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R 6 reporting parent review


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Process used to review R-6 reports with parents

Published in: Education
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R 6 reporting parent review

  1. 1. R-6 ReportingReviewTerm 2 2012Parent Group
  2. 2. What do we aim to achieve? Firstly Port Broughton Area School wants to provide a quality reporting system to parents that informs them clearly of how their students learning is progressing. Secondly Port Broughton Area School wants to support its teachers by providing a quality report proforma that does not represent an unacceptable work load thereby taking time away from other valuable teaching/learning tasks.
  3. 3. SACSA & The Australian CurriculumFrom semester 2 2012 PBAS will be reporting againstthe Australian Curriculum in:  English, maths, science & historyAll other subject areas will be reported against theSouth Australian Curriculum Standards andAccountability Framework (SACSA).  Australian Curriculum Geography, Languages, Arts will be phased in during 2013.  Australian Curriculum HPE and Technologies will be phased in in 2014.
  4. 4. What does the Education Department expect? Schools must provide two written reports per year that report on all areas of learning. A written report refers to a report which canbe from 1 page up in length and could include(or not) blocks of writing, continuums, tick boxesetc….. Schools must use plain language. The mid year report should reflect learning to that point. The end of year report should reflect learning across the whole year.
  5. 5. What does the educationdepartment expect? Reportsmust be based on the 5 levels A-E or their word equivalents. Your child is demonstrating excellent achievement of A what is expected at this year level Your child is demonstrating good achievement of what is B expected at this year level Your child is demonstrating satisfactory achievement of C what is expected at this year level Your child is demonstrating partial achievement of what is D expected at this year level Your child is demonstrating minimal achievement of what E is expected at this year level
  6. 6. Our current R-6 processTerm 1Class teacher decides what will go home to parents.  Take home books/portfolios are generally sent home providing work samples and teacher comments.Term 2A written report goes home Friday of week 8 withparent teacher interviews scheduled for week 10.Term 3Optional parent teacher interviews?Term 4A detailed written report goes home in week 9.
  7. 7. What sort of information doyou want and when? Major written reports x 2 a year Take home books/folders Parent teacher interviews Minor written report Traditionallyinformation is given out at the end of terms. Is this appropriate or are there better times during the term for parents to receive reports from teachers?
  8. 8. Report Formats Examples Spend time looking through examples provided. Parentsto ask questions as they look through examples. Positives, Interesting, Negatives
  9. 9. What do parents want in areport? A school report should inform parents of the progress their child is making at school. Format (the way it looks)What makes a report easy to read andunderstand? ContentWhat are the four key things you want to learnabout your child from their school report?