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Kineo Responsive Elearning
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Kineo Responsive Elearning



An overview of Kineo's responsive e-learning design approach for multiple devices. Shows how the web world is adapting to multiple devices and how e-learning needs to respond.

An overview of Kineo's responsive e-learning design approach for multiple devices. Shows how the web world is adapting to multiple devices and how e-learning needs to respond.



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Kineo Responsive Elearning Presentation Transcript

  • 1. E-Learning in amulti-device world Steve Rayson
  • 2. How many devices do you use in a typical day?(Desktop/laptop, smartphones, tablets) 1) One 2) Two 3) Three 4) More than 3
  • 3. We live in a multi-device world
  • 4. • We live in a multi-device worldGoogle Survey - http://services.google.com/fh/files/misc/multiscreenworld_final.pdf
  • 5. • We live in a multi-device world
  • 6. • We live in a multi-device world
  • 7. MLearning Solutions – Vendor HypeReality is not desktop v mobile but multi-device delivery
  • 8. Web moving from mobile design to responsive multi-device designVolume of GooglesearchesMobile web designResponsive web design http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Responsive_Web_Design
  • 9. From multiple versions to a single responsive versionhttp://www.google.com/culturalinstitute/
  • 10. From multiple versions to a single responsive version www.shell.com
  • 11. From multiple versions to a single responsive version www.bostonglobe.com
  • 12. New Scrolling NavigationDriven byscrolling onphones andtabletsMore elegantMore exploratoryNo navigationBecoming a webnorm
  • 13. Scrolling Designshttp://www.dangersoffracking.com/ http://titanic.q-music.be/
  • 14. Scrolling AdvocatesAmazon. Each product has a single page. The Kindle,the product page was 17,244 pixels long. Amazonclearly does not have a problem with using long pagesto sell its best selling product.Amaze redesigned Volvo site using long single sectionpages. Whilst not all people scroll all the way down,46% of users see the majority of the content. In thepast, the typical user only saw 18% of the content ofthe relevant car chapter.
  • 15. HTML 5
  • 16. HTML5 Interactivity
  • 17. Implications for E-Learning
  • 18. Do you need to deliver e-learning that onlyworks on one device?
  • 19. Do you need to deliver e-learning that onlyworks on one device or onmultiple devices?
  • 20. Old World Publish to or produce: Delivering to - native iPhone appMultiple Devices - native Blackberry app - native Android app - Flash version - HTML version for iPadsEven single source publishing still means different versions toupdate and track. Can be further complicated with languages.
  • 21. New world is responsive e-learning design “One version that works on all devices” Why publish multiple versions?Why develop a version that works only on one device?
  • 22. One version that responds not multiple versions Fluid design, not fixed screen sizes Is it a dream? Let’s see a demo
  • 23. Kineo’s Adapt Framework Intelligent Responsiveness
  • 24. Intelligent Responsiveness• Simplifies content for smartphone• Extra content for phone only• Changes interaction for smaller screens• Reduces image size or removes for Smartphone
  • 25. Kineo’s Adapt Framework
  • 26. Rethinking E-Learning DesignShorter but deeper learner journeysMaking navigation a meaningful part of the journeySearchable and reusable content objectsBuilding content in small blocksRethinking the journey on different devices – differentcontent and content types
  • 27. Benefits of Responsive E-LearningOne version works on all devicesOne version to track and maintainDistribute from a single LMSAccessible contentSearchable contentMore cost effectiveAllows sequential screening
  • 28. Common QuestionsOffline version – yesIE6 – needs fallback htmlversionAccess to phone functions –more limitedRole of native apps –performance support, lesstracking, updating
  • 29. The Future?Old World New World• Mobile authoring & • Responsive Flash authoring authoring• Multiple versions • Single version
  • 30. Thank YouContact us for a demo or to find out more Steve Rayson www.kineo.com info@kineo.com
  • 31. Linkshttp://services.google.com/fh/files/misc/multiscreenworld_final.pdfhttp://www.amazon.com/Kindle-Paperwhite-Resolution-Display-Built- /dp/B007OZNZG0/ref=sr_tr_sr_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1347890370&sr=8- 1&keywords=kindle www.bostonglobe.com http://www.google.com/culturalinstitute/ www.shell.com www.beetle.com http://www.dangersoffracking.com/ http://titanic.q-music.be/
  • 32. HTML5 – Apps Debate http://mashable.com/2012/09/12/web-vs-native-apps/http://www.businessinsider.com/html5-vs-apps-why-the-debate-matters-and-who-will-win-2012-8#ixzz24yUXunf2