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  1. 1. Unit 57: Photography andPhotographic PractiseProject Proposal(P2, P3, M2, M3)Candidate name:Richard O’Connor
  2. 2. For this project I will be travelling tomultiple locations to collect severalimages of both rural and urbanlandscapes.
  3. 3. Predicted final outcome• My final outcome will be aphotography portfolio that includesfinal, cropped, edited images ofboth rural landscapes and of urbanlandscapes. I will then proceed toedit the photos that I choose to putinto the portfolio to then put it upon the blog along with all my workleading up to the final outcome anda collection of images that I took inthe shoot that I decided didn’tmake the cut to my portfolio.
  4. 4. Reasons for selection oftheme (including inspirationfrom the work of others)• The images I have chosen to take are split into twodifferent theme groups , the rural images are to beshowing the beauty of the outdoors in a positive way,and the urban images to show the cities in a dark,polluted and old fashioned way.• Some photographers who produce similar imagesinclude Marco Breier, who Produces impressive cityshots in an old fashioned manor.• Rob Cartwright also produces images of the city in away that shows the side that isnt huge buildings andmodern technology.• Finally a photographer named Matthew William Ellis(Wellis) is an example of my inspiration for ruralphotography with his brilliant portrayal of naturalbeauty and life.
  5. 5. • All together the work of these different photographers is some ofthe best I have found on the internet, their work inspired me tolook at simple things in a different way to how they aresupposed to be seen and are seen by everybody on a dailybasis.• I also really like the theme of dark cities and bright countrysidebecause it is almost too easy to view the city as a masterpiecebut the real challenging and impressive looking photographycomes from taking pictures in the heart of the city and making itlook dark and sinister.• The pictures of the beauty of the wilderness provide aninteresting contrast to the city making the whole shoot lookopposite to most peoples photography styles.Reasons for selection oftheme (including inspirationfrom the work of others)
  6. 6. The photo imagingequipment and mediumthat will be used and why• The equipment I will beusing to carry out theproject includes a NikonD3100 SLR camera with an18 – 55 VR lens, to get theexact right frame for myphotograph no matterwhere I am stood. I will alsouse a Tripod that I will use tomake sure I get the bestfocus and angle on myshots possible.
  7. 7. Techniques that will beused and how they will helpconvey the visual message• During my photo-shoot I plan toincorporate many different importantphotography techniques into eachindividual photograph. For example I willbe careful to make sure I am bearing inmind the rule of thirds while taking myphotographs this will ensure that eachphotograph will look professional andinclude the right amount of detail. I willalso try to use different shutter speeds anddepth of field to make my photographslook unique and individual. Using thezoom feature of the camera I will be ableto think about getting the exact rightamount in the frame even when the onlyvantage point is further back than I hadwished
  8. 8. Date / time / location• In order to capture theimages I have planned forI will need to travel toEccles Centre, SalfordQuays and one of manynearby fields.• I have chosen to visiteccles on November 1st10:00 – 12:00. I will beVisiting Salford QuaysNovember 19th9.30 -12.30.Finally I will locate a rurallocation on the 25th10:00 –13:00
  9. 9. Risk and health and safetyconsiderations• When Traveling to locations be sure to take care traveling through busycity centres and if the destination is high up take necessary precautionsto avoid falling.• On the date of Salford Quays try to avoid going too close to the water orif necessary be sure to give a sensible limit to how close to position thetripod.• When taking the rural images take care to stay away from private areasand make sure that the place the images are taken isnt too far awayfrom a footpath and a sensible way back.