AliSheikh A2 Media Evaluation - Question 4


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AliSheikh A2 Media Evaluation - Question 4

  2. 2. In each stage of creating my complete media promotional package I had to use many different technologies somenew and some which I was familiar with, I had to use both hardware and software and found it was easier to adjust tothose things which were just more advanced to the things we were used to like the video camera which was usedprimarily in the construction stage . On the other hand as I was already used to the Adobe Photoshop software tolearn Adobe InDesign wasn’t as complicated and it seemed to be better off in the construction of the CDdigipak. Ihave obtained new skill which I can use in the future when creating designs.
  3. 3. RESEARCH AND PLANNINGHARDWAREIn my research and planning section I felt I needed to analyse at least four grime music videos to get into the theme ofthe grime culture but for this I would need the internet to access youtube, the world biggest video sharing self as thisis where I would be uploading my final main product of my media promotional package. I would be accessing the webvia a windows computer as those were the ones available to me allowing me to access the web and also use thesoftware word to type up my analysis then paste it on my online blog.As I was the one to recommend the artist to my group it became my duty to get in contact with him as I knew him ona personal level therefore it was easier to get in contact with him. To get in contact with him I used the web as well asa mobile phone device to ask him when and where and to confirm he was still available closer to the filming time. Ialso had to go through the same procedure to as my fellow group members any updates about if they are still coming.We also did a chase sequence to familiarise ourselves a bit with the advanced video camera at first it seems a bitoverwhelming through its size and multiple functions however after some time it became more simple as you beginto think of it like a normal camera. After we had filmed the chase sequence we went into post production were wewere first introduced to the interface of the MAC PC’s being a Windows PC user my self I found it slightly challenginghowever there was many tips and tricks around the room to help us get used to the interface.SOFTWAREThere was some software evolved in the research and planning section that would be used throughout all theproduction stages. The first one was Microsoft word which we used on the Windows PC’s in class to type up thetreatment that i had wrote as we discussed it together.Another software which we began to practice while doing our chase sequence exercise was Final Cut Pro which Iseemed to get the hang of quite quickly as I watched tutorials on how to do certain things on Final Cut Pro as I knewthis is a software that professionals use.
  4. 4. CONSTRUCTION SECTIONHARDWAREThe construction section was where I had to put all my research and planning into action, first off I filmed using thesame camera that I used in the chase sequence exercise so that there wasn’t time wasted in adjusting the functions ofthe camera.Another piece of hardware that was vital that I took from my house to use for the filming session was a Speakerwhich I had bring to very filming session as it was vital to have the lip sync good to make the video seem moreprofessional and if the lip sync was out it’s the most obvious thing to the audience and doesnt make them want towatch on.I also had to take my SLR camera so that I could take pictures for my group so that it could be used for our CDdigipak Itook the pictures after we had finished filming on the same day.I was in constant use of my mobile phone as I was the only one with the artist number as it made sense because theartist might not be comfortable talking with the others straight away.We used a hard drive given to use by the college which we used to save our footage on and then return it after wewere done.SOFTWAREIn the post production, construction of the vide (the editing) I used Final Cut Pro again and it seemed to goaccordingly.In the creation of the CDdigipak we all used the Adobe Photoshop and InDesign software it was useful because it waseasier to manipulate on Photoshop but easier to bring everything together n InDesign
  5. 5. EVALUATION SECTIONHARDWAREI used the computer throughout each stage of my media promotional package even in the evaluation stage I wasrequired to answer four primary questions about media promotional package, feedback, effectiveness of thecombination, meaning I would need access to the web in order to screen-shot every aspect of my video and othergrime music videos. I also needed to use a website to further post this on my online blog.SOFTWAREThe main software I used for the evaluation stage was Microsoft PowerPoint I did this on a Windows PC, because Ihad to create the evaluation on the presentation and then upload it using, this enabled me to thenfurther upload it my blog on also used Microsoft excel to create pie charts after I had done set up a little questionnaire online for people to fillin I did this via Facebook.Sometimes to keep comments anonymous I used paint to crop out peoples names so that they wouldn’t be exposedon my blog.
  6. 6. IN CONCLUSION…Every stage of my media promotional package has required me to use many new media technologies and I believe Ihave adjusted to them well. There uses were limited to me at the start but once I began to familiarise myself withthem they became a skill that I could say that I have achieved after creating a full media promotional package formy artist. Without any of these media technologies I wouldn’t be able to do even half of the things I did as everystage required each one of these hardware and softwares to be used in some way or another.