How Can Social CRM Drive Marketing Results, Richard Jones, Engage Sciences


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This session will examine how marketing results can be supported by a Social CRM approach. Using experience gained from running 1000s of social media campaigns with brands such as Nokia, Stella Artois and Rakuten across more than 50 countries, Richard will discuss how it is Social CRM data that is beginning to shape the way brands approach social marketing programs.

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How Can Social CRM Drive Marketing Results, Richard Jones, Engage Sciences

  1. 1. About Us 1 A Facebook Preferred Marketing API Developer Red Herring Top 100 Award Winner 50 Serving clients around the Countries world
  2. 2. Who have we worked with? 2
  3. 3. SocialCRM?
  4. 4. Social vendor landscape 1Community managementManage the conversation, route incoming requests and supportThe Facebook page building toolsBrand and presence management for Facebook - the CMS for social mediaAdvocacy & loyalty toolsUnderstand influencers, build referral and advocacy programs, track resultsThe social campaign toolsRevenue and brand engagement - get leads, build awareness, drive salesThe social media monitoring toolsUnderstanding & Analytics - sentiment analysis, engagement, decision support
  5. 5. Social CRM & Marketing 2 Management Monitoring Marketing
  6. 6. Campaigns & social CRM 3 Loyalty & advocacy marketing: live3 audience database allowing segmentation based on fans social graph influence and lifetime value Global multi-territory2 management and targeting for campaigns, pages and content. Campaign journey1 management and reporting across desktop and mobile.
  7. 7. Campaigns
  8. 8. A library of campaign types 1
  9. 9. Easy campaign creation 2“EngageSciences allows us to createand manage multiple campaignssimultaneously with limited resourceThe mixture of campaign typesand frequently refreshed contenthelps to keep users engaged”Chris Howard, DirectorOnline Marketing,
  10. 10. Control of data capture 3 Whether you need to build simple forms for data capture or complex question and answer quiz formats, business users are in control of what data they want to capture from social media followers.
  11. 11. Sample campaign 4 Our apps and campaigns are designed to provide an experience that leverages gamification principles
  12. 12. Incentive based engagement 5 1 2
  13. 13. Gamification 6 After answering a defined set of questions entrants can unlock access to a prize draw
  14. 14. Gamification 7 Questions are timed and entrants are given limited lives they can use to achieve the best score
  15. 15. Data capture 8
  16. 16. Leader boards 9
  17. 17. Friend challenge 10
  18. 18. Content & multiple promotions 11 The Cannes Cinema Club campaign involved multiple engagement mechanisms
  19. 19. Rich content pages 12
  20. 20. Commerce pagesFacebook Devices PageDevice List PageCreator: Lee Shepstone | Modified: Thu May 24 2012 13 Top Phones Share The Amazing Lumia 900 FREE from £30/ month on contract Buy now Learn more Beautifully different Nokia Lumia – t he f astest way t o your favourit e people, places, and t hings. Learn more Device Title Lumia 800 Device Title Lumia 610 NEW Lumia 900 Device Title Device Title Device Title
  21. 21. Action Specs & advocacy 14 Incorporate custom actions specs for your brand that generate stories across Facebook and that can also be used for ad targeting. In this example Nokia are using ‘Want it’ and ‘Own it’. Advocacy is used to help promote the product on the overlay details page. This is collected, filtered and published from Engage Sciences
  22. 22. Reviews & pricing feed 15Real time pricingfeed integrationensures the latestprices acrossoperators isdisplayed to fansA Bazaarvoiceintegration showsproduct reviewsto fans on theoverlay productdetails pageensuring all formsof socialadvocacy are ondisplay
  23. 23. Content targeting 16 Easily clone whole pages or create variations for campaigns, promotions or content that can be targeted based on age, language or location
  24. 24. Used to create great tabs 17 1Nokia countries build and manage their own pages using our product 2 The content and layout of the pages are updated regularly in each market leading to better fan experiences
  25. 25. Granular view of performance 18 Detailed campaign reports 1 looking at views, clicks, conversions, shares and invites over time Track and compare 2 referrals sources and media breakdown to see what seeding tactics drive the most conversions Reports cover aggregate 3 views of all campaigns as well as page statistics such as views and shares
  26. 26. Social CRM& Campaigns
  27. 27. You know your audience 1
  28. 28. The value & activity of each fan 2 Being able to execute a social campaign is only the beginning We create a record for every fan who interacts with your campaigns, so you can understand who they are over time and the conversions they drive amongst their friends. It is a goldmine of data that can be used to
  29. 29. Loyalty programsRefer a friendStart: Understand the program and get incentivised to startCreator: Lee Shepstone | Modified: Tue Apr 03 2012 Refer a friend Reward dashboard: Check your rewards and earnings Creator: Lee Shepstone | Modified: Tue Apr 03 2012 3 Refer a friend Share Refer a friend Share Share. Reward. Earn. Refer hello alex Welcome back to your reward dashboard. 9 Friends invited so far. You can always invite more. one Refer just one friend to five Refer five friends to Nokia win Our top referrers can win 1 Referral unlocked. Get 25% off any Nokia speakers or headphones accessories. Claim Nokia, and claim your and youll get an fabulous prizes. Each reward. Your friend gets exclusive reward only month we give out a deal too. available here. amazing and exclusive prizes to our most loyal fans. 2 More referrals to go. Unlock your next reward when you reach 5 referrals. Your friends whove joined Nokia refer a friend Recent fans collecting rewards Refer Invite more friends Share to all Get more friends on board Post to your wall, earn when friends click through Invite Share
  30. 30. That reward influenceRefer a friendCheck redemption: An invitee returns to the system to redeemCreator: Lee Shepstone | Modified: Tue Apr 03 2012 Refer a friend Enter: Confirm details, and supply proof of purchase Creator: Lee Shepstone | Modified: Tue Apr 03 2012 4 Refer a friend Share Refer a friend Share Earn hello octavia 1 Reward unlocked. See your rewards below. Have your sales receipt or IMEI number Share Rewar ready to claim. 2 More great offers Click to see more offers available. almost done Please confirm the details we have are correct. £50 off. Get £50 off a White Nokia Lumia 800 from Carfone Warehouse. Exclusive to Facebook. Name: Octavia First name Moneypenney Surname d Claim my reward Email: I would like t o be not ified about f ut ure deals and offers f rom Nokia Dawson Moneypenney recommended these offers to you Proof of purchase Please upload a scanned copy or picture of your receipt, showing the purchase of your device. It can be in jpg, png or pdf format. Provide more great offers Facebook Exclusive Receipt : Upload rewards, £50 off a White Lumia 800 If youre looking for a white Nokia Lumia, Device Identification - IMEI number deals and offers to 3 is the place to go. This is an exclusive offer to Nokia Facebook fans. Please carefully type your IMEI number into the space below . You can get it from your phone by typing *#06#. Get Voucher £10 worth of apps IMEI: people in Get your Facebook exclusive code, which entitles you to a free set of games on Windows Phone 7. Finish return for Get Voucher providing referral Recent fans collecting rewards, you can too. conversion Refer s amongst their
  31. 31. Listen, reply & PUBLISH!!! 5 1 Set up feeds that concern your campaign from across the social web publish to your campaign pages 2 Monitor, filter, find and
  32. 32. Integrate the voices of fans 6Integrate curated user commentary,reactions, reviews, photos andvideos from across Twitter, youtube,flickr, Facebook, Bazaarvoice andmany other sources directly intoyour pages or into your website Curation is the key. You hold the power to publish only what you want from across the social web.
  33. 33. Customer acquisition & revenue 7500% increase inFacebook referred revenue700% increase in fans 300K implement EngageSciencesFacebook Fans 30K Timeline January 2011 January 2012 Amazon UK
  34. 34. It works