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Padology final


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Padology final

  1. 1. It’s All About Your App-titude! Joquetta Johnson, Library Media Specialist & iPadologist
  2. 2.
  3. 3. 19 years – Library Media Specialist 11yrs Elementary (Balto City & Co.) 9yrs High School 20 years – Higher Education - BCCC Strayer University Morgan State UniversityEducational Consultant and Curriculum Writer for ISTEMaster Teacher & Curriculum Writer for NTTI A Social Media Maven and Geek Tribe Member who loves her iPad, cupcakes, shopping, automobiles, and the color orange.
  4. 4.  Welcome Introduction – New to iPads?  Share Session Getting to Know Your iPad  Work Session Tips & Tricks for Using the iPad  Share Session Accessories I Love  Share Session TEACHING & Learning Apps: Exploration by Category  Share Session
  5. 5. Donna Anderson, Library Media Specialist, Wellwood InternationalAngenine Goode, Library Media Specialist, Catonsville High School
  6. 6. What do you want to learntoday?
  7. 7.
  8. 8. "Theres an oldWayne Gretzkyquote that I love.I skate to wherethe puck is goingto be, not where ithas been. Andweve always triedto do that atApple.
  9. 9. Ubiquitous Access to Technology Underscores the essential role technology plays in 21st century life and work and, consequently, the role that it must play in learning. Students and educators need 24 / 7 access to information, resources, and technologies that engage and empower them to do background research, information and resource gathering, and data analysis, to publish with multiple media types to wide and varied audiences, to communicate with peers and experts, and to gain experience and expertise in collaborative work.
  10. 10. iPad FluencySkilled… Literate… Fluent…
  11. 11. Skilledability to do something well:the ability to do somethingwell, usually gained through training or experience
  12. 12. SKILLED I wanted to:know how to take screenshotsbe able to write on it in my handwriting so it wassomewhat legiblefind and download appropriate apps tosubstitute tasks I was used to doing on my laptopupload and synch images and documentsorganize apps into folderssearch for, open, close, multi-tasktype, copy/paste, edit text, etc.
  13. 13. LiterateTo be literate means to haveknowledge or competence 21st Century Fluency Project)To have to think about whatyou are going to do next Ian Jukes
  14. 14. find and use specific apps to:manipulate and edit images and videoread books and documents, allow annotations,share highlightsaggregate and read my RSS feedsorganize and access filesbrainstorm and mindmaptweet, blog and facebooktake notescreate presentations, graphs, flyers, etc.
  15. 15. Fluency FluentTo be fluent is to demonstratemastery and to do sounconsciously and smoothly 21st Century Fluency ProjectAre unconscious skills, you justknow what to do next Ian Jukes
  16. 16. connect tasks effortless together (ex. creating and editing a video, thenuploading, embedding and disseminating on several platforms)CREATE and then being able to COMMUNICATE- the ability to create andcommunicate your creation is one of the main characteristics of fluencyread in my RSS Reader and seamlessly disseminate links to Twitter, Facebookand to my social bookmarking servicerecord, edit and then publish a movie that automatically posts to my blogtake an image…edit…then automatically post to my photo stream as well asembed into a blog postwork within several apps, then remix content from each one by being able toimport them from one app to another.not having to rely on my laptop as a “translator” to convert a file, remix files,upload files…
  17. 17. “Use technology, including the Internet, to produce and publish writing and to interact andcollaborate with others.” CCR.W.6
  18. 18. Why is the iPad so suited for student use?•Children think with their fingers. The iPad is an intuitive interface that allows users of all abilities to access the technology to its fullest.•Affordability- with so many apps being available for $.99 teachers are empowered to acquire, explore and provide diverse and current software for their students.•Universal Design- Everyone benefits from using an iPad. When using it to foster independence in the school and broader community, students not only want to but are able to without standing out from their peers.
  19. 19. Universal Design for Learningis a set of principles for curriculumdevelopment that give all individualsequal opportunities to learn.UDL provides a blueprint for creatinginstructional goals, methods,materials, and assessments that workfor everyone--not a single, one-size-fits-all solution but rather flexibleapproaches that can be customizedand adjusted for individual needs.
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  21. 21. Why iPad? – Thoughts From theEdTechTeacher Team
  22. 22. I think the first thing that we stress toeveryone is that the iPad isn’t a computer,nor does it try to be. On the other hand, aniPad can truly be anything that you chooseto make it: a reader, creator, consumer,organizer, response system, musicalinstrument… I’ve been telling teachers tothink of it like an empty cardboard box. Itcan be a box, or a castle, or a rocketship, ora cave, or….
  23. 23. As a straight up reader orconsumer of basic media, aNook or Kindle may be amore cost effective tool.However, as aneducational device, theiPad is definitely on top.Plus, an iPad can read allePub formats: Kindle,Nook, ePub, iBook…
  24. 24. However, the true power of the iPad lies inits mobility, touch screen, cameras,accelerometer/orientation capabilities, andgeo-location services. When thinking aboutimplementation and transformation,keeping those items in mind helps to framenew ways of approaching studentinteraction with content, capabilities, andthe world around them.
  25. 25. Additionally, because of the ability to createand manage digital content with and for theiPad, the role of the teacher has the potential tochange. Schools are starting to see thesedevices as change agents simply because theyprovide educators with an easy tool throughwhich they can attempt to transform theirclasses. With iPads, it’s possible to re-invisionthe role of the teacher to be less of a coach andmore of a curator of information.
  26. 26. The device shouldn’t be looked at as acomputer, because it isn’t…it is more thanthat. It is a:Mobile recording device (audio & video)Editing device (audio, video, images &text)Publishing platform (blogs, websites,video, audio and screencasts to YouTube)Digital NotebookDigital Research Platform
  27. 27. I would add that some of the features related totime and space are incredibly important. Bootingup a laptop and logging in can take 3 minutes onlousy school computers… The iPad is instant. Youcan use the iPad for 10 minutes in class, slide itunder your chair for a discussion, pop it backopen again. You can fit a book or piece of paperand an iPad on a desk. It doesn’t block your viewof someone’s face. If you plug them in the nightbefore, they will last all day.These things may seem trivial, but teaching is inmany ways a battle against time and tablets allowmuch more seamless transition between tech-onand tech-off activities.
  28. 28.  Email  Setup District email  Setup Personal email  Turn on Notes Google Calendar Client - $6.99 Dropbox PasswordTote
  29. 29.  Twitter Facebook Instagram Foursquare Apps that combine: Tweetdeck HootSuite FaceTime – iPad 2 Skype – iPad 2
  30. 30.  Pages - $9.99 Keynote - $9.99 Dropbox Evernote Office 2HD iAnnotate Blogsy
  31. 31.  iPicEd Lite Foto Editor Effects PhotoPad Fotolr PS HD Fotolr PA PS Express
  32. 32.  Educreation Timer + ScreenChomp lino ShowMe Edmodo List from TeachHub
  33. 33. K-12•Florida Dept of Ed.•Goochland County Schools(VA)• Maine Dept. of Ed.•Iona PrepUniversity & College•Harvard•Yale•MIT•Columbia Beyond College •Apple Distinguished Educator •Common Sense Media •Edutopia •Khan Academy •Library of Congress
  34. 34.  Podcasts  Discovery Networks  PBS  CNN Student News  Teachers Teaching Teachers Make Your Own Audiocasts  Audioboo  SoundCloud iTunes U  TechTalk4Teachers  K-12 Education Reform  Apps for the Classroom  Classroom 2.0
  35. 35. iTunes U iBooks DropBoxQrafter or QrafterPro ($) Common core UDL
  36. 36.  Zite Flipboard Life Magazine – Images NPR Discovery PBS USA Today, CNN, ABC News...
  37. 37.  WebMD Howcast Maps The Weather Channel EduTecher EduTecher Backpack Wikipanion EasyBib
  38. 38.  YouTube SnagFilms TED Crackle Showyou Squrl
  39. 39.  Aweditorium Shazam Lick of The Day VinylLove Pandora Iheartradio Tunein Radio
  40. 40. Apps for ForTeaching AndLearning
  41. 41. Digital Bloom’s Taxonomy
  42. 42. and apps Source:
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  44. 44.
  45. 45.
  46. 46.
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  48. 48.
  49. 49.  Browsers Notes Evernote Peek (Need Evernote) Diigo
  50. 50. AnimotoVoiceThreadDiigoEvernoteQwikiLivebinderMathSnacks KhanAcademyEducreationsLinoHow StuffWorks
  51. 51. Google DocsEasyBibMerrian-WebstereduTecherSkype Edmodo
  52. 52.  Kindle Nook iBooks
  53. 53.  iThesaurus WordWeb Calculator inClass
  54. 54.  SonicPicsLite Comic Touch CartoonStudio StoryKit VidEditorFree PuppetPals HD Videolicious Splice Blurb Mobile
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  56. 56. Image Source:
  57. 57. My Contact Info Joquetta “The Digital Diva" Johnson Pikesville HS Baltimore County Public Schools 410-887-1231 jjohnson@bcps.orgMy Digital accordin2jo
  58. 58. itunes Podcast template with ipad media hug template horizontal screen Store