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  1. 1. Salford City CollegeEccles CentreCreative Media Production1Use of text:(Title, Credits, animated captions, stings,indents, interactive menus, web banner)Credits for the film Toy Story.Brief description:What do you see?Little clips and images shown in a box from the film which is Toy Story, this is all shown on aplain black background and the only things that are shown are Toy Story images that are laidon top of each other but done so you can’t see the images that are underneath it, it alsoincludes the names of the cast that are shown in white text and they are constantly moving upeach time that another one image has been shown till they’re no longer shown on the screen.These have been shown as the genre of this film is young children and maybe family as theywill watch it with them. So they have used images with lots of colour in it and music in theTechniques used:Animation, Visual Effects, Colour Rendering,Graphics, MovementMovement is used and this is of the text going up each time another member of the cast hasbeen added and the images and film clips that are used at the side. Colours are just basic blackbackground and white text but then as the film itself includes lots of colours in each of its filmsit there for has lots of colour used in the pictures that are from the film Toy Story which areshown in a box at the side. Animation has been used for the text making it go up each timeanother name is added to the list and making continuous throughout. Animation has also beenused for the pictures with in the way that they enter the screen and also the way in which theyexit.Advanced techniques:Blur, Sharpen, Distortion, Rotation, OpacityRotation is used as the images are rotated, because they are turned to the left side once theyhave been made and just before another image is about to be applied on top of that existingimage. Blur has also been used as the text that is being moved up and down each time the textgoes off it blurs and fades just before it completely disappears. Distortion is used as the shapeof the image changes each time when the actual images changes itself and turns into anotherimage from the film.Technical comments:Video Format, Screen Ratio, Resolution,The resolution that this has been shown in is just standard TV definition. And the resolution forthis is 4:3; this means that for every 4 units wide it is also 3 units high. There are 24 frames per
  2. 2. Salford City CollegeEccles CentreCreative Media Production2Motion Graphics and Video Compositing Unit 64Frame rate, Compression seconds as it is a standard film, there for there is less strobbing and jerkiness, making it overallappears better to the viewers and not have any gaps or come across as being shown shakily.