The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures, ch. 27


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The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures, ch. 27

  1. 1. Dear reader, welcome back to the Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures, chapter 27. After a long time, we're back at campus! Or well, at least the oldest of the Legacy family, Cyrus, is. Let's get right back to business, shall we? "Oh hi Mom, good to hear from you." ... "No, not at all. The sun went down an hour ago, so I'm already dressed and all."
  2. 2. "Well, nothing earth-shattering so far. I got to Sim State alright, but of course it had to be morning when I came, so I had a kind of a close call making it to my coffin." ... "No, no, I'm fine Mom. The sun has surprised me a couple of times, that's all. Nothing to be worried about."
  3. 3. "Well, in the evening I went shopping for some new clothes and stuff. My outfit wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been, but no way I was spending any more time in it than was necessary." ... "Well I do look kinda handsome now, even if I say so myself." ... "Well sure, I can ask one of my buddies here to take a picture and send it on email. Or was that an invitation for dinner in the weekend?"
  4. 4. "Yeah, the other sims in my dorm and at classes seem really nice so far. Some have been really curious about my vampirism, I bet they've never seen anyone like me before. Oh, and by the way, thanks for informing the staff about it for me, a professor called me the second night and said they know about the situation and are taking care of precautions."
  5. 5. "Anyway, as I was saying, many of the other students seem really nice."
  6. 6. "Some will even... ahem... help me with term papers and all." ... "Yeah, I think it must have been the same kind of help Dad has talked to you about."
  7. 7. "Yeah, I do study, don't worry. I'm a fortune sim after all, I want to. But there are only so many hours in the night you know. Anyway, I do study, the assignments are kinda interesting, but pretty hard. I think I might major in economy, I'll have to think about it."
  8. 8. "So other than that, nothing too much..." ... "What do you mean, what noise, Mom?"
  9. 9. Dear Mom and Dad, How have you been? I hope all the work at the business hasn't tired you out.
  10. 10. I pledged into the Bookacy Greek House Greek House last night. I was done with studying for the evening, so I figured I'd get that out of the way. I called the number that was on the dorm's notice board, and got Ryker on the phone. He said he'd come right over, and so he did. He turned out to be a really nice guy, I think we're going to have a lot in common. He's thrilled that the new generation is here, I bet he hasn't had the chance to have any fun for a while. Well, soon that will change I'm sure, when the whole bunch joins us on campus. How are the kids by the way, has Cho told you yet when she's planning on moving? Say hi to her and Charlie from me.
  11. 11. So anyway, I made it into the Greek House just fine, and told Ryker that I'll probably be moving in after the freshman year. Oh, and Dad, Ryker told me to say hi. He hasn't been in touch lately, as he's been so engaged in his usual placeholder boredom as he says, but he's going to call you next week to refresh your common college memories.
  12. 12. Other than that, nothing much going on. I'm still studying incredibly hard.
  13. 13. And still getting to know more sims from my class and all that fun stuff. I'm planning we might have a dorm party some time this week, that should be fun and a good opportunity to get to know the other first years a bit better.
  14. 14. Speaking of parties, please tell everyone thanks for the last one. It was fun to see everyone and have a break from studying. I hope the kids enjoyed their first touch with campus life.
  15. 15. And tell Grandpa I'm sorry about his dinner company. Well, he's been a student, he knows what some cows are like. At least he said that the mac and cheese tasted just like it used to. Whether he meant that as a compliment, I'm not sure.
  16. 16. Who'd think the party that gets the cops over is the one the student throws for his family, by the way? Too bad, we were just starting to have fun. But at least my friends were impressed, said something about my folks knowing how to party. Anyway, they were totally cool about you guys hanging around. Actually some of them said they'd been visiting older siblings on campus themselves when they were teens, or they had younger friends who sometimes came over.
  17. 17. Well, I think I gotta go now, I have to write my term paper and some important stuff.
  18. 18. I'll call you on Tuesday after sunset and after my essay deadline, unless I get fried to death on the way to class or something. Kidding, kidding! Anyway, talk to you soon, please say hi to everyone. Love, Cyrus P.S. Have you heard from Sunny? Or, well, you know, the murderous guy? It's peaceful around here, no signs of anything strange.
  19. 19. "Hello? Cyrus, is that you?" ... "Hi, this is Mom. Thanks for your email, your Dad showed it to me. I'm sorry we haven't gotten back to you. We would have, but... There's... Well, there's been something that has kept us from doing that." ... "Cyrus, I'm sorry to tell you but your Grandfather passed away last night." ... "I know. He would have wanted that too, but since you can only visit after sunset, there was no way to arrange for that. I'm sorry."
  20. 20. "Well, it wasn't a full surprise of course, we all knew he was getting very old. But he was perfectly healthy, although missing Nicole greatly. He did everything he used to do, competed George for Chunni's attention..."
  21. 21. "... made everyone his wonderful grilled cheese..."
  22. 22. "... spent time with his kids and grandkids, as usual. So none of us couldn't really believe it'd be so close."
  23. 23. "Even in the evening he was very much his usual self. Charlie had brought a date for dinner, and Adrian was happily getting to know 'the young lady' while drinking his evening coffee."
  24. 24. "But after the dinner he got up and seemed to be looking somewhere into the distance. He seemed as if he wasn't entirely present anymore."
  25. 25. "I think it was then that we knew. There seemed to be this cold breeze from nowhere, and Adrian seemed somehow perfectly calm. It still comforts us to think of how calm he was. He must have known he was going back to Nicole."
  26. 26. "Adrian was sad to be leaving us behind, but he knew he had to do what he had to do. There is no negotiating with the Reaper at that point."
  27. 27. "So he embraced the new adventure and moved on."
  28. 28. "And the last time any of us saw him, he looked very happy."
  29. 29. "The rest of us were devastated, of course. Your Dad is taking it especially hard. Adrian was so dear to him, and it hadn't even been all that long since he lost Nicole." ... "We'll be okay. We're all sad of course, but we still have each other. Adrian was very important to us, but we just... we just have to accept that it was his time." ... "Thank you, Cyrus. We appreciate it. I will tell your father, too. Right now he doesn't feel up for talking yet, but I'm sure he'll be better soon." ... "We'd all be very glad if you did. Especially your Dad would be very happy to see you. He needs something to take his mind off things for a while. How about tomorrow night? I'll be making pork chops for dinner."
  30. 30. "Yes, your sister and brother are pretty upset, too. They went to school today, but seemed very tired and sad when they came back. Charlie was in fact asking when you're coming home, and I told him probably soon." ... "I will. They'll be happy to hear that."
  31. 31. "It's funny, by the way..." ... ... "Are you coping, Cyrus? I know this must have been terrible to you, hearing it on the phone..." "Well, Cyrus, you see... Your father woke me up in the middle of the night last night. And he said that he felt something. As if his ... father was still there." "Alright. You try to hang on there, go do that assignment. ... Tomorrow night will be family night, everyone will be happy to see you. I'll have dinner ready at about eight, is that alright?" "I know. But for the smallest of moments, I think I felt something too. Adrian's presence was clear. And C seemed to know it too. ... She said something about it being a family tradition." "Good. Don't go anywhere before the sun has properly set, I don't ... want you taking any risks. Travel safe, see you tomorrow." "I know it's a little odd. But I think it was of great comfort to ... Baudolino, so I am happy about this tradition." "I love you too, sweetie. Bye."
  32. 32. Rest in peace, Adrian Bookacy, generation A heir. Ever since college, you aspired the great grilled cheese, and were quite successful in cramming sandwiches down your gullet – and everyone else's gullets, too. You managed to eat well over 200 grilled cheese sandwiches in your lifetime, and in addition topped the Showbusiness career. Most of all, in any case, you were a loving husband to your wife and father to three children, whom you all loved at least as much as your grilled cheese. Together with Nicole, you also grandfathered five adorable grandchildren, with the same love and tenderness you have always shown in everything you do. Rest in peace, Adrian. We will all miss you.
  33. 33. "Hello, Cyrus, it's Dad here." "Yes, I'm feeling much better now. Seeing you made us all feel better, and then both Beth and Bill visited us last week. It makes ... us remember that we're not alone." "Good to hear your voice, how has college been?" ... "That's very nice to hear. Sounds like you're having fun." ... "Thanks for the latest by the way, it was good to see you. Everyone told me to say hi." ...
  34. 34. "Well, it's mostly been the usual. Your mother made me go back to the toy business with George, and I think she was right, it did good for me to see all the sims again and work on a set goal."
  35. 35. "The business is doing very well, thanks. Our biggest problem lately has been the lack of queuing space, sims have had to wait for their turn in the children's reading corner. And I've had to work quite hard, being the only one who knows how to properly use the cash register. But working hard has felt good, too."
  36. 36. "The kids are doing okay. They've turned to each other for support and it's been good for them both."
  37. 37. "Otherwise, well, you know your sister. She's been going out with all these sims, most of them boys of her age. Some of them related and on a friend basis, some not so much. I think she's enjoying herself. And thanks to her secondary knowledge aspiration, she also enjoys the scholarship hunt."
  38. 38. "As for Charlie, well, you can pretty much guess what he's been up to. I think he told me yesterday that his current first date count is six." ... "Yeah, I talked to her briefly a few days ago. She said she's working on it, but as she said, some of the ingredients are very hard to get. She wanted to know if you've noticed anything unusual, any odd sensations or anything like that." ... "Good, good. She told me that if you start noticing anything odd, you should tell me or your mother right away, so we can sort it out."
  39. 39. "No, there's no news on Salahuddin. He's being watched of course, as closely as possible, but there haven't been any signs of life from his side." ... "Well, we don't know the exact coordinates of his lair, as you know. The police has been on the lookout for him, but with no success. He's apparently protected against intruders. Aadam actually tried to go back to his father's place once, to find out if Salahuddin is up to something, but only ended up getting lost in the woods and had to call the Sean and the police team for help." ... "Yeah, we think so. We consulted Sunny, and she said that's exactly the kind of vampire protection magic she'd heard of. Even Aadam, who lived there for years, can't find the lair."
  40. 40. "So at least for now we don't know what he's up to. Sean, who's now in charge of the operation, reports that there have been no sightings of anyone who would match the description. They're watching all Alphabetia, and especially the area where the lair supposedly is, but so far have come out empty-handed."
  41. 41. "Well, Sean's theory is that he is probably staying mostly in his lair, possibly weaving another plot. We have no way of knowing, really, but I doubt he's just sitting around and grieving for the son and daughter he lost due to his plots. I don't think he has the humanity for that anymore."
  42. 42. "Aadam? Oh, he's doing alright. He recently took Joy and the girls for a vacation to Three Lakes, and he said it did good for the whole family." ... "Well, he said he can't just live in fear forever. And of course they're under the best protection money can buy, and they're also being closely watched by the police forces. They should be alright."
  43. 43. "Aadam also had his birthday this past week, as I think your Mom might have mentioned." ... "Well, it was nice, just a small family gathering with just the closest relatives." ... "Yes, Marsha was there, 'of course', she would tell you. Aadam said he didn't deserve forgiveness, but she insisted on forgiving him anyway. She said he did just as he had to in that situation, and she wasn't going to hold it against him." ... "You said it. Marsha rocks."
  44. 44. "Well, I think he's liking it. It was about time, he's been on his father's elixir so long. Joy isn't too far behind him, and the girls will probably go to college about the same time as Charlie. And as Aadam said himself, Salahuddin isn't looking for an old man."
  45. 45. "But yeah, other than that, life is as usual around here. We've all found ways to deal with our loss, and it's starting to feel like life is worth living again."
  46. 46. "Well, of course it still occasionally hurts, but we know we'll survive."
  47. 47. "Oh, George just walked by and told me to deliver his greetings to the young master." ... "He's well, taking good care of us as usual, helping around the house and especially the garden. He seems to quite like the work, he is getting quite enthusiastic about it." ... "Yeah, he's still seeing Count Pao. He's been of great comfort to George now that he's lost both his old masters."
  48. 48. "I think they are getting quite close these days. There's rarely a night when one or the other doesn't make the phone call for a date. Count Pao sounds like a nice man, and George seems very happy nowadays." ... "Yeah, it's very nice, I'm happy for him too. But I think I should be going now, it's my turn to fix dinner and the kids are probably getting pretty hungry by now." ... "Alright then. Take care, have fun, and we'll call you again soon. Be safe!"
  49. 49. "Hello, son! How's life in the dorm world?" ... "Good, good. Us? Well, I did have something to announce everyone really... Can you guess who is permanent platinum?" ... "Well, actually, both of us."
  50. 50. "Isn't it? We've been working for it for so long, and now we've finally both achieved our goals!" ... "Well, your mother did it first. She called you about that big promotion, didn't she?"
  51. 51. "I thought so. So anyway, Marylena came home one day from Poseidon's office with such a bright smile, and said she'd finally earned those 100 000 simoleans. I'd thought it'd take a little longer yet, I hadn't kept track, but she'd known for a while it'd be so soon."
  52. 52. "Well, after we'd celebrated a with a nice dinner, she told me that now it was about time to go work on those last few levels of the toy shop. After all, it was all that I had left to do for my goal. So Marylena kindly promised to help me, and we drove to Tyke's Tower Toys the very next day."
  53. 53. "She's become quite the saleswoman, your mother. She was very, very helpful with the selling."
  54. 54. "She also helped with the restocking while I did what I do best: sold toddler toys to relatives with teenage children."
  55. 55. "She took turns with George, who was getting pretty good at restocking, too."
  56. 56. "Or well, really we all took turns doing everything. I just always kept forgetting that using the cash register is so hard for all the others. Well, luckily our relatives are mostly the patient type."
  57. 57. "Both Beth and Bill showed up to show their support for my last business. It was really nice to see them." ... "Well, your aunt is doing just fine. She said she, Sean and Carl took a holiday on Twikkii lately and that it was a lot of fun. Carl is doing great in school despite having girls in the head. He's about Cho's age, so it's not too long until you'll see him on campus."
  58. 58. "As for Bill, he's working on his fourth business now. He said it's closing in on level four. Ira is still in the crime business and involved in the family protection. Claire is about Cho's age, and I think I've actually seen her more often than my brother, since the two girls are so close. She's also getting all excited about college, so I suspect you'll soon be living together with three romancers. Good luck with that."
  59. 59. "Anyway, as I was saying, everything went swimmingly. Sims kept buying and giving us stars at a steady rate. I even earned the gold restocking badge when it was my turn to keep the shelves full."
  60. 60. "And then, suddenly, it was all over. We had received the last needed star, and I knew I was permanent platinum. The feeling was amazing." ... "Thanks. It's a good feeling, after all the work for the businesses. A really good feeling."
  61. 61. "Well, then we just closed the business for the day and headed home. It was about time. But how about you, was the last party fun?"
  62. 62. "Charlie! Hey, bro, good to hear from you!" ... "Nothing really, I should study a bit yet today, my finals are approaching. But otherwise just hanging around with buddies. I think I should call Ryker, he probably would like someone to chat. Well, a bit over a semester and he'll get some company. But what about you, what have you been up to?"
  63. 63. "Really? Wouldn't have guessed that."
  64. 64. "Oh. Now I really wouldn't have guessed that!" ... "Hey little bro, I'm just teasing! Is she fun to be with?"
  65. 65. "Uh-huh. Your type of girl then, I guess."
  66. 66. "Well of course she liked Don't Wake the Llama. Who doesn't?" ... "Well, glad you had fun. Bring her over to the dorm some time so I can see who this young lady is. Or whoever you might be seeing the next time we talk." ... "Okay, sounds good. So, what else have you been doing?"
  67. 67. "Oh. The whole deal, like dinner and everything?" ... "That sounds nice."
  68. 68. "Alright, bro, you gotta slow down, I can't keep track of them anymore! What did you say her name was again?"
  69. 69. "Uh-huh. Sounds like you had a fun time." ... "Hey listen. I think I gotta rephrase that 'or whoever you might be seeing' thing." ... "No, no, by all means! Just... don't bring them all at once, I don't think there's enough space in the dorm!"
  70. 70. "So have you actually done anything but date?" ... "The usual, I see. I've got an assignment due soon, too. What about your sister, how is she?"
  71. 71. "Good to hear that. So you've actually been dating more than "Yeah, I didn't know them very well, but I remember you making her?" friends with them when we were younger. So you and Cho have been hanging out with them?" ... ... "Well, that's true. She has the secondary aspiration. And her teen efforts wouldn't really count anyway. Well, good to hear she's "Cool. I guess I might get to know them better when they hit having fun, too." campus." ... "Yeah, I remember them. The eldest is Corinna and the twins are Chloe and Calista, right? And we're, wait, second cousins?" ...
  72. 72. "How's George doing, by the way?" ... "Gardening? Oh right, the greenhouse and so. I was thinking that we have a gardener, but yeah, not for that. How's that going?" ... "So he'll be getting the gold badge soon, then." ... "Yeah, I bet. He must be pretty enthusiastic about it already."
  73. 73. "And he's still dating Count Pao?" "What, a third stereo and a telescope? What are you guys going to do with that stuff?" ... ... "Cool. So which one of you is dating more, you or him?" "Well, I suppose some fun objects at the Greek House wouldn't ... hurt. Say thanks to George for that." "I thought so, about equal. I take it they're having fun." ... "I suppose you can interpret the bouquets and presents that way." ...
  74. 74. "So Mom and Dad like actually, officially met him? Cool. Did they like him?" ... "I thought so. What did you think?" ... "Yeah. George seems to have gotten really lucky. Did he stay for dinner?"
  75. 75. "How are Mom and Dad otherwise?" ... "Good, good. They've deserved the time off, it's good they don't take the working overboard anymore." ... "Of course, I don't see them quitting any time soon or anything, they'll always be wanting to earn. But some rest and relaxation can't be bad for them."
  76. 76. "And C completed another collection of elixir? Well she must be pleased about that." ... "Yeah. But hey, listen, Charlie, it was really cool to hear from you. Now I think I should go, a friend of mine just came here, I promised to play catch with him earlier." ... "Alright. Say hi to everyone, I'll call again some time this week yet. Oh, and shouldn't Cho be getting ready for college already? The next semester is almost here, you know."
  77. 77. "Hey Mom." ... "Oh yeah, they got here alright. No worries." ... "Well, they'd actually been here all day, but I had to stay in the coffin because of the sun, so I only met them in the evening."
  78. 78. "Yeah, she called me from the cab on the way here. She said she'd said her goodbyes in the late evening, and would probably make it only after sunrise, so she told me not to wait for her. She was going to collect Claire and Carl first too, so it was going to take some time."
  79. 79. "So yeah, they made it here alright. They wanted to meet me before they went anywhere, so by the evening they were pretty frustrated with their outfits and so. So as the first thing the three romancers dragged me out to do shopping." ... "Yeah, well, romancers. First things first you know. They spent the day having fun together and getting to know the places around the dorm. Some of the dormies, too." ... "Yeah, she turned out pretty. I suppose I would say 'gorgeous' if she wasn't my sister."
  80. 80. "Yeah well, as you could guess, she took her time picking out the outfit and deciding on a new hairdo. Even Claire got bored, and they're best buddies so that's saying something. The rest of us tried to keep ourselves entertained while she was picking the clothes."
  81. 81. "Yeah, Carl was there too. He, too, wanted to look cool to impress the ladies. He didn't spend nearly as much time on it, though." ... "Yeah, well, I actually didn't know Carl nearly as well as I knew Claire – she's been hanging around at our place much more often – but we're getting along just fine. We had time to shoot some pool while the girls were shopping for clothes."
  82. 82. "Well, otherwise not so much going on. I spent yesterday pretty much cleaning places so the girls wouldn't freak out when they first got here." ... "Well, yeah, it's a dorm. They'll get used to it. But I like to clean."
  83. 83. "It sounds like Cho found the guitar that's been here like since ... Grandpa was at college or something." "Alright, say hi to everyone. I'll call you soon again." ... ... "Yeah, it still sounds brand new. And we don't mind the tips we get from the dormies playing." "Love you too, Mom. Bye!" ... "Yeah. Alright, so they got here just fine and all is well. I think I gotta go now and try to entertain my cousins. They also said some of the extended family had moved at the same time as they and now live in another dorm a short way from here. They were already talking about throwing a party together some time. So they're all settled in I guess."
  84. 84. "Hey Mom, it's me." ... "Yeah, Cyrus said you'd talked to him and I figured I could make a call myself." ... "No, don't be silly, Mom, it's not that expensive! We can manage the phone bill." ... "Well we'll let you know if we don't, I promise."
  85. 85. "Well, it's been the usual here. Me and Claire have been taking turns at the guitar, it's really cool. Tell Dad thanks for forgetting it at the dorm again." ... "Or well, C. Maybe she should forget it again when we leave."
  86. 86. "Carl, on the other hand, immediately took up dancing with the dormie girls and getting to know them. He's such a player." ... "Yeah, and I'm a romance sim myself. Coming from me, that's saying something."
  87. 87. "The latest rumors? Well, Carl has been seen hanging out with a certain girl quite often. Her name is Veronica GilsCarbo, and she seems pretty nice. They seem to like each other's company."
  88. 88. "No, they're not going exclusive or anything, Mom. I'd be worried over my cousin if they were."
  89. 89. "But they do hang out a lot."
  90. 90. "Claire? I don't think she's found anyone she particularly likes yet. Not that the guys don't try. Like this guy Trevor, I think he's alright, but Claire said she was bored." ... "Well she's bound to find someone she likes sooner or later. Most likely several someones."
  91. 91. "Well, I've gotten to meet some of the dormie guys. They're mostly very nice."
  92. 92. "No, no one in particular. They're all nice, but with so many of them around, I haven't really gotten the chance to get to know anyone that well yet."
  93. 93. "Cyrus? Well, there isn't really anything juicy going on with him. He's just not that interested in romancey stuff and all that. Actually, C says that if she didn't intervene, he'd probably spend the nights cleaning everything that moves and primping every now and then, all in his pajamas."
  94. 94. "Don't worry, he's not becoming a loner or anything. C takes care that he eats - when he goes to class, he's usually pretty hungry in the evening – and that he socializes some."
  95. 95. "He and Carl have been getting to know each other better, doing guy stuff together and so. It's not been that easy as they have so different sleeping schedules, but I think they now consider each other friends."
  96. 96. "Oh, I almost forgot: I pledged in the Greek House the other day. Called Ryker and asked him to come over and all that."
  97. 97. "He seems like a nice guy. Living together with him should be fun. Cyrus is already planning his move there. I think I'll stay in the dorms for a while with Charlie so he doesn't have to start college all alone."
  98. 98. "Sure I got in. That was no big deal, really. Surely we all will be in in no time."
  99. 99. "Anyway, I think I should go now. We should... err... work on a ... school project together. We're... umm... yeah, writing our term papers together." "No, I don't know yet when we'll be coming home. Let's talk about that later okay?" ... ... "Damn Cyrus." "Okay. Talk to you soon. Love you, bye!" ... "Yeah, we'll have fun at the games night. The boys must be setting up the stuff as we speak. Or Carl anyway, he doesn't have to watch out for sunlight." ... "Alright, we will. You too."
  100. 100. Meanwhile, in a small and less than popular pub in the shadier areas of Alphabetia downtown. There was only one customer in the pub, leaning on the counter in deep thoughts and drinking heavily. Until a second one arrived. "Oh my goodness, are my eyes deceiving me? Is that...?"
  101. 101. "Yes, it is me. I would not recommend saying the name out loud, mr. Tellerman", said the customer at the counter. "Mind if I have a seat?" the newcomer asked. "If you please", the other man shrugged. "Thanks, mr. Ch-" "Mr. Tellerman." "Thanks, mr. Smith. Now tell me, have you been hiding under a rock or something? And what's happened to you, you don't even look like yourself anymore!" Komei Tellerman looked at Salahuddin Chamcha from head to toe, and shook his head. "That is the meaning, mr. Tellerman", Salahuddin replied dryly. "Well, I guessed as much, but what is it that's going on with you? Aren't things going well?"
  102. 102. "That, dear mr. Tellerman, is a long story."
  103. 103. "I have time, mr. Smith. Bartender, I'll have something for the thirst, please. And then we'd like some privacy, alright?" "You may do wisely to acquire several at once, mr. Tellerman." "I'm prepared. Just shoot, will you?"
  104. 104. "Very well". Salahuddin said and begun. "It all begun many, many years ago, when I was a young sim, newly imported to Alphabetia. I was happy, life provided some wonderful opportunities for someone like myself. I lived in a beautiful and well equipped house, and had many possibilities to enhance my knowledge of the world around me. But then, one day..." "A girl?" "A fine lady. Legacy foundress." "I knew it. There's always a girl." "Well, in any case, she walked into my life on a beautiful, sunny afternoon. Author was her name. We soon became friends, and..."
  105. 105. "... and at that moment, her husband, the Grand Vampire, told me that she had died the previous night." "Ouch." "I do not have a clear recollection of the next moments. It was only later that I came to notice that I had collapsed on the floor. During that time, something caused our hostage, Rebecca, to behave unexpectedly. She rose from her chair, and as if a sleepwalker, walked to the gate that was supposedly locked..."
  106. 106. "... after all, I am only attempting to bring back to life someone they all love. The choice was easy, the Mayor only needed to realize that I was not intending to harm anyone, not unless I absolutely needed to. But at that exact moment, we were interrupted by the police forces..."
  107. 107. "... and since that day, I have not been able to contact my only son", Salahuddin finished bitterly, taking a long sip from his drink. "That hurts. Have you tried?" "It is as if he has disappeared into thin air. I have attempted to call him, but the number is no longer in use. I cannot thoroughly look for his apartment, since it is certainly under strict surveillance. Nor have I received any information from my usual informants. Apparently my son no longer wants anything to do with me. Nor does my adopted daughter." "I see." "I may not have done everything right, but..." Salahuddin couldn't finish.
  108. 108. "Now listen buddy, cheer up!" Komei Tellerman started, "I know things are bad, but it doesn't mean they can't be fixed. Now I don't think I can help you with your son, if he's decided he doesn't want to see you..." "Neither can I, he is beyond my reach." Salahuddin said quietly and went on: "If only his mother was here, surely she would know what to do..." "Maybe she could talk to him", Komei suggested. "Perhaps. But she has been dead for generations. I have lost her." "But we both know she can be brought back! In fact, I think I might be able to help you with that." "Why would you, mr. Tellerman?"
  109. 109. "Well, let's say I might have my reasons." "Perhaps you should elaborate on that, mr. Tellerman." "Well, to help an old friend is the first that comes to mind. Secondly, I'm not too fond of these 'Legacy' families myself. What are us townies to them except promotion buddies and general aspiration fodder? Especially in these 'old style Legacies' where only service sims are worth looking at twice. It's always 'Komei, come here, I need to make a friend for the next promotion', 'Komei, I need you to be one of those meaningless 20 woohoos' or 'Komei, you're not handsome enough for this family, please go away'. I hear it's pretty much the same for you playables." "I suppose one could say that", Salahuddin replied. "The story of your life, right? Believe me, buddy, I know how you feel." He kept a pause. "So why wouldn't I help an old friend if I can? I don't think us townies and playables should just sit around and wait for the next time we get used by the 'Legacy family'. We should do something."
  110. 110. "What are you suggesting?" Salahuddin asked. "Well, we've both worked in the Science career. We've heard the rumors. There is a way to bring back the dead." "Yes", Salahuddin nodded, "A device called the Resurrect-o-Nomitron. But creating such a device would require a position in the Paranormal career, which is currently protected by law, due to the actions of Author's late husband." "A law?" "Yes. Only people from certain, prestigious families are allowed to hold positions in the career." "And let me guess, 'certain, prestigious families' are those that are related to the Bookacies?" "I would not be surprised."
  111. 111. "Well, mr. Smith. I have a thought: you are in the Criminal career currently, and so am I", started Komei, "Criminals have ways to do things. Me and my league are currently working on a big counterfeiting operation, the business is going just great and we expect even greater profits as it progresses. So why don't you join us? You'd get a cut of the profits, and you could learn some useful things." "What are you implying, mr. Tellerman?" "Well, I mean that you could become a very good forger, learn from the best. And by forging, you could produce the paperwork required for the Paranormal career." "That sounds like an excellent plan. There is only one problem with that", said Salahuddin with a small, sad smile. "I no longer have a college educated associate."
  112. 112. Komei fell silent. "Oh, I'm sorry. I got so excited over a plan that would fit my purposes as well that I forgot." He looked sad. Salahuddin sighed. "Thank you for your kindness, mr. Tellerman. I appreciate it. I believe it is time for me to return home if I do not desire to be affected by sunlight. I am sorry to have bothered you with my personal worries." He got up. "You haven't bothered me at all. If there's anything I can do for you..." Komei stopped in mid-sentence.
  113. 113. "You know what, mr. Smith? I think there really might be something I can do to help." So, dear reader, this is where I have to leave you this time. I hope you have enjoyed this 27th installment of the Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures. Welcome back for the next chapter on a Dreamwidth account near you, and until then, happy simming!