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Pimp My Site

Pimp My Site



PowerPoint from online webinar during Energise Enterprise Small Biz Fest- about making your website better, brighter and faster... and more interactive

PowerPoint from online webinar during Energise Enterprise Small Biz Fest- about making your website better, brighter and faster... and more interactive



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  • welcome, about me, about yum, about Energise EnterpriseMain message – take time to inspire yourself, invest in your own inspiration, commitment and passion
  • screen to get attendees doing poll in GoToWebinarEach business is as individual as you are… its your shape, you need to take control, don’t let some cookie cutter company tell you what you need,And best thing is… its all free… your investment is in time, which we know is money, but its something the whole team can be involved in…Its an art… its not science and steer clear of those who tell you it is…
  • Assumption that you already have a site so not looking at free set ups, though there are plentyWeb has moved from informational brochure sites to something more altogether living.There is still a place for brochure sites but they are usually in the same place as brochures.
  • Its you online – literally – give it the care and attention it needs and have it reflect your heart, your business heart and your business passionI know some businesses who closed website and moved to MySpace, then closed and moved to facebook… small businesses don’t have that luxury, we have so many demands on our time but to ignore your website is not the answer, it has to fit into everything we do, the way we think about our business.Central - Think about the web like you do about technology, its there to be used by you, not to replace you, the more human it is the business you will do because people don’t want to do business with machines – there has been a definite shift to ‘the real’ – real humans with all our passions, emotions, mistakes, realities, messy lives etc etcDense – lots of info, stuff to do, read, experience, won’t get the whole lot in one go, people skim read so don’t expect they will understand everything or the way to get around, they need help and you are the person to do itCylindrical – accessible form all points, you can bite it whatever way you want and that’s the thing that we can’t control and why its important to text your site and its changes (e.g. iPhone 4 death grip)Vital – alive, living, if its not vital to your business then you are moving backwards, its as important to your business as the people walking in the door and ringing up on the telephone, they are here even if you can’t see them.Can grow new trees – news businesses, new clients – its alive
  • Main message - websites are ALIVE.... not to be finished. Its like renovating you get 80% done in the first 20% of time…so the structure can be completed but the constantly fixing, maintaining and loving goes on…Predictable:top main level navigation (no more than 6-8)left hand side secondary navigation (no more than 6-8)use of easy underlined links and contextual links (internal links same window; outside links in new window)search box for larger info sitesLinks to home, about, contact, services etc
  • Be prepared to take a knife to your site when that’s neededAsk your clients, your staff, your family your friends for feedback, get someone objective to have a look observe people using your site, you’ve got two to three clicks maybeA quick word on blogs - update regularly, great info, be honest, be YOU eg twirling bettydevelop a system, a strategy that can help support you, a way of dealing with not having timekeep a note book or something handy for jotting stuff down, take picturesits not always about the wordscatchy titles - be creativecreativity creates creativity,its the mix that makes up who we are that makes us interesting, that encourages people to comment and interact.keep an editorial calendar (eg use google calendar) - use sticky notes, task list, create a blog calendar, whatever you need or currently useyou can use stuff in archives, other stuff you've written created, polls, articles, guest posts, news, shares, and don't do it too far ahead as there is no room for spontaneitydistractions - my biggest is email, so much info, so many discussions all can jump right in on you... being creative you need to find the time and close that door
  • Use the expertsbe that responsive energetic passionate person who started the business, that's what is attractive to people.there are some things you can't plan for - the reactions, the comments etc just go with the flow, ‘Clients – ask yourself how do they see it use it, look from their POV not your ownCreate user personas so that you can actually write for your clients – who uses, where are they when they use, why use, give them a name, age, occupation and purpose then write for them…WHY do/will our clients use the website:brainstorm goals in using websiteWhat event triggered your client to visit your website?What do they want to go away with? Where are they when they're interacting with your web site? What speed of internet connection do they have? How much time do they have? What considerations will be foremost in the user's mind? What clues are they looking for in particular?Chrissy Jones 35, met girlfriends over coffee and wants a make-over for her home. will leave the website with confidence in the designs, she’ll be listened to and it will be within budget. she’ll pick up the phone to talk to Sally (biz owner) from home. she wants a professional job, she surfs late at night on a good connection when kids in bed, she wants what she wants within time and budget.
  • There are tools that can help – tweet deck, hootsuite, google reader, web stats, socialmention.comgreat networks for small business – flying solo, It’s a different way of doing business, so unless you run a corner milk bar (and lets face it when’s the last time you went to one of these, you have to consider servicing clients online, where THEY are,
  • http://tiny.cc/6p92k

Pimp My Site Pimp My Site Presentation Transcript

  • Pimp My Websitehow to make your website better, brighter, fasterand more interactive for customers and clientsevent ID: 3997 presented by yum productions part of Energise Enterprise Small Business FestivalDate: Tuesday, August 24, 2010 Time: 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM AEST
  • a quick poll to get started
    what’s your online shape?
    website, twitter, facebook, google place, blog, enews, directory listing, portfolio, flickr, LinkedIn, moodle, YouTube, MySpace, google site, podomatic, iPadio, SlideShare, RSS, ning, tumblr,, second life, wiki, Bebo, Digg, mobile site, Apps, SEO, yellow pages
    the list literally goes on…
  • 00 what’s it about?
    00 what’sit about?
    01 website is core…
    better, brighter, faster
    02 the rest of the apple
    03 qanda
    flickr – by leoncillosabino
  • 01 website is core…
    can grow trees
    flickr - by billaday
  • better…
    your place online
    people present
    flickr - by Matt Browne
  • how to make it better…
    ask for feedback
    have a style guide
    have a strategy
    take control
    link your blog
    flickr - by NajDesired Hopes
  • brighter…
    consider colour
    reflect brand
    reflect industry
    up to date
    flickr - by christophercjensen
  • how to make it brighter…
    use designers
    do research
    have a focus
    take control
    follow style guide
    know your clients
    flickr - by Tambako the Jaguar
  • faster…
    quick to load
    easy to find
    short name
    easy to remember
    push tech
    flickr - by moriza
  • how to make it faster…
    reduce image size
    list directories
    domain purchases
    biz nickname
    google places
    mini url
    flickr - by clay irving
  • 02 the rest of the apple
    and share again
    browns off quick
    taste is indicative
    can be reviewed
    can be dried
    can be mixed
    flickr - by norwichnuts
  • a staggering 97% of 16-17 year old Australians access a social network
    (Australian Communications & Media Authority, 2009)
  • 02 the rest of the apple
    • engage the team
    • your shape
    • establish core
    • know your clients
  • 03 qanda