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e-Zest BI services


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Published in: Technology
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e-Zest BI services

  1. 1. Business Intelligence PracticeDon’t get left behind !Organizations that embrace business analyticsoutperform their competition.
  2. 2. Journey of e-Zest 250+ Software Professionals Repeat Business Ratio Organic and of 65% Steady Growth Profitable of nearly 50% Since Inception In Business since 2000
  3. 3. Compliances and Certifications
  4. 4. Business Intelligence Portfolio Mobile BI BI Big Data Developmen Consulting Analytics t Services Data Reporting Warehousin and Application g Analytics Management Services Services
  5. 5. Business Intelligence Service Offerings Business Analytics Date Warehousi Business ng & Data Analytics Mobile BI and Cloud BI Integration Social Media Analytics Data & Mobile BI Platform and Cloud BI BI Consulting Migration Enterprise Performance Mgmt Enterprise Social Performanc Media e Mgmt Analytics Data & Platform Migration BI Consulting Date Warehousing & Data Integration
  6. 6. Business Intelligence – Key Solution Areas• Business Strategy • Predictive Modeling • Data Cleansing • Advanced Data• KPI Identification • Exploratory Data Analysis • Data Validation Visualization• Process • Trend Analysis • Enriching Master Data • Static Reports Life-cycle Management • Hosted Analytics • Data Integration • Dashboards• Scenario Prototyping • Package BI Applications • Cloud BIBusiness Process Business Analytics Data Services Consulting Intelligence
  7. 7. Business Intelligence – Technology Offerings • Microstrategy • Qlikview • SAP BI • Jaspersoft • SAP Business Objects • Pentaho • SAP Dashboard • Custom Reporting Designer Solutions Open Source Microstrategy Qlikview SAP BI Solutions Solutions • SSRS • iPhone/ iPad • Tableau • Dundas Dashboard • SSAS • Android Reporting • SSIS • Blackberry • Sharepoint Reporting Dundas Microsoft BI Mobile BI Tableau Dashboard
  8. 8. Business Intelligence – Value Proposition Quality Speed Cost Service• High process focus • Project execution • Cost savings in • Value added with techniques and Offshore services offerings methodologies methodologies development • Customer Focus tailored for with Agility Focus • Component based with Operational model • Parallel project Framework Communication &• A Mature QMS in execution with approach with Coordination place milestone based Reusability Focus emphasis. integration mechanisms
  9. 9. Our Mission, Vision and Value e-Zest is an entrepreneurial company that empowers the team members by giving them space to take ownership and explore. We strive to bring back the joy of creativity and creation in everyone’s life • To achieve regular & sustainable growth in revenue with key focus on customer success • To become “Top 50 Emerging IT Companies” in India • To become “Best 50 Companies to Work for” in India • To contribute significantly towards social activities
  10. 10. Dashboard Gallery and Business Cases
  11. 11. Dashboard Gallery Please visit following dashboard gallery for additional views and details -
  12. 12. Business Case – Open Source BI Solution built using Pentaho Open Source Tool and Integrated with Flex for Rich UI • The project if to change UI of existing Survey Application built using JSP • Integrate Pentaho BI Solution with Flex
  13. 13. Business Case – SAP Xcelsius Developed Retail Analytics Dashboard using SAP Xcelsius Dashboard Solution • SAP BW is used as data warehouse and SAP BO(Business Objects for Reporting) • Executive Dashboard is created using SAP Xcelsius Solution
  14. 14. Business Case – JasperSoft SaaS based Talent Management Solution built on JasperSoft BI Platform. Interactive Dashboards & Reports Generated with OLAP Cubes
  15. 15. Business Case – Microsoft BI Customer Intelligence Solution built on Microsoft SQL Server Business Intelligence • Customer Module • Activity Review Module • Project Management Module • Project Review Module • Goals and Potentials Module • Market Analysis Module • Part Analysis Module • Business Comparisons • Business Totals Module • Reports Module
  16. 16. Business Case – SAP BI / BO BI Solution built using SAP BI / SAP Business Objects • SAP CRM Implementation • UK Public Sector Domain • Planning & Forecasting using SAP SEM • Customer Profiling on Google Maps
  17. 17. Business Case – Qlikview The aim of the project is to build Enterprise BI Portal that provides holistic view to business for San Francisco based market leader in manufacturing and supplying high quality printed flexible packaging Qlikview Feature List  QlikView’s in-memory analysis solution empowers users to consolidate disparate data sources, search associatively, and visualize and analyze answers to critical questions  Rapid Application Development compared to Tradition BI & Reporting Solutions
  18. 18. Business Case – Big Data Overview Benefits of Solr • More than 9 million parts database . Customized • Optimized for High Volume Web Traffic solution based on Part Search technology • Standards Based Open Interfaces - XML,JSON and HTTP Challenges • Server statistics exposed over JMX for monitoring • Developing high performance system with high Business Benefits scalability • In–hand ready information for any truck parts • Reducing time to market the product • Fast tapping for target market and customers Technical Breakthrough • Increased business performance • Powerful full-text search • Quality enhancements • Faceted search, Dynamic clustering Solution Architecture • Database integration and data handling • Geospatial search Technology and Tools • Technology: MySQL, PHP, HTML5, jQuery, Apache • Tools : Zend Framework, Apache Solr for blazing fast 18 search response • Hosting : Amazon Web Services (Cloud platform)
  19. 19. Business Case – Hadoop and Hive Big Data Analytics Solution for SaaS Financial Dashboard Application using Apache Hadoop and Hive Overview • Build SaaS based dashboard solution for SaaS based Accounting S/w Challenges • Data to be fetched using web services. Thousands of XML files gets generated daily affecting the dashboard performance Technical Breakthrough • Implemented Hadoop and Hive using Pentaho ETL Technology and Tools • Technology: Pentaho, Apache Hadoop, Hive • Hosting : Amazon Web Services (Cloud platform)
  20. 20. Business Case – Custom BI Develop SaaS Based Financial Dashboard Product that can help individual and Chartered Accountants (CA) to analyze financial portfolio for accounting software’s Idylis and Sage. The product provides interactive dashboards with collaboration capability. The product is targeted for iPad and web based users.
  21. 21. “Our aim is to be an Asset and a Valued Partner for our customers rather than being a mere „vendor‟”