Taking the 'boring' out of B2B content marketing


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Luke Brynley-Jones gives an introduction to B2B content marketing and the workarounds for creating exciting content in the business sphere.

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  • Designed for lead generation and building subscribers/contacts
  • Babies benefit from the Bradycardiac response – hold breath automatically.
  • This achieved over 3 x the expected click through rate and double the expected downloads.
  • The first slide matters a lot
  • The first slide matters a lot – this presentation has been viewed 550,000 times!
  • The first slide matters a lot
  • The first slide matters a lot
  • Taking the 'boring' out of B2B content marketing

    1. 1. B2B Content Marketing Luke Brynley-Jones – Founder & CEO
    2. 2. OUR SOCIAL TIMES - SERVICES © Our Social Times Social Media Strategy Social Media Training Social Media Insights Social Media Marketing Strategy Planning Reviews Audits Training Mentoring Community Building Campaigns Lead generation Monitoring Measurement Analysis Reporting
    3. 3. © Our Social Times OUR SOCIAL TIMES - CLIENTS
    4. 4. © Our Social Times B2B CONTENT MARKETING Why content marketing?
    5. 5. © Our Social Times 5 REASONS WHY WE’RE HERE TODAY: 1. B2B companies with blogs generate (on average) 67% more leads than those without blogs. 2. 87% of B2B marketeers use social media to distribute content. 3. Marketeers now spend an average of 25% of their budget on content marketing. 4. Companies with <10 staff spend an average of 42% of their budget on content marketing. 5. 62% of companies outsource their content marketing.
    6. 6. © Our Social Times B2B CONTENT MARKETING How does B2B Content Marketing work?
    7. 7. Stronger relationship Customer lifetime value Views Engagement New leads Direct sales LEAD GENERATION CUSTOMER RETENTION AWARENESS CONTENT ENGAGEMENT New fans/followers New contacts REACH
    8. 8. © Our Social Times TYPES OF CONTENT 1. Blog posts 2. Videos 3. Presentations 4. Infographics 5. White papers/reports 6. Webinars 7. Microsites 8. e-books 9. Others?
    9. 9. © Our Social Times DESTINATIONS & DISTRIBUTION Channel Destination Distribution mechanism Website For downloads and services (e.g. step-by-step guides). To website visitors and browsers (via SEO) Blog For any type of content, incl. infographics, news and videos. To RSS and email subscribers and Googlers (via SEO) Twitter (+Vine) For instant content, e.g. photos /videos of events. To followers, and wider using #hashtags Facebook For photos, videos, news, competitions etc. To fans and wider audience using ads and Groups. Google+ For photos, videos, news etc. To followers and wider audience via Communities. YouTube For videos To subscribers and wider web via social sharing LinkedIn For any type of content, including docs (PDF/Word). To contacts or Groups and wider via social sharing. Slideshare For PPT, PDF, video To subscribers and wider web via social sharing
    10. 10. B2B CONTENT MARKETING: PROCESS © Our Social Times
    11. 11. © Our Social Times NO MORE ‘ME TOO’ POSTS… Taking out the ‘Boring’
    12. 12. © Our Social Times FINDING A COMPELLING CAMPAIGN CONCEPT Image credit: RankManiac
    13. 13. © Our Social Times ANYTHING CAN BE INTERESTING…
    14. 14. © Our Social Times IN A ‘BORING’ INDUSTRY – FUN STANDS OUT
    15. 15. © Our Social Times ‘USEFUL’ WORKS JUST AS WELL
    16. 16. © Our Social Times TIME TO CHANGE YOUR PRODUCT NAMES?
    17. 17. © Our Social Times TITLES ARE CONTENT 1. Use the most compelling statistic or fact in the post – e.g. 7% of Twitter users aren’t human 2. Make it interesting – e.g. 10 inventions that shouldn’t work under water, but do 3. Make it easy – e.g. 5 things you didn’t know about blue-tooth 4. Make it topical – e.g. What today’s product launch means for you 5. Optimise it – e.g. The beginner’s guide to smart thermostats
    19. 19. © Our Social Times VIDEOS SPEAK LOUDEST
    20. 20. © Our Social Times INFOGRAPHICS FOR… EVERYTHING
    21. 21. © Our Social Times A LITTLE HUMOUR GOES A LONG WAY
    22. 22. © Our Social Times EXPERIMENT WITH INTERACTIVITY
    23. 23. © Our Social Times EXPERIMENT WITH FORMATS
    24. 24. © Our Social Times NEW FORMATS: ONLINE PRESENTATIONS
    25. 25. © Our Social Times COULD YOU BECOME MEDIA?
    26. 26. © Our Social Times BUT IT’S NOT ALL FUN… The real challenge of B2B content marketing…
    27. 27. © Our Social Times OH… http://www.slideshare.net/dougkessler/crap-the-content-marketing-deluge
    28. 28. © Our Social Times BE INSPIRED… Some quotes to leave you with…
    29. 29. © Our Social Times CONTENT MARKETING - KEYS TO SUCCESS “People need stories more than bread itself. They tell us how to live, and why." – Arabian Nights
    30. 30. © Our Social Times CONTENT MARKETING - KEYS TO SUCCESS
    31. 31. © Our Social Times CONTENT MARKETING - KEYS TO SUCCESS “You have to understand that nothing appeals to everybody.” Gene Simmons of KISS
    32. 32. luke@oursocialtimes.com @oursocialtimes +44 (0)845 463 1435 oursocialtimes.com Can we help you?