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Ashleigh darlington cv

  1. 1. Ashleigh Darlington 02.08.95 31 Anson Street M30 8HB 07784238725 Personal Profile: I am a 17 year old who has just finished a 2 year level 3 BTEC course at Salford City College, Eccles Campus where I was studying Creative Media Studies and Production. A lot of this work was computer based but it has also allowed me to be creative and work as a team, as during this course I have created a short horror movie, a music video, an advert for the NHS which is now displayed in the hospital. This course has also helped me to improve my research, time management and communication skills. As I have now finished this course I am looking for a job that I would be able to start immediately. Education: Moorside High School Salford City College September 2005 - June 2011 September 2011 - June 2013 Maths: C English Language: B Level 3 BTEC Creative Media Production: DMM ICT: A, B English Literature: C History: D Religious Education: B Spanish: D Science: C Work Experience: Westwood Park Primary School Vaughn Street, Eccles 07/09/2011 - 13/09/2011 During my fianl year at High school, I did my work experience at Westwood Park Primary School where I worked there in a class alongside their teacher for 5 days. During the five days that I was there for I prepared classes, taught some of the classes myself, worked with the children in small groups, listened to them read, organised lost property and cleaned the classrooms. I enjoyed my work placement a lot as it gave me the chance to work with other people; the children
  2. 2. and the teachers and see for the first time what it is like in a work enviroment. The Childrens Society Monton Road November 2011- December 2011 For 6 weeks I did temporary volounteer work at a Charity Shop. Whislt working there I worked mainly in the back going through all the clothes that had been donated so that I could see what could be used and what couldnt and get them ready to go on the shop floor, this involved; pricing the clothes according to the books, labelling them, steaming then and then putting them on coathangers and on to the rail ready to be put out on the shop floor. I also worked on the counter sometimes, which I enjoyed more than being in the back as it gave me the opportunity to interact with the customers. References: Damen Bramwell Iain Goodyear Salford City College Salford City College Eccles Campus Eccles Campus Chatsworth Road Chatsworth Road Eccles Eccles Manchester Manchester M30 9FJ M30 9F J Telephone: 0161 785 2463 Telephone: 0161 785 2463 Email: Email: