30 Proven Techniques Intenet Marketing


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30 Proven Techniques Intenet Marketing

  1. 1. 30 Proven Techniques In Internet Marketing www.simplymyservices.in
  2. 2. WelcomeWelcome to Simplymyservices.in “30 Proven techniques InInternet Marketing” Presentation. This presentation will provideyou with information to quickly and effectively plan, build,maintain and promote your online business.All websites are constantly faced with the need to increase the numberof visitors they receive. A website is ideally a business existing onlinewhich requires web consumers to visit the site and buy the productsoffered by the business. If a business is not able to draw in web users toits site; its web presence suffers significantly and the business itselfsuffers from little or no generated income. A website strives to reach outto the highest numbers of web users to increase the chances of theseweb users translates to business consumers. Online marketing effortsare highly structured to target Google, Facebook and Yahoo as a sourceof web consumers. www.simplymyservices.in
  3. 3. 1. Social Network MarketingOnline marketing efforts have been extended to social networks which boast ofhigh web subscribers. Facebook is currently the leading social network by thenumber of global web users who have subscribed to it. Businesses are alsoturning to the social network when it comes to expanding their marketing efforts.Businesses open fan pages and allow the social network subscribers to freelyinteract with them.The platform allows a business to inform consumers about their latest sales ornew products which they offer. The social network users can respond to theadvertisements posted by the business on its fan page and ask questionsdirectly to the business. The business like wise answers consumer questionsand can generate a pool of contacts from the social network users who are fansof the business page. The business then sends newsletters and other specialinformation directly to these users emails or inbox on the social network. www.simplymyservices.in
  4. 4. 2. Understand Optimal KeywordQuality is really more important than those ugly keywords. Not that keywordsare ineffective, or unimportant, but... theyre less important than a good qualityarticle with some serious purpose and value. Now that Ive said that, I want youto remember that writing a good quality article means youre using keywordsthat will help get your article located on the Internet, either via search engineoptimization, or via site searches. Your reader cant gain anything from qualityhe/she cant find. www.simplymyservices.in
  5. 5. 3. Understand Quantity vs QualityNo matter what anyone tells you quality ALWAYS usurps ugly irrelevantquantity. If youre writing lousy, ugly articles with no value and no quality in thearticle, they wont be read, nobody will click your link, and quite honestly, yourewasting cyber space. Get the rocks out of your head and put some seriouseffort into writing quality articles. You can write high quality and high quantity, ittakes work and self application. Just do it! www.simplymyservices.in
  6. 6. 4. Know the Value of Quality BackLinks and Quality ContentOrganic search engine optimization requires HIGH-Quality back links andHIGH-Quality content. Without these two items, any optimal search engineplacement you get is liable to disappear with an ugly Google slap or worse, totalexemption from the search engines. If they dont like you, they can and willblock your ugly carcass. Dont forget that and dont tread on their toes. Do whatyou have to do to maintain a high-quality site with good content as best practiceand youll be fine. www.simplymyservices.in
  7. 7. 5. Set Your Site Apart from LookAlike Copy Cat SitesBring new, original content to the table and youll find your readers appreciateyour efforts, as do the search engines. “If youre not passionate about a topic,then you should probably not be managing a website on it”. And... I agree.How often you post valuable information makes a big ugly difference. Donthave time to do a daily post? Schedule your posts out a week in advance andpost them all in one day. Your audience deserves your attention, give it to themby way of frequent, high-quality posts on your website. www.simplymyservices.in
  8. 8. 6. Search Engine SpidersSpiders are also known as "bots". They penetrate a website and copyinformation that is sent back to the search engines database. All the majorsearch engines - Bing, Yahoo! Search, Google, etc. - use this technology. Onceon a website page, a spider records links and dispatches additional spiders tofollow them and copy the content that they find there. The process is continualand results in huge search engine databases of tens of billions of pieces ofinformation. www.simplymyservices.in
  9. 9. 7. Insight To Local Social MediaMarketing ServicesIn local social media marketing services, you should widen the opportunity tointeract with your prospective local clients by linking your site to popular socialnetworking sites such as Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Yelp, Flickrand more. Adding videos in YouTube, uploading images in Flickr or creatingbusiness pages in Facebook or spreading service information through repeatedTweets in Twitter are some of the prospective ways that will contribute inmaking your business popular in the online periphery. Furthermore, maintainingand updating blog and responding to blog comments of your consumers areanother effective way of optimizing your website in the online arena. Local SMMis the easiest ways through which you may add a personal touch to yourbusiness. www.simplymyservices.in
  10. 10. 8. Article Marketing ProducesMassive TrafficHave you ever wondered why some articles just jump to the first page of Googlewhile others stay unnoticed and never get the recognition they deserved in thefirst place? For some it can be very annoying that they have used hours onwriting this incredible content article but it never makes it the spotlight. Thename of the game is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This means that youwrite an article with all the tweaks and techniques that makes search engineslike Google rank it high for a specific keyword. So lets say you want to have enarticle that gets seen 50-100 times a day by different individuals or uniquevisitors. Imagine what this could do for your business or your personal brand..Imagine having multiple articles like this out there an watch your particularbusiness grow exponentially.. www.simplymyservices.in
  11. 11. 9. Local SEO Through GooglePlaces and YelpUsing local search has become one of the most valuable and simple ways togain more leads and clients from simply being listed locally where people aresearching.With the development of platforms like Google places, Google maps, Yelp, andother regional based search networks, its not to difficult to see the direct valueprovided to local businesses who show up in results where their competitorsdont. www.simplymyservices.in
  12. 12. 10. How A Google Places CanHelp Your Local Search Marketing The Internet is the number one place people go to search for businesses. You create your Google Places page to speak for your business and to your target audience. Your Places page can be optimized for maximum search engine return. A Google Places page acts as more than just a yellow pages listing. Places is optimized for mobile searching. www.simplymyservices.in
  13. 13. 11. Organize Web Pages In A SECrawler Friendly MannerPart of SEO involves organizing your web content in such a way that its easyfor the search crawlers to locate all the content. When you have a wellstructured and well organized site, the search bots will be able to find all thecontent quickly and index them. That will lead to an increase in web traffic.The problem that search crawlers face is that they sometimes have difficultylocating pages that are deep in a websites organizational structure. A deepcrawl is required to find such content and deep crawls tend to take a muchlonger time. Here is how you can ensure that all your web pages be foundquickly in a deep crawl. www.simplymyservices.in
  14. 14. 12. How SMM Compliments SEM?The biggest difference between SEM and social media marketing (SMM) seemsto be who you are talking to or trying to reach. This is not entirely true becauseSEM is designed to reach real people just as much as social websites. It is justnot as direct as social media websites allow.Your ultimate goal is always to reach real people who can make decisions thatbring your profit. Social media sites allow you to reach these people directlythrough their Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook accounts, but SEM requires a lessdirect approach. You have to first be recognized and ranked by the searchengine spiders (or bots) in order to finally reach those real people. www.simplymyservices.in
  15. 15. 13. Increase Page rank throughForum? Tip 1: Network with other relevant forums and exchange links. Tip 2: Article marketing. Page rank is mostly about link popularity. Tip 3: Web directory submissions. Web directories are certainly not dead yet! Tip 4: Promote your forum on social networking site. www.simplymyservices.in
  16. 16. 14. Submit New Website URL AndSitemap?You should be using your blog or site to the best of its capabilities and postinghelpful hints, tips, and articles, among other forms of media, that people in yourniche market will want to see. By doing so, you turn your site into somethingmore than an online business card. You turn it into a potentially profitableempire. In order to take advantage of the notoriety that will surely come, youmust be listed with the big three: Yahoo!, Bing, and Google. But how can youmake that happen?First things first, you need to submit your URL and sitemap to all threelocations, so they know there is something more than a dummy site in place.Once you start making updates on a frequent basis, you will notice that it affectsyour ratings in a positive way. The better your posts are, the better yourrankings will be, but only if you also properly embrace the concept of searchengine optimization. www.simplymyservices.in
  17. 17. 15. Press Releases - Why toInclude Them ?By submitting your press release to distribution services you increase thenumber of back links to your site with relevant content through the newswireservices and the web sites to which they distribute content. Just one simple actof submitting a single press release through a distribution service gives your siteseveral relevant in-bound links from trusted websites all over the internet.Wait...Hold up... You dont think you have anything to write about that is news-worthy? Actually you do. You can submit one about pretty much anything. Youcan announce a new product or service, announce a new service area,announce a new hire... anything. You can even submit one about your blog.Dont have a blog yet? Sit down a take a few minutes to start a blog, write yourfirst blog entry and then submit one about it. Press releases are simply tooimportant to not distribute. www.simplymyservices.in
  18. 18. 16. SEM Blog: A Versatile tool forAdvertisingBlogs are now a common method for companies to communicate information toboth new and existing customers. They may be posted daily, weekly, or as newproducts become available. Search Engine Optimization by social media is anewer approach being added to these advertising tools. This type of media isdesigned for social interaction via Internet. It includes web-based as well asmobile communication technologies.Tools designed for this interaction create a place for interactive dialoguebetween individuals by allowing users to generate their own content. Thisinformation can then be exchanged between members of a particular site.Social media has the capability to reach both small and large audience groups.It is different than traditional media because it is public accessible, easy toutilize, immediate, and can be changed at any time.. www.simplymyservices.in
  19. 19. 17. Facebook Is Forcing EveryoneTo Stay In Sync With Their InternetMarketing Trends?Facebook has currently even made branding easier with the power to tagproducts in posts, allowing companies to build additional publicity byimplementing an interactive experience for their followers and bring moreindividuals to their page. Facebook members are being tracked and studiedfrom all across the web, and the findings are being used by the site to refinemore relevant advertising and aim campaigns at the right individuals bymonitoring their tendencies and likes.Making it so that most every button you press builds information on how to caterto your particular online surfing experience, Facebook is taking Newtons Law ofMotion which says that with every action there is an equal and opposite reactionand taking it to new heights. Youre equipping Facebook with everything theyneed to build a campaign that caters directly to your needs by sharing and"liking" data, and by doing so, is evolving the realm of online advertising as weview it. www.simplymyservices.in
  20. 20. 18. Viral Marketing Creates aFriendly NetworkViral Marketing is an effective online marketing tool wherein customers areinvolved in spreading the marketing message to other people in their peer group.The businesses send information, interactive games, video clips, promotionalemails and any digital media to a customer, who in turn will be encouraged todistribute it to others. Offer an Incentive: Referral is not an opt-in: Personalized referral email: Analyze the results: Continuously endorse friendly referrals: www.simplymyservices.in
  21. 21. 19. Title TagsIf you are at all familiar with SEO then I’m sure you would have seen this onecoming. The fact is, and this has been proven time and time again, what you putin your title tags is the most influential variable to determine how your pagesshow up in natural (organic) search results. During this process recommendedthat you optimize for only two to three key phrases per page. The key phrasesthat start the title tag (the ones on the left) have the most power, so should beselected very carefully. Example (Wedding Favors – Wedding Party Favors –Bridal Shower Favors) www.simplymyservices.in
  22. 22. 20. Keyword DensityKeyword density is the percentage of times your keywords appear on a givenpage. There is no strict rule or percentage to aim for but offered a very soundpractice to determine what works – copy what your competitors do. Search foryour key phrases, the phrases you want to show up for in the search enginesand see what the current top result site’s keyword density is. Test out thekeyword density of your competitors pages and your pages. See how thenumber one site handles their keyword density – how often in title tags, headingtags, alt tags, body content and other areas of their site certain keywordphrases appear and then copy their techniques. Once you have your on-pagekeyword density equal or better than your competitors then all you have to do isworry about your off-page SEO to beat them (and test test test!). www.simplymyservices.in
  23. 23. 21. Site StructureSite structure covers the way your site is linked together internally. However Ithink there is one really important thing to mention regarding site structure and Iknow would agree with me – it’s your sitemap – whether you have one to beginwith and how you structure it. www.simplymyservices.in
  24. 24. 22. Internal LinksYou have to remember that Google treats each webpage as a single page, notas a part of a website, so when it comes to linking to your own pages it’s veryimportant you take great care to optimize your keyword linking methods. Thebeauty of this technique is that you can control it, it’s an on-page technique thatin lets you add back links to your own pages.The two most important things to consider is how you anchor your internal links(what phrases you use to link) and that you take advantage of all theopportunities to link your pages together. Make use of a footer by linking to allyour most important pages using the appropriate anchor text keyword phrase(especially your sitemap) and make sure your navigation structure links withkeywords, not just blanket statements like “click here”. www.simplymyservices.in
  25. 25. 23. LinksLinks to your site is the most important Off-Page SEO technique. Simple buttrue. Incoming links are what determines your natural search engine placement.Yes all the On-Page SEO techniques will influence the variables but the linkswill determine the strength of your web pages to compete for the top places insearch engine results pages. The more strength, the higher in the searchengines your web pages will be.A more sound search engine marketing strategy is all about quality overquantity. Get your site listed in the best directories – DMOZ (the open directoryproject) and Yahoo! – and then slowly, but consistently build incoming links fromgood relevant sites. This pattern is considered more natural and hence isrewarded with better organic search engine results. Yes it takes longer and youbetter be a patient bunny, but it will lead to better results in the long term. It’s allabout spending your time finding the 20% of links that will give you the 80% ofresults. www.simplymyservices.in
  26. 26. 24. Page RankPointed out that 1000 low quality and low PageRank backlinks generated in ashort period of time will not be nearly as good as a handful of high PageRankincoming links added over many months. The emphasis is on oh-na-tur-al. Don’tfollow the crowd and exchange links with anybody and everyone that comesasking for a link.It can be especially difficult for a commercial site with no interesting content (forexample, nothing but sales pages) to get quality incoming links. No self-respecting, high PageRank site will have a good reason (besides money) to linkto a site that is just selling something. Okay yes Apple will probably have noproblems getting quality links to its iPod pages but that’s obviously not aposition most businesses enjoy. www.simplymyservices.in
  27. 27. 25. Page ReputationEvery website has a reputation value and incoming links determine thatreputation, however it’s not about the number of incoming links but the qualityand reputation of the sites that link. The reputation of a mainstream news site,for example CNN, is quite high and will have incoming links from other highreputation sites. If you get a link from CNN then your reputation will rise.Basically it’s measure of a site’s value based on the network of sites linking tothat site going back multiple levels of the network. www.simplymyservices.in
  28. 28. 26. Anchor TextIn most cases people linking to your pages will use the title of your article, orpart of the title, as the anchor text and as such you need to be extra carefulwhen deciding how to name your articles. Yes usability and marketing comesfirst – you want to grab the attention of human beings with a tempting title, but ifyou can get some good keywords in there too you will be killing two birds withone stone. www.simplymyservices.in
  29. 29. 27. Link PopularityDifference between Google and Yahoo! regarding the top variables in theiralgorithms.Google – 1.Title Tags, 2.PageRank and 3.PageRepYahoo! – 1.Title Tags, 2.Keyword Density and 3.Link PopularityNow I can’t verify that in any manner but it does make for some interestingdiscussion. This shows that Google cares more about quality and Yahoo! caresmore about quantity, but I’m sure there is a lot more to it than that. I’ll leave it upto you to test this theory on your sites.Link Relevancy and ‘Do Keywords In Domain Names Matter?’ www.simplymyservices.in
  30. 30. 28. Meta TagsEveryone will tell you that meta tags don’t matter, they do. The biggest thingthey matter for is click-through though. There will be a lot of times when Googlewill use your meta description as the copy that gets pulled with your searchlisting. This can help to attract the visitor to visit your web site if it is related totheir search query. Definitely a much overlooked (as of late) ranking factor.Getting indexed by search engines and ranking well is just the first step. Thenext, and biggest, step is getting that visitor that searched for your keywords towant to click on your search listing. www.simplymyservices.in
  31. 31. 29. Domain NamesIt can help to have keywords you are interested in ranking for within yourdomain, but only as much as the title, heading and content matters. One veryimportant factor that is coming to light is that domain age is important. The olderthe site or domain, the better it is not spam and can do well in search results.The domain age definitely isn’t a make or break factor but it does help quite abit. www.simplymyservices.in
  32. 32. 30. Heading TagsWhen you are laying out your site’s content you have to be sure that you arecreating the content flow in such a way that the heading tags are based onprominence. The most prominent of course being the h1 tag, which says“this is what this block of copy is about. Making sure you understandheading tag structure is very important. You only want to have one (or two) h1tags per a page. It is important to not just throw anything into an h1 tag andhope you rank for it. www.simplymyservices.in
  33. 33. Congratulations Congratulations! After reading the information in this guide, you should be better informed about the overall process of getting your advertising your online business. The best advice may be to start slowly and grow your site to meet the needs of your business. We hope that you feel well informed about techniques for internet marketing for your business. We would like to invite you to see how Simplymyservices.in can help you to create a winning online business. www.simplymyservices.in
  34. 34. Simplymyservices.in Features Everything you need to START Internet Marketing for your business: Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing PPC, Adwords Advertising Classifieds Listing B2B Product Listing Social Bookmarking Directory Submission Video Distribution Service Call us at +91 9892 108 127 or visit us at www.simplymyservices.in