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NextWave Creative SEO, Social Media Marketing Service 20130911


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This presentation is about NextWave Creative. We provide SEO and Social Media Marketing Service.

This presentation is about NextWave Creative. We provide SEO and Social Media Marketing Service.

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  • 1. Company Services [Edited: 2013 September 11]
  • 2. About NextWave Creative NextWave Creative was founded in Hong Kong in 2013 • A company focuses on Product Design, Web Design, SEO and Social Media Marketing • Strong Social Signal – As in 2013 September • Twitter Followers (@nextwavecreate) (120,000+) • Instagram Followers (@nextwavecreative) (21,000+) • Facebook Followers (10,000+) • Google+ Followers (600+) • Pinterest Followers (1100+) • YouTube Subscribers (1700+) • Vine Followers (1100+)
  • 3. Measuring SEO success – Keyword Ranking – Website Traffic – Increased “share of traffic” per keyword – Increased Revenue/keyword – Use different keywords
  • 4. Available Services – PR and Communication Improvement (Off-site optimization) • Regular Blog articles writing – Public Relation articles to build up reputation for client – Articles contains keywords for client
  • 5. Available Services Blog networks
  • 6. Available Services – Building stronger social signals for clients • Regular article promote client’s website and business • Share Blog Articles on different social media networks via NextWave Creative (Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Stumbleupon, Reddit..etc) – Slow and stable process • Build up the reputation in public
  • 7. Example: Twitter Interaction with my followers in order to build up client’s website social signal on Twitter
  • 8. Example: Pinterest Interaction with Pinterest Users and drive the website traffic
  • 9. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION TASKS • Analyze current traffic trends for client • Analyze baseline search engine visibility index. – Analyze search engine positioning before submission. It is to carry out a thorough study on current search engine positions and current effective keywords / key phrases where the web site has achieved consistent. • Collection of new Keywords & Analysis – Analyze popular keywords in category across major search engines. Study top position holders in major search engines. • Create versions of keywords for different search engines – Create site-wide Meta tags according to requirement and specifications of different search engines and directories.
  • 10. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION TASKS • Optimize the pages for search engines (Site Re- engineering) – Site re-engineering to optimize the entire site with site content/navigation with appropriate keyword weight age • Submission Cycle to Social media network – Methodical hand submission to Google adhering to their submission cycles. – Submit articles and content on different social media • Reports – Monthly reports in excel sheets. • Link popularity building campaign
  • 11. Methods • Manual submission - 71% – Article Writing blog • Private Blog Network • Hubpages (High Ranking and Regular Traffic with followers) • Blogger • Medium (Regular Traffic with followers) – Social Media Networks • Twitter (120,000+ followers will see the message) – • Facebook (11,000+ followers will see the message) – • Pinterest (1000+ followers will see the message) – • Instagam (22000+ followers will see the message) – • Other social networks – Reddit, Stumbleupon, Google+, etc • · Paid for faster submission - 20% • · Paid for directory listing - 20%