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  1. 1. Unit 57: Photography and Photographic Practise Project Proposal (P2, P3, M2, M3) Candidate name: Gameel Saleh
  2. 2. The theme of Salford quays isrelaxation, fun , and family day outthis is because at Salford quays youhave places for all the themes forexamples above you have a place torelax besides the canals they havebenches, there is a mall at the quayswhere you can have fun and goshopping and overall it is a goodplace to go to for a family day outbecause of these themes that theyhave including a restaurants and acinema.
  3. 3. A mood board of images of Salford QuaysThese are image of different parts of Salford quays inDifferent times of day to give you a feeling on what itLooks a like.
  4. 4. Predicted final outcome My predicted final outcome is on the day of the trip with the class im going to take images of different part of the quays such as the canal, the buildings, and the land I am going to take 50 pictures in daylight and come back at night and take another 50 pictures and tat the end I am going to pick 10 final images 5 daylight images and five night images which will be my official images.
  5. 5. Famous Photographers workThis man Galen Avery Rowels work is incredibleI absolutely love it because of the style and concept of hisImages I would like to produce some amazing work likethis. I love the contrast he uses in his images it stands outand when I go down to Salford quays I would want toproduce something similar because it’s a perfect place ithas a canal and instead of the mountains it has buildingsso it is more urban style.
  6. 6. Famous PhotographersI would like to take images like these inBlack and white Because I think it looks greatAnd stands out to people and I have been beginning to have a big interest forblack and white photos it is the birth of colour.This image was taken by Ansel Adams at the time theseType of photos were very popular and still are today.Ansel Adams is an inspiration to me because I adore hisWork and this is the reason why I would like to takeSimilar photos to what he had taken.There are similar photographers to Ansel Adams such asEdward Henry Weston and Willard Van Dyke who are alsoGreat photographers.
  7. 7. Famous PhotographersArno Minkkien is a great black and white photographerI am highly interested in his work ethic his picture are wellknown to everyone back in the years but to me I think theyare great and I am interested in taking image similar to thework he has produced. There are many photographers outthere who produce the same work such like EdwardWeston and Ansel Adams.
  8. 8. EquipmentOn the day of the trip I will be bringing along myown camera the name of the camera it Nikon it is reallyGreat and I know it will do the job.
  9. 9. TechniqueThe techniques I will use during the captures is slowshutter speed, Close ups and extreme long shots because Ithink these types of shots would be suitable for thelocation.
  10. 10. Risk and health and safety considerationsFor the safety of my camera I will have a mini camera bagAnd a string wrapped around my neck so it does not fall off
  11. 11. TripWe will be heading out to Salford quays to take images.We are going on Monday 19th November leaving9:30am And staying their till 12:30pm it is going to be agreat day Hopefully I will capture 100 images that’s ourtarget for our mood boards.