Breaking dawn credits


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Breaking dawn credits

  1. 1. Salford City CollegeEccles CentreCreative Media Production1Use of text:(Title, Credits, animated captions, stings,indents, interactive menus, web banner)Ending Credits for the film Breaking Dawn Part 2Brief description:What do you see?First of all you see the 2 main characters Bella and Edward Cullen – Kristen Stewart and RobertPattinson together in a field full of flowers then everything fades to black and we see pagesbeing turned over in a book that is the book to the film. It shows the last page of the bookwhere it focuses on the last line in the book, “And then we continued blissfully into this smallbut perfect piece of forever” then a black shadow comes across over all the words turningthem black except or the last word, forever that shines white. Then it shows clips of all thecharacters showing them all in action as they say who played them.Techniques used:Animation, Visual Effects, Colour Rendering,Graphics, MovementAnimation is used when the clips are shown they move around a lot and co me onto the screenin different was each time. It is shown in black and white throughout; even when the clips areshown as they have added a black and white effect added to them. Movement is used a lot inthis as they show clips from the film to show the actors names so there is movement going onin those clips and then the text comes on, fades goes off and comes back on in time for thenext clip in a completely different place.Advanced techniques:Blur, Sharpen, Distortion, Rotation, OpacityThey have used the ‘blur’ technique at the start of the credits when the text in the book isshown as it all goes blurred and bits disappear so that we are only focusing on the word thatthey want us to focus on, “forever” The text used for the cast comes on each time a new clip ison screen and then fades so it is gone in time for the next clip and the next bi of text appears.Distortion is used for when the next film clip is shown as there is no fading to black that clipdistorts into the next clip.Technical comments:Video Format, Screen Ratio, Resolution,Frame rate, CompressionThe resolution that this has been shown in is just standard TV definition. And the resolution forthis is 4:3; this means that for every 4 units wide it is also 3 units high. There are 24 frames perseconds as it is a standard film, there for there is less strobbing and jerkiness, making it overallappears better to the viewers and not have any gaps or come across as being shown shakily.
  2. 2. Salford City CollegeEccles CentreCreative Media Production2Motion Graphics and Video Compositing Unit 64