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Virtual Fan Network Publisher Development Opportunities

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VFN network

  1. 1. The Digital Sports Media Platform
  2. 2. The Virtual Fan Networkis a digital sports platformconnecting Athletes, Fans,Brands, and Publishers ina rich, compelling andengaging experience.
  3. 3. Who’s in the VFN?Athletes Fans Brands Publishers Stars  Casual  International Brands  High-traffic Sports Sites Rising Stars  Social  National Brands  Media Sites Suddenly Famous  Fanatic  Regional Brands  Wikipedia(s) Amateur  Hometown Focused  Local Businesses Olympiad  Status Focused  Affiliates  Bloggers College  Fantasy Leaguer  Publishers  Team Sites High School  Blogger  Athlete’s Sites Kids  Journalist  Venues  Other Athletes  Fan Forums  Ecommerce
  4. 4. VFN is the Ecosystem Athletes create a direct and profitable engagement with their Fans and amplify their digital brand Fans engage directly with their favorite athletes Brands connect with customers in a new way through affiliation with the athlete Publishers gain engaging content, new users and increased revenue
  5. 5. Virtual Fan Card FeaturesFunctions User AcquisitionUp-to-date statistics Highly interactive and effectiveAccess to social chatter ad unit for user acquisitionFind and watch videos User engagement is 60%+Buy merchandise Click through rate is 5%Content MonetizationProvided by & approved by Integrated display adsathlete Publisher advertising rev splitRSS feeds and content Channel revenuepartnerships with major media Merchandise salespublishers Ticket salesIntegrated with Facebook and Music salesTwitter VFN Zone marketplace
  6. 6. Virtual Fan CardCapabilities Home Screen Social Feeds Biography & Stats News and Game Updates Athlete Videos Favorite Songs Merchandise & Tickets Mobile Features Unique and Exclusive Content Customer Acquisition
  7. 7. Value for the Athlete500 Athletes and growingWhat’s in it for them? Connect with Fans in a unique and meaningful way Athlete becomes a publisher and takes control of their online brand Expand Reach Direct monetization from their valuable online equity Unlock the online and mobile digital spend for the athlete Analytics to track and understand their online popularity
  8. 8. Value for the Fan A fun and interactive way to engage with favorite athletes Create a digital ”shoe box” across multiple platforms through VFN. Ability to collect, trade and share VFN Cards through the VFN Zone. Participate in fantasy leagues, Social Shopping games and contests. Access to unique content, Rich Content endorsed products, merchandise and events. Available on Multiple Devices
  9. 9. Value for the BrandBrands Partner with Athletesfor Tighter Engagement withCustomers Access to athletes without need for expensive and risky sponsorships Advertisers can choose international, national, regional or local athletes for a variety of CPM campaigns Populate Cards with rich media tools and content owned by brand/advertiser Easily integrate brand into the user experience Engage athletes’ fans via social feeds Results = Dramatically higher customer engagement and CTRs
  10. 10. Value for PublishersPublishers Gain HighlyEngaging Monetizable Content The VFN Card is an interactive web and mobile advertising asset. Enabling more valuable integrated brand campaigns driving higher CPM’s. Can be integrated into topical and relevant content. Can be international, national, regional or local. Can be updated in real time. Effective user acquisition tool.
  11. 11. What Have We Done So Far? Strategic content and distribution relationships 500+ major athletes with more in process Advanced discussions with players associations of major sports Successful national campaigns with major brands
  12. 12. Opportunities for Publishers1. Ad Network Partner – VFN places media buys with you2. Premium Re-seller – VFN empowers the publisher to include Fan Cards as part of their media mix3. Channel Partner – Fan Cards served in unsold (under-sold) publisher inventory4. Content distribution – increase the reach of your content by working with VFN as a content provider
  13. 13. Premium Ad NetworkAdvertisers connect with users within the Athlete’snetwork1 2 3 5 4 3  Product/Brand Info – Custom creative with links to product page(s)1  Persistent Logo – Call to Action, tag line, etc. 4  Video Contest – Supports YouTube videos or2  Sweepstakes – Custom built playlists
  14. 14. Reseller Opportunity1 Revenue Opportunity – Incorporate Fan Cards into your premium media packages = high CPM rates2 P3 Engagement – Increase user interaction time with these deep content units (Fan Cards) Creating Sticky, Engaging Content Increasing Inventory Value Driving Higher Advertiser ROI
  15. 15. Channel Network - Display1 Display Ad 2 Facebook Ad 3 Mobile Ad300x250 bolt-on to Virtual Fan Card 160x600 ad within player’s VFC app on 320x50 ad within mobile web app their Facebook Page. 600px 600px 50px 320px 250px 300px 160px 300px
  16. 16. Appendix – CaseStudies
  17. 17. Case StudyPop ChipsObjective: Bridge Online and Offlinethrough a digital campaign blendedwith retail activation and aculminating charitable payoff. ~15 Athletes in 15 Markets in North AmericaResults: 20% Engagement Rates +14% CTR 18% National Sales Lift! “You guys are disruptive! We’re seeing the sales increases already!” -Michael Parisi, Dir. Of Marketing, Popchips
  18. 18. Case StudyBleacher ReportObjective : Activate Tim Lincecumon a (1) month long campaignthrough his Virtual Fan Card to drivehigh brand engagement and get fansto sign up for a Bleacher Report -SF Giants Team Newsletter. Results: 9% Engagement Rates 31 Seconds avg. Time 1,287 Email Entries 68% Conversion Rates
  19. 19. Case StudySporting News – Matt CainPerfect Game Sporting News asked VFN to build Matt Cain Fan Card to capitalize on perfect game to be run along side articles featuring that story  57% Engagement Rates  31 Seconds avg. Time  1MM + fans in 48 hours  68% Conversion Rates  Published Within Hours of Game
  20. 20. Performance – DigitalMediaPerformance vs. Industry Standard:23x higher engagement rate5.5x longer on average time spent18x higher click through rate Reach over 40MM+ unique viewers/month
  21. 21. Competition Let’s advertisers research, Many new emerging social license, and activate media management platforms celebrity endorsements and tools. Celebrity matching program for brands None are creating integrated rich-media assets around the Personal media management athlete. platform for celebrities None enable direct brand integration with the athlete Social engagement platform for across multiple platforms. athletes and fans to interact None provide direct monetization Content management platform to the athlete. for youth and adult sports teams and players to stay None provide amplification Bluefields.com better connected to team through syndication events