Teaching with the iPad


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The iPad has revolutionized the ways teachers deliver lectures, display whiteboard activities, deliver quizzes and polls and start group discussions.

This session will give you an overview of how the iPad is being used, around the world, in and out of the classroom. A list of iPad apps along with suggested training resources will also be made available at the end of the session.

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Teaching with the iPad

  1. 1. Teaching with the iPad Chuck Konkol
  2. 2. The hardest thing about learning something new is that first step. You have had the iPad for awhile now and deep down you know you could be using it as a tool in the classroom but you didn’t know where to start. Hopefully, this session will inspire to take that first step into using your iPad in the classroom. As a college professor of mine used to say, “Diligence breeds success”!
  3. 3. About Me Theology degree from Central Bible College Master degree in Computer Science/ Communication Developer, Author, Trainer, Teacher Husband, Father, Papa Theological Geek
  4. 4. Me and the iPad September 2010 Evolution of the iPad Teachers and iPads Students and iPads Training for teachers to use iPads in classroom
  5. 5. The iPad in the Classroom is ... Interactive Adaptive Emerging
  6. 6. ...Interactive Digital Whiteboard - faculty can walk around the room and allow students to interact with a whiteboard activity by taking pictures of student work or importing student work as students submit via Dropbox. Photo / Video / Audio - faculty can record video and annotate pictures while on a field trip. In addition, faculty can embed audio into students papers for a more personal feedback. Animation - New interactive textbooks allow the text to come alive using video, 3d animation, audio, and dynamic textbook updates through the apple bookstore.
  7. 7. ...Adaptive Accessibility - iPads fits teacher and student lifestyles. Learners have access to the world 24/7. Creativity - Tens of thousands educational apps that expand learn in and out of classroom Learning Styles - cognitive, kinesthetic, and affective through the rich array of media available Learning disabilities - The iPad is being used more than any other device in the area of special needs education. http://www.apple.com/education/special-education/
  8. 8. ...Adaptive
  9. 9. ...Emerging The iPad is the ranked #1 in emerging technology for educational applications, textbooks, and communication tools.
  10. 10. Textbooks All major publishers have worked with Apple in the K-12 market and are beginning the college market. Teachers currently have the ability to create their own textbook for the iPad using Apple iAuthor. Textbooks are dynamically updated as textbook is modified on the Apple Store. No longer having to wait until next book version for latest data.
  11. 11. Textbooks
  12. 12. Hundreds of High Schools, Colleges and Universities (2-4 year) now require iPads for teachers and students to use iPads. According to the American Graduate Initiative Community Colleges are to graduate 5,000,000 more graduates. iPads will help us get there! RVC had an iPad Pilot Program for Fall 2013 semester. The iPad Initiative
  13. 13. The iPad Initiative "We are going to move our level of teaching and involvement with technology into the 21st Century"
  14. 14. source: presta http://bit.ly/MXjfpI iPad Perception is Positive
  15. 15. iPad Perception is Positive March 2012 survey by the Pearson Foundation and Harris Interactive Tablet ownership among college students and high school seniors has risen dramatically in the last year—ownership has tripled among college students (25% vs. 7% in 2011) and quadrupled among high school seniors (17% vs. 4% in 2011).
  16. 16. iPad Perception is Positive The survey reveals that more students are reading digital books, and that a majority of college students (63%) and high school seniors (69%) believe that tablets will effectively replace textbooks within the next five years.
  17. 17. One of the biggest reasons tablets are so popular on college campuses is the fact that they give students convenient access to digital textbooks, or e-books, whether they are pursuing classroom- based or online education. iPad Perception is Positive
  18. 18. Apple Developer Campus
  19. 19. iPad is Ranked #1 in MarketShare
  20. 20. iPad Apps for Teachers
  21. 21. Categories Classroom Productivity Presentation Collaboration Polls and Assessments Video Creation Screencast Creation

  22. 22. Classroom Tools Grading • iAnnotate - markup papers with notes and audio comments. Hundreds of dollars cheaper than Adobe Pro. • Teacher’s Assistant Pro - keep track of all your students progress and easily connect to parents. • Moxtra - annotate with audio/text/video

  23. 23. Classroom Tools Edit and Create MS Office Documents Microsoft PowerPoint Excel • CloudOn • Uses DropBox • Can open from email attachment and reply with edits

  24. 24. Presentation Keynote - Apple presentation app Prezi - Cool, online presentation. Recently added app for iPad to create/edit. Explain Everything - import PPT, Key, PDF and other file types. Add webpages, images, videos. Record voice and screen actions. Allow export to Camera Roll, YouTube, Dropbox, Google Drive, WebDav, etc.
  25. 25. Collaboration ShowMe Interactive WhiteBoard - Record drawings/ math/illustrations and share via YouTube. Group Board - Real-time simple drawing/chat collaboration tool. Moxtra - New app on the block. Creator is ex CEO of WebEx. The Binder idea came from daughter of developer. Users have the ability to add files from PC/Mac computer, Web sites, web page clips, blank pages, camera, photos, and video. Moxtra works with all popular cloud drives. Live collaboration also can occur via any web browser. 

  26. 26. Polls and Assessments Polls Impromptu, instant results. Great to see where students are on any giving topic. Assessments Test prep, quick quizzes, instant results • Socrative - student response system that empowers teachers to engage their classrooms through a series of educational exercises and games via smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

  27. 27. Video Creation Utilize the HD video camera of the iPad to record : Class field trips Treasure hunts Interviews Student feedback

  28. 28. Screencasts Record the iPad screen along with audio of instructor Flip the classroom In-classroom sessions Weekly announcements Content you don’t have time to cover in class

  29. 29. Screencasts Explain Everything Ability to record movie of voice and display Ability to import Keynote, PowerPoint, and PDF from DropBox Ability to import a working web browser object Ability to draw, type, and manipulate all objects Ability to export movie to YouTube, DropBox, and local photo album
  30. 30. Screencasts Explain Everything - Record exactly what you did in class or in your office for students to view over and over again.
  31. 31. iPad Cost iPad 3, 16gb, $499 iPad Mini, $250-$300 Chuck Konkol
  32. 32. iPad Funding Federal Grants Corporate Grants Self Purchase Perkins • Perkins currently provides more than $1.2 billion in federal support for career and technical education programs.
  33. 33. iPad Apps Recap Explain Everything Keynote CloudOn Socrative iAnnotate SyncPad Notability Evernote Moxtra Prezi Dropbox ShowMe GroupBoard The apps in green with be demoed in my session: My iPad can do that?
  34. 34. Thank You http://ckonkol.com/ipad-helps/ Resource link to view this session, iPad resources and more