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Robo petter


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Technology Entrepreneurship Venture Lab 2012: Project 2 - RoboPetter

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Robo petter

  1. 1. RoboPetteR You need it every pet needMaximum fun
  2. 2. У вашего питомца все есть?
  3. 3. You are sure? You are busy. He likes to Youve got no play, even time. when youre far away. has But your pet all time in the world.
  4. 4. Have you ever came home only to see the messdone by your petin your absence?
  5. 5. There is a way out. they dreams of action? They ‘ ll get it!
  6. 6. We know how to make your pethappy, save your property, your time andgive you rest that you deserve.
  7. 7. We offer a wide range of robotic toys!• Choose from different sizes and shapes to meet yourpet personal needs! RoboPetteR• Depending on model it can be programmed to playchasing in specified hoursor even controlled remotely or via Intenet.• Robopetter is designed to make all the things you donthave time to. for your lovely animal Fitness Always remember your pet.• Whether you live in a flat or in a house with your ownyard - you will He models that will safely maximize fun find will be lonely...for your pet. never again!
  8. 8. RoboPetteRFitness for your lovely animal