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A Piratical Legacy Chapter 28 - Consequences


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A Piratical Legacy Chapter 28 - Consequences

  1. 1. Chapter 28 – ConsequencesA Piratical LegacyChapter 28:Consequences
  2. 2. Momentous events were happening across the street from Buccaneer Manor at the Toyonaga house on Pirate Island... and Coxinga Buccaneer,eldest generation six scion of the main legacy house and spare extraordinaire... was completely oblivious to it."Hmm... wonder why theres all those people standing around in Justinians yard?" he mused to himself as he pulled open the taxi door. Then heshrugged. "Probably none of my business. Driver, take me to the airport... Im heading to college!"
  3. 3. Inside the house, his younger sister and the generation six heiress to the Buccaneer familys Piratical Legacy, was also oblivious. Of course, shetended to ignore whatever was happening at the Toyonaga house these days after an unfortunate date-gone-wrong with Justinian Toyonaga."This private school uniform really does suit me," she grinned to herself as she checked out her lovely teenaged form in her parents bedroommirror. "Scholarly, yet flirtatious." Something caught her eye and she stared at the mirror a little closer. "Eww! Is that a zit? Gross!"With a sigh of dismay Shih headed to her bedroom to pull out the industrial-sized pot of anti-acne cream."Shiiiiiih!" she heard from the kitchen as she passed by the doorway.
  4. 4. Seated in the out-of-this-world high chair just inside the kitchen was Ching Shihs baby half-brother, Borusa. The chair was green, the bottle wasgreen, and he was green. Pretty soon, Shih knew, Borusa would be surrounded by a bright nimbus."Hmm... maybe I ought to help out with potty-training," she said to herself, but then shook her head. Shed already taught the tyke to walk and talk.Or was it Borusas twin, Spandrell, that she had helped teach those skills?
  5. 5. Somehow, the boys had gotten onto wildly separate schedules. While Borusa had only just awoken from his nap and was having his bottle,Spandrell had been up for hours and was fully occupied in banging out tunes on the familys battered old toy xylophone."Zing!" he crowed as he watched the multi-coloured music notes float through the air."Thats right," Auntie Gertie nodded as she scooped Spandrell into her arms and carried him downstairs to his crib. "Zings gone to college!""No!" Spandrell pouted. "Zing zong! Zinga zobba zooba, noobop nooboo!"Gertie had to admit that the sound of her nephew singing his favorite nursery rhyme was pretty darned cute.
  6. 6. Still, Gertie was glad to have both boys occupied. With Spandrell down for his nap, and Borusa eating his breakfast, the Grilled Cheese eater couldfocus on doing what she did best... eating grilled cheese sandwiches."Bottoms up!" Gertie grinned as she rubbed her hands together and conjured a toasty sandwich seemingly from nowhere. "Only a dozen more ofthese babies," she mumbled as she crammed the food into her mouth, "and I never even have to look at cheese again..."
  7. 7. She stood in one place and just kept on shoveling the sandwiches "I think youve all just forgotten how to listen," I said. "By the way,down... and before she knew it, she was done! Im not up in the sky. Im down the street and across the bridge... remember?""Whoa!" Gertie crowed. "I feel different! This is awesome!" "Really?"Congratulations, Gertie Buccaneer. You ate 200 grilled cheesesandwiches between your young adult and adult years. Im so happy "You havent wondered at the large number of blue-skinned peopleyou managed to finish it before you grew up to elder... a date which wandering around the neighborhood?"isnt really that far away. "I just thought they were zombies, like Don and Sejanus.""Me too, Goddess," Gertie said, grinning up at the sky (presumablyat me). "Me too. Say, you havent talked to the family in a really long "Errr... perhaps I ought to start taking a more active role in thingstime... why now?" again," I muttered. "Wait a minute... Sejanus?"
  8. 8. While I left the computer for a bit to see what had really been happening outside of the legacy family over the past few updates, Generation 5Spouse Lee Buccaneer spent some quality time with his alien progeny. Borusa was now well and truly irradiated, and Spandrell had woken upfrom his nap."Just think, boys," he said to both of them as they played on the corner of the deck, "Pretty soon it will be your birthdays! Heck, pretty soon it willbe my birthday! Were all getting older.""Bunny says not old," Spandrell said. "Bunny says... like fine wine?""Wheres that old thing from, anyway?" Lee said, his eyes widening as he did indeed hear a phrase that sounded much like what Spandrell hadparroted issue forth from the rabbit toys plastic mouth. He picked the toy up and looked at the bottom. "A Product of the Pirate Island Syndicate.Whatever you do, dont say Activate three times while blindfolded. The Pirate Island Syndicate takes no responsibility for any detonations that mayresult."
  9. 9. Dear Mr. Jim,How are you doing? Im doing really well. My big brother Zing went to Paris for college a few weeks ago so the house has felt pretty empty, butsince weve got my two younger alien half-brothers now that helps to fill up the void. A couple of days ago there was a big kerfuffle when my dadfound out that the boys toy rabbit doubles as an explosive device. Mom isnt supposed to get toddler toys from my Great-Uncle Jack anymore. Iguess the pirate blood is a lot thicker in Uncle Jack than it is in our generation of the family... we arent nearly as ruthless or bloodthirsty as Impretty sure hes capable of being. Well, except for my friend Toshiko. Shes a throwback, even though shes adopted.Anyway, Im blathering on about inconsequentialities so Id best end this email now. Plus, I told my parents Id watch the boys for a minute and Idbest make sure they havent wandered off.-- Shih
  10. 10. "Shih! For the fifth time, will you come and get your brother?"
  11. 11. While Ching Shih rescued Borusa from being traumatized for life (and averted her own gaze lest she also be mentally damaged), Andrew keptSpandrell from getting into trouble."Soon is your birthday, yes little one?" he grinned as he bounced the toddler on his hip. "Soon is Andrews birthday too. And Mr. Mickles. Cannotforget scary voodoo doll.""Mickles?""You must always placate the Mickles," Andrew intoned solemnly. "If you do, he is your best friend. If not ... powerful enemy.""Ememeone?""Something like that."
  12. 12. I dont know if it was the talk of Mickles, or the sound of toddlerish laughter in the house, but that night Roche haunted for the first time. I wassurprised to see him, considering how happy and rejuvenated hed looked in the afterlife."Thats true, Goddess, but I miss my family a bit," Roche said. "You cant blame an old man for looking in on his grandkids occasionally, canyou?""Not at all, Roche," I said with a smile."Oh, congrats on getting the whole Roman affair cleaned up," Roche added as he drifted off to scare Shih."Roman affair?"I made a mental note to seriously look into things.
  13. 13. Obviously the "Roman Affair", whatever that may be, was the furthest thing from Shih and her favorite cousin Livs minds. The two of them weremuch more concerned with going out and having fun.One thing both girls had discovered was a brand new liking for hobbies. While they werent necessarily supremely athletic, Shih and Liv had afantastic time playing basketball in the courtyard at the youth centre.
  14. 14. And when they got tired of that, they headed inside to dance andshoot some pool. "We should go visit them sometime," Liv said. "I heard that they want to start breeding dogs, and Uncle Nick did inherit Grandmas"Im so glad youre still hanging around," Liv said a bit wistfully. pet store.""My house seems so empty nowadays, with Uncle Nick and UncleGreen living in Grandmas old house and Hugo off at university. I "I want a puppy," Shih said dreamily. "Or a kitten. When Im themiss them all." heir, Im going to adopt at least one cat, maybe two. Feline behaviour is fascinating.""Yeah, Grandmas house is way up in the back of beyond, isnt it,"Shih agreed. "I havent been out to see Uncle Nick, Uncle Green, and "Whatever you say," Liv snorted. She looked at her watch. "Anyway,the puppies in ages." Id better jet... see ya tomorrow at your brothers birthday party!"
  15. 15. The next evening, Lee reluctantly finished singing just one last song to Borusa. "Come on, kiddo," he said fondly. "Time for you to grow up... wecant put it off any longer. The guests are all here!""Party!" Borusa burbled. "Hooray! All just for me?""Well, for you and your brother," Lee said, scooping Borusa into his arms and walking out to the brightly lit porch where the guests wereassembled around the birthday cake.
  16. 16. "But Im first!" Borusa crowed happily. "Because Im the oldest!""Indeed you are," Lee said, bending low over the now brightly glowing birthday cake. As everyone sang, he whispered in Borusas ear. "Make awish!"Borusa screwed his eyes shut, then blew out the candles in a spray of saliva."Errr... I think Ill have a piece from Spandrells cake," Grace said, but she retracted that and took the option of having cookies instead once she sawSpandrell repeat his twins performance.As for the boys, they rushed off to change their clothes and their hair.
  17. 17. "This is awesome!" Spandrell said, waving his arms wildly. "Now we match! I bet nobody can tell us apart! That means that if you ever get agirlfriend, and I ever get a girlfriend, we could trade and they wouldnt even be able to tell!""But why would we want to do that?" Spandrell asked, scratching his head. "Girls are gross, but even if they werent I dont think Id want to share.Itd be fun fooling all our friends, but were pretty easy to tell apart.""Do you think so?" Borusa shrugged."Um, you kind of dont have a nose," Spandrell pointed out. "Lets get back to the party and cake and smustling and stuff, okay?""I guess..." Borusa nodded. "Do you think were too young to start looking for girlfriends now, Borusa?""Yes!"
  18. 18. When the party ended and bedtime rolled around, the twins sat happily on their new beds, hastily installed in their nook of the nursery."Its so cool being grown up," Spandrell declared. "But I wish we had our own room.""That makes three of us," Shih said sleepily from her corner of the bedroom. "Could you kids turn out the light and go to sleep? School startsawfully early...""Awww man..." the twins chorused in unison.
  19. 19. And now we must leave the Buccaneer household for a time and see how the rest of the families in the neighborhood are doing. I finally had thetime to investigate all the things that had been going on while I was paying attention to other things, and I was appalled! Appalled!Sejanus Toyonaga, a zombie? A Roman plot? Simselves getting involved and completely overstepping their bounds? I was not amused.To be sure, it had been handled pretty well, though Sejanus was s till stuck as a zombie. But he seemed happy enough despite his inability to talk.His wife Ellen, at least, understood him just fine.
  20. 20. The family had torn down the house that Elisabeth and Shannon Toyonaga built oh so many generations ago. After everything that had happened,it held nothing but bad memories for them. They built a lovely new manor-style home on the same site as their old house and waited for life tosettle into a new routine.A lot had happened since Id last looked in on them. Not only had the Roman fiasco occurred, but Justinian had left for college. Grandma Tarapassed on to the great sandy beach in the sky, having been preceded by her husband even before the Romans started interfering. And CrassusToyonaga became a teenager.Crassus was a studious sort, and spent a lot of time on his schoolwork.
  21. 21. He skilled extra hard, too, and I think he spent a fair bit of his energy looking up potential cures for zombieism. He didnt find anything, but thatdidnt deter him.
  22. 22. And he investigated other paranormal activities too--the ones that could be cured, such as vampirism and lycanthropy, and the ones that couldnt.After a while, I left the family. They were obviously adjusting pretty well to the new status quo, and I decided theyd been interfered with enoughalready. But I made a note to look into a possible cure for Sejanus undeath myself. I hadnt intervened when Septimus and Octavia caused so muchhurt and destruction, and I felt I owed it to him.
  23. 23. Down the hill and around the corner, an entirely different sort ofsupernatural family was drowning in entirely too much pink. "No want geen," Rakshasi insisted. "Pink! And fowers! And bunnies!""Its Angoras fault, you know," Shere Khan told his baby sisterRakshasi. "Thats why the room is pink. This was her room before "Bein a fierce tiger--youre doin it wrong," Shere Khan said, shakingshe left for college." his head. "What in the world am I going to do with you, Shasi?""Like pink!" Rakshasi giggled. "Do want!" "Sing a song!""No," Shere Khan admonished her. "Do NOT want pink. Say it with "If you insist."me, Rakshasi. I can has grene?"
  24. 24. Though her big brother despaired of Rakshasi ever attaining proper tiger fierceness, she did show a definite preference for feline food throughouther toddler years.
  25. 25. "Now, now," Shere Khan scolded her as he scooped his sister up andcarried her back into her bepinkenated bedroom. "Cat food is not for "Dat not fud," Rakshasi complained. "That goop."people nomming." "No," Shere Khan said. He looked out of the window and gestured"OMNOMNOM!" Rakshasi insisted. towards the man walking past. "Thats Goop. The Goop is a lie, unless it wears plaid shorts and a cowboy shirt.""No," Shere Khan said firmly. "Hungry cat is hungry. Dont stealStevens fud." "Do not want!" Rakshasi shrieked. She clung to her brothers neck. "Is it can be naps tiem nao plz?""I can has cheezburger?" Rakshasi asked him, smiling sweetly. "Babysitting... Im doin it right," Shere Khan grinned as he lowered"I made you a cheezburger," Shere Khan admitted, "but I eated it. his sister into her crib. "Sweet dreams, and may Ceiling Cat watchSorry, Rakshasi... its rice pudding for you." over your sleep."
  26. 26. Once Rakshasi was safely ensconced in her crib and Grandpa Benjamin had returned from work, Shere Khan decided to go hunting for Ceiling Cathimself. With his boyfriend Zing away at college in Paris, it wasnt like he had anything else to do.
  27. 27. He found something all right, but it wasnt Ceiling Cat!At least, not unless Ceiling Cat is green, with protruding eyes and a penchant for proctological probing."DOOOOO NOOOOOOOT WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANT!"
  28. 28. "That was the best experience of my life!" Shere Khan exclaimed when the unearthly beings returned him home several hours later. "I gotta callZing! Wait! Is it can be phone tiems nao plz?" He looked at his watch. "As Zing would say, Do not want! ... its one in the morning in Paris. Well,actually Zing wouldnt say that. Impersonating mai bofyrend, im doin it rong."Still, Shere Khan was gleeful enough that he didnt actually go to sleep, he just hopped in the Energizer and then headed straight to the bookcase--an idea had just occurred to him."Will be has invisible baybeez bcuz I is still teen," he said to himself. "Alienspawn... DO WANT! But Im too young. But if boyz can has baybeez,I wonder..."
  29. 29. Speaking of babies, Shere Khan wasnt the only one with offspring on his mind.
  30. 30. "This is ridiculous," De* complained when she finally felt up to staggering downstairs and eating some breakfast. "Im a grandmother!""And apparently not too old to have babies," her daughter Morgan smirked. "So mom, whats it like being pregnant? Are you sick all the time? Doyou ever wish youd just adopted? Have you ever almost died?""This simself body of mine hates being pregnant," De muttered. "Every single time, I do almost die. Its pretty ridiculous, honestly. Not that Iwould undo having kids, you understand. I love all three of you, and Im happy about being pregnant too. I just wish Sarah believed inMaxmotives.""Im surprised she doesnt resort to it," Morgan said. "She plays five billion households.""She also doesnt appreciate fourth-wall breakage," De pointed out. "So wed better stop. On a different note, hows Toshi liking college?"
  31. 31. But well have to wait to find out how well Toshiko is enjoying college because its time to stop by the household of another simself who hasmarried into the legacy family."Okay, Lila, lets see you catch this!" Liv Pseudo grinned as she pulled a stick out of her inventory and threw it across the yard.Lila Pseudo, a puppy of indeterminate origin and breeding, yipped playfully and bounded off after the piece of wood. Liv had to giggle as the dogdragged it back--the branch was bigger than the dog was!As for Lila, she was just happy that one of her kids was still around to play with. Now that Hugo was gone away to university, Lila tended to mopearound unless one of her people was there to distract her.
  32. 32. Liv was still dating a lot, partly to fill her time now that she didnt have a big brother around to tease, but mostly because she just plain liked dating.Her friend Guido Thayer was one of the few sims that she hadnt tried dating a time or two, and she wasnt likely to do so. While Liv datedwhoever she felt she would have the most fun with at any given time, Guido was only interested in other guys."You totally gotta play Red Hands with me," Liv insisted. "Fun meter is tanking! Whining is about to commence! Cmon, Guido, save me frommyself!""Heh, if you insist," Guido chuckled.
  33. 33. The next morning was a Saturday, and one that Liv was looking forward to."So what are your plans for the day, dear?" her mother, Orikes*, asked as the family ate their breakfast cereal together."Im calling up Val," Liv said enthusiastically. "Im thinking I can get in a couple of decent dates today if the weather stays nice.""If it winds up raining you can always come in the house," her father, Will, pointed out. "Just cause we made your brother sleep outside in the tentwhile his girlfriend was visiting doesnt mean that we dont trust you to behave with your dates.""Yeah, how much harm can you come to jumping on the couch and playing SSX3?" Orikes asked.
  34. 34. Liv shrugged, put down her now-empty cereal bowl, and flounced off to call her favorite matchmaker, Valerie Tse."What you want?" the sage old woman asked as Liv plopped a substantial amount of money in her hand. "Boy? Girl? Not picky today?""Not picky," Liv grinned. "Someone who knows how to have fun. I have a hankering for some swings, and some juggling, and couch bouncing,and video games!""I think this one maybe do," Val nodded.
  35. 35. While Liv didnt strictly approve of black lipstick on anyone other than a vampire, she had to admit that Cory Wong was pretty cool. He almostmanaged to pull off the look.The two of them had a blast.
  36. 36. After Cory left, Liv decided she really didnt feel like having another date for a while, preferring instead to spend some quality time with her otherfavorite pets - the fishies.
  37. 37. And that brings us to the household of another two fish fans, Green and Nick Boolprop.There isnt much to say about these two this time around. Theyve happily settled into Maries old house and have pretty much remodeled the entireplace with the money they got from Maries life insurance policy. But theyve kept all of Maries pictures of her grandchildren up on the walls."So she can see them whenever she visits from beyond the grave," Nick said, when Green asked why they didnt return the photos to theirrespective subjects. "Plus... I like keeping them here. I wouldnt have minded having kids, but that didnt happen for us, so I have to live vicariouslythrough my siblings and spoil my nieces and nephews.""Heh, no argument from me," Green said amiably. "But now that Riches has grown up, we can start breeding him with Rags... puppies may not bechildren, but theyre certainly cuddly and cute!"
  38. 38. Nick kept his opinion of the progeny theyd get from Riches to himself.Aside: have any of you ever seen a weirder-looking dog from the adoption pool? Riches is kinda... special... isnt he?
  39. 39. My pondering of Nick and Greens potential puppies was cut short by take myself. All your sparklers are going to do is make your baththe sound of wailing from my simselfs bathroom. itch.""Mom to the rescue!" I announced as I sailed into the room. I took a "Fine," Hades grumbled, and stopped squirming long enough for mesquirming Hades from my husband Chris* arms. "Come on, to strip him and plunk him into the tub. Chris had managed to run thestinker... time to get you a bath." water, at least."No baff!" Hades complained. A little lightning crackled around his "I think I can take over from here," Chris said, kneeling down besidefingertips. "Doooooom!" me. "You have that meeting to run... remember?""Now you just put those sparkers away," I warned him. "Im the "Right," I said, looking at my watch. I was sort of looking forward toqueen of Zotz!ing and I make a point never to dish out what I cant this.
  40. 40. "Im sure you all know why Ive summoned you here," I said to the "None of that," I said.simselves who had been waiting patiently in my sewing room. Nobody spoke, but Jenn Ndainye* and Ruby Blue* exchanged"Not really," Professor Butters-Marius* said. significant (and slightly worried) glances."Is it because you want to give us all cookies?" Orikes asked. "In fact, Im here to address a serious breach in Legacy autonomy," I said sternly."Are you setting my ACR-autonomy to Never Try For A Baby once Igraduate?" Ephemeral Toast* asked hopefully. "I knew it!" a voice that sounded suspiciously like Michelles* rang out from the back of the room.
  41. 41. "I have to say Im a bit hurt that you guys didnt think to bring the situation with the Romans and the Toyonaga family to my attention," I began."And then... exercising your simself powers and getting involved in the plot? That wasnt a good idea.""Why not?" De called out from the very back. "You werent doing anything about it and you seemed otherwise... occupied.""Thats as may be," I said, "but my legacy neighborhood isnt really set up like any other ones. The Rules are different. And what you did hasconsequences that are considerably more far-reaching than you likely imagined.""What do you mean?" Denise Avidreader, a major player in the drama we all discussed, asked. "No matter what the consequences, I still wouldhave acted. It was my family."
  42. 42. "I mean that anyone who meddles in the plot of the legacy getscaught up in the legacy time stream," I said. I stared at each of them "Wait!" the Professor said, waving her arms in annoyance. "But Imin turn. only four days from Elder! Do you really mean Im going to age and everything?""But that means..." Pen* breathed as the reality of my words sank in."Were... mortal?" "I do," I said."Exactly," I said. "By interfering, youve implicitly consented to "But I dont feel any different," Ben* protested from the second row.joining the neighborhood rotation instead of merely being playedwhenever I feel like it. And that means that your ages dont get reset "Thats because it only kicks in when I notice it," I said. "And thatback to the beginning of the adult lifespan whenever you get too would be..."close to your birthdays."
  43. 43. ZOTZ!"," I finished.A room full of scorched simselves exchanged silent glances."I hope youve all got a lot of Elixir coming to you or youve made your peace with aging," I added. "Oh, and the aging thing? It applies to everysimself on the Island. Id suggest letting your friends and fellows know as soon as possible."
  44. 44. "Wait, what about me?" De, the only untouched individual, askedangrily. "How come I didnt get Zotz!ed?" "You really need to start reading the fine print when you agree to be installed in somebodys legacy hood," I shrugged. "Every author runsI had to think about that for a minute, and then I realized the reason. things differently. Anyway, look at it this way... getting played pretty much guarantees face time and legacy advertising. Whats not to like"Youre married to a Legacy Immortal," I shrugged. "His protection about that?"definitely would extend to you. Plus, youre pregnant--" A fewsnickers and gasps could be heard around the room. "--safe." I I left them alone for a while so the news could sink in, and I think byconcluded. the time they all left they were mostly over their annoyance. Between the group of them, they had a LOT of Elixir."Well, that kinda stinks," De said. "For all of us."
  45. 45. While the simselves figure out the implications of the mess theyve gotten Coxinga Buccaneerthemselves into, lets hop on a plane and pay a visit to Academie Le Tour, Toshiko Buccaneerlocated in Paris, France... and traditional locus of higher education for Pirate Athena DeityIsland residents and their family members. Diana Deity Sally DeityThe freshman class of Pirate Island locals and Buccaneer relatives is a big Hugo Pseudoone, spread out across three dorms: Toyonaga Legacy Dorms, Buccaneer Amar RamaswamiDorms, and Romara Dorms. Ephemeral Toast Justinian ToyonagaThe members of the class are: Delia WestSnoopy Avidreader Robin Zomg*Lainey BartheletToby Biggs The inhabitants of Toyonaga Legacy Dorms, pictured above, are (L-R,Angora Buccaneer back-front) Toby, Snoopy, Amar, Robin, and Hugo.
  46. 46. With all straight men and one gay woman, at least friendships were likely to remain intact and drama to a minimum within the dorm--or so onecould hope. ACR does dramatical things once sims hit university.Besides, just because romantic drama is somewhat restrained doesnt mean things will remain sunshine and butterflies. Im not sure what Toby andSnoopy are talking about here, but Toby doesnt look happy about it.Probably its Snoopys request that Toby not mack on any of the girls Snoopy has picked out for himself.
  47. 47. In any case, Toby quickly decided that no potential love interests within the dorm meant that it was time to party. He called up all of the otherdorms and invited every girl hed ever made out with as a teenager who happened to be there."Oh, and bring your roommates and friends!" he added before he hung up.
  48. 48. And before long, the guests had started arriving. Toast, it seemed, still bore the marks of my recent simself chastising.A few random dormies who were walking past as the party was getting started were also invited to join in the festivities, Komei-face and all.
  49. 49. Hugos pulse raced as he strode nonchalantly down the stairs to greet the arriving students."Lainey," he managed to say in a voice that betrayed none of his nervousness whatsoever. "You made it."
  50. 50. "Hugo Pseudo," his teenaged sweetheart said with a smile, "was there ever any doubt?"With almost as many jitters as hed experienced the first time, Hugo leaned and planted a soft kiss on Laineys smiling mouth.
  51. 51. They both swore they could see hearts.
  52. 52. Now that the initial awkwardness of their reunion was over, Hugo felt confident enough to leave Lainey socializing with some of the other guestswhile he sought out some breakfast and the company of Toshiko."Its not bad for cafeteria food," he shrugged as he shoveled pancakes into his mouth."Its not really good either, though," Toshiko said. "I offered to do the cooking for my dorm, but the administration wouldnt let me. Somethingabout the chemical residues on my clothing being too flammable.""Err... yeeah," Hugo nodded, stuffing another bite into his mouth so he wouldnt have to respond to Toshis comment. Even after growing uptogether, he was never sure when she was serious and when she was joking, especially when it came to explosives.
  53. 53. The two of them were pretty much the only ones eating, as the rest of their friends had managed to compress themselves into one giant smustle-ball. Graphical glitches abounded, and this Goddess found herself giggling whenever somebodys fist protruded from someone elses abdomen... or,even better, *BANNED4LYFE*.
  54. 54. And in the midst of the frenetic gyrations, another teenaged couple found that the spark remained.
  55. 55. As the party simmered down to a dull roar, people paired off and actually started to get to know some of their classmates. Zing, for one, discoveredthat he and his distant cousin Delia actually had a fair bit in common. As some couples traipsed off to canoodle in the bushes, he and Delia had aball discussing the economic prospects of China vs. Slovenia. It was an esoteric subject, so they didnt find themselves disturbed at all.
  56. 56. Speaking of canoodling, Athena and Snoopy were the very first ones to try out the dorms brand new photo booth. But I dont think they took anypictures.Yknow, it kind of defeats the purpose of disallowing double beds in the dorms when the administration then promptly installs several sofas, aphoto booth, and a hot tub.
  57. 57. "Hey... whats your name?" Toby said smoothly as he approached the only straight girl in the building (other than Lainey) that he hadnt kissedbefore."Youre off to a fast start," Robin snorted as she spent some time dancing with herself. "Run!" she advised the red-headed dormie. "Escape whileyou still can!""Oh, I dont mind," the girl shrugged. "Hes kind of scruffy-looking but hes sweet.""Whos scruffy-looking?" Toby demanded in an aggrieved tone."Its the stubble," Robin shrugged. "Sorry, Toby. Scruffy-looking."
  58. 58. However, not all of the women of Tobys acquaintance were dismayed by his scruffy features."Another one?" Hugo couldnt help but shake his head as he walked by on his way to visit Laineys dorm. "Wait a minute... isnt that my prof?""Scram, cuz," Toby said when he came up for air. "Youre putting my A in jeopardy.""Thats just wrong, dude," Hugo complained as he complied. "Totally unethical.""Unethical tastes like strawberries," Toby grinned. He gestured into the dorm. "After you."
  59. 59. Prof. Chloe Taylor certainly didnt seem offended by the cheap shot at her ethical behavior.Then again, Sims 2 professors are so far removed from reality, its laughable.And no woman Tobys courted has ever managed to resist his charm.
  60. 60. Lets leave Toby and his professor alone for a while and focus on the next dorm, shall we? Buccaneer Dorms is right next door to ToyonagaLegacy house and has pretty much the exact opposite make-up, in terms of population: a gaggle of straight ladies and one gay man.(L-R, back to front) Squeaky-clean Sally, Angora, Toshiko, Delia, Toast, and Zing.
  61. 61. Of course, Buccaneer Dorms have a few extra rooms even with six Ian blushed. "Err..."Pirates in residence, and one of them was taken by a handsome (yetsomewhat brooding) red-headed stranger. "Its okay," Angora smiled. "Im really outgoing like that. I believe in firmly stating what Im thinking. So, Ian... what brings you to Paris?Angora was immediately drawn to him. My family traditionally all attends university here, but unless my ears deceive me, your name has the ring of legacy all over it. What are"Im Angora Buccaneer," she introduced herself. you doing at our university instead of your own?""Ian Legacina," the young man replied with a shy smile. "I just wanted a change of scenery... a bit of a fresh start," Ian shrugged. He found himself warming to the crazy bohemian in front"Youre really cute," Angora, always a forward one, said. of him. "Had a bit of a rough patch back home, and here I am! My best friend came with me, but she got assigned to a different dorm."
  62. 62. "Well, Im sure youll both love it here," Angora insisted, dragging "No, I dont mind," Ian said hurriedly. "I just wasnt expecting to hearIan out of the hallway and into the small TV lounge. "What do you that. I think youre pretty hot too."say we hang out, watch some TV, and maybe fool around in thephoto booth?" "But were not going to date exclusively or anything," Angora said carefully. "I want to make sure you know that up front, Ian, because I"Err?" like you and I dont want to hurt your feelings.""Im coming on too strong again, arent I?" Angora blushed, an "The thoughts appreciated," Ian said, and Angora wasnt certain ifamazing feat for her. "Oops. Its just that you are really hot, Ian, and I shed really heard the slightly bitter tone. "Why dont we just startlike you. But I guess its a bit too soon for me to be saying stuff like with watching some TV, huh?"that." "Deal."
  63. 63. As the dorm mates settled in, they found that although they might be cheese.wildly different in personality, the whole group of them managed tomesh pretty well. It wasnt long until the six Pirates (and occasionally "Where would I park it?" Delia asked, gesturing through the windowIan) were a tightknit group. But even within the group they each behind her. "Student parking at the dorms is non-existent."found their favorite confidantes. "But its shiny," Zing insisted. "Only 100,000 klicks on it. PracticallyAfter their economics-driven discussion at Tobys party, Zing and pristine."Delia often spent their free time together and ate together. They werein many of the same classes, and both loved the sight, sound, smell, Delia eyed him. "If you expect me to fall for that one, Zing, thinkand feel of money, so they had a lot to talk about. again.""Are you sure you dont need a new car?" Zing asked for what "Worth a try."seemed like the billionth time as he and Delia ate their macaroni n
  64. 64. "So what do you think of Ian?" Angora asked Toshiko one evening Ive been hanging out with him when youre in class and I think hesafter theyd finished their homework and were chilling out to some pretty cool."tunes. Their friendship was one theyd maintained since they weresmall children and they happily considered themselves best friends. "Do I smell a crush?" Toshi teased."Ian?" Toshiko blinked. "I... dont really think of him, actually. Hes "Well... maybe just a little one," Angora admitted.around a lot, but hes really quiet. Serious." "Then go for it, Angie," Toshiko said. "What can it hurt?""Are we talking about the same Ian Legacina?" Toshi chuckled."Hes just a bit slow to join in the crowd, but I think its just cause we "Good point."all talk so much he doesnt have a chance to get a word in edgewise.
  65. 65. As Angora strode down the hall in the direction of Ians room, Toast was giving Justinian a rather... enthusiastic... kiss."You. Me. Photobooth." Toast grabbed Justinian by the coat and started dragging him into the dorm.
  66. 66. Unfortunately, it was occupied.
  67. 67. And somebody was neck-deep in angsty crush.
  68. 68. Whoever it was, it wasnt Toshiko. There was another dormie she was slightly interested in, but when she shyly suggested that they check out amovie sometime he was rather... blunt... in rebuffing her advances.Though she would never admit it, Toshiko was pretty upset by the rejection, and it would be some time before she tried again.
  69. 69. Romara Dorm. The smallest group of Pirates were in residence in this slight-more-cramped abode. Lainey is standing in the back, and sitting on thecouch (L-R) are Athena, Diana, and Justinian.Im just warning you now... this is the dorm where everybody misbehaves.
  70. 70. Okay, so this technically isnt misbehaving. Hugo and Lainey taking their relationship to the next level might even be expected at this point. It wasjust a matter of whether theyd use the couch at Toyonaga Legacy Dorms or the photobooth at Romara.
  71. 71. And Zing pillow-fighting with one of the guys hed considered dating in high school wasnt really an issue, since Justinian had passed theexperimental stage of his life.
  72. 72. But then Laineys ACR timer went off for the first time when Hugo wasnt visiting.
  73. 73. Its not like she was remorseful, either.To me, this picture says, "Ephemeral Toast, the only reason I dragged Stinky Dormie into the photo booth is because you were busy distractingJustinian."
  74. 74. Because really, could you keep your hands off of a hottie like that? Its pretty well decided that Justinian wins the prize of hottest male ofGeneration 6. And he flaunts it.
  75. 75. Now, despite Justinian being a hottie, that hasnt stopped Athena from preferring the company of Toby. A lot of women do."Cmon, Toby," she purred as she rubbed his tense back muscles. "I think I can do a better job if we retire to somewhere a bit more... comfortable.""And maybe you could change out of those scary pajamas," Toby winked. "Theyre blinding, and I can hardly focus on your godlike beauty withthem distracting me.""Get a room, you two," Stinky Dormie complained."Actually, were just waiting for the photo booth to be free," Athena said, stretching sensuously.
  76. 76. "Oh? Whos in it?" Stinky Dormie asked. "I doubt my girlfriend or your boyfriend would see it that way," Justinian said, realization dawning. "Oh crap. Shes a simself. Shes"Wow, Justinian.... that was... worth impaling my head on the going to read this. Im dead. Im totally dead!"curtain," Lainey said, fanning herself. "You are very dramatic, Justinian Toyonaga," Lainey said, looking"Err... but we cant tell anyone," Justinian said guiltily. him up and down approvingly. "I like that in a man.""Neither of us are promised," Lainey shrugged. "I think Im in trouble," Justinian gulped. "Ill be in the men’s washroom. Hiding."
  77. 77. "And thats for being the sleaziest thing to walk onto this campus "How... noble," Lainey glared. "I think I am going to my room now. Isince Marie Buccaneers last visit," the Cow Mascot sneered, dont need to suffer this indignity."viciously pummeling Lainey with a pillow case. "That wont be all you suffer when your boyfriend finds out about"Ouch!" Lainey cried. "What is in that thing, foul bovine? Bricks?" what I just saw," the mascot smirked."Syndicate specialty," the mascot smirked. "They give them to us "Say anything and youre hamburger," Lainey said in a low voice.mascots for free, as protection in case another freakish serial killertries to come after us." "Eep!"
  78. 78. Back at Toyonaga Legacy Dorms, Hugo had no idea that hed been cuckolded not just once, but twice by his beloved Lainey."Dude, I know you need to be in good shape for your classes," Toby said as he strode past his cousin in all his aerobic glory, "but you really needsome new workout gear. Repeat after me, I am not a prima ballerina.""I am not... oh, hush, Toby," Hugo glared. "Now Ive lost my place.""Good," Toby said, "because that outfit really is a disgrace. Go change. Yesterday.""Fine... but why do you care?""I dont want you blinding my date, dude, and shell be here any minute."
  79. 79. With a sigh, Hugo rummaged through his dresser and found another outfit that was still mostly clean before heading to the weight machine tofinish his workout."Thanks!" Toby yelled. "Just in time! Shes here!"
  80. 80. "She" was none other than Angora, and despite her feelings for Ian she saw no harm in spending a few hot n heavy hours with one of her favoritehigh school makeout buddies."You sure you and that Ian guy arent dating?" Toby asked her before they got into the booth. "You seemed pretty close the last time I visited yourdorm.""Are you sure you and Athena arent dating?" Angora shot back at him."Touché," Toby said. "After you, Madame."Still, after Angora left both of them made a silent vow to just be friends from then on. Even though there was chemistry, it felt... weird.
  81. 81. Toby, at least, lost no time in burying that feeling of weirdness by inviting another of his professors over for a special study session."I dont know why Im risking my job for you," his professor murmured."Im irresistible," Toby said with an endearing grin."There is that."
  82. 82. Whatever else the woman might have said was lost forever, though, when Athena stormed out of the cafeteria and attacked Toby."Lying, cheating scum!" she yelled."Friend of yours?" Tobys date asked."Err... you might say that," Toby gulped. "If you could excuse me for a moment, Mary?""Certainly," Prof. Mary replied. "Ill just go and freshen up."
  83. 83. "Aww, geez, Athena," Toby complained once his date was out of earshot. "Whatd you have to do that for? Now shes going to think Im a totalcad!""You are a total cad," Athena said scornfully as she gestured at something."What are you doing?""Picturing how your head would look mounted on the wall," Athena sniffed."Thats morbid," Toby said. "Anyway, Athena, its not like we were dating exclusively. I never agreed to that."Athenas face fell. "I guess not," she said sadly. "If youll just excuse me, Im going to go and cry in the bathroom and mourn my lost hopes anddreams."
  84. 84. "Aww... dont be so melodramatic, Thena," Toby protested, chasing after her down the hall. He reached down towards the flower pot at the foot ofthe staircase and yanked hopefully without taking his eyes off of her. "OUCH! Framming thorns!"He hastily wiped the blood off on his jeans and handed the rose to Athena. "Youre a gorgeous girl. Dont be sad, okay?"Athena sniffled. Something about Tobys words was strangely compelling, and she clutched the rose to her chest. "Oh, Toby... youre so sweet," shesaid dreamily. She blew a kiss at him and floated home."All taken care of?" Mary asked once Toby had joined her upstairs."All taken care of," Toby nodded.
  85. 85. The next morning, Toby was still feeling pretty good. Hed managed to get to third base with Mary, and Athena wasnt trying to kill him. So it waswith a jaunty smile that he set out for class as a late-season snow began to fall.As he passed by the mailbox, though, he stopped dead in his tracks."Well hello there," he said suavely as he turned to face the girl walking past.
  86. 86. "Hi yourself," the pretty blond-haired student said with a flirtatious grin. "Now, if youll excuse me... Im running late for class.""So am I," Toby said. "Whats the rush? Tell me your name, gorgeous creature, and Ill make sure your marks dont suffer."The girl started to smile back, then stiffened and stared at him suspiciously. "Err... on second thought, I dont think so. Supernatural isnt really mytype. And you have a distinct supernatural flavour, buddy."Toby licked his hand. "I think youre imagining things, cutie. But why dont you try a second taste?"
  87. 87. "That has got to be the lamest pickup line ever," the student shook her head in disgust. "Im really late now. Nice meeting you, weirdo.""Youll see me again, gorgeous," Toby vowed."Dont get your hopes up."
  88. 88. "And she just totally shot me down!" Toby complained. "Hugo, are you accusing me of cheating?" Toby gave his cousin a hurt look.Hugo crossed his arms and stared at his cousin. "I dont suppose youhave an explanation for this, do you?" "It is standard operating procedure for you.""Nope, no lady has ever resisted my charms before," Toby said, "Ouch! Im wounded!"chewing on a pawn and putting it back on the chess board. "Just... play the game. You can tell me all about your romance"Not the girl..." Hugo said in exasperation. "Why every time you pick problems when you arent trying to focus on chess."up a chess piece you put it back somewhere different... and to youradvantage, I might add. Even when its not your turn." Toby put the pawn back where hed gotten it from and carefully moved another piece. "Checkmate, dude. Now, about that girl..."
  89. 89. Next door, a young man who probably could have shed some light on Tobys confusion was taking advantage of the fresh spring day to get to knowhis favorite coed a little better."Youre a lot of fun, Angora," Ian said with one of his rare smiles. Angora savored the moment--she often tried to coax that look from Ian but itwasnt often that she succeeded."Call me Angie," she said. "All of my friends do.""Friends, huh?" Ian said. "I think I like the sound of that. Im glad to be your friend, Angie Buccaneer.""That makes two of us," Angora said. "Im really glad you decided to come to this university, Ian.""Me too."
  90. 90. Inside Buccaneer house, the only other happening of note during the entire second term of this first classs freshman year was that Delia andSnoopy got to know each other. And they looked good doing it, and thats really all there is to say about this slide.
  91. 91. And outside, the only other really interesting happening was that Toshiko discovered she had a talent for physical activity. She immediately beganincorporating basketballs into her strategies for musically assured annihilation of the terrorists."Hmm... how to incorporate hang time into my symphony of nitrates?"... perhaps we should just leave her to her ponderings, and inform the S.W.A.T. team to be on standby. Just in case.
  92. 92. And again we head back to the drama-filled Romara dorms, where Athena has evidently forgiven Toby completely for "cheating" on her with hisladyfriend. Wait a minute... this isnt Romara... this is Buccaneer. Hrm. Seems theyre bringing the drama with them these days."We simply must do this again sometime, baby," Toby said in a sultry voice, giving Athena one last kiss. "Call me anytime, gorgeous."
  93. 93. A relatively short while later, though, all thought of Athena was gone when her niece Diana pulled Toby into the photobooth."Yknow, that dude in the picture next to the vampire really reminds me of Gage," he mentioned in passing as he pulled the curtain shut."What?" Diana asked."On the outside of the booth," Toby said.Diana stuck her head out and took a closer look. "Hmm... you may have something there.""Hes my hero," Toby added."Really? Mines Uranium."
  94. 94. At that point, activity in the photo booth started venturing into the *BANNED4LYFE* zone, and I would have suggested leaving the lustbirds inpeace, except for one thing.
  95. 95. "Why is it only you who has a problem with me being easy?" Toby "Fine, be that way," Toby said sulkily. "But I bet youll be calling meprotested as he ducked away from Athenas frantic slaps and tried to before the month is out."cover his ears. The girl had a piercing yell. "Dont hold your breath, scruffy!""Maybe cause Im the only one who realizes that youre slime, Toby!Didja ever think of that? Did you?" "I am not scruffy!""Im... slime?" Toby sniffed. "Nobodys ever called me that before, "Youre not only scruffy, youre funny-looking!"Thena." "Okay, now thats just low.""Well, they ought to have," Athena sniffed primly. "And dont callme Thena. In fact, dont call me at all!" "Will you two keep it down?!?"
  96. 96. "Sounds like that romance is over and done with," Delia said to Toshi as the sound of fighting died down and the sound of the party the dorm wastrying to throw took over."That crew does seem to be where all the drama is at," Toshiko agreed. "Thats why I always make sure theyre invited to our parties.""Me too!"
  97. 97. "Hehe, did you see the look on my aunts face?" Diana giggled as she believe we were exclusive, but when youre in love... sometimes thatwhacked Toby over the head with a 100% certified brick-free pillow. doesnt matter.""Shes pretty naive, isnt she?" she added, smirking. "I suppose..." Diana said doubtfully. "But thats why its better not to"Hey now, its not nice to make fun of people," Toby said, holding up limit yourself to just one person."a hand. "Oh..." Toby shrugged. "I think I could do it. If I met that one woman"She made fun of you when you were fighting," Diana said. who could make me forget all the others. But I dont even know if she exists.""So? I wont stoop to her level. I can see where she might be comingfrom," Toby said. "If I was actually in love with one woman instead "Doubtful. Youre a true romancer just like me."of being in love with all women, I might be hurt if that one womanwas less than faithful. I didnt think I ever gave Athena reason to "Probably."
  98. 98. As the party was really to celebrate the end of the second semester of as they visited over some truly appalling cafeteria food.freshman year, there were quite a few guests invited who might nothave been otherwise. Ruby Blue, for one, had stopped by to see how "Nope," Shere Khan said. "But it doesnt really matter, does it? IRobin and Toast were getting along. Shed been responsible for them mean, Zings moving into the Greek house next semester, so Iduring their artificially induced child and teen years on Pirate Island wouldnt be living with him anyway."(well, she and 3 others), and so she was feeling decidedly maternalwhen she stopped by the dorm. "You two are pretty committed, arent you?"As for Shere Khan, he was there to visit and register for classes "Do want," Shere Khan said. "Invisible future, let me show u it."before moving in permanently at the start of the next semester. "So... no idea what the future holds.""Do you know which dorm youll be assigned to?" Ruby asked him
  99. 99. "So Ive heard woohoo is pretty fun," Zing said to Shere Khan as they mobbed the food on the counter. "Its all Toby talks about these days. And allHugo talks about. All Angie talks about. All Athena and Diana talk about it. The only one who talks about it less than me is Toshiko.""Thats a relief," Morgan, who was also visiting, said just loudly enough to ensure the boys knew they could be overheard."Errr..."
  100. 100. "Mai inappropriate convos, let me sho u dem?""I suppose it is," Zing said regretfully. "SK... hurry up and get here, okay? I miss you.""Is it can be hugz tiem nao plz?""Not the good kind," Zing complained."Sad tiger is sad.""Me too, SK... me too."
  101. 101. "So this is college, huh?" Crassus wasnt quite ready to start attendinghimself, but hed jumped at the opportunity to tour the campus when "Dont dignify their actions by claiming them as family," JustinianJustinian invited him. said quietly. "Anyway... its better to forget. Better for all of us to forget. Just cram your brain with knowledge at college.""Its better than anything else Ive ever done," Justinian said. "Bro,being here... it makes it easy to forget all the bad stuff that happened "But you and Toast wouldnt have gotten together if all that stuffto us." hadnt happened.""But we cant forget it completely," Crassus said. "Dads at home, "Toast? Where?" Justinian looked around nervously.bigger and bluer than life. Moms kind of been acting weird lately...hanging out in downtown Paris for weeks on end before she comes "Errr... you guys are still together, right?"home. Shes up to something, or having an affair, and its all becauseof our damned aunt and uncle." "Of course!"*ulp*
  102. 102. Justinian was still pretty worried about Toast finding out about his tiny little fling with Lainey, and he moped about it constantly when he wasnthiding from Lainey in the bathroom or looking up ways to hack a deitys computer. He felt guilty, and nervous, and scared.Pretty much the only thing that could cheer him up was finding one of the random dormies passed out and half-buried in the snow. Even dates withToast just left him feeling guilty.
  103. 103. Diana had decided after the night of the party that Toby was getting entirely too serious for her, so she set her sight on Snoopy instead. She had thistheory about the sodding enormous size of Snoopys nose.
  104. 104. She never really got to indulge her curiosity, though, because it wasnt long after that (during yet another party) when she glimpsed Snoopy andDelia heading for the photo booth.Diana shrugged. She liked Delia, and she liked Snoopy. Something about what Toby had said about finding the right person must have stuck withher, because she decided not to pursue Snoopy further until he showed his affair with Delia was a one-time thing.
  105. 105. As for me, Id received a rather tearful phone call from my daughterand decided to drop by the dorm and see if I could get Athena and "NO! Of course not! Definitely not! That never works. Which is whyDiana to patch up their friendship. Im not doing it. Definitely.""Tell me all about it," I told my daughter as we dug into our "Uh-huh."spaghetti. "Eww, this is really gross. I hate college cafeteria food." Athena sighed. "I guess maybe I was trying to change him.""Its pretty bad," Athena agreed. "Mom... I just dont know what todo. I know Toby is bad news, but I cant stop wanting him. And then "It doesnt work, dear one," I said. "Time to move on."he goes around and makes a fool of me by fooling around with othergirls framming right in front of me!" "Just one zotz?""You arent trying to reform him, are you?" I eyed her suspiciously. "Deal with your own issues, dear."
  106. 106. Once Athena was taken care of, I moved on to have a chat with my being her first kiss. There are tons of guys on campus who are a lotgranddaughter. less shallow than he is.""I dont care what she said, it wasnt my fault," Diana said "Or maybe you were just jealous because Toby spent so much timedefensively before I could even get a word in edgewise. with her?""Honey..." Diana sighed. "Maybe. But Im pretty well done with him myself. Im supposed to have a date with him tonight... Ill end it then. At least I"Okay, I should have been more sensitive," Diana said. "But she just wont be rubbing salt in the wound. And... hes not shallow."brings it on herself! Always moping around after guys who are onlyinterested in her for the hoo. She needs to start looking past Toby "I know," I said. "Theres a reason hes my favourite."
  107. 107. "And can you believe he lost three straight chess games after that?" Hugo snickered."Who is this golden-haired woman who thwarts Tobys advances so?" Lainey chuckled. "It is playing havoc with his mind, poor lad.""I know," Hugo said. "Im sure glad that I have you... at least I dont have to face that kind of insecurity. I know where my hopes and dreams lie."Laineys face fell, and she turned away. "Come on, Hugo Pseudo," she said. "Let us get some lunch. We need to talk."
  108. 108. "Hugo Pseudo," Lainey said, taking a deep breath as she and herbeloved had supper together, "I have a confession." "What...""A confession?" Hugo blinked. "I have not been faithful to you, Hugo Pseudo.""You are going to be very angry," Lainey said in a small voice. "You Hugo didnt say anything. He just stared at Lainey, his mouth open.might yell. You will probably leave. It would not be unlikely if younever wanted to see me again." "I am sorry."
  109. 109. Hugo left without saying much, other than that he need to think about girlfriend... so yeah, this is the right thing to do."some things. Lainey sighed, and sought out Justinian. "Are you sure?" Toby said to Diana. There was some regret in his"My friend, I am afraid it is time to end our romance," she said. voice."Even though we are both beautiful people who deserve to enjoytime with other beautiful people. You have your beautiful person. I "Im sure," Diana said. "I think youre on the right track for truedo not have mine anymore... but I do not want to spoil it for you." happiness... and I dont want to get in the way of that. And I dont want to hurt Thena anymore.""Youre right... you are beautiful," Justinian said, looking at Laineywith frank appreciation for the first time in weeks. "But I love my Two pairs of people... one conversation. It was done.
  110. 110. Still, Lainey had one last person to deflect."Awww... just one more time?" Stinky Dormie pleaded."No, you are stinky!" Lainey said, stifling a gag. "Go and wash, and maybe I will suffer your presence, Stinky Dormie. But I will not woohoo withyou again. I am going to win back Hugo.""You dont know what youre missing," Stinky Dormie leered."Yes, I do," Lainey said. "And that is a good thing. I will not miss it.""Your loss," Stinky Dormie muttered, but he left her alone after that.
  111. 111. I was still in town, so I stopped by the dorm again before I had to go "I see... like Jumbok," she said.back to Pirate Island. "Something like that," I nodded. "Anyway, I just wanted to say that"Lainey... can we talk?" I said, catching her outside. Im proud of you, Lainey.""I suppose... who are you, and how do you know my name?" "For what?" her voice held nothing but puzzlement.I gave her a brief autobiographical sketch. "For doing the right thing," I said. "No matter what happens... youll end up happy."
  112. 112. Lainey sighed. "I only wish I was as certain of that as you are." Professor Butters = loolooloo16play; Squeaky Clean Legacy; ExchangeTo be continued... Toast = EphemeralToast; Apocalypso-A-Go-Go & Ugothlacy; Exchange==== Ndainye = Jnnfr123770; Familiar Faces; Exchange* List of simselves who appeared in this chapter: Ruby = AhRubyblue; Goldilocks & the 9 Heirs; ExchangeDe = fireflower314; Morgan & Pierce Legacies; Michelle = MichaelFobbs; Planetary Apocalypse; Exchange Denise = avidreader2466; Puritanical Green Thumb; ExchangeOrikes = Orikes360; Pseudo Legacy; Exchange Pen = penguingirl0324; Penguino Legacy; ExchangeChris = ChrisTheS; D&D Legacy; Sim Spade & Roots of the Willow Ben = netsfn1427; Ten Caesars Legacy; Exchangeco-author; My Simpage Robin = omgrobinnn; Its a Legacy, Darling; Exchange