Dynamics Day '11 - Business Intelligence Now and in the Future


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Presented at Intergen's Dynamics Day '11

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Dynamics Day '11 - Business Intelligence Now and in the Future

  1. 1. BI now and in the futureDerek Lamb & Anna Tarasoff10 August 2011
  2. 2. BI now and in the futureAgenda Current reporting problems A Different Approach Real Life Example Microsoft SQL Denali Questions
  3. 3. BI now and in the futureWhat Problems?
  4. 4. BI now and in the futureManagement Reporting Problems People turn up to meetings with different versions of the truth It takes accounting a week to turn around month end reports Information is too late to make business decisions I end up getting reports from different areas and combining in Excel I have to trawl through lots of reports to identify the information that is meaningful
  5. 5. BI now and in the futureFinance Reporting Problems People don’t have access to the ERP system so have to ask us for data Too much time spent answering routine questions Time spent reconciling multiple systems at month end I get asked for analysis of data which I end up dumping data into Excel It takes our reporting department a week to create a report and by the time I get it I want a different view
  6. 6. BI now and in the futureIT Reporting Problems Our users don’t understand the complexity of the data We already have a corporate BI tool that is not used Business logic in reports has to be recreated Too much time spent creating or modifying reports We don’t want to roll out another application for our users to learn
  7. 7. BI now and in the futureApproach needs to change… Data Warehousing Institute found on average 18% of potential BI users actively use BI tools, which flies in the face of vendors talking up “Pervasive BI” Traditional implementation approach has seen promised benefits either not delivered or only partially delivered
  8. 8. A different Approach
  9. 9. BI now and in the futureMake BI more Pervasive Self Service BI – ad-hoc Reduced The availability of reporting complexity of BI through critical access and standard, familiar aggregation of tools Data Access to up to date, timely information Confidence in Centralised Portals reporting on data for collaboration that is consistent and high quality
  10. 10. BI now and in the futureImprove quality & availability of Data Reduce complexity of data to end Centralised data users Reduce reliance repository with on IT for report standardised writing business logic Small iterations for quick wins Greater access to Utilise existing IT quality and investment timeliness of data
  11. 11. Real Life Solution
  12. 12. BI now and in the futureWestland Milk Products
  13. 13. BI now and in the futureIssues The line of business systems were siloed. Bespoke systems had been developed to address specific business requirements Some good MS Office skills but internal IS resources were technically ‘light’ or non-existent Fast Growing company
  14. 14. BI now and in the future Centralised Portal, Self Serve Access, Collaboration Self Serve Access, Data , Exploration & Analysis Centralised Repository & Business LogicLogistics Milk ERP CRM
  15. 15. BI now and in the future
  16. 16. BI now and in the future Excel Services
  17. 17. BI now and in the future KPI’s & Reports
  18. 18. BI now and in the future Chart Parts
  19. 19. BI now and in the futureBI Benefits Improved decision making Single source of truth Easier, quicker access to information for decision makers Reduced demand on report writing resource
  20. 20. BI now and in the futureThe Gain “Our Business Intelligence environment is outstanding. Intergen used the WhereScape RED tool to rapidly build SQL Server Analysis Services cubes over our Dynamics NAV, plant control, milk collection and CRM systems. This is presented through Excel 2007 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 to our users, providing them with the information they need to make decisions to improve the performance of our organisation.” Wayne Leach, CFO, Westland Milk Products
  21. 21. BI now and in the future SQL DENALI BI FEATURESBI Semantic Model The new centralised repository Credible, consistent dataProject "Crescent” Data Visualisation tool Rapid data discovery
  22. 22. BI now and in the future
  23. 23. BI now and in the future
  24. 24. Anna Tarasoff
  25. 25. BI now and in the futureSummary Pervasive BI with familiar tools like Excel Utilise a centralised repository for Data model Small Iterations provide best returns Great Tools are coming
  26. 26. Questions
  27. 27. Thank you