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  1. 1. Unit 57: Photography and Photographic Practise Project Proposal (P2, P3, M2, M3) By Ashleigh Darlington
  2. 2. I plan to have more of anurban kind of theme, at themoment I sort of want tofollow the styles of AndrewBrooks Photography, hetakes lots of pictures inManchester and I like the David Hackneys Photographyphoto’s he takes and I wantsome similar to his, I wouldalso like to edit my picturesto come up with photographssimilar to David Hockney’s,this is something I would beable to do on Photoshop afterI have took my photographs.Architectural Exploration of Andrew Brooks PhotographySalford Quays.
  3. 3. Predicted final outcomeMy plan is to take at leastaround about fifty images toensure that I will be able tochoose ten images that I willwant to and be able to use as myfinal images. I will mainly befocusing on taking pictures oftall buildings and streets tocreate the urban theme that Iwant.I will be taking some of thepictures in black and white andsome in colour, but I want to editmy pictures also and I wantmore darker colours with darkcontrast, I hope for pictures like
  4. 4. Reasons for selection of themeI have chosen to take imagesin Salford Quays because Iwant urban images and I thinkit is great for that, as there arelots of tall buildings andstreetlights, there will also be Example of the tall building that I will bequite a lot of people there capturing when taking my pictures in Salford quays.which will help with mytheme and the skylines andthe traffic. I am following thestyles mainly of AndrewBrooks as he mainly bases hisphotographs in Manchesterand is an urban photographer. Andrew Brooks Photo of Salford Quays.
  5. 5. Inspirations:Andrew Brooks Photographs of Salford QuaysI really like Andrew Brooks Photography and I would like to take pictures verysimilar to this as he is one of my main inspirations.
  6. 6. Inspirations:David Hockney’s PhotographyDavid Hockney is know for editing all the pictures he takes, to give them the weirdcollage effect and I really like this and I am planning to do this with some of thepictures I take myself.
  7. 7. Inspirations: Clifton Carr PhotographyClifton Carr takes more rural types of images, however I really like his work,especially the reflection photo that has been took in the water with the leaves, this isone that I will definitely be trying to replicate.
  8. 8. Techniques that will be used:I plan to use the rule of thirds sothat I am able to capture the tallbuildings that surround Salfordquays but I will also get the sky aswell as I will have the buildings atthe far end of the photograph.I will be using a camera flash formost of the photographs that I take,this is so that I can bring out thecolour of certain objects on thethings that I am taking as I wantvery bright distinctive colouredobjects that will stand out againstdarkish urban background. This is the kind of thing I want with the dark background with bright flowers as the objects.
  9. 9. Date, time and location:We will be going on November19th and we will be there from9.30 till 12.30.The location is Salford quays.