Interrupt of 8085


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Details about interrupt of 8085

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Interrupt of 8085

  1. 1. Prof. Nitin Ahire 1 Microprocessor & Microcontroller - I T.E Sem V (Rev) Prof. Nitin Ahire XIE, Mahim
  2. 2. Prof. Nitin Ahire 2 Connection of I/O devices. Polling method Interrupt method
  3. 3. Prof. Nitin Ahire 3 Interrupt system of 8085 Definition: “It is a mechanism by which an I/O device ( Hardware interrupt) or an instruction (software interrupt) can suspend the normal execution of the processor and get it self serviced.”
  4. 4. Prof. Nitin Ahire 4 Types of interrupt 1) Hardware interrupt 2) Software interrupt
  5. 5. Prof. Nitin Ahire 5 Hardware interrupt Interrupt : “It is an external asynchronous input that inform the ‘up’ to complete the instruction that it is currently executing and fetch a new routine in order to offer a service to that I/O devices. Once the I/O device is serviced, the ‘up’ will continue with execution of its normal program.”
  6. 6. Prof. Nitin Ahire 6 Hardware interrupt 8085 has ‘5’ hardware interrupt 1)Trap 2)RST 7.5 3)RST 6.5 4)RST 5.5 5)INTR
  7. 7. Prof. Nitin Ahire 7 Types of Hardware interrupt NMI( non maskable) 1) It can’t be masked or made pending 2) Highest priority 3) This interrupt disable all maskable interrupts 4) Used for emergency purpose like power failure, smoke detector e.g. TRAP Maskable 1) It can be masked or made pending 2) Lower priority 3) These interrupt dose not disable non maskable interrupt 4) Used to interface peripherals. e.g. RST 7.5
  8. 8. Prof. Nitin Ahire 8 Hardware Interrupt Priority interrupt ISR address trigger 1 TRAP 0024h edge +level 2 RST 7.5 003Ch edge 3 RST 6.5 0034h level 4 RST 5.5 002Ch level 5 INTR No specific level location
  9. 9. Prof. Nitin Ahire 9 Software interrupt 8085 has ‘8’ software interrupt 1)RST0 2)RST1 3)RST2 4)RST3 5)RST4 6)RST5 7)RST6 8)RST7
  10. 10. Prof. Nitin Ahire 10 Software interrupt These instruction ( RST0-RST7) allow the ‘up’ to transfer the program control from main program to the subroutine program (i.e. ISR) ISR: interrupt service routing
  11. 11. Prof. Nitin Ahire 11 Software interrupt Interrupt Restart locations RST 0 0 X 8 = 0000h RST 1 1 X 8 = 0008h RST 2 2 x 8 = 0010h RST 3 3 X 8 = 0018h RST 4 4 X 8 = 0020h RST 5 5 X 8 = 0028h RST 6 6 X 8 = 0030h RST 7 7 X 8 = 0038h
  12. 12. Prof. Nitin Ahire 12 Software interrupt / hardware interrupt Software interrupt 1)It is as synchronous event 2)This interrupt is requested by executing instruction 3)PC is incremented 4)The priority is highest 5)It can’t be ignored 6)It is not used to interface the peripheral Used in debugging Hardware interrupt 1)It is an asynchronous event 2)This interrupt is requested by external device 3)PC is not incremented 4)The priority is lower than softer interrupt 5)Can be masked 6)It is used to interface peripheral devices
  13. 13. Prof. Nitin Ahire 13 Interrupt related instructions 1) EI : it is used to enable the all maskable interrupt. It required 1-byte, one MC (4T). It does not affect on TRAP 2) DI : it is used to disable all maskable interrupt. 1-byte (4T). It does not affect on TRAP
  14. 14. Prof. Nitin Ahire 14 Interrupt related instructions SIM : (set interrupt mask) 1-byte (4T) state. Used to enable or disable RST 7.5, RST 6.5, RST 5.5 interrupts. It does not affect on TRAP & INTR . It is used in serial data transmission It also transfer serial data bit ‘D7’of ‘A’ to the SOD pin Hence the CWR format must be load in the ‘A’ before execution of SIM instruction.
  15. 15. Prof. Nitin Ahire 15 SIM (bit pattern) SOD pin D7= SOD D6= serial data enable 1=enable, 0=disable D5= Don’t care D4= Reset R7.5 F/F, 1=Reset 0=no effect D3=MSE Mask set enable 1=D2,D1,D0 bit are effective 0=D2,D1,D0 bit are ignored D2= M’7.5 Mask RST 7.5 1= Mask or disable R7.5 0= Enable RST 7.5 D1=M’6.5 Mask RST 6.5 1= Mask or disable R6.5 0= Enable RST 6.5 D0=M’5.5 Mask RST 5.5 1= Mask or disable R5.5 0= Enable RST 5.5 SOD SDE M’ 6.5M’ 7.5MSER 7.5X M’ 5.5
  16. 16. Prof. Nitin Ahire 16 Interrupt related instructions RIM : ( read interrupt mask) 1-byte (4T) state. It gives the status of the pending maskable interrupt (RST 7.5 – RST 5.5) It does not affect on TRAP & INTR It can also transfer the contents of the serial input data on the SID pin into the accumulator (‘D7’ bit.) Hence after execution of this instruction serial data get load in to the accumulator
  17. 17. Prof. Nitin Ahire 17 RIM (bit pattern) SID pin D7= SID D6= D5= if 1 respective interrupt is pending D4= 0 respective interrupt is not pending D3=IE interrupt enable D2= D1= if 1 respective interrupt is Masked D0= 0 respective interrupt is unmasked SID I 7.5 M 6.5M 7.5IEI 5.5I 6.5 M 5.5