A Piratical Legacy Chapter 37 - Far Too Many Teenagers


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A Piratical Legacy Chapter 37 - Far Too Many Teenagers

  1. 1. Chapter 37 – Far Too Many TeenagersA Piratical LegacyChapter 37Far Too Many Teenagers
  2. 2. A large house on Pirate Island"Well, Ian? What do you think of our new house?" Angora Legacina asked quietly, stretching out on their brand new bed."Its nice, I guess," Ian said, patting the mattress awkwardly. "A lot bigger than where we were living before, and having the master bedroom is anice change.""Nicer bed, too," Angora giggled. "And one nobody else has used before. Thats the icky thing about living in a generational house. Someonesalready broken in all the interesting furniture.""I did not need that mental image," Ian said, shuddering."Exactly."
  3. 3. The other members of the household were a little more excited with the familys new digs."Theres way more room for dancing in your bedroom in this house than in our old house," Calico said as she balanced carefully on GrandmaRanis toes."Isnt it lovely?" Rani agreed. "This is the first big house your grandfather and I have ever lived in. He grew up in our old house, and I grew up inyour cousin Rakshasis house. This house is three times larger than either of those!""And its so pretty inside, with lots of couches for jumping on," Callie said eagerly. "Can I jump on your bed too, Grandma?""Well..." Rani hesitated for a moment. "Actually, I think your parents would join you. Im the practical one in this house."
  4. 4. Ian had wandered downstairs into the parlour, where younger daughter Ragamuffin was engrossed in watching the fish tank."What kind of mischief are you getting up to, Muffy?""Fishies," Muffy said clearly, pointing eagerly at the tank. "One, two, five, eleben, six, nine. Nine fishies!"Ian looked over his shoulder at the aquarium and counted silently. "I dont know how you managed it, but there are nine fish in there.""Yay!" Muffy clapped her hands happily. "Daddy, can you tell me a stowy about fishies?""Uh, sure," Ian said, scratching his head uncertainly for a moment. Then inspiration struck.
  5. 5. "And Dory started singing, Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming."
  6. 6. The next day was Ragamuffins birthday, and the celebration was small so that the family would not experience that particular horror known as theBlue Screen of Death, whatever that was.
  7. 7. As a child, the differences between Muffy and her older sister got even more apparent as Muffys resemblance to her mother was even stronger.Callie still looked like an orange and fuzzy version of Ian.
  8. 8. The two sisters were as close as ever and played very nicely together now that Muffy was older. One of their favourite things to do was take turnsplaying the piano and dancing to the music. To the delight of their older relatives, both girls were natural musicians and rarely caused aural pain.
  9. 9. Before long, though, it was time for Calicos birthday and the family decided to risk having a larger celebration. Ians cousin Ophelia came with herson and step-daughter, Laertes and Persephone, and some of Callies school friends were in attendance as well.
  10. 10. Calico grew up to be absolutely beautiful in the eyes of all who had the pleasure of seeing her. Even those who thought the orange fur was a littleweird couldnt deny her good looks.To the surprise of some, Calico chose to be a Pleasure sim. But it didnt surprise anyone that she wished to follow in her beloved fathers footstepsand become a Celebrity Chef.
  11. 11. "Lookin good, Callie," Laertes said approvingly, giving his distant cousin an appreciative glance."You think so?" Calico asked, fluttering her eyelashes."Definitely," Laertes said. He leaned in a little closer. "Hey... want to go for a walk around the block or something? Get away from all the parentsand old people?"
  12. 12. I heard that," Rani said, coming up the stairs behind them. "No necking, you two. Youre way too closely related for that."Laertes blushed a deep crimson, which caused Calico to burst out laughing. "Grandma! Dont be gross! Cmon, Lert. Lets go see what your sister isup to.""Why does everyone call me Lert?" Laertes asked the room at large as he followed Calico obediently back into the basement."Because the world needs more Lerts."
  13. 13. "So, both girls are getting bigger," Pierce said pensively to his son-in-law over a friendly game of chess a few days later."I can hardly believe it," Ian said, considering for a few moments before moving a pawn. "It seems like yesterday they were just kittens and I wasan angsty ball of nerves.""And now theyre nearly grown up and youre still an angsty ball of nerves," Pierce chuckled."Hey, I resemble that remark," Ian said, but there was no rancor in his voice. "Besides, ever since Ophelia told me about... about what happened tome after I crossed over to here... well, it preys on a mans mind, you know? To know that an aspect of me was--""Its best not to dwell on that sort of thought, son," Pierce said. "Think about your daughters and your wife instead. And speaking of daughters, itsounds like a Muffy-force gale is about to blast up the stairs."
  14. 14. "Daddy! Grandpa! Guess what?" Muffy asked, dancing excitedly in place."What is it, Ragsy-girl?" Pierce asked, reaching over and tousling Muffys hair."Even though its just my first day of school I already got an A-plus!""Congratulations!" Pierce said. "I think this calls for a celebration. What do you think, Pierce?""Just let me get my chefs hat," Ian said, smiling broadly. "I think I can whip up an apple pie for dessert.""My favourite!" Muffy said happily."Nothing but the best for my girls," Ian grinned.
  15. 15. After dinner found Ragamuffin and her mother sitting awkwardly in then I realized I was only dating one person and thats when I figuredthe corner of the nursery. out that I loved him.""Mom, did you always know you wanted to marry daddy?" Muffy "Love is nice, isnt it."asked, pulling out a doll who looked suspiciously like Ian, right downto the red hair. "Theres no feeling like it in the world," Angora nodded."Not always," Angora said. "I didnt always know him, you see." "So if being loved by one person is nice, do you think it would be even nicer being loved by lots of people?" Ragamuffin asked"But ever since you knew him, you wanted to marry him?" curiously."Well, it took me a while to realize it," Angora shrugged, pulling out Angora choked. "Maybe we should talk about this again when youreanother doll. "I was dating a lot of people when I met your dad, and a little older."
  16. 16. A few days later, the adults all went out to some function or other. This meant that Calico got to babysit her younger sister at night for the firsttime--a responsibility she took very seriously."What do you want for dinner, Muffy?" Callie called from the kitchen as she poked through the cupboards."Macaroni n cheese," Muffy said, coming to stand in the doorway. "Do you know how to make that, Callie?"Calico grabbed a box from the cupboard. "Theres directions on the side," she said, grabbing a bowl and spoon. "Put a pot on the stove for me, willya? I think I can figure this out."
  17. 17. "Mmm, this is really yummy," Muffy declared a short while later. "Mommys macaroni tastes like paste, and yours is like paste with cheese. Butdaddys is better.""Thats cause daddy is a chef already," Callie said. "Mom only cooks if nobody else wants to do it. And then when she does nobody is hungry.""Do you have to go to school to be a chef?" Muffy asked curiously.
  18. 18. Callie chewed thoughtfully for a moment before answering. "Yep, I think so. I mean, you can start out without college and work your way up butits easier if you go to college. You work in cafeterias and stuff while at school so you get all kinds of experience and you get taught by all the bestchefs and so youve got a huge advantage over the people who work their way through. If they want to be celebrities, they have to go on TV and getyelled at by Gordon Ramsey.""I dunno if Im going to go to college," Muffy said. "I dont wanna be a chef. But I dont want to get yelled at either.""But you can go to college for lots of things," Callie said. "Theres parties and stuff too. Thats the part I want to do the most. Parties--with lots ofcute boys.""Boys have cooties," Muffy said. "But its still fun to chase them. They squeak when you catch them. But then when they stop they get boring."
  19. 19. A few days later, Pierce cornered Ian in the kitchen."Mind if I have a word?""Sure," Ian shrugged. "Whats up?""Ive just got this feeling laid on me today," Pierce said slowly, giving his son-in-law a long look.
  20. 20. "What kind of feeling?" Ian asked, a note of concern in his voice."I just... thank you for taking such good care of my daughter and giving me two such fine granddaughters," Pierce said, his voice catching. Hepulled Ian towards him in a rough embrace. The younger man stiffened for a moment before accepting the gesture.
  21. 21. "So were dancing out on the sidewalk at five forty-five in the afternoon," Rani said quietly a little later that day. "And the kids are here, and yoursisters and your brother and your parents. And youve been giving people random hugs all day and thanking them for living.""I know," Pierce replied. "I wish... but theres no sense wishing for the impossible. It has been a wonderful life with you, my sweet Rani.""I will miss you.""Ill be waiting."
  22. 22. And, surrounded by all of his nearest and dearest family and friends, Pierce Buccaneer was taken from this life to that which lies beyond."WE ARE OUT OF RUM. WOULD YOU LIKE A MARGARITA INSTEAD?"
  23. 23. Next door..."Okay, so how come everyone is moving these days?" Sarah Pseudo demanded, pointing a finger-gun at her sister."Everyone isnt moving," Cate snorted. "Just us and Callies family. Thats not everyone.""Well, but its just weird," Sarah insisted. "They live next door to us and all. How come both sets of neighbors moved at the same time? And whydid Grandma design both houses?""Grandma likes making houses," Cate shrugged. "Its just what she does. Shes always on the computer making new houses. And she likes Calliesdad. Now can we get back to playing? Im tired of talking bout grown-up stuff.""Fine," Sarah said, flashing her sister a wicked grin. She stuck out her finger again. "Bang! Youre dead, you dirty capitalist!"
  24. 24. "Nope, you totally missed me," Cate giggled, ducking."I did not," Sarah glowered."Girls, stop arguing!" Laineys voice called from elsewhere in the house. "Come on downstairs and meet our new butler."Grumbling, the girls stopped their play and meandered down to the main floor of their new house, jabbing finger-guns at one another all the while.
  25. 25. Both girls ran into the nursery and stopped short. A strange man was anymore."standing there and he was expertly changing their brother, Dominic. "Good," Sarah declared. "Nanny Karen peed on our rug in the old"Ah, you must be the young mistresses," he said in a supercilious house. YOU arent going to pee on the rug, are you MacArthur?"tone, sniffing without turning around. "The noise like that of arampaging herd of elephants is the vital clue." "I should hope not." He turned to Hugo. "Young Dominic appears to be hungry. Would you prefer I feed him and his brother or would you"Whore you?" Cate demanded. and Mistress Lainey prefer to feed the children?""Be polite, Cate," Hugo said, stepping away from Billys crib. "This "Lainey and I will take care of the boys, if you would get breakfastis MacArthur, and hes our new butler. Nanny Karen wont be coming for the girls and Orlando," Hugo said, taking Dominic.
  26. 26. "So, what do you think?" Lainey asked in a low voice a few minutes "They could use the extra discipline," Lainey said decisively. "Thelater. She cuddled Dominics twin, Billy, burping him gently. two of them have gotten so wild lately. I have quite come to the end of my rope.""About what?" Hugo asked, giving Dominic a similar treatment. "Lately?" Hugo chuckled. "Theyve always been spitfires." Just then,"What do you think of MacArthur?" Lainey hissed. "Do you like Dominic let out a raucous burp, surprising for one so small. "Ah,him?" thats better isnt it?""Anybodys gotta be better than Nanny Karen," Hugo said, "And how about you?" Lainey cooed at Billy, bouncing him.shuddering. "I think MacArthur will do okay. Did you notice? Thegirls took to him right away." "Er, you shouldnt do that..."
  27. 27. "It appears Master Billy is also a spitfire," MacArthur observed, returning to the kitchen to tidy up."You would think I would know better with five children, MacArthur," Lainey said ruefully. "Will you take Billy? I have the sudden urge toshower."
  28. 28. That night, the headmaster stopped by to interview the family "Thats... kind of gross," Orikes shuddered.regarding Orlando, Cate, and Sarahs applications to private school.MacArthur had laid out a veritable smorgasbord of tantalizing dishes, "I would remind you that I can hear your conversation," thewith a mouthwatering cheesecake as the piece de resistance, but for headmaster said easily. "Perhaps a bribe would soothe my hurtsome reason the headmaster went straight for Orlandos TV dinner. feelings.""Orlando, I thought I told you to put your leftovers in the fridge," "At least this one is straightforward."Orikes scolded her grandson gently. None of the family were really surprised that the interview was"But Headmaster Korey said it looked yummy!" Orlando said successful, and Headmaster Korey went home a lot richer than hedeagerly. "He asked if he could have a bite!" arrived.
  29. 29. A short time later it was time for a triple birthday party. The guest listwas small, encompassing only the immediate family plus Liv, Nick "Aww," Orlando pouted. "But if I dont say anything, how will youand Green. know what to give me for my birthday?"Orlando was up first. "Weve already got your present all ready for you, darling," Lainey said. "Once you blow out the candles we can show you.""I wish..." "Really?""If you tell us, it wont come true!" Hugo and Orikes admonished inunison. "Really," Grandpa Will chuckled. "Now dont keep us all waiting!"
  30. 30. Orlando dashed away from the cake before anyone could get a good look at him, post-transition, but when he reappeared a few minutes latereveryone was struck by how closely he resembled his mother."I cant see a bit of me in his features," Hugo laughed, shooting a glance at Lainey."That is mean to bring up after all these years, Hugo Pseudo," Lainey sniffed. "You know very well that Orlando is your son. He has your eyes andyour complexion."Orlando surprised nobody in the family when he announced that he had selected the Family aspiration, with a lifetime want to be Captain Hero."Your present is downstairs in the basement storage room," Lainey advised her son once hed finished his cake.
  31. 31. Orlando hurried downstairs and stopped short once hed opened the "The computer is from us," Will said. "And the stereo is from Liv."door. "A room of my own? This is awesome! Thanks, mom anddad!" "You guys are the best," Orlando breathed, his eyes shining. "Hey, is it okay if I go to the youth centre for a few minutes?""Well, we thought your brothers would like your room upstairssoon," Hugo said. "And youre old enough now to have a little more "Ditching your own party?"privacy." "I just want to pick up a cell phone so I can call everyone and tell"This is the best gift ever!" Orlando said enthusiastically. "Hey--is them I got my own room!"that a new computer? And a stereo?" "You can go after your brothers blow out their candles."
  32. 32. With that, the family tromped back upstairs so that Orikes and Lainey could compete in a baby-tossing race--Orikes with Billy and Lainey withDominic.
  33. 33. Dominic ended up looking an awful lot like his older brother. Personality-wise, however, they were pretty different: most notably, Dominic is byfar the least playful member of the household. he is absolutely adorable, however.
  34. 34. As for Billy? Well, his hair surprised everyone by going curly when he reached toddler. As for looks, he might very well be the looker of thefamily as he seems to combine the best features of both of his parents. Personality-wise, Billy differs most from the rest of his siblings in his innatelove of making a mess.
  35. 35. Once he was sure the guests had left and everyone else had gone to sleep, Orlando crept upstairs to check out his new look a little closer. Taking adeep breath, he puffed out his chest and stared at his reflection critically.
  36. 36. "Oh yeah," he said finally. "This face and body are gonna have no trouble finding a steady girlfriend."
  37. 37. The next morning, Orikes and Lainey set in to tag-team train the last two toddlers of the household."Can you say, Grandma?" Orikes asked them, bouncing Dominic on her lap."No!" the boys pouted in unison."How about, Mama?" Lainey said cajolingly."No!" they snickered."Did my son just stick his tongue out at me?" Lainey said plaintively, looking at Orikes.The boys grandmother was laughing too hard to answer.
  38. 38. Cate and Sarah, meanwhile, snuck out into the back yard to play with their swingset."Higher, Sarah!" Cate commanded, pumping her legs frantically to gain momentum. "If you do it hard enough I bet I can jump all the way into theneighbours yard!""I bet you cant," Sarah said, but she obediently pushed harder. "I bet you just fall down and break your leg or something. But that might be kind ofcool. Then you could get a cast and I could sign it.""Yeah, but youd probably just write a swear and then Id get in trouble," Cate pouted. "I dont want to break my leg. I want to fly!""Youre pretty venturous for a capitalist," Sarah said."The best way to make lots and lots of money is by undergoing dangerous adventures," Cate said. "It adds provenance to the loot."
  39. 39. "A better way to get lots of money is to have lots of rich boyfriends," Sarah insisted. "They bring you presents and stuff, like karaoke machines andhot tubs. And expensive weird-looking vases.""Yeah, but you have to marry one of them eventually," Cate said. "And then the others stop bringing presents and even the one you married stopsbringing expensive ones.""Thats why you dont get married," Sarah explained. "Im going to have seven boyfriends when Im grown up: one for each day of the week.""But what if they find out about each other?""Thats why you keep a cowpl--""Girls!" Laineys voice sounded shrilly from in the house. "Hurry up and eat breakfast! The bus will be here in an hour!"
  40. 40. Dominic stared at his father in confusion. "What do?""Just put one foot in front of the other and come here," Hugo said encouragingly."No!""Daddys here," Hugo said consolingly. "Dont worry--Ill catch you!"Dominic blinked and appeared to consider that for a moment before hesitantly putting one foot forward.
  41. 41. "Thats great!" Hugo said happily. "Just a little further, kiddo. Youre doing it!""Walkin?""Hooray!" Lainey chimed in, coming into the room with Billy in tow. "See what your brother can do, Billy? Would you like to try?"
  42. 42. Billy stared at his mother with wide eyes and shrugged. With a smile, Lainey reached down to steady him on his feet."I cant believe how fast theyre growing up," Orikes sighed, sitting up on the couch. "Pretty soon I wont have any more babies to bounce on myknee!""There is still Livs baby," Lainey said consolingly. "She must be due very soon.""A little longer yet," Orikes said. "I cant wait to see whether she has a boy or a girl!"
  43. 43. It wasnt long before both boys were not just walking, but running throughout the house. As spring progressed, Will set up an activity table forthem on the back patio. Both boys were content to spend hours out there scribbling away, chewing on their blocks, and eating crayons.
  44. 44. They were often joined by their sisters."Ew, dont eat the purple one," Sarah scolded Dominic. "I wanted to use that next!""Yeah," Cate chimed in. "Crayons arent food or blocks. You cant stack them!""Maybe we can," Billy insisted. "Jus try harder!"The four of them were so absorbed in their play (or rather, squabbling) that they failed to notice the rather momentous event occurring just belowthem in the yard.
  45. 45. Quietly, and without a lot of fanfare, family protector and guardian Lila burst gracefully into her elder years with a flutter of confetti.
  46. 46. That evening signified another birthday... or four.First up was Billy...
  47. 47. ...followed by Dominic in his fathers arms.
  48. 48. As you can see, Billys resemblance to his father is becoming more pronounced, especially about the mouth and cheekbones.
  49. 49. As for Dominic, some differences between him and Orlando are starting to appear--it looks like hes got his fathers cheekbones instead of hismothers, and possibly his fathers jaw.
  50. 50. Once the boys were grown up (but before they changed), their older sisters took their turn blowing out the candles."Got your wishes ready?" Will asked teasingly."Yeah, but we dont get our own rooms," Sarah pouted. "So I had to think up another one.""Remember, dont tell!"
  51. 51. The girls grew up to look astonishingly like their father. In fact, Id say theyre both Hugo-clones. They decided to go for similar but not identicallooks, with Sarah sticking to warmer tones again and Cate more inclined to cooler hues.Sarah announced that she had chosen Romance as an aspiration with a desire pick up large numbers of groupies as a Rock Goddess, while Catesurprised nobody when she mentioned she wished to be a Fortune sim like her mother. She wanted to earn her money the hard and slightlyillegitimate way, though, as a Space Pirate.
  52. 52. All the way on the other side of Pirate Island...The ragdoll cat named Cobble was not concerned with such trivialities as teen birthdays. The fish swimming around in his mistresss tank weremuch more interesting."And after I eat Nemo, I think Ill try the neon tetra followed by the guppy. And then, for my main course Im thinking that blue-and-yellow stripedone..."
  53. 53. Liv, now in the later stage of pregnancy, spent most of her time eating, sleeping, or playing video games. At the moment, she was sleeping."zzz...thats okay, Ive got quite enough rum already Jack...zzz.."
  54. 54. Outside, Livs uncles Nick and Green were enjoying the chilly spring morning."Is it just my imagination, or does Nell look dumber than usual today?" Green asked."Nell is a lovely dog and a great companion, but shes dumber than a box of rocks," Nick shrugged. "Maybe shes just not trying as hard to hide ittoday."
  55. 55. "Hey Nelly, want to go for a walk?" he asked, putting the remote for the helicopter down.The overgrown puppy stared at him and then wuffed once in agreement."Just dont take the south trail to town," Green advised, picking up the remote control for the helicopter. "Nelly likes to eat the hydrangea bushes.""That explains the blue poop."
  56. 56. "No hydrangeas this time?" Liv asked a little later when shed finally roused from her second nap of the day."Much as the dogs wanted it, I convinced them otherwise," Nick chuckled, clearing away the breakfast dishes."Well, whatever they were doing they sure worked up an appetite," Liv said. "Do you want me to refill their dish right away or wait til suppertime?""Better fill it," Nick said. "I dont think the greedy gluttons left anything for Cobble.""Hell be begging all afternoon anyway," Liv said. "Im making trout for dinner tonight and you know thats his favourite."
  57. 57. "Theres nothing quite like fresh-caught trout in the spring," Liv said, sniffing dinner appreciatively."I hear fish is brain food," Nick said conversationally."Exactly," Liv said, patting her belly tenderly. "Its all for Bun.""As in, Bun in the oven?""Exactly.""That the Counts idea?""Nope," Liv grinned. "Toshikos."
  58. 58. Nick stared at her for a moment before bursting out laughing."What?" Liv asked innocently, carefully stabbing another forkful of food."Do you know how happy Green and I are that you moved in with us?""Its nice to feel appreciated. Its because I make you laugh, right?"
  59. 59. "Some insanity is good for the soul," Nick nodded. "But is insanity a flaw in this crazy world we live in?""And I pride myself on my insanity," Liv said seriously. "It takes "Food for thought, uncle mine."special talent to be nutty like me." The two were sharing a companionable silence when they realized"Modestly, too." something was wrong."Theres no shame in bragging about ones flaws." "Green? GREEN!!!"
  60. 60. I AM SORRY, BROTHER.
  61. 61. Nick wept.
  62. 62. Two very tired and grief-stricken people finally dragged themselves to sleep that night when it was all over. Cobble, showing the innate sensibilityof his species, deigned to share a bed with Nick. The old man, who felt much older than he ever had before, was immeasurably comforted by thewarm, purring presence.
  63. 63. While time diminished the pain a little, it did not end it. A few nights later Liv dragged herself out of bed only to realize shed been crying in hersleep. Dully, she got dressed--Count Randy would be arriving shortly.
  64. 64. He got there just in time."Ow! It hurts! Is it supposed to hurt? Randy!""Its okay, Liv," Nick said reassuringly while Randy panicked quietly in the corner. "Its normal, dear. I watched your mom do this twice and youregoing to be fine. Just a few more minutes..."
  65. 65. "A girl," Liv breathed a few short but intense minutes later. "A girl!""I... have a daughter?" Randy said incredulously."Yes," Liv said tenderly. "And shes just perfect. Little Mialee.""Mialee? That is... an unusual name," Randy said slowly, but he did not sound displeased."But pretty," Liv cooed, cuddling and rocking her daughter to her chest. "Just like her.""Indeed."
  66. 66. With new life came new happiness, and Uncle Nick threw himself into the care of his great-niece. And when Mialee looked up him and gave him agreat big toothless grin, Nick found himself returning the smile for the first time since Green had died. Slowly, he came to have some peace,though it could not be said that he was happy.
  67. 67. A few days later, the family came over to meet the latest addition and said. "But I think I am done here. I never achieved everything Iwhile they were there, another family member made an unscheduled wanted to, but in spite of that I am content."appearance. "I AM GLAD. NOW, SHALL WE GO?""Susanna. Its time, then?" "Please... take me to Green.""YES, NICHOLAS. YOU HAVE NO REGRETS?" "FOLLOW ME. AVOID THE TEQUILA.""Only that I couldnt see Mialee and the other kids grow up," Nick
  68. 68. The loss of Nick hit the family hard, for he had maintained a close relationship with many of his extended kin. But at the same time, they werehappy that he was reunited with his lover of so many years--the haunted look that had been in his eyes ever since Greens passing had broken all oftheir hearts.Will felt the loss the most. For the first time, his brother had gone somewhere he could not follow. But everyone was hurting.
  69. 69. A few days later, Liv invited over Count Randy, her parents, her brother and his family for a low-key celebration. It was Mialees birthday, andwhile a loud party was not on the menu, the little girl could at least grow into toddlerhood surrounded by the people who loved her the most.
  70. 70. And with a bright burst of confetti, everyones mood lightened.
  71. 71. Looking at Mialee, there was no doubt that Count Randy was her father and Liv was her mother. The somewhat fussy little darling shrank back alittle from all of the people, many of whom were strange to her, and seemed content to just sit in the corner and watch everything while she playedwith her toes.
  72. 72. "She is magnificent," Count Randy proclaimed, swooping Liv intohis arms. "Ah," Randy said knowingly. "Mortality. At times it can be an affliction.""How could she not be, with parents like us?" Liv murmured, leaningin for a kiss. "Is that why youre a vampire?""This is a fact." "No," the Count said. "I was born to vampire parents, and so when I was old enough they made me as they were. I have occasionally"I just wish..." wished... but there is no sense in wishing for the impossible. A born vampire cannot be cured.""What?" Randy asked, nuzzling Livs nose with his. "But he can have children, and he neednt turn them.""I wish that she could have known Uncle Nick and Uncle Green."
  73. 73. Setting Liv back on her feet, Randy knelt down Mialee, who was watching curiously."I think I shall leave that to you, my sweet," he said solemnly. "What do you think, my cherished one? Would you like to be immortal?"Mialee, who had not really learned to talk yet, just started up at him with big eyes."You have time to decide," Randy said after a moment of silence. "Still plenty of time, cherie. But at least you will have the choice, unlike me."
  74. 74. Paris"So how was work today, son?" Andrew Thayer asked his son, Mitch."It was okay, I guess," Mitch shrugged. "Passing drills arent all that thrilling. Ill be glad when the seasons start.""Weve had a bit of excitement here," Andrew said nonchalantly. "I think you should go talk to your wife.""Athena? Is something wrong with her?""Wrong is an interesting choice of word," Andrew said.Mitch stared at his father for a moment before carefully putting down his spoon and standing up.
  75. 75. "Yes, I know. Im not blue anymore," Athena Thayer said grumpily. "Trust me, Im as upset about it as you are.""Im not upset so much as puzzled," Mitch managed to say. "How do you go from blue to ... not blue?""Apparently theres a clause in the deity thing," Athena grumbled."And you somehow violated it?""Oh, I know exactly how I violated it," she complained. "I ticked off my mom, which is probably an understatement, and she totally overreacted asusual and stripped me of my deific powers and my immortality."
  76. 76. "What did you do?" Mitch asked, reaching forward to grab his wifes hand supportively."I lied to her," Athena said. "And then I lied about lying to her. Mom has this funny thing about lying. She really hates it. Its her pet peeve. Itwould have been nice to know this at some point before she punished me. You know, a little warning? It wasnt exactly her business and so I toldher a little white lie. Its not like I was going around killing people or anything." To Mitchs ears his wife sounded pretty defensive."What did you lie about?"Athena sighed, looking truly unhappy. "Mitch... we need to talk."
  77. 77. That evening Mitch was pensive. He didnt really know what to make of all Athena had told him. On one hand, he was glad shed been honest withhim. On the other... shed cheated on him. Repeatedly. Though Mitch had also had his share of indiscretions before the marriage, none of them hadresulted in a child, and it was the last point that bothered him the most. He and Athena had talked of having kids one day, but always in theabstract. She had never been willing to turn the discussion into something more concrete--and now he knew the reason why.It wasnt that Mitch was angry, per se. See above about his frequent lack of faithfulness before they were married. But to spurn a child, to wantnothing to do with a helpless little baby shed helped create... to him, that was far more disturbing.Mitch stared at the sleeping form of his wife beside him. "Who are you?" he whispered.
  78. 78. The relationship between Mitch and Athena was cordial but strained over the next few months. Athena felt unwell, but attributed that largely to heranxiety about her marriage. And then the real reason for her discomfort made itself apparent."Im pregnant?" she gasped. "Im pregnant! Mitch! Get down here!"Mitch thundered down the stairs and was dumbstruck at the sight of his wife. This shocked him even more than the fact that she wasnt blueanymore."Dont even say it," Athena said sharply. "Dont even think it. Yes, its yours. Yes, Im sure. And yes... I want to keep it."
  79. 79. The prospect of their impending child proved to be the catalyst for Athena and Mitch to work on their marriage, and by the time Athena went intolabour they had come to a tentative understanding."Aaah! Now I remember why I said I was never doing this again! Mitch, we are never doing this again!"
  80. 80. Both of them were happy to welcome their first child, Loki, to the family."Are you going to tell your mother?" Mitch asked Athena quietly as she cooed over her son.Athena shook her head angrily. "She disowned me, remember? Shes lost the right to know anything about my life.""Dont you think youre being awfully hard on her?" Mitch asked. "I still think she thought she was doing what was best for you. Look how it hasimproved our marriage... in a round-about way, at least.""I dont think that was her intention," Athena said. "I think she just wanted to make me suffer."
  81. 81. To Athenas surprise, she actually liked being a mother. Perhaps Lokis trusting and unconditional love was just the kind of adoration she hadalways craved. Or maybe shed finally grown up a little and was able to give that same kind of unconditional love in return. Whatever the reason,she threw herself into the care of her little son with the same fervor she showed to rebuilding her relationship with Mitch.The family thrived and was happy.
  82. 82. Before any time at all felt like it had passed, it was time for Lokis birthday. Athena and Mitch decided to throw a small party, inviting some oftheir friends from work as well as Mitchs younger sister Valerie.
  83. 83. Loki grew up to be absolutely adorable, with a lot of both his parents in him."Are you sure you dont want to call your mother and tell her?" Mitch asked as they watched the tentative toddler trundle around the room."No, I dont want to tell her," Athena said emphatically. "If she still sees me as a daughter at all, she knows already. And if thats the case, she cancall or visit herself. If she doesnt still see me that way... then Lokis existance is none of her business.""But--""Im not going to change my mind, Mitch. Please dont bring the topic up again." But she couldnt help but wonder what her mother--and the rest ofher family, for that matter--would think of her precious Loki. Sighing, she pushed the thought out of her mind. Her mother was probably justdigging into the garden and turning into a plantsim again, like usual, with no thought to her wayward daughter at all.
  84. 84. In an ornate apartment lobby on Pirate Island... "When shes ready to apologize, she will come to you," Chris"You know, theres only one thing that would make me happier right reminded me, pulling me close in a gentle hug. "Until then, put hernow," my simself said to sim-Chris. out of your thoughts, love. Thinking of her only makes you sad.""What, our youngest child finally getting hitched isnt enough to keep "Shes our daughter. I cant just forget her, even if I wanted to. And Iyou permanently giddy?" Chris asked. dont want to.""I just wish that Athena and I werent at outs right now," I sighed. "I "Come, theyre getting started," Chris said by way of distraction. "Nodont like fighting within the family." Athena today. This day is for Hades and Spandrell."
  85. 85. I managed to push my worries about Athena to the back of my mind, at least, while watching my somewhat insane son sharing vows with hislongtime paramour, Spandrell Buccaneer. The service was short and sweet, and good cake was had by all.
  86. 86. After a simple lunch, all of us guests made ourselves scarce while Spandrell and Hades got to spend a bit of private time together as husband andhusband. Even their roommate, Spandrells twin brother Borusa, took off and spent the night at one of his girlfriends houses. Normally he insistedthat they come to him.
  87. 87. Nobody in either extended family was surprised when the lads announced shortly thereafter that Hades was expecting. Well, except for Hades."I can hear you, mother. And youre darned right Im surprised! I thought Spandrell would be the one to get knocked up! This was his idea! Imdoooooomed!"Suck it up, kiddo.
  88. 88. While Hades and Spandrell tried to adjust to the prospect of their impending fatherhood, Borusa continued his attempted conquest of the entirefemale population. He had a lot of old girlfriends from his college days who kept finding excuses to vacation on Pirate Island.
  89. 89. However, he didnt limit himself to the women he already knew. Hades and Spandrell often had the apartment to themselves thanks to Borusahitting the town. Before long there were local women coming to visit frequently as well.
  90. 90. "Youre shameless, B," Hades said approvingly when he walked into "Well then," Borusa said, leaning forward and effectively silencingthe apartment complex party room to check on availability one day. her."That is a required trait of a romance sim." "Dude, get a room!" Hades complained. "Before management rains doom upon your head for the public displays of affection.""Youre a Romance sim?" Delilah OFeefe asked, sounding affronted. "Dont mind if we do," Borusa smirked and, taking Delilah by the"Does that bother you?" Borusa asked. hand, led her back in the direction of his room.Delilah considered for a moment. "Not really, no." "Ew."
  91. 91. "Arr! Hard to port, mateys, lest you meet your DOOM against the rocks! Step lively, lads! Arrrrrr!"
  92. 92. "Woo, youre going to have that baby pretty much any day now, arent you?" Borusa smirked at his brother-in-law some considerable time later."The sooner, the better," Hades complained. "I want my body back, doom it!""That was always Shihs biggest complaint about being pregnant.""I dont blame her! Hey, does she have any suggestions to make the baby come a little earlier?""Yeah, but theyre way TMI to be sharing in polite company. Maybe some exercise will help?""Vo Gerbits?""Might as well give it a shot."
  93. 93. It worked."Hang on, Hades! Im coming!" Spandrell gasped as he ran into the room."Dont just run around, do something! Aieeeeee!""Running around is doing something!""Do something useful! Or I doom you!"
  94. 94. Despite the complete ineptitude of the three men, little Minerva was born uneventfully. It will be interesting to see which of her parents she takesafter the most.
  95. 95. Just prior to yet another Pirate Island wedding..."Sterling, you make a better door than a window," David Ottomas complained."Well, I dont want to sit in the front," Sterling Buccaneer complained."Then stand at the back!""You arent related to me," Sterling pouted. "You cant tell me what to do.""Sterling!" Rajah Buccaneer, her grandfather, hissed. "Be quiet and sit! Your aunt is waiting!"
  96. 96. Sterling pouted but complied and sat down in the front. Finally, the bridal couple emerged and Rakshasi Thayer exchanged vows with JamesOttomas.
  97. 97. "Teh caek is in ur face, mussin up ur beard," Shere Khan called from the peanut gallery."At least its not a lie," Rakshasi replied, winking at her brother before handing her less-than-amused husband a napkin. "Aww, dont pout honey.You agreed when we talked about it before.""I didnt realize it would be so... sticky," James said thickly as he attempted to swallow the pastry that had made it into his mouth.
  98. 98. "To the amusement of everyone and the surprise of no one, Rakshasi showed definite signs of pregnancy during the wedding supper."Do I need to get my shotgun?" Rajah asked teasingly."Dad!" Rakshasi complained, holding her stomach and gulping weakly. "Youre one to talk.""A man is allowed to tease his son-in-law and his daughter," Rajah smirked. "Congrats, you two. Or should I say you three?"With that, Rakshasi bolted, her fathers laughter chasing her down the hall.
  99. 99. Rakshasi and James had a loving marriage and thoroughly enjoyed the honeymoon period since they knew they would be welcoming their newaddition sooner rather than later. Still, Rakshasi always managed a stunned expression whenever she popped into a new trimester
  100. 100. However, nobody was more stunned than she was when she finally gave birth and discovered that she and James were the parents of not one, buttwo bouncing baby boys.James is holding Spike, and Rakshasi is holding Angel.
  101. 101. And finally, we return to our legacy family in progress... "Diffwent songs, Gwampa. Hickowy dickowy dock?""... and the itsy bitsy spider ran up the spout again." "Just let me make sure your brother and his friends are okay outside,""Spidews awe ucky, Gwampa," Kennit Buccaneer said scornfully. Lee said, standing up and walking into the kitchen to peer out the"All haiwy wif too many legs." window. He returned a moment later. "All set, Kennit! Are you going to sing it with me?""Oh? You mean you dont want me singing you songs anymore?" Leeasked, making a mock sad-face. "Otay. You fiwst, Gwampa."
  102. 102. Outside, Balthier Buccaneer was engaged in a rousing game of Cops "I guess I can for a while," Chandler said. "I have to be home beforen Robbers with his new best friends: Brittany Parker, Chandler six so I cant stay very long."Platz, and Marsha Bruenig. The three of them had become nearlyinseparable at school lately, especially since most of Balthiers other "I thought you were all townies," Balthier said in puzzlement. "Dofriends had gone and grown up to teenagers and switched to the high you even have a home?"school. "Do you see us sleeping in the parks and stuff?" Brittany asked,"This is getting kind of boring now," Brittany complained. "Can we making a face. "Dont be silly, Balthier. Of course we have a home."go inside?" "Can I go to your house one day? I want to see it.""Yeah, theres lots of fun stuff to do in there," Marsha added. "Areyou coming, Chandler?" "Maybe," Brittany said noncommitally. "I have to check and see if thats allowed first, though."
  103. 103. "Why wouldnt I be allowed to come to your house?" Balthier asked, continuing the conversation once they were safely inside the house and takingturns playing on the PS3."Its just... you legacy folks never want to come to our house," Brittany shrugged. "Most of you dont even invite us over to visit your house. Youonly ever invite all the other legacy folks.""Well, if I get to be the heir Ill change that," Balthier said. "But I cant invite over people I dont know. I have to meet them first or how will Iknow their number? So you should bring me to your house so I can meet all the other townies, okay?"
  104. 104. Brittany considered that for a moment. "Sure," she said finally."Maybe after your birthday? Thats coming pretty soon, isnt it?" "Its hard for townie kids to grow up into teenagers," Brittany said. "I guess its okay, because it means we cant ever die, but it stinks"Yeah, on the same day as Kennits birthday. It kind of stinks that because all of our friends grow old and die and we just have to watchhes finally getting big enough to play with on the same day Im them."getting too big to play with him." "That sounds yucky," Balthier said. "Did that happen to a lot of your"Does that mean you wont want to play with me n Chandler n friends? Is that how you knew how sad I was about my grandma?"Marsha anymore when you turn into a teenager?" Brittany asked,pouting slightly. "Kind of," Brittany said. "Hey, want to play Dont Wake the Llama?""I didnt say that," Balthier protested. "Besides, wont you turn into "Sure!"teenagers soon?"
  105. 105. Chandler had to leave before they really got started with the game, so Marsha and Brittany cajoled Andrew the Bigfoot until he agreed to join themin their game."This is a very strange game," he said, poking at the sticks gingerly. "Andrew does not quite understand the point of it.""Its simple," Balthier said. "We each take turns putting straws on the pile. The loser is the one who makes the pile fall down.""Andrew is still confused," the hairy silver beast said. "Balthier should go first so that Andrew can watch and learn the rules."
  106. 106. Before long, though, Andrew had the hang of the game and was having as much fun as everyone else."Yes!" Marsha cried as her red stick teetered but didnt fall. On the couch, Lee snorted and rolled over. Marsha blushed. "Oops.""Andrew, how late are Marsha and Brittany allowed to stay over?" Balthier asked, casting a glance at his sleeping grandfather.Andrew considered. "Andrew thinks after the end of this game, because soon it will be time for Balthier to have his dinner and do his homework.""Okay," Brittany said. "That just means we have a new strategy. Dont wake the llama, guys! Lets see how long we can keep it sleeping!"
  107. 107. "Wow, this is the highest weve ever gotten it!" Brittany saidexcitedly a little while later as the stack of straws teetered Andrew whirled to look at Marsha and, in doing so, whacked hisprecariously atop the dromedary in the centre of the table. elbow on the corner of the table."Dont even laugh or breathe at it," Balthier said urgently. "That Slowly, majestically, the straws toppled off of the llama, whichmight make it fall over." roared to mechanical life and began bleating frantically."Ooh, ooh, Andrew is being careful!" the silverback said quickly, Marsha shrunk in her seat. "Um, oops?"flailing his arms in excitement. Everyone stared at her for a moment. Then:"Mr. Andrew, watch out!" Marsha shrieked. "Dont hit the--" "Ahahahahahahahahahahahah!"
  108. 108. "Andwews makin suppa, Mistah Beah," Kennit mumbled around his thumb. "But I get a bottle instead.""Arr! Be there rum in th bottle, mate?""Hey! You can talk! How come you nevah talked befowe, Mistah Beah?" Kennit asked before stuffing his thumb back in his mouth and suckingcontentedly. He didnt take his eyes off of the antique plushie."Er, I talks plenty, mate." If the bear could have shrugged, it would have. "Maybe ye just werent listenin, aye?""I listen good!" Kennit protested. "An evwyone thinks I dont but I do. I heah all kinds of intwesting things.""Is that so, mate? Any good gossip worth sharin? I likes me a good bit o gossip, savvy?"
  109. 109. "Who you is?" said the toddler. "Why?""What they be teachin kids these days?" bemoaned the bear. "Im yer "Its me name. Im rather attached to it."really great grandfather." "You names not Capn," said Kennit. "Dats what the piwates call"Weawy gweat?" Mommy.""I cant be bothered t keep track o th number, savvy?" "I was Capn first, boyo. That were my ship she be runnin now.""You funny, Gwampa Beah," Kennit giggled. "Can I have a ship someday?""Call me Capn Jack, mate." "Maybe if yer really bad, mate."
  110. 110. "An then Gwampa Jack said I could have a ship if Is weawy bad.""Well, I guess I could let you borrow it sometimes," Balthier said."Bowwow?""Hehe, you sound like a puppy."
  111. 111. "Not a puppy!" Kennit insisted. "You weiwd, Bawythew.""Youre the one who lisps like a baby.""Not a baby neithah! Soon its my biwthday. An I can waid and piwwage wike you an Mommy!""Both our birthdays," Balthier said. "Sorry I teased you, Ken.""Teasing is otay if nobody cwies," Kennit shrugged. Then he wrinkled his nose. "Something smells funny, Bawythew.""Did you mess your diaper again?""No!"
  112. 112. Balthier looked up. "Uh oh! The trees on fire again!""Fiwe? Wheh?" Kennit asked anxiously, chewing on a crayon."Its just outside," Balthier said reassuringly. "Dont worry, Kennit. Its still raining, so the fire will go out soon. It always does. You dontremember, but Im lots bigger than you so I do.""Do they have fiwes on piwate ships?""I dunno," Balthier shrugged. "Maybe we can ask Mom when she gets home from work."
  113. 113. "I onwy like fiwes when they in a fiwepwace," Kennit pouted. "They "I do that already."awe hot. When I have the piwate ship, I wont let thewe be anyfiwes." "But how come I cant have the piwate ship anyway?""But Im going to be the heir so I get the pirate ship," Balthier said. Balthier blinked. "I gotta ask mom about that. Im not exactly the heir yet. Uncle Zings older than mom and hes not the heir. So maybe"Whats a hewe?" youll be the heir and get the pirate ship and Ill have to live all by myself.""Not hewe, silly. Heir. That means I get to live in the house when Igrow up and get married." "I just want the piwate ship. You can be the hewe.""And jump on the couches?" "Okay, you two. Put your toys away. Time for bed!"
  114. 114. "Did you hear the boys arguing earlier about who should get to be heir," Jim chuckled, pulling his wife closer to him."Silly boys," Ching Shih, generation six heiress of A Piratical Legacy, said breathily. "Perhaps we should give them a bit of competition, hmm?""Are you sure you want--""Lets just throw caution to the wind and see what happens, love.""But--""Less talking, more kissing."A short time later, the two lovers fell into an exhausted sleep, still holding one another tightly.
  115. 115. Lees bedroom was not nearly as conjugal. Though he managed to keep his chin up during the day and put on a happy face, it was at night when hereally missed his recently deceased wife, Grace. Their bed was so... empty... without her.Lee shuddered, turned out the lights, and climbed under the covers. But he did not fall asleep for a long time.
  116. 116. "Good morning, my red-headed cuddle-bear," Ching Shih sing-songed a few mornings later, lifting Kennit easily out of his crib."Mommy, Im too big to be a cuddle-beah," Kennit protested sleepily. "Im big now!""Yes, you are," Ching Shih said a little wistfully. "Its your birthday today, isnt it?""An Bawythews biwthday, too!""Well, my birthday boy, what would you like to do this morning? Since its your birthday, we can do whatever you want! Well, within reason.""Can you tell me a stowy, mommy?"
  117. 117. A short few minutes later, Kennit was dressed and sitting on the floor of the sunny nursery with his mother. He giggled delightedly as she readfrom his favourite book."..saw the whole thing, dude," the gnarled old turtle said. First you were all like, "Whoa!" and we were like "Whoa!" and you were like"Whoa.......""
  118. 118. That night the family gathered round the cake in the living room to watch the first of the two birthday boys blow out his candles."Um, I kind of dont know what to wish for," Balthier said, scratching his head in confusion. "I already have everything I want, mostly. Am Iallowed to wish for something for someone else?""Thats awfully kind of you, dear," Ching Shih said approvingly. "You can wish for anything you like, darling.""Okay, Im all set," Balthier grinned. He looked up at the assembled throng of relatives. "Here I go!"
  119. 119. When Balthier emerged from the bathroom after changing and fixinghis hair, the general opinion was that he was the handsomest of "Well I figured Id better look the part if I want to be chosen as heir,"Generation 7 so far. Balthier smirked.The ladies of Pirate Island were especially blessed, because Balthier "Speaking of that," Ching Shih began with a wide grin.decided to be a Pleasure sim and that meant hed have plenty of datesto go around--if he wasnt too busy playing video games. Balthier "Nah, dont choose yet," Balthier said, interrupting his mother. "If itswas pretty sure he wanted to be a game designer when he grew up. not me, I dont want the downer on my birthday. And if it is me, I dont want Kennit having a downer on his. Where is the little squirt?"Youre still looking nicely Piratical," Ching Shih said approvingly, Can we sing to him now?"fingering the edge of her sons coat.
  120. 120. "We most certainly can," Ching Shih smiled, scooping her younger son up off the floor and carrying him over to where the second cake waswaiting."I wanna be big!" Kennit said gleefully."Youre not supposed to tell us your wish," Shih laughed."Thats not my wish. Thats what happens anyway, and thats what I want. But I gotta wish, too. Im weady!" Kennit screwed his eyes shutcomically. "Sing and I can bwow out the candles and wish!"
  121. 121. Kennit seems determined to remain in the running for heir. With that hair and that get-up, he was showing that he was just as intent on the heirship--or at least the pirate ship--as his brother."And best of all," he said to himself as he checked out his new look in the bathroom mirror, "I dont have to speak with that stupid lisp anymore."
  122. 122. By the time everyone left and the family went to bed, Ching Shih was exhausted--and a little sad that neither of her babies were babies anymore.But before she could drop off to sleep, she was pleasantly surprised--she was definitely pregnant again!She climbed back into bed, a smile playing on her lips.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++Tune in soon for the next chapter of A Piratical Legacy, where get to get better acquainted with all the teens of Pirate Island! Coming soon!Special thanks to orikes360 (Pseudo Legacy, Awesomesauce Bachelor Challenge) for the loan of her simself and Ian Legacina.Check out www.forums.boolprop.com for all the latest Piratical news--and probably news about all your other favourite legacies too!