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Evaluation question 6


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Published in: Social Media, Technology, Business
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Evaluation question 6

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 6 What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?
  2. 2. Camera and tri-pod Camera Without a doubt the camera was the most import piece of kit when it came down to are production. Having already used camera’s like these and the layout being simple anyway there wasn’t a lot I didn’t know although due to the free hand approach of are production I did find myself using the grid feature on the camera so that I could best place the actors when filming the different shots. Also another feature I found useful was the screen being able to rotate 360 degrees, I found this very helpful when trying to film shots from different angles. Tri-pod Of all are equipment the tri- pod was the thing we used the least given the fact that we were aiming for a first person free hand kind of film. Although there was a few shot like when I was at the top of the stairs looking at the butterflies in which we decided to use the tri-pod on the fact that you can extend each leg to a different height helped a lot due to the floor being un- even.
  3. 3. laptop Again in terms of are production I think that my laptop was very much the second most important piece of kit we used in the making of are production due to the fact that it was on here that I edited the piece. Having it being my laptop meant that there is not a lot I learnt about it while making are production but I did come across a compatibility issue between my laptop and the college camera we were using in that for some unknown reason the laptop wouldn’t recognised that the camera had been plugged in. though luckily I did know that the camera ran of an SD card so I simply took the SD card out from the Camera and popped it into the laptop and I could then access all the footage we had recorded so problem solved.
  4. 4. wondershare Undoubtedly this was my least favourite bit of software used while producing are piece in that although it was the best of the free software I could use it still had many faults in that when you export a piece there is a watermark and also no mater how big you have the text when exported it is really small. I didn’t learn much from this piece of software due to it working like a worse version of apples i-movie which I have used in the past. All the feature were like a restricted version of i-movie which meant that although it was a piece of software I had never used I know my way around it pretty well and used all of the features available to me to create the best production I could without it looking cheesy.
  5. 5. blogger Blogger was the browser based software I used to document and show all the stages of are media production and without a doubt was the piece of software I used the most throughout the production. I feel like I've learnt the most from this technology as well because pier to starting this task I had never used the programme and at the start really wasn’t sure how to make it look good but it is through blogger that I learnt about layout and how to space my work out. Another thing that I have learnt through blogger is just how many different tools are available to me to help present my work in an interesting fashion. And it is again because of blogger that I now know how to but all of these different techniques together in a manor that both looks good and benefits me.
  6. 6. Evaluation tools I have used a number of different software in not only my evaluation but also through the whole of my blog to help present my work in factual and interesting way. Some of the websites I've used are animato,, youtube, prezi, slideshare, pixton and powtoon. From this ive learn’t how to make an online comic, how to upload powerpoint files to blogger, how to make a presentation that looks better than and is more interactive than a PowerPoint, how to upload videos that I've made to the internet and then link it to blogger, how to make a slideshow of images with backing music and embed It to blogger and finally how to make an online mid map.