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The Essential Elements of Digital Literacy for the 21st Century Workforce


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Modern workers must acquire these 21st-century skills: creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, information, media, and technology. (see the famous chart ) However, today we know that skills are not enough to survive in the digital era. What is also needed is digital literacy. Read full article here:

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The Essential Elements of Digital Literacy for the 21st Century Workforce

  1. 1. 5 TOP DIGITAL LITERACY SKILLS Having skepticism to know how to identify effectively information digitally. Avoid "fake news."� INFO- LITERACY Digital reproduction literacy is the ability to create meaningful, authentic, and creative work or interpretation, by integrating existing independent pieces of information. REPRODUCTION LITERACY Know how to avoid traps as well as benefit from digital communication.� Photo-Visual literacy helps the reader to understand�messages visually. People with photo-visual literacy have good visual memory. 96% of workers in U.S. use new communications technologies as part of their daily life.�62% use the Internet as an integral part of their jobs. SOCIO- EMOTIONAL LITERACY � BRANCHING LITERACY� PHOTO-VISUAL LITERACY � Scholars move from linear data searches in traditional digital libraries and databases to knowledge construction from information that was accessed in a non-linear manner. Sources(Gilster;Labbo,Reinking,&McKenna)