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Digital citizenship for Enabling e-Learning
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Digital citizenship for Enabling e-Learning


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Digital citizenship presentation - as presented on Nov 23rd for Enabling e-Learning.

Digital citizenship presentation - as presented on Nov 23rd for Enabling e-Learning.

Published in: Education

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  • 1. DigitalCitizenship Presented by Tessa Gray Core Education Ltd
  • 2. DigitalCitizenship What are your thoughts?11/23/2011 2
  • 3. Google yourself11/23/2011 3
  • 4. 11/23/2011 4
  • 5. But, what would have happened if Justin had atainted anddubiouspresence online?Who would even know about Justin Beiber now if hehad posted images of himself in compromisingpositions or left a trail of undesirable messages?11/23/2011 5
  • 6. Digital CitizenshipThis term refers to"what people do onlinewhen no one else islooking”and is much broader thancyber safety.Someone with technicaland social skills thatenable a person to besuccessful and safe in adigital world. 11/23/2011 6
  • 7. 11/23/2011 7
  • 8. 11/23/2011 8
  • 9. 11/23/2011 9
  • 10. 11/23/2011 10
  • 11. 11/23/2011 11
  • 12. Respect Protect 12
  • 13. 11/23/2011 13
  • 14. What could this look like?Digital citizenship • There is an •Some teachers • A cohesive and • School-wide policy,Key Competencies awareness that can describe and connected curriculum designand Values in and classroom digital citizenship model digital approach toe- Learning practices integrate defines the Key citizenship fostering digital Competencies and practices in their citizenship across digital citizenship, at all levels, with Values in a digital teaching. There the whole school, clear alignment to environment. are trial activities actively involving iterative school happening in the students and vision and • school. staff, is evident in strategy. Strategicdocument documentation and s identify the ●Some e-learning classroom • Teachers and importance of activities are practice, students can model digital citizenship designed to responding to desirable, safe, in strategic deliberately foster evidence- based responsible documents. digital citizenship. need. behavioursand practices as successful digital citizens. Taken from the draft e-Learning Planning Framework for schools 11/23/2011 14
  • 15. Understanding and knowingVisionStrategic intentProtocols Modeling and demonstrating Digital Citizenship 11/23/2011 15
  • 16. 1. Vision and values, culture of readiness2. Infrastructure – safe and secure systems3. Safe and responsible use policies• Rules of engagement• Acceptable use agreements (Internet, Mobile) 16
  • 17. 11/23/2011 17
  • 18. 11/23/2011 18
  • 19. Where to from here?This weblink will provide urls to:Prezi presentationNetSafe resourcesDigital citizenship modulesDocumentationClusters sharing stories, documentation in the VLNWhere to start…11/23/2011 19