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Social Innovation Labs at Universities: the Case of Medialab UGR


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Presentación realizada en el Encuentro Internacional “The Age of Digital Technologies: Documents, Archives and Society”, celebrado en la Facultad de Geografía e Historia de la Universidad Complutense el 24 de octubre de 2017.
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Social Innovation Labs at Universities: the Case of Medialab UGR

  1. 1. U N I V E R S I D A D D E G R A N A D A @ M E D I A L A B U G R | | M E D I A L A B @ U G R . E S S O C I A L I N N O VAT I O N L A B S AT U N I V E R S I T I E S : T H E C A S E O F M E D I A L A B U G R – A R E S E A R C H L A B O R AT O RY F O R D I G I TA L C U LT U R E A N D S O C I E T Y E S T E B A N R O M E R O - F R Í A S First cars and trains across Sydney Harbour Bridge, March 1932
  2. 2. We need a critical vision of the impact of technology in society.
  3. 3. What answer do we have at A social lab approach
  4. 4. What answer do we have at A social lab approach
  5. 5. @MedialabUGR What is Medialab UGR? A meeting point for research, analysis, and the dissemination of opportunities generated by digital technologies in the areas of culture and society. part of the University of Granada’s Vice-Rectorate for Research and Knowledge Transfer an open laboratory made by and for the university and society. a research hub and an experimental space for exploring creativity and new ways of generating knowledge in digital societies
  6. 6. @MedialabUGR What is UGR-Medialab? Our mission is to make critical contributions to the development of research that employs digital technologies and that questions the societal transformations generated by them. Our goal is to construct a more creative, innovative, and prosperous University and society based on the founding principles of openness and active citizenship.
  7. 7. @medialabUGR 1. Community
  8. 8. @medialabUGR
  9. 9. @MedialabUGR Learning through digital technology Aprendizajes Conectados is a series of talks that seeks to explore and analyze the proceses of teaching and learning that the presence of technology produces. Their content is articulated according to a series of conferences that will be developed throughout various academic disciplines. In them, we will collectively reflect about what is truly new and innovative in digital technology employment, learn of experiences that combine different methodologies, and, above all, look more closely into how our forms of educating and learning are changing in our increasingly digital environment. conectados/ Aprendizajes conectados
  10. 10. @MedialabUGR Fighting for an open and accessible education Initiative promoted within the framework of the Open Education Week, a global event which intends to highlight the positive effects that open access and the use of knowledge has in the academic field, for both professors and students. According to this approach, Open Education shows different projects, resources and ideas created under this philosophy, vindicating the contribution of the educative community – often overlooked – in order to achieve more open, inclusive and cooperative education. Educación Abierta
  11. 11. @medialabUGR 2. Distributed and emerging Leadership
  12. 12. @MedialabUGR
  13. 13. @medialabUGR 3. Digital Identity
  14. 14. @medialabUGR
  15. 15. @medialabUGR 4. Experimentation
  16. 16. @MedialabUGR A Digital Radio Experience RadioLab UGR is a streamable radio station, that corees the communities of MediaLab UGR and other University of Granada projects.  Broadcasted live/ Archived from SPREAKER: https:// PODCAST Downloadable onIVOOX / ITUNES: http:// ugr_sq_f1402254_1.html   RadioLab UGR
  17. 17. @MedialabUGR Una experiencia de radio digital RadioLab UGR es un canal radiofónico en streaming, que da cobertura a las comunidades de MediaLab UGR y a otros proyectos de la Universidad de Granada.  RadioLab UGR 17
  18. 18. @MedialabUGR A Digital Radio Experience This is one of the programs RadioLab UGR
  19. 19. @MedialabUGR
  20. 20. @MedialabUGR
  21. 21. @MedialabUGR
  22. 22. @MedialabUGR22
  23. 23. @MedialabUGR Innovative resolutions to resolve problems and communicate ideas In research, creative thinking is indispensable to open new fields of study and contribute to the advancement of knowledge. With this motto as the guide, this project looks to analyze, develop and come to know methodologies for its application solving broad and complicated problems. We include, among many, methods like Design Thinking and Visual Thinking. creativo-aplicado-a-la-investigacion/ Creative thinking applied to research
  24. 24. @medialabUGR 5. Orientation towards action
  25. 25. @medialabUGR
  26. 26. @medialabUGR 6. Technology, also
  27. 27. @MedialabUGR Supporting the DIY philosophy Makers are people who, supported by technological advances and social networks, construct devices for themselves.The primary objective of this line of work is to give visibility to this movement in Granada.To achieve this, every year we present the most novel and innovative projects in the area, and reflect about the impact and reach of proposals of this type. granada/ Maker Day Granada
  28. 28. 28
  29. 29. @MedialabUGR
  30. 30. @MedialabUGR
  31. 31. @medialabUGR 7. Critical thinking
  32. 32. @medialabUGR
  33. 33. F R E EO P E N N O C O S T Copyright
  34. 34. Fotografía: “Pokemon Go” por Sascha Knauf con licencia CC by-nc 2.0 en
  35. 35. Fotografía: “Isaac lauging at a 21cp Magikarp in the Polly Woodside Gym in Pokemon Go” por Alpha con licencia CC by-nc 2.0 en
  36. 36. Fotografía: “Pokemon Go Station in Dusseldorf at night” por Alen Djuderija Photography con licencia CC by-nc-nd 2.0 en A Social Experience
  37. 37.
  38. 38. ‘Cue jeremiads on Twitter against our stupid, selfish, vacuous age.’ Photograph: Barbara Kinney/Hillary Clinton campaign
  39. 39. @medialabUGR 8. The positioned and the material
  40. 40. @medialabUGR
  41. 41. @medialabUGR 9. Growing our comfort zones
  42. 42. @MedialabUGR Site for reflection and action about the possibilities of higher education A space for reflection and action about the present and future of higher education. It is an open forum for encounters between the various stakeholders who hope to influence the decisions made by the makers of academic policy with their ideas. In this spirit, Facultad Cero will celebrate various conferences each year, on several subjects under this theme, that can be followed both in person and online. Facultad Cero
  43. 43. @MedialabUGR What would University education be like if we were to start from scratch?
  44. 44. @MedialabUGR
  45. 45. @medialabUGR 10. Inclusion and equity
  46. 46. @MedialabUGR How can technology contribute to a more accesible world? The project “Tecnologías Accesibles” is an initiative of Medialab UGR and La Ciudad Accesible that aims to generate a space for reflection, awareness and generation of projects aimed towards the citizenry about the opportunities that technology offers for the creation of a more accesible environment for the needs of the people. Among other aspects, it offers a chance to learn about practical experiences that highlight the need for de the development of digital, inclusive and non-discriminatory tools, not only as an act of social justice, but also as a professional and economic opportunity. Tecnologías accesibles
  47. 47. @MedialabUGR
  48. 48. @MedialabUGR
  49. 49. @medialabUGR 11. Games
  50. 50. @MedialabUGR A repository of games and video games that serve various purposes GamesFor was conceived as a platform for analysis and diffusion of games and video games that allow the development of various purposes. The name is an invitation to center ourselves around “games for” different objectives; among them: creativity, the teaching of values, developing skills, learning about various themes, science, etc. Our objectives are: • Create a repository of reference for the education community and other interested groups that look to use or develop games with specific, positive purposes. • Create a community of users who are interested in games and video games. GamesFor
  51. 51. @MedialabUGR The video game phenomenon and the “gamer” culture The intrinsic complexity of video games and the ‘gamer’ culture requires us to address the nature of this phenomenon from as many angles as possible. In this spirit, the meetings and workshops of “GGames” were born, with the hope of putting members of diverse communities interested in video games in contact for the generation of interdisciplinary work and the formation of future projects on this theme. The creators of this initiative show a clear calling to break down barriers and bring disparate academic and professional trajectories together with artists and investigators coming from areas such as history, fine artes, or computer science. ggames/ Cultura y videojuegos: GGames 51
  52. 52. @MedialabUGR
  53. 53. @medialabUGR 12. Humanism
  54. 54. Digital Humanities
  55. 55. @MedialabUGR An integrative space of reflection about the digital humanities and social sciences The initiative “Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades Digitales del Sur (#CSHDsur)” is a project for reflection and ongoing action across whatever themes show a distinct and integrated closeness to the transformations that have happened over the past several years in the disciplines of the social sciences and humanities. To do this, we use, cultural idiosyncrasies, epistemologies, intellects, languages and social structures of southern Europe and Latin America, as well as other areas of knowledge and methodological focuses considered peripheral by the dominant practices. humanidades-digitales-sur/ Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades Digitales del Sur
  56. 56. @MedialabUGR
  57. 57. @MedialabUGR Digital Territories: Building Digital Humanities and Social Sciences MediaLab UGR, as a part of the Vice-Rectory of Investigation and Knowledge Transfer of The University of Granada, has created the International Congress of“Territorios Digitales– Construyendo unas Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades Digitales” to inspire academic discussion, such as the debate and encounter among the participants in related themes within the large field of digital transformation in the Social Science and Humanities. Territorios Digitales hopes to be a meeting place to increase interdisciplinary work and dialog between diverse areas and collectives that work or are interested in the impact of technology in society. The International Congress will occur annually, improving the knowledge of the strategic work of MediaLab UGR, as well as digital humanities and social sciences. International Conference of Digital Humanities & Social Science
  58. 58. @MedialabUGR
  59. 59. @MedialabUGR
  60. 60. @medialabUGR 13. How to measure digital society
  61. 61. @MedialabUGR A closer relationship to the production and dissemination of scientific knowledge Digital mediums are completely transforming the way in which we produce and diffuse scientific knowledge. More recently, they are also starting to change other areas that arrived later to the technological revolution, such as the Social Sciences and Humanities. However, these new digital tools do not always receive the academic recognition they deserve, even though the development of just one of these products could consume the entire career of a researcher. Knowmetrics seeks to highlight the work of digital humanists, using the uniqueness of their field of work as a starting point, with a philosophy of open and cross-disciplinary science, oriented towards collaborative work. Knowmetrics is a project developed at MediaLab UGR with researchers from diverse institutions across Spain, Europe and America and financed by the BBVA foundation. conocimiento-en-la-sociedad-digital/ Knowmetrics: Knowledge Evaluation in Digital Society
  62. 62. @MedialabUGR
  63. 63. @MedialabUGR Recognition for innovative practices in digital communications This award seeks to recognize the most innovative practices and the impact of actions done through digital communication: • Individual: PDI, PAS • Services: Research groups and projects at the University of Granada los grupos y proyectos de investigación de la Universidad de Granada. We recognize the level of innovation of their methods because of their internet presence and digital identity. comunicacion-innovacion-medios-sociales/ 
 “MediaLab UGR-Universidad de Granada - Caja Rural” award for communication and innovation through social media
  64. 64. @medialabUGR 14. Digital Science
  65. 65. @medialabUGR Units of Excellence
  66. 66. @medialabUGR 15.Citizen participation and innovation
  67. 67. @MedialabUGR The benefits and risks of digital society for democracy The voices of experts, representatives of public institutions, and citizens are brought together in this project to set off down a path of research and debate about citizen participation and transparent governance in the digital age, identifying the opportunities, risks and problems that the mix of new technologies and democratic principles entails. participacion-ciudadana/ eDemocracia y participación ciudadana
  68. 68. @MedialabUGR Ideas, prototypes, and projects to change Granada This project was founded as a citizen laboratory for Granada. It is centered on the generation of ideas, prototyping of solutions, and the development of projects for the city. It makes up a two dimensional network of citizen participation: • A physical space (as a laboratory of citizen social innovation in Granada) and • A digital space (a global platform, distributed for the generation of ideas and development of prototypes and projects). de-innovacion-ciudadana/
  69. 69. Esteban Romero - Collaborative intelligence
  70. 70. Esteban Romero - The generation of evidence based ideas gathered for Granada from all over the world Collaborative intelligence
  71. 71. Esteban Romero -
  72. 72. Ideas Prototypes Projects Xaprendizaje
  73. 73. @MedialabUGR @MedialabUGR