functions ellipse parabola conic sections rational functions logical connectors negation biconditional conditional disjunction conjunction truth table false true present value rate principal rational inequalities standard equation hyperbola whole numbers circles triangle sum of interior angles of a polygon terminology diagonals in any vertices of a polygon quadrilaterals diagonals in one vertex of any polygon sum of exterior angles of a polygon polygons right triangle lengths of arcs areas of sectors segments of chords properties of tangents chords and their arcs triangles love hope faith holy spirit jesus christ times of challenges the authentic source of hope key to success plug into power plug activate recognize success keynote powerpoint contradiction tautology declarative sentence proposition euclidean algorithm factor tree canonical form prime factorization prime outstanding balance mortgage collateral consumer loan loan business loan basic concept of consumer loan basic concept of business loan bond valuation bondholder bond binomial expansion binomial theorem pascal's triangle market share divedend stock valuation stock value stocks stock market divisibility real numbers proving by mathematical induction pmi mathematical induction geometric series geometric sequence arithmetic series arithmetic sequence series séquence deferred annuity annuity due periodic payment amount interest rate compound interest time interest non-routine problem solving non-routine problem non-routine routine problem routine management employee grievances grievances standard equation of hyperbola graphing rational functions solving rational equation rational equations rational equation rational expression general equation of an ellipse standard equation of an ellipse latus rectum axis of symmetry of parabola focus of parabola directrix of parabola vertex non origin of parabola vertex origin of parabola origin vertex standard form general equation of a circle general form circle role of personnel manager nature of personnel management personnel manager personnel management properties of addition subtraction of whole number addition of whole number addition sustainable development socio-economic development economic development economic socio-economic socio graphing whole numbers digits writing whole numbers reading whole numbers numerals numbers fundamental mathematics math movie mathematicians mathematics volume total area lateral area sphere cone right circular cone pyramid cylinder cube cuboid prism intro to solid goemetry solid geometry length of arcs segment of secant and tangent properties of chords properties of secant inscribed angle central angle lines of a circle 45-45-90 triangle 30-60-90 triangle special right triangle pythagorean theorem pythagoras theorem pythagoras properties of similar triangles similar triangles angle bisector theorem angle bisector basic proportionality theorem similar polygons proportion ratio similarity line item budget line item program planning budgeting lump sum budget lump sum object of expenditures expenditures budgeting system budget organization and management customer stakeholder financial sector financial human resources industry dynamic of organization organizational environment environment technology in organization technology organization nature of organization contextualizing conceptualizing cds system development curriculum trapezoids parallelogram rectangle square area perimeter sides opposite congruent angles congruence of triangles median and angle bisector altitude types of triangles sum of the angles of a triangle intro to triangles rational dividing functions multiplying functions subtracting functions adding functions evaluating function evaluating functions operation of functions relations rational function composite function equations lines quadrilateral circle. polygon inequalities absolute values planes sector of a circle. equation of a circle. area & perimeter tangent lines terms on circles secant lines batas na moral karapatang pantao right triangle with altitude right triangle theorem 30-60-90 triangle theorem isoscel similarity on a right triangle definition definition  chapter 2 triangles 2.4 attitude median and angle bisector  2.5 congruence of tria some special angles lines and planes transversal across two parallel lines conditions for parallelism angles made by a transversal  rays and angles line segment points basic concepts in geometry grading system grade permutation probability combination tan sohcahtoa cos sin problem solving oblique triangle unit circle sectors secants and tangents chord two secants tangent secants chords angles formed by intersecting chords geometry similar
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