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Top Social Media Tools


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After years of trial and error, lots of vendor presentations, demos, trials, and even partnerships across various brands... this is my personal POV on some of the top tools for optimizing your social media workflow, between clients and agencies. Please know that pricing changes often per vendor, as do updates, platform changes, etc. so the pros/cons/ and reviews of each will change often.

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Top Social Media Tools

  2. 2. / 2AGENDA•Choosing vendor partners•Social Listening•Social Media Management (SMM) Suites•Link Tracking & Real-Time Monitoring•Miscellaneous Vendors
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  4. 4. / 4CHOOSING VENDOR PARTNERSIt’s a messy space, with more and more organizations adding tools to help manage their socialmedia workflows and approval processes.Companies utilizing SMM tools were up to 64% in 2011, from only 52% in 2010.A few tips to help navigate through it & optimize your social marketing strategy...Determine: > what capabilities you are seeking from a software tool > internal and external resources to interact, engage, and manage the solution > budget for the tool(s) or seats necessary to manage multiple accounts > if franchises/smaller sectors of your business are going to utilize separate social pages*According to Altimeter Group
  6. 6. / 6SOCIAL LISTENINGSysomos MAP is Sysomos’ core social listening tool• Best used for high level conversations surrounding a brand online• Sources include forums, blogs, news mentions, Twitter, influencers• Has access to Flickr, public Facebook posts & video sources• Outputs include word clouds, buzz graphs, demographics, share of voice• No Twitter firehose or interactive graphicsSysomos HEARTBEAT is Sysomos’ real-time monitoring solution• Best used for monitoring real-time campaigns• Customized dashboard; can engage w/influencers within platform • MAP Price: based per seat, unlimited queries • Heartbeat Price: based per query
  7. 7. / 7SOCIAL LISTENINGRadian6 is recently becoming more of a comprehensive SMM tool whereusers can monitor results + engage with influencers within the dashboard• Best used for monitoring volume - every single mention of a brand online• Sources include forums, blogs, news, Twitter, video, images, LinkedIn, FB• Outputs include word clouds, buzz graphs, share of voice, source graphs• Access to Twitter firehose and very interactive graphics you can manipulate - deeper data and analysis available• Since purchased from Salesforce, recently rebranded to “Social Hub” product and now integrates w/Buddy Media Software• Extensive training required; user establishes highly customized search topics called ‘Topic Profiles’ for each brand• Klout integration for ranking influencers; data is very real-time• Interface is slow to pull data, significant learning curve• Price based per number of results per Topic Profile
  8. 8. / 8SOCIAL LISTENINGCrimson Hexagon is one of Twitter’s preferred partners and onlypreferred partner listed in this report• Best used for identifying core themes arising from people talking about brands and identifying opportunities to engage with influencers bnWA˛1`1`def• Sources include full Twitter firehose, Pinterest, public FB posts, Tumblr, forums, blogs, news, video, images• Different approach to data than other platforms, as user easily identify topics and core themes arising from brand conversations• ‘Forsight’ platform has real-time data is real-time due to firehose access• View-only access to reports available for clients• Price is based to one user, with access to 50 unique searches annually, called “Brand Monitors”, reduced cost to add one additional user, however they are included in the 50 “Brand Monitors” h"ps://dev.twi""er-­‐cer5fied-­‐products/products
  9. 9. / 9SOCIAL LISTENING SCORECARD VENDOR TOP TAKEAWAY PROS CONS PRICE Easiest user experience and Provides excellent high level best value for understanding Limited graphics, no Based per seat with SYSOMOS MAP conversations surrounding conversations, competitive firehose unlimited queries share of voice, easy to learn brand Most robust amount of Priced per mentions of mentions available across Slow system with Very useful interactive brand at different tiers - platforms Radian6 has access significant learning curve, RADIAN6 to; also has deep integration graphs are easy to doesn’t remove spam or e.g. if your client is very understand, manipulate popular the cost is with publishing through Buddy duplicate mentions higher Media’s “Marketing Cloud” Extremely detailed data Only social listening platform CRIMSON allows user to pull out Price and limited number Priced per user with with true access to the Twitter thematic insights around of search queries “Brand capped number of HEXAGON firehose; providing deeper online conversations across Monitors” queries allowed listening data all platforms
  11. 11. / 11SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT SUITEBuddy Media is a Salesforce Marketing Cloud product, which includesseveral products -• Best used for publishing social content to Facebook and Twitter, as well as utilizing their sapplet (social application) library of template to create customized Facebook apps, website widgets• Access to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+• Products include: Conversation Buddy for publishing and monitoring posts on social channels, Profile Buddy for developers managing templated sapplets, Reach Buddy for creating widgets for your website, Conversion Buddy for web analytics, and Analytics for tracking and monitoring activity• Hierarchy of approvals allows Community Managers to flag responses and approve copy within the system to go live• Not strongest tool for Twitter monitoring with no access to firehose• Price is charged per product, per client, per channel (client x for Profile Buddy for how many channels), usually 5 apps per client
  12. 12. / 12SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT SUITEOracle’s Vitrue is comprehensive dashboard suite with strongcapabilities to track and mange your brand’s social channels• Best used for publishing across multiple clients, individuals, and brands on an enterprise level• Has access to Facebook, Twitter, Google+• Hierarchy of approvals allows Community Managers to flag social posts that require approval, as well as review copy within the system• Custom app features for Facebook developers to deploy• White label publishing allows clients to customize “Published via__”• Price is for unlimited amount of users, unlimited amount of custom applets designed, charged per channel per client (e.g. client x has x number of channels)
  13. 13. / 13SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT SUITEAdobe Social allows users to manage social accounts across Facebookand Twitter best, with access to other platforms• Formerly Context Optional and now rebranded to part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Social is best used for monitoring and publishing across multiple clients, individuals, and brands• Access to Facebook, Twitter, Google+• White label publishing allows clients to customize “Published via__”• Custom app building for Facebook and website widgets• Access to Twitter firehose through Gnip (which can be more limited than direct access)• Multiple products available to track not only social channels, but also website traffic and insights, deploy social/digital ads, etc.• Price is based on number of fans per client per channel, up to 10 users per month
  14. 14. / 14SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT SUITESprinklr is a comprehensive Social Media Management Suite availablefor a multitude of social platforms• Best used for monitoring and publishing across multiple clients, individuals, and brands on an enterprise level• Has access to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, FourSquare, WordPress, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr• Robust content calendar system to upload and deploy posts• Hierarchy of approvals allows Community Managers to flag social posts that require approval from clients, or review copy within the system• Sprinklr is the only SMM with a fully developed mobile application (see right)• Price is based on number of users, brands, channels managed + initial setup fee
  15. 15. / 15SMM SCORECARD VENDOR TOP TAKEAWAY PROS CONS PRICE No access to Twitter firehose, BUDDY MEDIA Strong publishing capabilities for Easy-to-customize dashboard for limited content calendar Priced per client per Community Managers, customized channel, with 25 users SALESFORCE Twitter and Facebook templated sapplets for developers management, no white label publishing allowed per client Unlimited users and unlimited VITRUE Strong publishing capabilities for apps allows clients flexibility, white No access to Twitter firehose, Priced per client per Twitter and Facebook with white label limited content calendar channel, with unlimited ORACLE attribution on Facebook label publishing, custom vanity short URLs management users ADOBE SOCIAL Strong publishing capabilities for Strong integration with ads No access to Twitter firehose, lack Priced based on number of of content calendar, annual price fans per client per channel,CONTEXT OPTIONAL Twitter and Facebook, platforms and website analytics increases based on fans with up to 10 users Mobile app, robust enterprise SMM dashboard that has the most system would work well on an May be too many options for Priced based on amount of access to publish and monitor across SPRINKLR all social channels (e.g. LinkedIn, enterprise level - managing several clients looking to publish and clients, channels, and clients, channels, via agency or in monitor for one brand additional setup fee Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram) house experience
  17. 17. / 17LINK* is a dashboard to track links no matter where or how they areshared online• Best used for tracking social sharing and then optimizing your posts based on’s learnings• User is able to integrate’s unique tracking IDs on any post they make across multiple platforms• Export comprehensive data graphs for client reports• View influencers and those sharing/clicking on your content• Developer APIs are available for deeper website integration• Can integrate your brand’s custom vanity URL to track links• Price is very reasonable for basic monthly access, but can also be shaped on a customized client model on a monthly basis * is a kbs+ ventures partner, which has invested in
  18. 18. / 18LINK TRACKINGbitly is allows a user to easily track which links out of their content isbeing clicked online• Best used for high level analytics on which links are being clicked• Can integrate with many popular monitoring and posting platforms like HootSuite, Buffer, Tweetdeck• Can view your link activity over time• Exportable graphs for client reports• Price is free for the basic account, then scales up
  19. 19. / 19REAL-TIME MONITORINGHootsuite is a real-time monitoring tool with an emphasis onTwitter•Best used for monitoring real-time conversations, specifically on Twitter, but HootSuite does have integration with other platforms like YouTube•Can easily schedule posts to publish at a later time, optimizing post times are now even easier with a recent integration of Buffer and Hootsuite’s purchase of social tool Seesmic•Users can set up multiple columns to monitor, ranging from @mentions, Direct Messages, Twitter lists, to actual search terms surrounding your brand or competitive mentions•Analytics are only accessible to Pro users•Price is free to monitor up to 10 columns, synced to one Twitter account, with the ability to add multiple tabs and additional accounts with HootSuite Pro
  20. 20. / 20REAL-TIME MONITORINGTweetdeck is a real-time monitoring tool for Twitter• Best used for monitoring real-time conversations• Can schedule tweets to post at later times• Mobile app is very user-friendly• High level analytics tools are available, like word clouds• Users can set up multiple columns to monitor, ranging from @mentions, Direct Messages, Twitter lists, to actual search terms surrounding your brand or competitive mentions• Price is free to sync to one Twitter account• Real-time monitoring experience is essentially identical to user experience of Hootsuite, except Hootsuite has more robust scheduling options and analytics
  21. 21. / 21LINK TRACKING & REAL-TIME MONITORING SCORECARD VENDOR TOP TAKEAWAY PROS CONS PRICE Helps users optimize their Tells user the entire ‘link journey’ For best data, establish goals Monthly charge ranging social posts by better AWE.SM - where a user found a link, understanding which posts are and work closely with from basic access to more shared it, engaged with it online representatives custom tailored per client resonating and being shared Free model and platform are Links ‘break’ - unlike Free for the basic Great high-level analytics very easy to use and BIT.LY surrounding a link’s click-throughs understand, can export the the analytics are broken after account, scales up the initial click on the link reasonably analytics User friendly, fast easy way to Best free tool available to set up monitor real-time Twitter Free for basic account, multiple Twitter search terms into Settings do not always apply - HOOTSUITE columns to monitor real-time conversations, can sync up languages for example very affordable for custom URL account w/ HootSuite Pro conversations Hootsuite pro Auto-shortens links, very user- Analytics options are not as User-friendly way to monitor friendly and Twitter firehose Free to sync Twitter TWEETDECK brand conversations on Twitter access is extremely real-time robust as HootSuite Pro’s account version (Twitter owns product)
  23. 23. / 23CONTENT CURATIONCURATION STATION curates content across the web•Best used for curating Twitter, blogs, RSS feeds, etc. and pushing the content to a customized app on Facebook or area of a website•Price is based on output of websites searched and amount of involvement in designing customization, e.g. building the Facebook app vs. just curating the contentPERCOLATE also curates content across the web•Best used for website builds or making customized content tailored to fan’s interests•Price is based on desired output of content
  24. 24. / 24FREEMIUM OPTIONSwefollow is a website that suggests users on Twitter you shouldfollow based on your Twitter history, interests, etc.•Best used for determining influencers and individuals to follow and engage with on Twitter•Price is freeBuffer is a scheduling copy tool•Best used scheduling various social posts for Twitter or Facebook•Scheduling features can optimize posts to go live based on optimal times, or when your followers are most active•User can sync up their account•Price is free
  25. 25. / 25MISCELLANEOUS SOCIAL VENDORSEXPION: Best SMM tool for managing parent/child pages or multiple pages like franchises forQSR restaurant modelsSHOUTLET: SMM tool for Facebook, Twitter, YoutubeSPREDFAST: SMM tool with comprehensive content calendar managementHEARSAY SOCIAL: Tool for managing specific conversations or flagging and removing rogue socialaccounts for your brand onlineEXACTTARGET SOCIAL: CoTweet product is free to manage Twitter profiles, then scales upreasonable to manage additional social profilesVISIBLE TECHNOLOGIES: Social monitoring tool for Twitter and FacebookWILDFIRE BY GOOGLE: Reasonable priced SMM tool for managing publishing, promotions,multiple social accountsSPROUT SOCIAL: Publishing platform accessible by mobile for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, BlogsKAPOST: Content calendar management platform for approvalsNITROGRAM: Comprehensive Instagram analyticsCURALATE: Dashboard for managing Pinterest analytics
  26. 26. / 26LAST THOUGHTSResources and training are essential to get the most out of these toolsPrices for each vendor change often, as well as pricing structures image via imrcorp.comSMM Suites and publishing tools can assist with workflows and approvals, butconsider factors like Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm for native publishingLink tracking is important to understand views and shares, but also consider avanity URL + shortened links (it’s useful for Twitter and brand consistent!)No one solution is the best option for most brands, rather a mix of manual, nativeworkflows as well as a varied combination of tools based on your client’s needs
  27. 27. / 27THANK YOU