Digital citizenship: A global perspective


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Webinar presented March 2014 - to focus on how to move digital citizenship ideas and actions from local to global. The recording of this 1-hour webinar is here:

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  • As a flat classroom certified teacher I use this text in my life as a technologist on a daily basis. Cyberbreaking material!
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Digital citizenship: A global perspective

  1. 1. Digital  Ci)zenship   A  Global  Perspec)ve   Julie  Lindsay   March  2014  
  2. 2. Julie Lindsay Director Learning Confluence P/L MA Music, MA Educational Technology Leadership EdD Student, University of Southern Queensland Adjunct Lecturer, Faculty of Education, Charles Sturt University @julielindsay | |
  3. 3. ….my global journey Kuwait Bangladesh China Qatar Zambia Ocean Shores Melbourne
  4. 4. AGENDA   •  PART  1   –  Issues  in  digital  ci)zenship   •  PART  2   –  Defining  digital  ci)zenship  in  a  global  context   •  PART  3   –  Best  prac)ces  for  empowered  digital  ci)zenship   ac)on  
  5. 5. Digital  Citizenship   “…the  norms  of  behavior  with   regard  to  technology  use”   Ribble  and  Bailey  
  6. 6. ISTE  NETS.S   Students  understand  human,  cultural,  and   societal  issues  related  to  technology  and  prac)ce   legal  and  ethical  behavior.  
  7. 7. ISTE  NETS.S   Students  use  digital  media  and  environments  to   communicate  and  work  collabora)vely,  including   at  a  distance……   Develop  cultural  understanding  and  global   awareness  by  engaging  with  learners  of  other   cultures.  
  8. 8. ISTE  NETS.T   Develop  and  model  cultural  understanding  and     global  awareness  by  engaging  with  colleagues     and  students  of  other  cultures  using  digital  age     communicaGon  and  collaboraGon  tools  
  9. 9. Issues  in  digital  ciGzenship     PART  1  
  10. 10. Horizon  Report  HED  2014  
  11. 11. Horizon  Report  K-­‐12  2013  
  12. 12. Emerging  technologies   •  Mobile technology •  Social media •  Cloud computing
  13. 13. New  Media  –  Social  Media   We  want  our  students  to   learn  and  par)cipate   confidently  and   effec)vely  in  the  new   media  landscapes  both  in   and  out  of  school  
  14. 14. Mobile  Technology   Africa   649  million  mobile  end  of  2011   Link to essential services Banking – Farm advice – Health insurance Kenya – mobile money 70% of households have one M-Pesa user Mobile phone text messages to rural areas Farming - Health
  15. 15. Networked  and  Connected  Learning   (Cloud  CompuGng)   InformaGon  literacy  –  digital  fluency   Personal  learning  networks   CommunicaGon,  collaboraGon,  criGcal  thinking   Engagement  and  creaGon  
  16. 16. Communica)on   st In the 21 Century….. A learne access h r without web as no op portunity to devel op the technop ers essentia onal skills l for suc cess
  17. 17. Communicate  -­‐  Blended   Virtual Participation
  18. 18. Using  Web  2.0   technologies  to:   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  QuesGon   Build   Invent   Connect   Have  meaning   Understand   Excel   hp://  
  19. 19. Red  arrow   poinGng  to   latest   acGvity  by   students  on   the  Ning     Flat   Connec)ons   Global  Project   Ning  (Educa)onal   Community)    -­‐  Connect    -­‐  Communicate   Blue  arrow   poinGng  to   global  real   Gme  chat  by   students  on   the  Ning     Communicate  -­‐  Blended  
  20. 20. Citizenship Sorry for accusing you, the history makes it look like you Why did you delete stuff off the wiki? OMG I JUST SAW THE HISTORY ON THE WIKI..Really sorry for any problems BTW I didn’t delete anything
  21. 21. Managing   your   ‘Digital   Taoo’     Personal   Branding   cc  licensed  (  BY  )  flickr  photo  by  Steve  Jurvetson:  hp://  
  22. 22. We,  our  digital  selves,  and  us   Explores  idenGty  –  online  and  offline   Created  by  Alan  Levine,  2012  hp://  
  23. 23. The  2  minute  challenge   How  connected   are  you  as  an   educator?   How  are  you   connec)ng  your   students  to  the   world?  
  24. 24. Defining  digital  ciGzenship     in  a  global  context   PART  2  
  25. 25. Enlightened Digital Citizenship model ©  Vicki  Davis  and  Julie  Lindsay  2011  
  26. 26. Technology  Access   Map of world’s Facebook connections Source: Facebook December 2010
  27. 27. Technical  Awareness   Technical  awareness  is  the  core  awareness  that   enables  a  person  to  be  a  digital  ciGzen.   It  lets  you  put  on  your  “shoes”  and  run  into  the   21st  century.   Image:  'Running  Shoes’  hp://  
  28. 28. Individual  Awareness   It  comes  down  to  how  you  want  to  behave   online,  and  if  you  will  go  online.   Healthy  lifestyle  choices,  balance  and  a  person’s   individual  goals.   Image:  '"Where's  Daddy's  VISA?"’    hp://  
  29. 29. Social  Awareness   The  digital  ciGzen  is  able  to  interpret  situaGons   and  retain  interpersonal  skills  with  friends  and   colleagues  whether  they  are  face-­‐to-­‐face  or   online.   Image:  'Ulaanbaatar,  Mongolia’    hp://  
  30. 30. Cultural  Awareness   þ  Everyone  is  not   just  like  me.   þ  Everyone  is  like   me  in  some  ways.   Image:  'Flat  Classroom  Skype’    hp://  
  31. 31. Global  Awareness   •  Different  countries   have  different  laws   –  Copyright,  legal   –  Taboo  subjects     •  NaGonality  transcends   culture   –  Every  naGon  has   mulGple  cultures   –  Never  stereotype  a   naGon   Image:  'M  like  Muslim?’    hp://  
  32. 32. ‘lenses’  for  being  beer  global   digital  ciGzens  
  33. 33. Enlightened  Digital  CiGzenship   model   ©  Vicki  Davis  and  Julie  Lindsay  2011  
  34. 34. The  2  minute   Ci)zenship!   challenge   Digital   Ci)zenship     What  are  you  doing  in   your  school  to  foster   global  digital   ciGzenship?  
  35. 35. Best  pracGces  for  empowered   digital  ciGzenship  acGon   PART  3  
  36. 36. designing  for  ac$on  
  37. 37. pitching  for  ac$on  
  38. 38. collaboraGon  to  co-­‐crea$on  
  39. 39. Digiteen/tween  project  outcomes   Team  forma)on,  Handshakes   Research  Topics,   Collabora)ve  Wiki  Authorship   Ac)on  Project  Design  and   Implementa)on   Celebra)on,  Reflec)on,   Sharing  outcomes  
  40. 40. hp://   Digiteen  and  the   Vienna  Interna)onal   School  2007  
  41. 41. Digital Citizenship Action Teaching  eGquee  and   respect  online  through   Minecras   Sharing  strategies  to   overcome  cyberbullying   View all past project archives on
  42. 42. ‘Choice’  and  new  cultural  interac)ons   in  a  Qatari  Classroom  
  43. 43. Hua  Shi  Yi  Fu  Zhong  High  School   Wuhan,  China  
  44. 44. Join our Worlds Together Cultural  Understanding,  Global  Competence,  Interna)onal  Mindedness  
  45. 45. Student Co-creation Online A Week in the Life Project Gr 3-5 Co-creating a Popplet with students around the globe.
  46. 46. Co-Created Showcase Voicethreads: AWL
  47. 47. Student Summit
  48. 48. Be  a  DigiTeacher   •  Research  the   technology  and  lead  the   way   •  Monitor  and  be   engaged   •  Avoid  the  fear  factor  &   make  a  difference   •  Model  legal  wisdom  &   choose  your  own   copyright   hp://  
  49. 49. Global  Digital  Ci)zenship  
  50. 50. Don’t  forget  to  have  some  fun!  
  51. 51. Flat  Classroom  Conference  Sydney   hfp://www.flatconnec)  
  52. 52. Learning about the world, with the world Main website - Teacher Network-
  53. 53. Julie Lindsay Director Learning Confluence Global Educator, Leader, Innovator, Author @julielindsay