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Retail and Wholesale Consumer Centric Merchandising
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Retail and Wholesale Consumer Centric Merchandising


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  • 1. With J.H. Cohn, It’s All About Teamwork What would it mean to your bottom line if you could quickly integratedisparate data sources and make changes to your critical reports at the speed of your business? If you could make better decisions regarding your markdown optimization process, inventory management and cross channel performance? QlikView The Power of Simplicity Next Generation Business Intelligence
  • 2. QlikView Solutions More than 1500 retailers & retail manufacturers use QlikView for better decision making Merchandising Executive and Finance • Measure sell through near real time • Balanced Scorecard and KPI’s • Manage markdown & re-order process • Predictive & What-if Analysis • Price optimization strategy • Activity-Based & Performance Management • Identify drivers affecting profitability • Financial Consolidation Reporting • Category & assortment planning • P&L Analysis by Division/Business UnitMarketing Channel Sales and E-commerce• Customer wallet share & lifetime value • Sales Planning Analysis – sell through data• Customer acquisition & segmentation • Customer Analysis - total purchase history• Identify customer defection drivers & recommend complimentary products• Brand positioning & channel integration • Channel, location & associate performance• Quantity & quality of campaign leads • Customer segmentation & lifetime value Store Operations & Production Supply Chain • Reduce controllable expenses • Demand Planning • Leverage merchandise sell through data Dashboards • Procurement Analysis • Decrease store shortage & losses • Supplier Performance – Vendor Scorecard Analysis • Production Planning & Scheduling • Inventory & Warehouse Management • Plant / Equipment Maintenance Analysis Reporting • Logistics & Fulfillment Analysis 2
  • 3. QlikView: Number One in Ease of Use is #1 in: Ease of use Scorekeeping to KPIs Dashboard Satisfaction and Usage *Gartner: BI Platforms User Survey, 2010 3
  • 4. A Traditional Reporting Solution looks like this... 1. Data sources pre-determined by IT 2. Data goes through ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process 3. Data loaded into data warehouse and modeled into cubes 4. Data loaded into Business Intelligence / Reporting Solution Application 5. Every time data changes, it goes back and forth through this process 4
  • 5. Now let’s look at QlikView’s Patented Approach…1. Easily consolidates multiple data sources2. Loads all data into memory3. Enables real-time associative search and analysis 5
  • 6. QlikView Bypasses the Traditional BI StackChallenges Traditional BI Stack User Interface, Dashboards, • User Interface Scorecards, and Reports • Lots of tools • One tool • Chart and Report • Multiple vendors • One vendor Engine OLAP, Query, and Reporting Tools • IT driven • End-user driven • Analysis Engine Data Marts • Months to change • Minutes to change • Data Compression • High cost • Low cost • Integration Data Warehouse Integration Layer (ETL) Unstructured Data Unstructured ERP CRM ERP CRM Data Warehouse Data 6
  • 7. QlikView: Powerful, Intuitive, Easy-to-Use QlikView creates value in organizations through data driven decisions:  Access & consolidates disparate data  Search data associatively  Summarize, visualize and analyze the data Associative Consolidate Visualize Search 7
  • 8. Associative Search Puts Users in ControlTraditional AssociativeRegion RegionState Sales State PersonProductSalesPerson Product IT Driven User Driven • Linear, pre-defined thinking • Follows the user • Insights missed in hidden data • All data, always visible • Months to change • Insight driven • Data-centric • Minutes to change 8
  • 9. QlikView Delivers A Consumer Approachfor Business Software People Love Consumer App People Love Using QlikView Experiences • Instant results • Easy to use • Intuitive interface • Simplifies complex analysis • Self service with minimal training 9
  • 10. QlikView: Number One in BI Customer Loyalty is #1 in: Customer loyalty Intention to buy more licenses Query performance *BARC: BI Survey 9, September 2010 10
  • 11. The QlikView Customer ExperienceFindings from IDC/QlikTech Joint Survey BI Initiative Success and Satisfaction • 96% of customers are satisfied with QlikView ROI (Return On Investment) • 186% Return On Investment • 6.5 month payback period Time to Value 44% deployed QlikView in 1 Month 77% deployed QlikView in 3 Months 50% reduction in information access and analysis time -100 0 100 11
  • 12. Aberdeen: QlikView DashboardsOutperform Best-in-Class  QlikView rates above Best-in-Class in dashboard accuracy Yearly Dashboard Cost Per User % Driven by Line of Business User $22.41 62% $28.53 48% $35.58 41% *Aberdeen: QlikView Customers Outperform the Best-in-Class with Dashboards, August 2010 12
  • 13. Migration Complexity scoreSource: Gartner, BI PlatformMagic Quadrant CustomerSurvey conducted November2009In the BI Platform Magic Quadrantcustomer survey conductedamong 897 participants,respondents were asked to ratetheir migration experience on ascale of 1 to 4; with 1 being simpleand 4 complex. The weightedaverage score was calculatedbased on the sum of multiplyingthe score by the percentage ofrespondents that selected eachscore for each vendor. 13
  • 14. For more information call me at 973-871-4011or email me at 14