Six thinking hats exercise


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Six thinking hats exercise

  1. 1. Six Thinking Hats Exercise Venture Labs Course Stay KLASSy team Dec 2012
  2. 2. Blue HatThe META hat.Blue hat looks at the thinking process.Are we using the hats correctly?What hat can help us right now?Did we overuse any hat?What’s our next step?Who is contributing more/less?
  3. 3. Red HatThe FEELINGS hat.Red hat looks for subjective views.How do we feel about this decision?Does it smell good? Bad?What’s our first impression?
  4. 4. Yellow HatThe BENEFITS hat.Yellow hat looks for positive points.What are the good points on thisidea?Who benefits from this?What are the advantages over otherideas?
  5. 5. Black HatThe JUDGEMENT hat.Back hats looks for potential risks.What can go wrong?Is there a problem here?Are we misleading ourselves?
  6. 6. White HatThe INFORMATION hat.White hat looks for facts.What is a dry cold fact?What numbers do we have available?
  7. 7. Green HatThe CREATIVITY hat.Green hats looks for alternative ideas.What if…What else can be done for this?Is there anything else we can do?Can we create something that wasn’tthere before? Or renovate somethingthat was?
  8. 8. Most Comfortable Hats…The Blue hat is detached The Yellow hat has anfrom the problem and optimist view on things, andbecause of this it is easy to the upbeat mood isapproach. something that feels good while working with.
  9. 9. Least Comfortable Hats…The Black hat is pessimist The White hat is too data-and thinks of bad news all oriented and cold. Itthe time. It leaves a bad requires a very detachedtastes to work with it for personality to give extendedprolonged time. treatment and care for this mindset.