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Patrizia Lombardo - Music Magic in Film


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Patrizia Lombardo - Music Magic in Film

  1. 1. Music Magic in Film
  2. 2. 1929 Fats Waller
  3. 3. Experimental sound film made for Edisons kinetophone-- a combination of the kinetoscope and phonograph
  4. 4. • Greg Miller. A Surprising Connection Between Memory and Imagination. Science315, 19 January 2007.“People with amnesia struggle to remember their past. They may also struggle toenvision their future, according to a new study. Researchers have found thatpeople with amnesia caused by damage to the hippocampus, a brain regionintimately tied to memory, have difficulty envisioning commonplace scenariosthey might reasonably expect to encounter in the future.”• John H. Macy. Involuntary Autobiographical Memories…The Proustian View isincorrect. Applied Cognitive Psychology, 18, 2004
  5. 5. David Lynch, Mulholland Drive, 2001David Lynch, Lost Highway, 1997Sergei Eisenstein, Alexander Nefsky, 1938Martin Scorsese, Gangs of New York, 2002Martin Scorsese, Alice doesn’t live hereanymore, 1974Martin Scorsese, GoodFellas, 1990Orson Welles, Citizen Kane, 1941
  6. 6. • David Lynch, Mulholland Drive, 2001• David Lynch, Lost Highway, 1997• Sergei Eisenstein, Alexander Nefsky, 1938• Martin Scorsese, Gangs of New York, 2002• Martin Scorsese, Alice doesn’t live here anymore, 1974• Orson Welles, Citizen Kane, 1941• Martin Scorsese, GoodFellas, 1990• Francis Coppola, Apocalypse Now, 1979• Martin Scorsese, Who’s That Knocking at My Door, 1967
  7. 7. Directed by Paul H. SloanWritten by Walter WeemsStarring: Stepin FetchitDistributed by Fox Film Corporation Release date(s) May 1929
  8. 8. Directed by King VidorProduced by King VidorWritten by King Vidor, Ransom Rideout, Richard Schayer, Wanda TuchocktMusic by Irving BerlinDistributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1929