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T4E Creating Flipped Classroom Lessons


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Resources and websites to use when creating a flipped lesson.

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T4E Creating Flipped Classroom Lessons

  1. 1. Creating Flipped Classroom Lessons Scott M. Haselwood PhD Student, Oklahoma State University Welcome to
  2. 2. Like us on Facebook! • • Click LIKE our page! • Click on the Technovation4Education Event and click “Going” • Using your smart phone, “Check-in” on the T4E Event page – If you need help with this, just ask your instructor
  3. 3. Download our GuideBook! • Scan the QR Code to download the GuideBook or search the store • Set your T4E schedule • See Session Descriptions • Access maps to your classrooms • Get notifications throughout T4E • Access our FaceBook event page easily • Take notes
  4. 4. Before we begin… • Please sign the roster at the front of the room • Emergency procedures for this room are in your Registration binder • Please put cell phone on vibrate
  5. 5. Scott M. Haselwood • 18 Years as a High School Math Teacher • PhD Student at Oklahoma State University – Educational Technology • I created hundreds of math videos for my flipped classroom
  6. 6. All About Those in Class • Your name • Where you teach and what grade • What you hope to learn today
  7. 7. About Today’s Class • Handouts and data files are on your bracelet flash drive • Let me know when you need help • Ask questions, spark discussion, get engaged • Have FUN!!
  8. 8. Class Objectives • Websites for hosting video • Apps for creating video • Programs for creating video • Tips for filming
  9. 9. Screencasting Camtasia - $200 But a complete video editing software Explain Everything - A robust iPad app that explains everything… Knowmia Teach - A free iPad app that you can Teach from.
  10. 10. Camtasia is a complete video editing software. Record your screen, use a webcam, add some simple special effects - the sky is the limit. There is a learning curve - but it is user friendly Combine this with SnagIt to have a complete video solution!
  11. 11. Some supplies you will need for Camtasia A Bamboo Tablet Sketchbook Express A USB Microphone is very handy Some Patience
  12. 12. Use Knowmia Teach (Free) on your iPad Use Explain Everything ($2.99) on your iPad Both of these apps allow you to set up a lesson presentation and add audio, images, or video from your iPad
  13. 13. Create a Google Account Create a Knowmia or Sophia Account Get a place to host your videos!
  14. 14. The one stop shop for video hosting! Label Videos Give them Tags and Descriptions Group them in Playlists
  15. 15. Use Knowmia to create assignments and lessons You can attach weblinks and upload documents with each video. Create an assignment and put several videos together. Not blocked by internet filters at school!!
  16. 16. Has excellent resources for flipping your classroom. Create curriculum specific groups that best fit your students. Engage in vibrant learning communities
  17. 17. Plan out your unit, lesson, or day well ahead of when you plan on getting there. You can write on power point slides with a Bamboo tablet. You can copy and paste into Sketchbook Express and annotate as needed. You can use SMART Notebook to record an entire lesson.
  18. 18. Recording Tips: Audio is the most important thing - test your microphone. We did a lot of recording with the built in mic. But loved how the USB mic sounded. You do not need to script out your lesson - but have a good idea of what you want to say.
  19. 19. Recording Tips: BEYOURSELF! It’s alright to make mistakes - but not too many… You can get some great bloopers to share with students. Use your voice correctly - get some range and emotion going!
  20. 20. Recording Tips Shorter is better - we record one long lesson and split it into shorter segments by example. Give yourself some time to learn the software/hardware - you do not need to be Steven Spielberg on your first go. Use your webcam - kids enjoy seeing you!
  21. 21. Follow my Pinter est Boar ds: http://www.pinter gamification-in-the-classr oom/ http://www.pinter Or My Blog: http://haselwoodmath.wor dpr
  22. 22. Share one tip you learned today Please post your favorite part of this session on the Facebook T4E Event page!
  23. 23. PLEASE COMPLETE THE SESSION EVALUATION Shortcut to T4E Session Evaluation on your Desktop Creating Flipped Classroom Lessons Scott M. Haselwood Thank you for attending!