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Szkola Prezentacja Angielska


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Szkola Prezentacja Angielska

  1. 1. Primary State School nr 18 os. Armii Krajowej 100 Poznan, Poland 0 61 8775715 0 61 8751022
  2. 2. There are 40 teachers and almost 500 students in our school.
  3. 3. One of our certificates ‘School with class’
  4. 4. Educational projects in our school: ‘Holidays in Europe’ ‘Poznan-my homecity ‘About books’ ‘My neighbourhood’
  5. 5. In 2004-2007 our school was in the Comenius project ‘The sea and the Internet – comunication through surfing
  6. 6. From 2003 we are in project ‘Spring Day in Europe’
  7. 7. We are also ‘My Europe school’.We have certificates for innovative use of new technologies
  8. 8. e - szkoła We use information technology and multimedia in didactics.We realise e-school project
  9. 9. We like to organize different events for our students : Discos,  St.Valentine’s Day,  Spring Day,  Festivals
  10. 10. Our school magazine „This and that”
  11. 11. We are teaching English from the first class: Our pupiles take part in the internacional cooperation beetwen european schools
  12. 12. We have classes so called „INTEGRATION CLASSES” in which students with special needs can learn with their friends In these classes we use modern equipment for teaching with the help of a specially trained teacher
  13. 13. How we work?
  14. 14. We go to the cinema
  15. 15. … to swimming pool and we like to go skiing
  16. 16. We have groups of interests: -Sports -Nature -Maths -Drama -Art and crafts -English -Computer classes
  17. 17. Every spring we spend one week out of school…
  18. 18. …or we go on one-day trips Toruń Biskupin Wrocław
  19. 19. In June we celebrate school festival
  20. 20. In December we have Christmas Carols’ Concert
  21. 21. In our library… …there is a multimedial center sponsored by Social European Found
  22. 22. Our teachers help students with their homeworks
  23. 23. In the club called „Young Creators” our pupils can spend their freetime in the afternoon
  24. 24. We have very well equiped library
  25. 25. Our school nurse takes care about students’ health condition
  26. 26. We are proud of our dance club called ‘Hip–Hop’
  27. 27. In the school two meels are served every day.
  28. 28. Welcome to our school