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Photography research annie

  1. 1. Unit 57: Photography andPhotographic PracticeResearch of otherphotographers work byAshleigh Darlington
  2. 2. She is an American PortraitPhotographer. She started her careerwhen Rolling Stone magazine had justbeen launched she became a staffphotographer, she began working atother magazines but still creating herown personal work. Robert Frank washer main portrait photography influenceduring her time at the san Francisco artinstitute.Annie Leibovitz
  3. 3. Annie Leibovitz
  4. 4. Out of all of Annie Leibovitzimages that I have looked at thisone is my favourite. She does alot of Disney themed images andthis is one of them. In most of herwork all the models used areusually over posed. This imagewas one of those she did whenshe created an entire series forDisney theme parks. The reason Ilike this image so much isbecause it isn’t just a simplepicture of a person/people. Thispicture in my opinion tells a story.All of Annie Leibovitz pictures arevery dark.
  5. 5. CompositionAnnie takes her pictures and thentransforms them so with this image shewould have took the photographsseparately and made them all in onepicture to give it that sort of fantasy styleand effect that makes her work stand outfor being so unique.She has used the rule of thirds techniquein this image for where she has placedthe 2 people at the front and then on theother side far into the background isanother person. This also has a nicelandscape in the background so there isa lot going on in this portrait, which I like.The colour that Annie has made itcreates more of a fantasy feel to thepicture as well.
  6. 6. Techniques usedAnnie hasn’t just used the rule ofthirds technique in this image sheuses it in most of the photographsshe takes, even the plain ones witha clear background and a picture ofa star they tend to be placed at oneside of the image rather than thecentre like most portraitphotographers do I think she doesthis because she always has a lotmore going on in the background.Her images are also usually verydark, with having dark colours andalso sometimes what they suggestand the way the models are posed.
  7. 7. Strengths + WeaknessesI really like when she does her fantasy typeimages as I think they sort of tell a story andmore interesting and these are the images Iwould like to try and do. I don’t really likewhen she does her more simple images as onthe images she has done that are moresimple her models are nearly all of the timenaked. Although the images look good I justthink in comparison to the unique images shecreates then they don’t look good. The simplepictures look like imagesthat most portraitphotographers takewhereas the fantasyones are unique andmake her stand out asa photographer.