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57 proposalll

  1. 1. I plan to have more of an Andrew Brooks’ Photographyurban kind of theme. At themoment I have decided that Isort of want to follow thestyles of Andrew BrooksPhotography, he takes lots ofpictures in Manchester and Ilike the photo’s he takes and Iwant some similar to his, Iwould also like to edit mypictures to come up withphotographs similar to DavidHackney’s, this is something Iwould be able to do onPhotoshop after I have tookmy photographs.Architectural Exploration ofSalford Quays. David Hackney’s Photography
  2. 2. My plan is to take at least around about fifty images to ensure that I will beable to choose ten images that I will want to and be able to use as my finalimages. I will mainly be focusing on taking pictures of tall buildings andstreets to create the urban theme that I want.I will be taking some of the pictures in black and white and some incolour, but I want to edit my pictures also and I want more darker colourswith dark contrast, I hope for pictures like this: These pictures inspired me and played a big part towards my decision of what type of pictures and what things to take photographs off.
  3. 3. Location: There will be a few different locations, most of them will be randomlocations where I may just take one or two picture but for my main location Ihave chosen Salford Quays because I have chosen an urban theme so thislocation will help me capture this type of image. I think Salford is great for that,as there are lots of tall buildings and streetlights, there will also be quite a lot ofpeople there which will help with my theme and the skylines and the traffic. Example of the tall building that I will be capturing when taking my pictures in Salford quays. I am following the styles mainly of Andrew Brooks as he mainly bases his photographs in Manchester and he has also took photographs at Salford Quays himself as he is an urban photographer. Andrew Brooks photo of Salford Quays.
  4. 4. My main inspiration for the photographs that I will be taking and whohas also been my main influence for all my choices such as:Location, Theme and what objects to take pictures of has been theUrban photographer Andrew Brooks.There are many reasons for this. He is an urban photographer sothere for matches my theme and the type of photos I want to take, healso usually chooses to take his pictures at night rather than the daywhich I admire and I think that is what I will decide to do, as when youare taking pictures at a location like Salford Quays at the nighteverything will light up and you will also get the reflections in thewater and this all helps to create the urban feel without having to addeffects and edit the photograph on Photoshop, however I think I willedit them a little but I wouldn’t have to.Two of Andrew Brooks’ photographs.
  5. 5. Another inspiration of mine is David Hackney. Now this photographeris famously known for editing all of the photographs he takes andmaking them look completely different but very creative. He usuallygives his images a sort of collage kind of effect as you can see fromthese images I really like his style though and I am planning to do this with some of the photographs I take during this. It will be very difficult and challenging for me, however it would reallyhelp me with Photoshop and improve my skills, so I think it will besomething that will not only help my photographs but also help me, soI am really excited to try and attempt to do this to my ownphotographs.
  6. 6. As I mentioned earlier that I really want to try and re create the imagethat has been taken in the water with the flowers, this photograph wastaken by Clifton Carr.Clifton Carr takes more sort of rural images which isn’t really what Iwanted, however I really like his work especially the reflection photothat has been taken in the water with the leaves and as I have alreadysaid this is one that I will be trying to replicate.
  7. 7. One of the techniques that I have chosen to use iswhat its called the “rule of thirds” the reason forthis is so that I can capture the tall buildings thatsurround Salford quays but I will also get the skyas well as I will have the buildings at the far end ofthe photograph.I will be using a camera flash for most of thephotographs that I take, this is so that I can bringout the colour of certain objects on the thingsthat I am taking as I want very bright distinctivecolored objects that will stand out against darkishurban background.After I have took my photographs I will then take them into Photoshopin order to make them look better, up to now the way I have planned todo this is to change the brightness and contrast in order to try and recreate something very similar to the image above.
  8. 8. I will be booking out a camera onThursday 13th December and then Iplan to go to the main location:Salford Quays on Saturday 15thDecember.However on my way I will belooking out for other places andthings I see, looking out for anopportunity to take pictures.