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This project is supported by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia, Gebert Rüf Foundation, and Swisscom.

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STORY2023 presentation

  1. 1. Trans…what?Transmedia enables astory to go beyond thepages of a book or thescreen of a TV. Simplyput, transmedia is thetechnique of creating astory experience that istold using multipleplatforms and formats likegames, audio, video, andsocial media. Eachplatform tells a standalonenarrative but all stay trueto the core story world.Look at how transmedia could create astory world around the famous TV show,Heidi.
  2. 2. What is STORY2023?…a competitionSTORY2023 is a transmedia storytelling competition for students ofSwiss higher education institutions. Participants are asked to create atransmedia story around the theme of the future—2023.…a celebrationTo celebrate its 10th anniversary, swissnex San Francisco wants toinvite the future generations to look ahead and get inspired aboutwhat’s coming next.
  3. 3. Why STORY2023?What’s the future of content creation and storytelling?Transmedia is one answer.STORY2023 aims to:- Encourage transmedia storytelling among the future generations inSwitzerland- Create a Swiss-American transmedia community- Enhance visibility as pioneers in this field for all the initiative’sstakeholders.
  4. 4. Why is it different?It is interdisciplinaryTransmedia brings together a wide range of expertise.It is educationalSTORY2023 is much more than just a competition, it’s also a resourcefor knowledge and a platform for discussions.It is inspiringWhat’s to be expected for 2023? What will be the stories of tomorrowand how will they be told?
  5. 5. Who are the participants?RequirementsParticipants must be studentsof a Swiss University orUniversity of AppliedSciences.Graduates from 2013 canparticipate too.Participants can compete asindividuals or teams up to 3people.Potential profilesThe competition isinterdisciplinary andeducational, it is open to allstudents that have a story toshare about the future,already-transmedia-expertsas well as first-timers.Students with interest in newtechnologies, contentcreation, media production,storytelling, andcommunication are morelikely to take the challenge.
  6. 6. ScheduleTotal duration of the projectDate: November 2012 - November 2013Competition begins*Date: June 1, 2013Competition endsDate: August 31, 2013Jury deliberationDates: September 2-15, 2013Announcement of prizewinnersDates: Thursday September 19, 2013* Participants can start thinkingabout the project before June1st. However, full informationwill be available on the websitefrom that day on. They can joinanytime during the competitionas long as they submit theirtransmedia story before theAugust 31st deadline.
  7. 7. Rules Any text/audio in the story must be in English The story should show a unique vision of the future with the year2023 as a key milestone The story must use a minimum of three platforms, thoughcontestants are welcome to employ more. Possible platformsinclude, but are not limited to, text, comics, graphic stories, motioncomics, images, mobile apps, games, audio, video, ARG(Augmented Reality Game), posters, flyers, social media, and email The story has to be submitted in a digital form (link).The rules are subject to change until June 1st.
  8. 8. JuryProjects will be judged on precise content and form criteria (madepublic June 1st) by a Swiss-American jury.Confirmed jury members• Christian Ströhle, MXLAB, CH• Michel Vust, Pro Helvetia, CH• Sascha Weisshaupt, Swisscom, CH• Maya Zuckerman, Transmedia SF, US
  9. 9. Prizes#15-night trip to San Francisco + tailor-made program with targetedprofessionals + showcased at significant events in SF and CH +displayed through swissnex media channels#2Gift (to be defined) + Showcased at significant events in SF and CH +displayed through swissnex media channels#3Showcased at significant events in SF and CH
  10. 10. PrizesTripThe 5-night stay in SanFrancisco includes: Flight Hotel Transportation Targeted meetings Significant events (if any)To be scheduled in Octoberor November 2013.Potential showcasesCODEX, future of the book,October 22-27, 2013 – SanFranciscoTransmedia SF meetup,October 26, 2013 – SanFranciscoFilm and Innovationfestivals/events – SwitzerlandPartner events – Switzerlandand San Francisco
  11. 11. About swissnexSFswissnex San Francisco is a platform for the exchange of knowledgeand ideas part of a network of outposts, with locations in Bangalore,Boston, Shanghai, and Singapore. This public-private venture andinitiative of Switzerland’s State Secretariat for Education, Research,and Innovation (SERI), is managed as an annex of the ConsulateGeneral of Switzerland in San Francisco.Our global perspective and local expertise allow us to anticipate andnurture fruitful collaborations and align the best academics,researchers, entrepreneurs, artists, and thought leaders so thatrelationships can flourish. Working under several mandates, we alsohelp build the presence of Swiss innovators on the world stage. Webelieve that unexpected outcomes can lead to the brightestachievements, and we encourage the cross-pollination of ideas.
  12. 12. Get involvedHelp us promote the competition among the students of your schooland join the STORY2023 community.How?• Display posters and flyers (available second week of May)• Share and engage on social media• Email the students or add it to your newsletter• Add a short story in the school’s newspaper• Create stories around participating students.We are happy to provide text in German, French, or Italian if needed.
  13. 13. @STORY2023Facebook/story2023www.story2023.comConnectMelanie Picardmelanie@swissnexsf.orgAndrea