Eval 4


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Eval 4

  1. 1. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? Ryan Soanes
  2. 2. Physical Hardware
  3. 3. MacBookTo create my whole project I used a MacBook this was probably the mostuseful and of all the technologies I used. All softwares and websites I used Iwouldn’t of been able to if it wasn’t for having a MacBook this was a verycrucial tool in creating my film. It was a good choice as it was very powerfuland I didn’t have problem editing film or creating images. Also being aMacBook gave me portability to move it around.
  4. 4. iPhone • njI also used my IPhone to help throughout my project, it was handy as itallowed me to take pictures when I didn’t want to carry around my big DSLRcamera. It also made web browsing very easy and I can do it on the go toupdate and edit my blog posting.
  5. 5. DSLR CameraFor my project I used a DSLR Camera and this gave me the best mix of bothImage and Video and I could record in very high quality and play around withlots of settings to get my film and images looking at there very best. For myfilm I used a Nikon D5100 which is a very good camera, as it is an DSLRcamera I had the options to set up manual focusing so I didn’t have the worryabout the nose of the motor being recorded onto the soundtrack, and I couldalso adjust the ISO and Exposure to make the best out of my lighting to getthe most professional looking shots. The only problems I had were that thebattery on the camera didn’t last that long and didn’t give me ages to film.
  6. 6. Software
  7. 7. iMovieI used iMovie to create my film, this was a good tool as it is quite professionalbut also isn’t the most complicated software. This software was also goodbecause it was available to use at both home and school so I didn’t have toworry about it not being accessible. I had a few problems with iMoviethough, I was quite limited with the effects I had as they only had about 10options of effects that you could use. Another problem was it was hard tomove iMovie project from one computer to another so I had to work on thesame computer most of the time or I would run into problems.
  8. 8. PhotoshopPhotoshop was another important piece of software I used, I used itthroughout my project but it was mainly used when creating my ancillaries.It’s a great software and its of a very professional standard and you can donearly anything to do with imagery inside of it. I was able to create 2 veryprofessional looking ancillaries using Photoshop. A bonus with usingPhotoshop is that I already have quite a lot of experience with it so I knowwhat a lot of the tools do and I didn’t have to waste time getting used to thesoftware.
  9. 9. Websites (Web 2.0)
  10. 10. BloggerBlogger was the website that I used the most as I uploaded all of my work tothis it’s a great choice as it is a very stable website and very easy to use. Youcan easily upload your work and even get audience feedback usingblogger, using forms and comments. You can also go back other previousposts and edit them, this was by far the best option to keep a portfolio on myproject.
  11. 11. DaFontDaFont was another important website I used when creating my ancillariesand also my film a bit. It allows you to download custom fonts, which is greatas the fonts default on a computer are very boring and not good for design. Itallowed me to search my genre on there website and get some custom fontsand download them for free and then use them in my ancillaries/film. It givemy film a much more professional overall finish.
  12. 12. Social MediaI used social media a lot through this project as it was a great way to gainaudience feedback using websites such as YouTube and Facebook I was ableto receive instant audience feedback. It was also very simple for the user asall they had to do was go on a site that they probably go on everyday anywayand take 5 seconds out to write a comment. It was a great method tointegrate my film with my audiences everyday life.
  13. 13. Prezi/SlideShareI also used sites like Prezi/Slideshare/Worlde to create more visual ways todisplay information so when I had to create a presentation I would use Prezito make it different and make it more interesting for people to read instead ofjust being a generic text presentation.
  14. 14. Negatives of TechnologyTechnology isn’t always great, sometimes the accessibility is not always thebest and you can get stuck with files that you can’t open on some computerbecause of the wrong software or outdated software. Other problems with technology can be the fact that they are quiteexpensive not everyone has DSLR Cameras and MacBooks available to themas both of these parts of equipment can be £600+. This also goes for thesoftware with Photoshop being priced at around £800. The other huge factor with technology being so widely available and theuse of web 2.0 is, it’s harder to get your content seen, as there is so muchprofessional quality products being made it’s hard to get your product seen.