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Social Media SEO ranking factors 2012


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Social Media and SEO ranking factors, how to use your social media properties to best impact your SEO and also new and emerging factors on social media websites.

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Social Media SEO ranking factors 2012

  1. 1. Google + & Social Impact On SearchBy James NorquaySEO & Social Manager – Aegis Media Asia Pacific (Columbus Search)
  2. 2. Recent Research shows the increase inimportance of social media elements in search! Source:
  3. 3. 8 of the most popular Social Sites! Question – How can we use them for search benefit?
  4. 4. Google+ Innovation
  5. 5. H&M High amount of Activity
  6. 6. Google+ Influencing Search
  7. 7. Google+ SEO Opportunity– Use Great Content- View Google Ripples data to pin point who your key brandambassadors are!
  8. 8. H&M on Google+ Business PagesH&M posts article aboutSpring Fashion2012, generating a lot ofdiscussion and +1’s.
  9. 9. A Search for “Spring Fashion 2012”H&M Google+placement due tosharing forthe keyword“Spring Fashion2012”
  10. 10. Push content onto Google+ Today!Great content + Competitions work well, use links in posts!
  11. 11. Google+ Profile Opportunity Link up your social profiles on Google+, also link up your contributor websites for Rel Author.
  12. 12. Google+ SEO Opportunity -Google Australian +1’s my link in the comments section here. Use links wisely in comments on Google+ show value for the business page owner.
  13. 13. Google+ Brand Pages & Personalities Promoted in search Results!Google+ Pages and popular personalities are now showingwithin search results.
  14. 14. Rel Author Use – On Blogs (Google+)
  15. 15. Facebook Shares and Ranking on pageone Correlation
  16. 16. Facebook SEO Opportunity - Create apps which emphasise sharing back to the main website! - 5,590 link built to destination site URL from Facebook app. - People love a give away!
  17. 17. Bing Social Shares fromFacebook (integration)
  18. 18. Twitter SEO Opportunity Source: ets-effect-rankings-unexpected- case-study
  19. 19. Twitter SEO Opportunity – Basic Elements- Make sure your profile is optimized andyou have relevant links!
  20. 20. How to find the influencers? http://www.topsy.com
  21. 21. Connect with influencers!Target Re Tweets of your links!
  22. 22. Find out the Best Times to Tweetto your customers?
  23. 23. Linkedin SEO Opportunity Profile titles are important for SEO, also profile links use to be SEO friendly by now Google has implemented a re direct, still can be good for traffic but if you use it at scale say 10,000+ employees all add profile links ;)
  24. 24. Stumble Upon SEO Opportunity Share Great Content! 1,800 views sent to the Debt Consolidation website. (Catch on with Trends)1.2 million views sent to theWorld Sunlight map website!
  25. 25. Make Info graphics people love!
  26. 26. Wikipedia SEO Opportunity- Searching for articles on Wikipedia which are outdated lookingfor opportunities to update. You can use your related websiteusing the above syntax, easy way to build links with new content!
  27. 27. Make sure your brand has aWikipedia page!- Originally SABA did not have aWikipedia page, yet sister brandSportscraft did. So we set them up one.
  28. 28. Tumblr SEO Opportunity - Share great content on Tumblr and link to your website.
  29. 29. Tumblr Re Blogging
  30. 30. Pinterest SEO Opportunity – Make Great infographics or image people love! •14,000 RE pins •40,000+ website visitors from the image. Source: on-pinterest-driving-big-traffic-and- making-pinterest-a-real-marketing- solution
  31. 31. Pinterest SEO Opportunity- 40,000+ Additional Visitors in a 1 day period from Pinterest. Source: big-traffic-and-making-pinterest-a-real-marketing-solution
  32. 32. Make Sure you also have sharing buttons!
  33. 33. Shopping Brands using product Videoon a large scale!
  34. 34. Product Video showing in Search Results!
  35. 35. Why video is important?
  36. 36. Easy way topromotesocialproperties forSABA andSportscraft.
  37. 37. Social Brand Domination
  38. 38. Most shared Events Around the World over the last 2 years!
  39. 39. Take Away – Great Content = Great Links Source:
  40. 40. Case Study Using Social for SEO-Dollar Shave Club
  41. 41. Online PR
  42. 42. Facebook Page
  43. 43. Twitter
  44. 44. YouTube
  45. 45. A search for “Shave”
  46. 46. 1000’s of links!
  47. 47. Overall, these are only a few reasons why Social is starting to have animportant influence in Search Results, if you do not act now it may be too late!
  48. 48. Thank You.• Where to Contact me:Blog: JamesNorquay.comTwitter: