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About Our School - Bulgaria

  1. 1. In Vratsa there is a school , the only school in Bulgaria with ‘The Peace Pole’ and ‘The Schoolyard of Peace’! Welcome to The School Of Peace !
  2. 2. 1822 1907 2010 Hristo Botev Secondary School The oldest and the biggest school in the town of Vratsa
  3. 3. <ul><li>In 1822 the first high school was opened by Konstantin Oginianovich in the yard of Sveto Vuznesenie church </li></ul>The Ascension school in 1842 THE BEGINNING
  4. 4. In 1907 a full secondary school for boys was built by an heir of the Konstantin Ognianovich property who reconstructed the school THROUGHOUT THE YEARS
  5. 5. In 1946 the secondary school was named the Hristo Botev National School THROUGHOUT THE YEARS
  6. 6. In 2006 Hristo Botev Secondary School of General Education has a complete curriculum for students from 1 st – 12 th grades TODAY
  7. 7. Mr. Victor Krastev The Headmaster of Hristo Botev Secondary School, Vratsa
  8. 9. Front view with the school yard
  9. 10. Back side with play grounds
  10. 11. School’s Historical Museum
  11. 12. School prizes Comenius corners
  12. 13. School Hall
  13. 14. Chemistry lab
  14. 15. One of the Computer labs
  15. 16. Physics laboratory
  16. 17. Biology laboratory
  17. 18. Art studio
  18. 19. One of the classrooms
  19. 20. History room
  20. 21. Fitness center
  21. 22. The kids, gathered together from several primary schools in the town in one class –5 а , were inspired by the idea to keep the Peace on Earth and showed everybody that united together we could achieve it .
  22. 23. “ Spring Vibrations ” first ‘Comenius’ project – Learning through media Our European Garden of Peace ‘Spring Vibrations’! All kids worked together and planted flowers!
  23. 24. Spring Day in Europe , 2006” We have got in our school yard and a ‘Tree of Peace in Europe’! The kids suggested – ”We’ve got European Garden of Peace, let’s plant a ‘Tree of Peace in Europe’, too!” No sooner said than done !
  24. 25. International Day of Peace 2006 May Peace Prevail on Earth ! For this bright festive occasion everyone – the kids and the teachers , the headmaster and all the staff united in the preparation of the day . And it turned into a real community’s ‘Day of Peace’!
  25. 26.         May Peace Prevail on Earth ! The only Bulgarian school in ENO Schools project!
  26. 27. The Peace Pole UN project The Peace Pole was planted in front of school . The pray ‘May Peace prevail on Earth’ in Bulgarian, English, German and Russian was written on its four sides . The students planted several ‘Pinwheels for Peace’ around it in the schoolyard . This is the only Peace Pole in Bulgaria! May Peace Prevail on Earth !
  27. 28. We’ve got ‘Tree of Peace in Europe’, ‘The Peace Pole’, ‘Trees for Peace’, ‘The Pinwheels for Peace Lane’ – so we decided to give a name to our schoolyard! On November 1 st , 2006 , ‘The Day of the Leaders of the Bulgarian National Revival’ it received its name ‘The Schoolyard of Peace’
  28. 29. May Peace Prevail on Earth ! Hristo Botev Secondary School–The School of Peace ! ( Двор на мира – The Schoolyard of Peace)
  29. 30. Hristo Botev is the only school in Bulgaria which has taken part in an Internet-chat with members of the European Parliament as part of European Schoolnet
  30. 31. SCHOOL LIFE Extracurricular Activites
  31. 32. ECO CLUB &quot;CLOVERS&quot;
  32. 33. VOCAL GROUP &quot;MERRY BELLS&quot;
  33. 34. <ul><li>Today students who graduated from Hristo Botev Secondary School continue their education in many Bulgarian and foreign universities. </li></ul><ul><li>Our alumni continue very successfully their university education in preferred humanitarian subjects–economics, law, medicine, pedagogy and many others. </li></ul><ul><li>Statistics show noteworthy results, students who continue their education are above 85%. </li></ul>TODAY
  34. 35. The quality of the educational work in Hristo Botev Secondary School is evident from the high-honor national orders the school has received during the years. EVALUATION
  35. 36. Thank You for Your Attention Welcome to our school!