A Piratical Legacy Chapter 27 - Actions...


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A Piratical Legacy Chapter 27 - Actions...

  1. 1. Chapter 27 – Actions…A Piratical LegacyChapter 27:Actions...
  2. 2. When she woke up in the morning, Ching Shih Buccaneer was feeling pretty good about herself and her life. She was a pretty, talented, well-likedteenager. Sure, she didnt have much going on in the romance department, but that was entirely her choice. She had a great family, and a pen-palshe considered her best friend in the world.So it was with eager anticipation of another email from her friend Jim Reeves that Shih got out of bed and dressed on this fine Sunday morning.
  3. 3. To her delight, there was, in fact, an email from the man shed called"Mr. Jim" as a child. I hope your brother, your cousins, and your grandfather are all well. I look forward to seeing all of you the next time you visit yourChing Shih, vacation home here on Twikkii Island.Thank you for your last email! It is wonderful hearing about Your friend,everything happening on Pirate Island. I hope you had a happybirthday, and that your date with your friend went well. If it didnt, Jimwell... you are young still. Dont let a bad experience turn you off ofthe idea entirely. With a grin, Shih set about replying.
  4. 4. Life on Pirate Island hadnt really changed very much over the past few years. There were no threats to the Legacy family, as far as they wereaware. Everyone continued advancing in their chosen careers. Gertie ate lots of cheese sandwiches.For yes, Gertie Buccaneer was still working on her lifetime want. Shed eaten, by her best count, around 150 sandwiches and shed be hitting herelder years fairly soon. She was sad that shed missed out on some aspects of life such as marriage and children, but she found serenity andhappiness in her pursuit of cheese, and the acceptance and love of her "father", her mother, her siblings, and her nieces and nephews filled most ofthe empty places in her life.Still, she couldnt help but wish, when a cheese sandwich wasnt sitting very well, that she knew what it was like to fall in love.
  5. 5. Since Lee was officially off on paternity leave due to the impending birth of his alien baby, and Grace was self-employed, the two of them spent alot of time playing video games with Roche. Roche didnt have a lot of time left and was finding that he couldnt move as quickly as he used to, buthe still enjoyed a video game tournament from time to time.
  6. 6. Shih was a frequent gamer as well, though she didnt enjoy it as much as her parents did. Shed rather be outside doing something more active, orconducting one of her many experiments.On this Sunday morning, though, she wasnt really in the mood for experimenting. Instead, she could hardly wait for the afternoon.
  7. 7. "Toby!" Hugo yelled when he saw his foreign cousin standingoutside the Legacy manor. "Whatre you doing here, dude?" "Im older than you the last time I checked, Toby Biggs," Toshiko said scornfully."Same thing you are," Toby said with a shrug. "Visiting Grandpa.Mom says hes getting pretty old, and this might be the last chance "Thats okay," Toby said, with a conspiratorial wink at Hugo. "I likewe have to... well... visit." older women.""Yeah," Hugo said. "Thats what my mom and dad said too. So how "Well, I dont like younger men," Toshiko said with a huge smile.did you get here?" "Cmon, Toby. Were practically related. Lets head into the house.""Mom brought me," Toby shrugged. He turned around. "Whoa... is "I spose," Toby said. But he hung back while Toshi and Hugo strodethat little Toshiko?" into the house together--admiring the view.
  8. 8. "Granpa, will you come to my birthday party in a few days?" Liv Pseudo asked while she danced with her grandfather and her father."Oh..." Roche said slowly. "Well, well see, kiddo. Ill do my best, okay?""Okay," Liv said. "Its gonna be so much fun, granpa! Were having cake, and a bubble blower! An Hugos stinky girlfriend will be gone by then.""Where is Lainey?" Roche asked his son William. "I thought shed tag along. I was looking forward to seeing her again.""She had to call her family," William said. "But shes going to try to come by before the partys over. She and Hugo are hosting their own shindigtonight, too--if you dont see Lainey here, make sure you stop by tonight if you feel up to it, dad.""Well see," Roche said, smiling another sad smile. "These old bones cant walk as far as they used to, William."
  9. 9. However, the old bones were evidently still good for a few things. Marie, who had been absent from the Buccaneer family home of late, did make apoint of attending this party in particular."Youre still as lovely as ever, mdear," Roche said, leaning in with a leer at his ex-wife and occasional lover."Flatterer," Marie said, but she smiled. "And you havent aged a day.""Liar.""Do you think maybe well finally find a way to be happy together?" Marie asked in a low voice.Roche gave her a big smile. "Im all yours in the afterlife, Marie."
  10. 10. "So why are we having this party anyway, daddy?" Liv asked a littlewhile later as she pushed herself up off of the couch where shed "So he is gonna die," Liv said, making an angry face. "When?"been napping. "Its all old people and old relatives and stuff." "Probably before your birthday," Will said, putting his arm around"Well," Will said with a sigh. "Its about Grandpa, honey." Liv and holding her close. "And that really stinks, but thats how life works sometimes and we just have to remember the good things"What about him?" Liv asked. "Is he going to die today? Is this a about your grandpa and all the fun times weve spent with him. HeDeathday party?" wont want us to be sad.""No, not that," Will said hastily. "But your grandfather doesnt want "Well then I wont be," Liv declared.one of those, sweets. He may not have a lot of time left, so he wantedto make sure he got to spend time with every single person who is "Good girl."important to him before... well, before his time comes."
  11. 11. "... and you can play with my kite anytime!" Gertie giggled as she finished the more than slightly racy joke."Speaking of kites..." Pierce Buccaneer mentioned, leering slightly at Gerties... voluptuous... form."Pierce, are you hitting on me?"
  12. 12. Yes. He was.Though perhaps he might have chosen a more appropriate time and place.
  13. 13. "Do you promise youll call us all before you head over to pick Dad feeling Ive ever had, but my wife had to go through it twice so Iup?" Nick asked Anna. "I mean it... we dont want to let dad die suppose I can do it once for her."alone." "A real man carries his wifes babies," Anna said approvingly."Well, he wont be alone," Anna said. "Ill be there. But Ill do mybest to make sure I give everyone enough notice to say their final "Is that why you and Gavin have only had the one?" Nick asked.farewells. Still... make sure you spend some time with him tonight,okay Nick?" "That was an accident," Anna said defensively. "Best accident of my life, of course, but still... we had no idea that would happen!"Okay," Nick said. He turned to his brother-in-law, Lee. "How is the Stargazing, though... thats just asking to get probulated."baby?" "I just wanted to get a promotion," Lee shrugged. "But I wouldnt"Kicking up a storm!" Lee said happily. "Of course, its the creepiest change it for the world."
  14. 14. The party ended and everyone went home, Pierce with a guilty conscience. Some time passed, and Grace and Lee spent it gardening and doingyard work."Lee, darling, I know youre too pregnant to do yard work, but do you really need to kick over my leaf piles before Ive had a chance to bag themup?" Grace said in an aggrieved tone.Lee never had a chance to respond, however.Death comes...
  15. 15. Grace sprinted into the kitchen, fearing the worst. The tears came quickly.
  16. 16. "DADDY... ITS TIME," Susannas voice sounded different when she was on the job."I know," Roche said with a smile. "Time for me to see my parents again, and Grandma Mary. Grandpa Alan, too. Ive missed them.""THEY WILL BE HAPPY TO SEE YOU, IM SURE.""Will Marie be along shortly as well?" Roche asked wistfully."YES.""When you go for her... tell her I love her, will you?"
  17. 17. "OF COURSE," Anna said, slipping a lei around her neck and handing her father his fruity drink and his suitcase. "NOW, WE MUST BE GOING.GOODBYE, FATHER.""Ive had a good life," Roche said, looking around at his family proudly. "A good, long, happy life. Probably the longest and happiest life any manon Pirate Island has ever had. Give them all my love, Anna. And tell them Im proud of them--all of them."===Roche Buccaneer lived 79 days in Sim time, and almost 13 months in real time. He will be missed.
  18. 18. The family took the loss of their patriarch hard, as was to be expected in such a close-knit household. Zing, especially, was extremely distraught.
  19. 19. Ching Shih, on the other hand, dealt with her grief by writing about it to her penpal, Jim.Dear Mr. Jim,We lost my grandpa today. It wasnt... unexpected... but were all pretty sad. I miss him so much already.I just wanted to let you know.Shih
  20. 20. "The house sure feels empty with Grandpa gone, doesnt it," Zing said at breakfast a few days later."Itll never be the same again," Shih said sadly as she stared at her cereal.A cry of pain interrupted further musings.
  21. 21. "Its time!" Lee shrieked. "The baby is coming!"
  22. 22. Or rather, babieS!Lee had two alien boys: Borusa and Spandrell Buccaneer.The main difference between the two of them is their noses. Basically, Spandrell has one and Borusa doesnt.
  23. 23. The entire family took to the boys immediately, though Andrew wasnt enamoured with their dirty diapers. That particular duty usually fell to himor Gertie, since they were the ones at home (and thus, babysitting) most of the time.
  24. 24. Grace found both babies entirely adorable as well. Shed been very supportive of her husband throughout his pregnancy and was more than happyto be a real mother to his babies--though she certainly hadnt expected two of them.This deity thinks Grace really should have known better than to feed Lee cheesecake in the first trimester, but isnt one to question the whims of hersims.
  25. 25. Sometimes Zing and Shih took care of the babies as well, but Zing, at least, had plenty of other things on his mind... like helping his mother withthe car lot.Some of his customers were easy to sell to."... and did I mention, Toby, that this model comes with an extra-roomy back seat?"
  26. 26. Others... less so.
  27. 27. But on the whole, he was an excellent salesman and his customers were cheerful and happy to buy from him.
  28. 28. And it paid off! The 125th gold star came courtesy of Meadow Thayer, Zings great-great aunt.
  29. 29. And with that star, Grace achieved her second LTW of 5 Top Level Businesses, and made me very happy.
  30. 30. Dawn was just breaking when Zing and Grace locked up the business businesses that you want, now is the time to speak up... the family isand prepared to go home. keeping the clothing boutique, of course, and the cemetary, but as to the rest...""Well, son, I made you a promise when you first started helping mesell cars," Grace said thoughtfully while they waited for their taxi. "Can I think about it for a few days?" Zing asked."And I intend to honour that promise! The car lot is yours!" "Sure," Grace said. "Just dont take too long, okay?""Really?" "Deal.""Really," Grace smiled. "Actually, Zing, if there are any of the other
  31. 31. The same day that Grace achieved her second LTW, Lee was promoted to Business Tycoon, and thus permaplat status. He and Grace were thrilledthat theyd managed the economic takeover* of Pirate Island so smoothly.===* That is to say, the takeover of the legit businesses on Pirate Island. Even Grace and Lee werent so ambitious (or foolish) as to attempt to take onJacks Syndicate.
  32. 32. While Shih wasnt in any hurry to date until she got to college, the teenage boys of Pirate Island werent letting her go without a fight."Aww, cmon, Shih," Orlando Centowski pleaded. "Just one date.""Youre awfully pathetic," Shih said scornfully. "I think you should go home, Orlando.""But what about our homework?""Ill do it myself," Shih said in an aggrieved tone. "And this is the last time Im working with you on a project!"
  33. 33. "Honestly, Borusa," she said to her little brother later that evening as she took him upstairs for his evening bottle, "I dont understand why the boyswont just leave me alone!"Borusa just blinked his big black eyes and cooed at her.
  34. 34. "Its so nice having teenaged children to take care of the babies," Lee said with a satisfied voice as he and Grace cuddled before bed. "Frees up a lotmore time for us to spend together.""And theyre free babysitters," Grace nodded."Have I ever told you how much I love you when you talk about zero-overhead investments?" Lee asked as he planted a kiss on Graces forehead."Frequently... but you can tell me again if you like," Grace giggled.
  35. 35. Time passed, as time does, and before long it was time for the alien babies to get a little bit bigger and a lot more active. They decided to keep theparty small, inviting only the small infants aunts and uncles.
  36. 36. Spandrell grew up first in a cloud of blue confetti...
  37. 37. ...followed shortly by his twin brother Borusa!
  38. 38. Zing and Shih immediately swooped in and insisted on spending some quality time with their little brothers."I bet I can get Borusa to walk before you get Spandrell to do it!" Zing declared."Zing! Toddler training is not a competitive sport!" Shih admonished her brother. But she couldnt help but whisper to Spandrell that shed get hima cookie if he would just take that last step.
  39. 39. And when she and Spandrell kicked Zing and Borusas butt at Five seconds later:walking and talking after school the next afternoon, she hurried intothe living room to use the family computer and write to Mr. Jim and Yes indeed, my young friend.tell him all about it. You should totally IM me! Its the same as my email address. Add meHe was properly impressed, by the sound of his response, which and then Ill add you!arrived mere moments later. Shih fired off another email. A few minutes later, Mr. Jim had logged into the island chat networkMr. Jim -- Are you online right now? --Shih and Shih spent the rest of the day happily messaging back and forth with him.
  40. 40. "The NOM is a lie, Steven!" Shere Khan Buccaneer, tiger heir extraordinaire, chanted as he teased the family cat."Mrow?""Its just featherz n stuff," Shere Khan shrugged. "No fudz attached.""Mew." With a disgusted sneeze, Steven the cat stopped paying attention to the cat teaser and jumped up onto the kitty condo. At least sitting therehe could see the real birds."Silly cat," Shere Khan said, ruffling the felines ears affectionately. "The birds were a lie too."
  41. 41. Down the hall, Moll and Rajah Buccaneer were completely oblivious to the rest of the world."Did you hear that lullaby?" Moll asked in a quiet voice."Mmhmm," Rajah smiled, resting his hand on his wifes stomach under the blankets. "Looks like Shere Khan is going to be a big brother soon!""Are you sure this is a good idea?" Moll asked wistfully. "Were getting pretty old, Raj.""Weve both wanted another child for a long time," Rajah said. "Im just glad were still able to have children, love.""Hopefully Shere Khan wont freak out," Moll chuckled. "Anyway, Im going to get some more sleep. I dont have to leave for work til two.""Id best get up," Rajah said reluctantly.
  42. 42. Everyone was pretty excited to learn about the impending new member of the household, but since neither Angora nor Shere Khan were of theparental type, they had more immediate concerns on their mind.Angora was still having daily meetings with Valerie Tse, the gypsy matchmaker, as she worked towards dating fifty different sims. Some of thedates, like this one with Skyler, went better than others.Shere Khan, on the other hand, was mostly occupied with spending as much time with his boyfriend Zing as possible. Zing (and Angora) would beheading to university a full year ahead of Shere Khan, so the two lads were determined to make the most of their summer together. Neither of themknew what the future would hold for them.
  43. 43. Angora spent other parts of the summer growing closer to both of her parents, when she wasnt occupied with dating. She and Pierce had alwayshad a lot in common, being more frivolous in nature than Angies Knowledge Sim mother, and they took advantage of the warmer weather to goofoff outside.
  44. 44. "Its really going to stink when you go away for university," Shere Khan sighed. "Darn it, you and Angie are only a few months older than me... theage cutoff, I hates it.""Yeah, but Ill be home for visits and stuff," Zing pointed out as they swayed in each others arms."But you wont want to go out on dates with a kid like me or anything," Shere Khan said."Well, Im sure that first year will just fly by," Zing shrugged. "Well see each other again soon, Shere Khan...""I has a love," Shere Khan said with a contented sigh, but he couldnt suppress a little bit of worry, though he didnt let on to his boyfriend that hewas still unhappy.
  45. 45. All thoughts of separation and anxiety flew from Shere Khans mind later that evening, though, when his little sister, Rakshasi Buccaneer, wasborn.Shere Khan felt as though a great weight had been lifted off of his shoulders. His sister could carry on the family line! Suddenly, his potentialfuture with Coxinga got a lot less complicated.
  46. 46. Perhaps it was the feeling of relief that caused Shere Khan to spend so much time with his little sister, or maybe it was simply because he adoredher, but one thing was certain--he was a terrific big brother."I made you a bottle, and you eated it!" he said happily as he burped Rakshasi on his shoulder.Rakshasi giggled... and spit up on his pajamas."Eww!" he complained. "Do not want!"
  47. 47. Shere Khan and his parents werent the only ones absolutely thrilled with the addition to the family. Nala chose the evening of Rakshasis birth tohaunt the family home for the very first time. Nobody saw her, but they did all feel a sense of general peace and happiness all night.
  48. 48. Some of that peace and comfort obviously extended into the next day as Angora decided that it was finally time for something special."So, whyd you invite me over?" Toby Biggs asked. "Not that Im complaining or anything, Angie. Youre the prettiest girl on Pirate Island. Butyou havent even given me the time of day before this!""Thats cause I like you," Angora giggled."PRIVACY--UR DOIN IT WRONG!" Shere Khan shouted from the couch in disgust. He stomped out of the room to check on his sister. "Get aroom!""Well, we have one now," Toby pointed out.
  49. 49. And he leaned in and gave Angora a gentle kiss on the lips. with a breathless smile."Whoa... that was your first kiss?" he asked once the hearts had "Well... I can always help you practice some more," Toby said,stopped swirling. tipping Angoras face up to his again."Why, was I bad at it?" Angora asked anxiously. "Just as long as things arent weird once we go to university," Angora said."Definitely not," Toby said. "But whyd you pick me, Angie? Youvegotta know that Im not going to commit or anything." "Itll be fine," Toby said reassuringly, until his mouth was too busy to talk any more."I just figured one of us should know what were doing," Angora said
  50. 50. Before long, it was time for baby Rakshasis birthday, much to the disbelief of her family members. She was growing so fast!plz dun be lie plz dun be lie plz dun be lie plz dun be lie...
  51. 51. And growing up extremely cute, in the (admittedly biased) opinion of While not a literal clone of her brother, Rakshasi did certainly seemher older brother. set on emulating him in as many ways as possible. Fortunately, Shere Khans speech predilections were not difficult for a toddler to pick"Mi toeses, let me show u dem!" up."Mitosis, let me show u it!" "Hey. I question the general assumption that felines are inherently deficient in the area of grammar and sentence structure.""Oh dear," said Rajah. "Theyre clones." Pwned.
  52. 52. Down the road a ways, Toshiko Buccaneer was spending her evening the way she usually did--listening to music and thinking about explosions.But while she found both music and explosives to be absolutely fascinating, Toshiko also found that her mind was wandering to other matters thesedays. She would be leaving for university soon, and she often daydreamed about what that would be like. She hadnt dated in high school at all andshe didnt think she was likely to fall for any of her classmates anytime soon. Would she have her first kiss at university?Toshiko was no Romancer, but she was still quite happy to think about her future and what it might hold for her in terms of boys and dates. Notkids, at least not yet. Explosives werent generally child-friendly.
  53. 53. While Toshiko was spending a lot more time in her room than she had as a younger child and even as a younger teenager, her parents didnt reallynotice. Now that they were both perma-plat and no longer exhausted from the rigors of climbing the career ladder, they were taking advantage of itand doing all the dating theyd missed out on while Toshiko was growing up.
  54. 54. But they were also both still extremely close to their only daughter, even if she was much more independent these days."Mom, is it okay if I go out with some of the girls tonight after school?" Toshiko asked one morning before the school bus arrived."Sure, but only if you spend some time with your mom first!"
  55. 55. As mother and child chased each other around the house with pillows, the sound of their laughter filled the air.
  56. 56. Grandma De was particularly thrilled to hear the sounds of happy teen in her house. But she missed having a baby living in the house and grewquite sentimental in her thoughts as she waited for her rather strange choice of breakfast foods to heat up.Thats probably why she burned it.
  57. 57. That evening, Toshi went home with Angora and the two of them met up with Ching Shih at the rollerskating rink down the road from Toshishouse."Err... maybe we should do something else," Angora suggested, wincing as she saw her two best friends hit the ground for what seemed like thehundredth time."That sounds like a good idea to me," Shih said in a relieved voice. "My rear end knows exactly what this floor feels like and itd like to trysomething else now.""My knees concur with your butt," Toshiko agreed. "Youth Centre?""Youth Centre!"
  58. 58. Ching Shih was the clear winner of the ensuing pool tournament, despite the help of Ricky Cormier.
  59. 59. At a house just down the road, one concerned mother was relieving the tedium of spying on her son and his girlfriend all night by playing with thefamily fish. Fortunately for Hugo Pseudo and girlfriend Lainey Barthelet, they stayed in their respective assigned sleeping areas all night with narya dalliance.Lack of sleep and excess of caffeine did mean that Orikes conversation with the fish was more in line with one her daughter Liv might have thanOris normal reassurance that the fish wouldnt get eaten by the cat, though.
  60. 60. "Its okay, Lila, Ill play with you since Hugos too busy sucking his girlfriends face off to pay any attention to you," Liv said in rather too loud of avoice when she got up that morning. "Do you want to go on a walk?""Wuf!"For a tiny little puppy, Lila managed to convey a lot of enthusiasm when she barked.
  61. 61. "Youre still kissing?" Liv said in a disgusted voice when she returned from her walk and went into the family room to play video games. "Eww!""You will understand it when you are older," Lainey said, and squeaked when Hugo grabbed a tender portion of her anatomy. "Hugo Pseudo! Nogoosing in front of younger sisters!""Gag me with a fork!" Liv protested. "Go kiss in Hugos room. I wanna play SSX3!""Its almost time for the party, anyway," Hugo said. He grabbed Laineys hand and led her out of the room. "Cmon, Lainey... I wanna introduceyou to my friends!""Bout time," Liv muttered once the door was shut behind her brother and his girl. "Dumb mushyheads."
  62. 62. About the only friend that Hugo wasnt keen on having Lainey meet was his cousin, Toby, who was still visiting Pirate Island for the summer.Hugo enlisted his friend Robin to distract Toby away from the guest of honour."So, maybe I could go out on a double date with you and your girlfriend!" Toby said enthusiastically once hed talked to Robin for a while."Err... I dont think so," Robin said. "Were a little busy these days. Simself superhero stuff and all that.""Oh?"
  63. 63. "Well, its just that my roomie, Toast, is kinda missing," Robin said. "She and Justinian havent been seen for days. So Lu and I havent really had achance to date lately. Im too busy investigating.""Sounds... interesting," Toby said, yawning. "Hey, is that Angora over there? Angie! Wait up!""Why am I not surprised?" Robin shook her head as Toby pounced Angora and laid a big, wet kiss on her. "The testosterone, it chokes."Clearing her plate, she got up in search of Toshiko.
  64. 64. "Still no sign of Toast or Justinian?" Concern filled the teenagers voice."Nope," Robin said. "Its got all the simselves in a tizzy. Obviously, somethings happened... but we have no idea what. Once we get word, wellhave to move quickly. Can I count on you, Toshiko?""Of course!" Toshi nodded emphatically. "Ive got my kit all packed. A bunch of explosives, some det cord, and of course an oboe. Cant forget theoboe."
  65. 65. Before long the party ended, and Hugo found himself embracing Lainey for what was probably the last time before they headed to university."Youll write every day, right?""Of course, Hugo Pseudo," she said, smiling, but she couldnt hide the tears that were leaking down her face. "I will miss you. This summer willfeel like an eternity.""Ill miss you too," Hugo said, his voice breaking. "Email me as soon as you get home, okay?""It is a promise, Hugo Pseudo."The two clung to each other until the strident honk of the taxi broke their reverie.
  66. 66. "Goodbye, Lainey!" Liv called from an upstairs window. "Come back and visit soon! Youre okay even if you do want to kiss my brother!""Goodbye, Liv Pseudo!" Lainey said, breaking out into a wide grin as she reached the taxi. The other partygoers were pouring out of the housearound her and she took a moment to take the whole scene in. "I will see you in university, young lady.""I wouldnt miss it!" Liv giggled. "Byebye!"
  67. 67. Hugo spent a very quiet afternoon and evening tracking Laineys flight across the ocean and back home. Only when he was certain shed arrivedsafely (heralded by a very short, but loving, email), did he go to sleep.
  68. 68. The next morning, the entire family was greeted by a happy surprise -- sometime in the night, Lila had grown up into an adult dog!"Wow, youre still really tiny," Hugo said, stroking his pet. She barked happily.I may be tiny, but youll see, Master Hugo. Ill be the best Guardian a household could have! Not that I know why they need a Guardian on thisisland or anything, but Im not about to turn down a cool job like this, ever!Yes indeed. While Pirate Island is generally safe from the supernatural, the wolves werent taking any chances, and had assigned Lila while shewas still a tiny pup. She would watch over the one they called "Voice" and her family for as long as she lived.
  69. 69. It wasnt just Lilas birthday, either. The entire family was present for Livs ascent from childhood into the teenaged years.
  70. 70. A very good mix of both parents, Liv Pseudo wound up being one of the beauties of the Buccaneer family this generation.
  71. 71. Pretty much the first thing Liv did as a teenager was throw her curfew to the wind and sneak out with her big brother once the rest of the familywas asleep."I dunno why I agreed to this..." Hugo said dramatically as he sipped his espresso. "Were going to get caught and get into so much trouble.""Nah, mom and dad are cool," Liv said. "Besides, I needed to get a cell phone, and a video game thingy, and taste caffeine for the first time. This isso much better than hot chocolate."
  72. 72. "Wait a minute... cell phone, video games, sneaking out... whats your and dad will kill us if were out past two."aspiration, Liv?" "Wait a minute... do you mean they know we went out?""Like you havent known since I was a kid," Liv said, sticking hertongue out at her brother. "Pleasure all the way, bro. Im going to be a "I asked before we left," Liv said happily.video game designer when Im older. I have this awesome idea forthis life simulator game. Its gonna rock your socks off, bro." "Im gonna kill you if its the last thing I do," Hugo growled, advancing towards his sister. "A noogie ought to teach you not to"Really... whats the title of this proposed game?" Hugo was a little make me worry!"skeptical. "Ack!""Three," Liv said happily. "Now cmon, wed better head back. Mom
  73. 73. True to her Pleasure inclinations, Liv decided to try dating the very next day. It was just her luck that neighbor David Ottomas happened to bewalking by about fifteen minutes after she made the decision.
  74. 74. After David left, Liv called up the matchmaker and got an exchange date, like the one where Hugo had met Lainey. Liv didnt feel anywhere nearas much chemistry for Candice Nott (Paris) as shed seen between her brother and his girlfriend, though. And while the date with David had beenokay, there hadnt really been any sparks there either. Liv decided to play it cool and keep dating casually until she found someone she reallyconnected with.
  75. 75. In the meantime, she was more than happy to play her video games.
  76. 76. "How are you finding your cell?" Octavia Toyonaga smirked as she beheld the sight of her great-nephew Justinian and his girlfriend, EphemeralToast, behind bars. "Ive noticed that nobody has come looking for you yet.""Youre a creep!" Toast said, shaking her fist at Octavia. "A nasty, icky, slimy creep with a putrifying pus-filled boil that I can smell all the wayfrom here growing out of your <banned4lyfe>.""No," Octavia corrected. "Im a villain. Theres a difference.""Fine, youre a nasty, icky, slimy villain with a putrifying pus-filled boil that I can smell all the way from here growing out of your--""Well, now that you have us what are you going to do with us?" Justinian interrupted, his voice filled with equal indignation. "You cant keep uslocked up like this forever!"
  77. 77. "Arr! Th witch be distracted, mate," Captain Jack said in a harsh whisper to Crassus Toyonaga, Justinians younger brother."Really?" Tara Toyonaga, grandmother of both boys, said excitedly. She listened for a moment. "She is! Listen to me, Crassus. I want you to getdressed and get out of the house. They probably wont even notice youre gone. Run to the first place you can get help, okay!""O-okay, Grandma," Crassus said, his eyes wide as he climbed down off of the bed where hed been bouncing."Tis dangerous t go alone," Captain Jack added. "Yed best take me in yer pocket, mboy. Ill keep em from noticin ye, savvy?""Savvy."
  78. 78. Octavia was still ranting at Justinian and Toast by the time Crassus was dressed and had the bear safely stowed away."Now where was I... oh yes. Keeping you locked up. I only have to keep you locked up until you, Justinian, are grown up. Since you wont seduceChing Shih Buccaneer, Ill have to bear the next generation of Toyonaga heir and well take over the old-fashioned way... with violence. Deliciousviolence. The day you hit adulthood, Justinian, you and I will be married."Crassus gasped, and Octavia started. "The wench heard ye, mate!" the bear hissed. "Yed best be skedaddling now, me lad!"
  79. 79. Crassus took off as fast as he could, Octavia close at his heels. He slammed the front door shut in her face, buying himself some time, and took offdown the road as fast as he could.
  80. 80. Only a short time had passed since Roches death when the family gathered together to celebrate a little bit more life with Marie Buccaneer.The party was jovial enough, in the beginning.Nobody noticed when Susanna slipped away.
  81. 81. And so nobody was prepared for the moment when Anna reappeared in her work clothes."Its time, then." It wasnt a question, just quiet acceptance."YES.""And my one true love is waiting for me?""HE IS.""Well then, youd best take me," Marie said bravely. "Im glad that I got to know you, Anna."
  82. 82. "AS AM I. NOW WE NEED NEVER BE APART," Susanna said she took the flowers anyway.solemnly. She handed Marie a lei. "HERE. TAKE THIS." "HE HAS BEEN CONDUCTING THE DEAD TO THE"Im dying and you give me cheap plastic flowers on a string?" AFTERLIFE SINCE THE FIRST SIM WAS BORN," Anna shrugged. "I SUPPOSE THAT HAS TO COUNT FOR"IT IS ... TRADITIONAL." SOMETHING. BUT IF YOU DONT WANT THE LEI, YOU DONT HAVE TO TAKE IT.""Says who?" "I just think it would be nicer if it had real flowers," Marie protested."GRANDFATHER." "WE DONT REALLY HAVE THE BUDGET FOR THAT. AT"Well, what does he know about anything?" Marie demanded. But LEAST THESE ARE RECYCLABLE."
  83. 83. "NOW, TAKE YOUR SILLY FRUIT DRINK AND GET GOING ALREADY," Anna said with a note of impatience in her voice. But Mariecould hear the smile on her daughters face as well. "DAD SAYS YOURE TAKING YOUR SWEET TIME ABOUT IT.""Oh, fine," Marie said, oblivious to the crying around her. "Ill go now. Take care of my babies for me, will you?""INDEED."
  84. 84. Marie made the transition to the afterlife fairly well, by all accounts."Woohoo! Bannd4Lyfe in my bed!""I have this strange feeling that something inappropriate is happening," Green said.
  85. 85. Across town, in another bed, Anna was discovering that not all of her boyfriends roommates really understood the whole friends with benefitsthing. Borealis, for one."I dont get it," Anna complained to Gavin later while she examined the slap marks on her cheek. "Its not like I ever told him I was in love withhim.""Hes a family sim," Gavin shrugged. "I dont understand them either."
  86. 86. While Susanna was learning a bit about the consequences of inappropriate behavior, Toby was learning that not all matches were made in heaven.
  87. 87. "Youre Romance, Im Romance, whats not to like?" Toby grinned slyly after checking out Lucretia Marius extremely short skirt."Its the whole gender thing," Lu shrugged. "I just cant get past that, Toby.""Meh, fine," Toby complained. Then he brightened. "Hey, want to head down to the park and watch girls? Might as well make the most of ourdate, even if nothing goods gonna happen.""Ooh, that sounds like fun!"
  88. 88. And thus Toby Biggs learned that not every girl would fall for him at the drop of the hat, and also that girls can make pretty good friends whenthey arent girlfriends."Look me up when you get to college, okay?" Toby said, shaking Lus hand at the close of their date."Its a deal."
  89. 89. But one date that didnt end in kisses didnt exactly discourage Toby.
  90. 90. Even the papergirl, Amy Jones, couldnt resist his charms."Okay, one date," she said reluctantly after Toby had pestered her for most of the morning. "Now, will you let me finish my paper route?""Only if I get a hug first," Toby said."Fine, you can have a hug," Amy said shyly, and gave Toby a very quick hug.
  91. 91. By the time their date rolled around, shed lost much of her shyness.This deity is pretty sure that Amy was the thirteenth or fourteenth girl that Toby kissed.
  92. 92. Back on Pirate Island, a little more business had to be taken care of. Specifically, it was Erroneous Marius birthday party, and a multitude ofsimselves and Sim Spade actors were on hand to watch.
  93. 93. Erroneous Marius proves the lie to the assumption that ProfessorButters and Flavius can only breed "interesting-looking" sims. He also wins thetitle of "Cutest Marian Ever", at least in my opinion.He spent most of the party befriending his mom and dads friends.
  94. 94. "So whered mom go again, anyway?" he asked his sister the next evening--the night on which Crassus escaped from the Toyonaga household,specifically."Shes off saving the island or something. Again," Lucretia shrugged as she read over her homework answers.
  95. 95. "Saving the island? Whyd she do something like that?" Erroneous wanted to know."Cause shes a simself and thats what they do," Lucretia said."Oh," Erroneous said. He thought about that for a moment. "Since were part simself, does that mean we have to save the world sometimes?""Only if we want to," Lucretia said. "Now finish your homework. No more questions tonight.""Awww..."
  96. 96. You may be wondering why this particular deity hasnt done anything to mitigate the Toyonaga scenario. The short answer is, I had no idea it wasgoing on whatsoever. What with the becoming a plantsim, having a werewolf husband, spawning a sporebaby, and getting knocked up, simSarahwas more than busy.Dionysus had just moved out, and it was time for the newest Deity to grace Pirate Island.
  97. 97. "Aww... hes really cute!" daughter Athena said approvingly as she held her baby brother Hades for me. I had more pressing matters to take care of-- like getting cured of plantsimism.I gulped down the noxious potion before responding to her comment."He sure is!" I agreed once Id finished feeling like I was about to barf. "Hiya Hades! Whos your mommy? I am!"My little blue baby just gurgled at me and kicked his feet."Did he just gurgle the Doom Song?" said Athena.
  98. 98. simChris also decided hed had enough of the supernatural for the time being and cured both his lycanthropy and his plantsimism."This stuff tastes like rotten cabbage!" he complained once hed finished the Plantrophic C."Thats cause it is rotten cabbage," I pointed out. "Well, mostly.""Ew.""Indeed."
  99. 99. Even though hed wanted to be cured, Chris took the fact of it rather hard, which made me a bit sad, but I knew hed be happier in the long run.Besides, by this time little Hades was a toddler, and Chris always enjoys skilling up a new toddler. Knowledge Sims, I tell ya. Easily distracted.
  100. 100. Of course, when the kid is this cute, its easy to be distracted."Ooh! Whassat?"And thats why I had no idea what was happening on Pirate Island.
  101. 101. But things finally started to come to my attention when I happened to glance at Hades latest painting."Plotses, mommy!" he crowed as he showed me the unfolding scene. "Yay doom!"It was too late for me to do anything to stop it. I could only watch and hope that everything played out properly...
  102. 102. "Another three days and the boy will be old enough to marry me," Octavia crowed to her brother Septimus as they sat on the couch theydappropriated in the Toyonaga home."Will you still be able to get pregnant?" Septimus was concerned."Ive heard there are ... alternatives ..." Octavia said. "Just across the street, the current heirs husband gave birth to alien babies. If I cannot bear achild... Justinian can.""Excellent," Septimus nodded, steepling his fingers.Neither of them noticed the shadowy figure outside their window.
  103. 103. "Okay," Toshiko whispered once she was certain Septimus and Octavia were heading upstairs. "Theyre heading upstairs. Cmon, gang! Letsmove!"
  104. 104. Quickly, the strike team assembled by Robin snuck into the living room.Crassus Toyonaga had run straight to Robin once he escaped captivity, and shed wasted no time in putting together a rescue. As for Crassus, hewas safely in the care of his grandfather Aspen. Aspen and Denise lived in a townhouse complex with a handful of other simselves--they hadplenty of protection.
  105. 105. Just as everyone got inside, they heard a squeak on the stairs.A mad scramble to hide ensued. The black clothing theyd decided to wear on their commando raid may have been a good idea while they werestill outside, but stood out like a sore thumb against the white carpet and blue wallpaper.Still, everyone managed to get behind, beside, or under something before Septimus and Octavia returned downstairs.
  106. 106. "Threatening people makes me hungry," Octavia declared, striding through the living room and into the kitchen."Me too," Septimus said, turning to face her. Somehow, both of them entirely missed seeing the hidden simselves. He headed towards therefrigerator ... then stopped. "Lets get some fresh fish from the pond.""Sounds good," Octavia nodded in agreement, and they went outside.
  107. 107. "Whew, that was close," Toshiko said, stepping out of the refrigerator with a shiver.
  108. 108. "Quickly, everyone!" Denise said, taking command of the situation. "They must be upstairs!""There wont be room for everyone up there," Jenn pointed out. "The rest of us should stay down here and keep watch.""Ill get the ladder into position," Pen added. "Youll have to break the glass and get them out from the inside, Denise.""Okay," Denise said. "Robin, Toshiko, youre with me. Everyone who isnt helping Jenn or Pen, go for Tara. I think shes probably either in thebathroom or the other bedroom.""On it," Michelle said, sprinting up the stairs.
  109. 109. "Grandma!" Justinians voice was tense but happy when he recognized Denise."I see simselves!" Toast crowed. "Is this a rescue?""It is," Denise said. She stared at the bars to the cell. "Im going to get Ellen and Sejanus out first, and then well work on opening up that cell.""Octavia has the key," Justinian said. "She put it down her dress and then told me I could go looking for it once Ive had my birthday." Heshuddered."Eugh! Remind me to have a word with Ben about his legacys ethics."
  110. 110. "Okay," Denise said, shooting a look of sympathy at her grandson. "Just wait here.""We arent going anywhere," Justinian said, but he smiled in evident relief that the rescue was underway."I think I owe you a date with Boom-Boom in my legacy," Toast said gratefully.
  111. 111. Ellen and Sejanus were sleeping when Denise picked the lock to their room."Up and at em," she said in a commanding voice. "Its time to get you two rescued!""Mom!" Ellen gasped. Sejanus couldnt speak, but he gestured emphatically to show that he echoed his wifes emotion. "What are you doing here?""What does it look like?" Denise asked. "Now, do you two have something heavy?""Theres the pet bed in the corner," Ellen shrugged."Itll have to do," Denise said, and she threw the basket into the window. It shattered surprisingly easily. "Now, put on your shoes and get downthat ladder!"
  112. 112. "Nnnh!" Sejanus exclaimed, shaking his head. He clenched his fists and gestured wildly."What?" Denise asked, trying to figure out what her son-in-law meant."Hes saying this is his fight too," Ellen translated. "And mine. Were in this fight with you, mom.""Ellen, I need you to get to our house," Denise urged, referring to the townhouse where she lived with Aspen. "Crassus is there. Hes safe--he gotaway on his own earlier this afternoon.""Thank goodness," Ellen breathed. She started towards the ladder, then turned to her husband. "Sej... youll get Justinian?"Sejanus nodded.
  113. 113. Satisfied, Ellen scurried out through the window and down the ladder.Once Denise was satisfied that her daughter was safe, she and Sejanus left the room.
  114. 114. "Dad! Youre okay!" Justinian was ecstatic. "What about mom?""Safe," Denise said. "Toshiko, do you think you and Robin can get these two out of their cell? Sejanus and I have... business... to take care of.""Easy peasey," Toshiko laughed. "Ill have them out in two jiffs and an arpeggio."Denise nodded and she and Sejanus sprinted down the stairs. Well, Denise sprinted. Sejanus kind of limped."Okay, youd better step back," Toshiko said, as she fiddled with some stuff by the door. "Actually, you should get under the bed."
  115. 115. A few minutes later, there was a sharp bang as the entire locking mechanism (along with part of the wall) blew out.
  116. 116. Meanwhile, Denise and Sejanus found Septimus and Octavia downstairs in the livingroom."What are you doing here?" Octavia demanded, her face going pale."Rescuing my family," Denise said in a hard voice.Sejanus moaned in agreement.
  117. 117. By unspoken agreement, Denise moved to confront Octavia while Sejanus took on Septimus.
  118. 118. It didnt take long until Sejanus had Septimus subdued. The fury of a father fighting for his family is a powerful thing.
  119. 119. It only took a moment longer for Denise to show Octavia who was boss. A grandmothers rage is nothing to be trifled with.Finally, it was all over.
  120. 120. "Yknow, you two chose to mess with the wrong family," Ben nodded as he watched over the prisoners. "My boss doesnt take kindly to otherpeople messing with his relatives... and Ellen is his granddaughter."The gulps of fear were audible even inside the house.
  121. 121. And inside the house, a happy reunion was taking place."Alls well that ends well," Tara said. But there was a note of sadness in her voice. "I wish Scipio could know that were all safe and happy now.""Im sure that he does," Ellen said. "I know he does.""Im just sad that nothing can be done to help Sejanus," Denise said sadly. "Its not fair that he should be stuck in that form for eternity, unable tospeak.""He doesnt need to speak," Ellen said softly, covering her husbands hand with her own. "I can hear him tell me he loves me whenever he wants tosay it."
  122. 122. "Well, our work here is done," Robin said happily. "Cmon, Toast. Lets go home and pack up for university.""What? Not so fast!" Toast spluttered. "I want to have a couple more dream dates first!""Well, if you insist..." Robin grumbled. "Just let me know when youre ready."
  123. 123. "Yeah, I want to actually enjoy some of my teenaged years," penguingirl2466 as PenJustinian said. His entire bearing had changed--like an enormous fireflower314 as Deweight had been lifted off of his shoulders. "Goodbye, emo... hello, ChickenSensei as HimsimselfFUN!" Candi020765 as Hersimself AhRubyblue (Oh Rubyblue) as RubyContinued in Chapter 28: Consequences... Blite27 (netsfn1427) as Ben MichelleFobbs (MichaelFobbs) as MichelleStarring: ProfessorButters(loolooloo16play) as The Professor(in no particular order) Ndainye (Jnnfr123770) as Jennavidreader2466 as DeniseRobinoli (omgrobinnn) as RobinEphemeralToast as ToastOrikes as Orikes Pseudo ---->
  124. 124. "Yknow, our buddy over there is much nicer than he used to be." "Yep. I knew that our girl would be a bad influence on him.""Maybe retirement suits him? Or maybe its the fact that the hula "WOULD YOU LIKE ANOTHER FRUITY UMBRELLA DRINK?zombies wont leave him alone?" I AM TRYING A NEW RECIPE. IT IS CALLED A DAIQUIRI.""Err... hes a skeleton. I dont think he knows what to do with the hula "Hmm... maybe in a few minutes, Grimmy dear. Oh, Roche... Izombies." believe theres a hammock over there with our names on it.""Must be the booze, then." "WOO-HOO!"