B2B content marketing: How to engage generate leads and maximise ROI


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Paul Smith, Group Head of Marketing at Elektron Technology shares his insight on the successful launch of CheckIt, a wireless food safety monitoring system, through a content marketing campaign

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  • Background50% client side 50% agency - 32 years in marketing arena23 years digital – first commercial internet company15 years working for and with many start-ups
  • As part of my remit I manage ‘content marketing’ – it includes emails/e-newsletters/twitter/Linkedin/adwords/SEO – its all part of my marketing mix and integrated into the offline marketing mix
  • I avoid using the term ‘social media’ as much as I can - full of all the wrong connotations – ‘…you look at Facebook all day don’t you?’if you want a slice of the marketing or sales budget pie – avoid those words directly. How do I generate leads with the content channels I have available to me? (((Next slide)))
  • Lunchtime session to educate and inform the benefits of social media to the hole business my supplierKick off with a trial campaign ‘toe in the water’ – 3 months with objectives and reporting – as we’ve done with OSTUsing an agency has allowed me to test my market with people who know what they are doing, if it works then you look at how I can deliver it internally long term or sub contract all or some of the work out to suppliers.Reporting is key :Google Analytics set up and I undertake daily checksWeekly email reports that include How many followers on Twitter or Linkedin I have ? Check the quality of the usersMonthly reporting upwards to the business
  • The brands I actively focus on after within Elektron Technology group – Digitron, Agar Scientific and CheckitCASE STUDYCheckit –wireless food safety monitoring product.We’ll engage with anyone who has an interest in managing food safety and enforcing food compliance requirementsResource issues means I outsource 80% of my marcoms on this to suppliers.Content delivery means that my agency has to be real experts at distributing my content online and have a ‘business head’OST bring technical knowledge and mature thinking, and they broadcast relevant content ( by nagging Checkit/me ) every day.My job is to also make sure I get to Interview the actual agency people who will be your representatives online, not just the person who is selling the services to you!The key challenge for content for me is that it has to be managed and monitored internally, with a mix of some internal content creation produced – such as a white paper – also the subject matter we deal with is specialized but allow for the agency, especially in the twitter space, the flexibilty to take your content and other online discussions and generate new content. The key is the knowledge of the agency in any given field and the ability to LEARN about your business.
  • Get the comms mix right – we’ve built the basics; web site, produced the offline adverts, datasheets etc.ONLINE – find out where your audience hang out – For Checkit we found that Linkedin has a few very large, professional food based groups we could target. BUT No focused food health and safety group – so we created our own ‘happy sheep pen’Twitter is the shepherd to drive the sheep into the pen – 3/ 4 tweets a dayTarget them in various ways; invite to webinar on food safety ( 70 signed up ) and then target individuals (30 attended who continue to show interest (4 quotes)
  • RESEARCH your Twitter and linkedin followers and ‘soft target/sell ’ them by engaging in with their conversation, when appropriate invite them to your seminar by email or call themSend them white papers or reports, even if they didn’t attend the webinarSign them up to regular newslettersInvite them to the next webinarAdd them to your sales ‘lead or opportunity’ databases!!!
  • The debate about the usefulness ‘social media’ is over - the majority of savvy marketing companies and agencies – social media isn’t going away any time soon, it now plays a full part in the integrated marketing mix - just as email is now an essential part of any marketing activityToday we are integrating twitter addresses into our adverts, into our email sig files, using it to promote our events, send out immediate offers if we’ve had a sluggish sales activity, engaging with our communities or individuals in real time at a cost we couldn’t afford offline.
  • B2B content marketing: How to engage generate leads and maximise ROI

    1. 1. How to Engage, Generate Leads & Maximise ROI 19.05.14 Paul Smith Checkit / Agar Scientific / Digitron
    2. 2. Strictly Confidential 2 Background
    3. 3. Strictly Confidential 3 Content Marketing is…
    4. 4. Strictly Confidential 4 Social Media?
    5. 5. Strictly Confidential 5 Evidence of success?
    6. 6. Strictly Confidential 6
    7. 7. Strictly Confidential 7 Generate Leads – how you engage is the real skill!
    8. 8. Strictly Confidential 8 Twitter – how you engage is a real skill!
    9. 9. Strictly Confidential 9 Bringing it all together
    10. 10. Thank you! 19.05.14 Paul Smith paul.smith@elektron-technology.com