDS"$ urnn| aaihI9I—ouirmnI¢Iv manna umnngnncseuvvuvrusaun ant-m. .uempuau: tmp lillrtytlll {. ‘.“l| Ir'iLv“. ':; 'll4 lli.3'. on-3 A"-nlnnn-imuuag l‘ r 'l Iiuvidnlldurh-Imvalyri-I’ J
  37. 37. Chinese i? l%Y%2Fi’~]§é>li'q‘€>Il’Ei1DappFl’JL7i? i5’UU §~iZll‘]i’rE’l‘ElW¢Elfi3§iJEl’~J’: ’.3‘>ié. . Eéifli L‘/ lT’l3fll3)l5J€fi Séllfivillillii %%%@fl$flfi: ¢@: M§Kfi %%RflK? %fi%. %&PEPM $%Wfifi? %Efl&fifl@%%% Elli)“. lti1lI‘lEliJlfi‘djlE‘. i+QsrPl: l3Clif;1i5l’] Padagogy§@i5}LXdfil~? io i§i)‘i| ‘FWiZll'J El’i]ClJ; ‘ClilrZi@? i~? ">+<i§—“f—. i&"’_és. ‘4*E§?3i/379$ ¥Padagogy§€i3’iL’Eill. http: //www. chinesepw. com
  38. 38. Evangelising the Cause ~ 669 Chinese Pedagogy Wheel posters in the last 5 days (150715) a Poster published on QQ to 150,000 teachers on 150715 o Will track the downloads http: //www. chinesepw. com
  39. 39. Appflfiiifiifi iIEflPPIlll: ApplJl8 IorEduc: tioufl!5 , ’-*i‘. "§ it ilk‘. ‘. H! «fi$°AknIE‘lRRI'V. ’~lIl. “EX. $fl. i. '~". =IU3. Fllfl illllinlfilfrl C. 1‘Hblkr’£l(lNIIIIlITJ‘ilP. Jl: .‘!3I‘lLri Eifiloe-JIAKI kltl ! l'VI(. IIl- II xle! «.Y¢’, JnIl-UI'lf1’J-': 'iEl3llil(lfi In I , vz-as. tl_*r'6Lx'a'l*4rus’-l"*t«‘r’~i‘A. ‘£! *""v' nix .7.-zrummi WllllIi? lB? ei_J'. s': n‘1‘. air: vsfitx. mi . ~.sxm. —m1r , mWmifi! fi,: &uwzHmi& n urwwtsm NM 123:! ’ lfihfllmilr E lllfllfi? .1] I >ll~I'lEi': I iii. 4I: t&! fiI?3 QUE? ??-liltlflflh l. ’-tl'll-! |3KFr: E?. K.'. '- ‘it til 5'. HI -msaziwuu itfitnafina. Rtll9l: Yr: ‘8lI‘l'I IE2‘ . eam—~i~: r: manna-(mun. HfllI'_t‘I! hi. !:I1. iillltifififinullflx-. §£Qil10It1OHll! ll1J‘ i§'rD; al|1w5ii1{-ll$‘. :l: 'r'l1=1Iil ‘.99! . .u. —. ‘fin a. an In! J Ill .4.. .-. i.. . ‘Elli 3-fi1IDNIfl. ,«‘R! .l3-1*-‘J1’. li'lIfil¢i'1I£1¢. - iAI| llx'. ‘_‘~'V-. i!! ’t‘1‘—! rIl ’-'1 NIII| it‘. '.: llri? l:Ol‘-II-lltilll. U311-'lI01. l‘llTf)'. '.‘lll'1‘, 'llfi, l'. om. ‘|Ll'.5SimiilJtions 1I|1IIIul. ‘1rlI£fl I7 nu. Cuwvvurd li. "F. ilr‘II' adagogyfié V4.0 |1llp. .‘rlinyLArlCom. 'po51erV-SCHI Ill‘, Uriglhuhfiwwwivu lsAlMoilGIvy4mwI6rI)5l6G. sl éfiflfiiflrtfliltilfilflfi 1 I rm . ‘.~. my. .r~ cc-M . .J. ~.. _,mr: m: r ~ 1 Vanda)-'Iu£lllU$1'l'1fil» I ~uniutnQ. ~rr¢o'rlnIrH(. III Iifvdflt-'VItAI. IlIl| lSfE il- MI Inna Erma? lilvlnnll. Inaumibrr I uaaunmv llflillllfitinllll flflflfilrllll IlftlIlElII‘! fi¢ III It'll-IIMIVHMUI UlIlhIUOnlh giltlll. 3.tlIf§¢V$9l! UY ll EIIIHIFIO nrllu-. un. I HIIITJ I91fl7’lI'l8flt'Y-SQQ —'II‘IfiI‘. flflflllllflllfl U067 ’If£II9I‘!34&81I HIIIC . 2l! h‘rt| l79Nill‘III lH1‘0I: !.IO! II. IOIIJLXIQIOIT7 Ififlfiilfiliflillllhlfllttfm. Ln Illnnl-w-Nuts: -orrii»nsI—»'t IlI"R'Iu'»I*wi&'vrIu: l:1.‘n. R V! lIl'III‘VIl'OlS‘IIEE! llIVI lil. Ifinlrl in-its-u-u-Ins-snows in-u uwlll an In urns-I-I up luvanxndn. . gm «lulu It on uote": -: a ‘uni . A‘1~luuIP‘l"l'. fi IVlifiulumlnIlIIfl! IIll| I £7529-= viAlB1'rAI&: nx'DKIuvIvIuHr2lI1rH wow-H951. mlnlnvin. It-ur-vsm-no anal». II!3?. ‘.i‘. .1K fill‘! !I"rI7Kl)| .,'! !I'I 5 SUGI riskilhar Ivn-re. lllililflllhhl. Hfldilbhlfl urwvurmhu tunic: Emununlm AU’.1J"lJIfIIElIa- flfidv } 5|’. -4110' WIIIWD Iii QKHVTDV rrrutauapcsl-fl‘ . .n1r-.
  40. 40. Languages in Production «« Russian o Irish - Catalan - Italian it « Portuguese - Japanese i o Dutch - Norwegian - Filipino 4» Turkish a French « Korean - Greek - Arabic
  41. 41. 7? here "To lext? «» More Languages is More functionality » More resources o More best practice examples a More interactivity The Pedagogy Wheel is under constant development
  42. 42. The Pedagogy Wheel V5 in Brainstorming Mode GotAny Ideas? - Dynamic population of apps based on pedagogical decisions - From an infographic to an App - Links to examples of best practice - From Apps to Learning Seauences
  43. 43. Learning Sequences aka App Smashing - Using multiple apps to create a sequence of learning activities - Integrated using sound learning theory - Linked to effective use of the SAMR Model. - The Pedagogy drives the technology choices (apps) - Modeled on processes developed in 2003 by LAMS: The Learning Activity Management System. Visit LessonLAMS
  44. 44. In Support of Excellence A| |an’s Learning and Teaching Blog http: //tinyurl. com/ alsltblog