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Christophe Lemaire, CIO at Eurostar - Welcome to Enterprise Business Intelligence!


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Christophe Lemaire, CIO at Eurostar spoke at the CIO Event, March 2013

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Christophe Lemaire, CIO at Eurostar - Welcome to Enterprise Business Intelligence!

  1. 1. Eurostar’s take onBusiness Intelligence andinformation exploitationstrategyChristophe LemaireCIO, Eurostar
  2. 2. Content ● Context and Background ● Our current situation ● How did we approach the subject? ● Who did we consult? ● Solution Framework ● What challenges are we faced with? ● Q&As 2
  3. 3. Leading companies are increasingly using data asa key enabler to improve their performance “The flood of data and analytical opportunities creates more value for those who can be creative in seeing the patterns and ... creating new business opportunities that take advantages of those patterns” Erik Brynjolfsson, Director of MIT centre of Digital Business ■The volume of available data are increasing significantly, with IDC estimating that the amount of data managed by enterprises will grow by over 50 times in 10 years. ■Business Intelligence is increasingly becoming a priority for investment, with Forrester reporting that it has become the top priority in companies’ implementation plans. ■Companies are re-organising their operating models in a way to ensure they can optimise their use of data 3
  4. 4. Our business suffers from insufficient andinconsistent information ►We currently lack the ability to identify most of our individual customers, limiting how we can understand them and their needs ►We cannot get a single view of all our customer interactions, meaning we fail to Lack of single leverage the breadth and depth of customer data that we already possess customer view ►Need of a single customer view and customer specific insight, in order to personalise our service and product based on customer value ►We have multiple systems that report revenue, but their aggregation still requires too much manual processing Poor visibility of ►We cannot provide full revenue assurance and we do rely on third parties tobookings and revenue provide figures on sales and travelled revenue ►We do not have visibility of provisional / unticketed bookings, so we cannot ensure proper revenue integrity ►Our existing reporting landscape is complex and heterogeneous, making reporting tasks time consuming and not flexible Limited ability to ►We have little ability to efficiently combine data coming from produce insight different systems (silos) into a single, trusted repository ►We limited capability for analysis of the data we do have access to, such as visualisation, drill-down and predictive analytics 4
  5. 5. We sought external expertise to help usapproach this issue in a methodical way Develop Identify Analyse Customer Custom Customer er Customer Insight use cases Insight study Insight use and evaluate their Insight cases value to Eurostar vision Understand BI current state Design BI solution Business Generate blueprint and test BI Intelligence with System business study Integrators and Elicit requirements case product vendors for Enterprise BI across the business 5
  6. 6. All areas of our business have contributed tothe requirements for a BI solution•The degree ofcomplexity of guiding approach Principles Business areas coveredrequirements willdiffer across the Business Area Depth of analysisbusiness, with someareas having more Detailed analysis of use casescomplex needs than to meet business objectives Customer Insight and strategies for customerothers. insight (main contributor to business case)•This study focusedon the business Financeareas with more Fraud Prevention Analysis of reporting and analytics requirementscomplex needs Revenue Optimisation•The study had tocope with Business Planningheterogeneous levels Strategyof detail in the Stationsrequirements Gap assessment between existing capabilities and statedexpressed by the Sales requirementsbusiness Eurostar Contact Centre Human Resources•The requirementsprovided at this early Rolling Stockstage have beenused to design ablueprint of the 6
  7. 7. We have proposed a BI solution that will servethe needs of the wider organisation in E* Summary view of solution blueprint developed by our BI study Main data Enterprise BI Solution sources Booking Data Information Information systems transformation repository delivery Customer profiles Data Transactional Dash- Reports integration data boards Loyalty systems Data ingestion ‘Slice and Predictive Payment Data quality Reference data dice’ analytics systems analysis Operations & Rolling Stock 360° view Ad hoc Others Others of customer queries Reference data 7
  8. 8. The challenges we are facing at the momentbefore starting the project Very tricky to decide on the scope of the project: BI can provide benefits to all departments, however pragmatic decisions have to be made on what the appropriate scope is in order to keep it under control. Prioritisation criteria can be: departmental readiness, business value, complexity, … Lack of common understanding and definition of BI: Every area of our business have their own preconceived ideas about the meaning of BI and what the project is trying to achieve. It is still our biggest challenge! Identifying the appropriate business sponsor: Finding the appropriate sponsor for this project was another major hurdle, which took a while to iron out. Our project is likely to be jointly sponsored by the commercial director and the CFO. 8
  9. 9. Two additional key messages to have in mind whenembarking on a BI project 1. A BI project can only “fly” if put into the context of an overall Information Systems Strategy & Roadmap 2. A BI project will generally not solve quality issues of input data: “Garbage in, garbage out” 9
  10. 10. Any Questions ?
  11. 11. Thank you !