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Describing Fichtenberg School in Berlin-Steglitz

Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. General:• Fichtenberg Oberschule Rothenburgstraße 18 12165 Berlin• Headmaster: Mister Leppin• School speaker: Pascal Füllgraf• Foundation in 1904• 725 pupils
  2. 2. In our group areca. 13 pupils and2 teacher!We meet usevery 14 days.
  3. 3. 1. “Walk-to-School Day”The 22nd September is the "walk to school"day, it doesnt only exist in Germany, butworldwide.On this day children are asked to move andget some exercise - that means walking toschool or riding by bike. Teachers and adultsshould also join in and leave their car at home.
  4. 4. Consists of students, teachers, parents of spruceand former students, teachers and schoolmanagement. You want the student body is moreinvolved in school life. Currently meets the teamto a big event for all involved in school life and toarrange for all those interested in the school.Request of the team is to put the big event with astarting point, together with all who wish toparticipate to the active cooperation of theschool reflect and shape the future of the spruce.
  5. 5. In regular distance by chance four weeksthey invite to the visit of a topical image at aBerlin theatre or in the opera or in the dancetheatre or in the concert. In the input area ofthe school an info wall with the topicalinformation is to be seen in a column. Themap order runs through the secretariat.
  6. 6. 4. Künstlerische Fächer DARSTELLENDES SPIEL Theater, Performance BILDENDE KUNST„Bläserklasse“ Malerei, Plastik, Fotografie, WAHLPFLICHTFACH MUSIK Kunstaktionen „Kulturprojekt“ Konzerte, Chöre, Orchester
  7. 7. 5. FremdsprachenBeherrschung der Fremdsprache anstreben und gleichzeitig die inter-kulturelleKompetenz erweitern sowie den Dialog und die Kooperation mit Menschenunterschiedlicher kultureller Prägung fördern Spanisch (3./4.FS) Französisch, Latein (3.FS)Französisch, Spanisch (2.FS)  Schüleraustausch mit Frankreich und Spanien  Betriebspraktikum des Leistungskurses Englisch  Mitarbeit beim DELF-Programm  Comenius-Projekt:
  8. 8. In a blowers class everybody learns a windinstrument which is played from the outset inthe class association. This blowers classsubstitutes for the customary music lessonsand exists exclusively of practical makingmusic. The blowers class should beintroduced in the second half-year of thecoming 7th class. The blowers class is soconceived that every child can take partwithout special conditions.
  9. 9. In 2009 and 2010 the “Fichtenberg Gymnasium” hasreceived the title "Climate school". As a result of thishonouring she received in each case prize money in theextent from 17000 - euros which should be used forthe transformation of the playground. In March of thisyear have with support of "green school", to the greenarea office and two scenery planners from almost allclasses makes schoolgirls and schoolboys in aWorkshop taken part in which was planned together asthe playground should look.
  10. 10. Everybody in the school life partners works onsupporting the youngsters with the educationof a stable personality, because this is thebasic condition for an individual robustnessconcerning addiction problems.
  11. 11. 9. Integration - Inklusion Blinde und sehbehinderte Schülerinnen und Schüler werden gemeinsam mit nichtbehinderten Schülerinnen und Schülern ziel- und zeitgleich zur allgemeinen Hochschulreife geführt. • Ein Beitrag zur weiteren gesellschaftlichen Integration behinderter Jugendlicher • Förderung der Sensibilität und Rücksichtnahme bei nichtbehinderten Schülerinnen und Schülern
  12. 12. At our school we have a wide variety of languages offered.As first foreign language English is taught consistently.As a second foreign language you can choose betweenSpanish or French. After the 10th grade you can reselectyour first or second foreign language. During 8th grade youcan choose Latin as a compulsory subject. Furthermore wehave a variety of PE (Physical Education) courses to choosefrom at our school.For instance, there is: swimming,volleyball, soccer, basketball, table tennis, badminton,gymnastic dance and many more. We also have a rowingteam at our school.If you have been a member in the teambefore 10th grade you can choose it afterwards as PEcourse.
  13. 13. About BerlinPeople are always wondering whether Berlin is now one city. Or whether, after 20 years of unity, it is still split in two. Or maybe a bit of both? So many questions. And somehow all three are right. Berlin is different. But Berlin is still Berlin. Germanys capital city has 3.4 million inhabitants in 12 districts.
  14. 14. Brandenburger Tor = „The Brandenburg Gate“
  15. 15. Siegessäule = Victory column
  16. 16. Reichstag = Reichstag
  17. 17. Holocaust Denkmal = Holocaust monument
  18. 18. Berliner Mauer = Berliner Wall
  19. 19. Potsdamer Platz = Potsdamer Square
  20. 20. The World Time Clock was put up atAlexanderplatz in 1969. Its height is about 10meters and its weight is 16 tons.The World Time Clock contains a 24-corner-figurethat rests on a column. Each side represents atime zone. Above every time you can see somewell-known cities’ names located in the timezone. On the top of the clock, there’s a model ofour Solar System. The planets move once aminute on their orbits around the “sun”.