COMM 2F00: Module 6: Ben Howard


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COMM 2F00: Module 6 Assignment

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  • COMM 2F00: Module 6: Ben Howard

    1. 1. BEN HOWARD Created By: NICOLE SAAB COMM 2F00 – Module 6
    2. 2. “Conjuring deep emotion and empathy through graceful lyrics and stellar musicianship, Ben Howard has established himself as a powerful songwriter.” -Communion Records
    3. 3. Career Background Benjamin John "Ben" Howard - born on April 24, 1987 English singer-songwriter Signed to Island and Communion Records Self-released his debut albums – Games in the Dark (2008) – These Waters (2009) – Old Pine (2010) • Major debut studio albums – Every Kingdom (2011) – Ben Howard Live (2011) – The Burgh Island EP (2012) • • • •
    4. 4. • • The website has links to all the social media pages used by the artist, including Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, & SoundCloud. • Fans can access exclusive Ben Howard news, blogs, music, & videos on the website. • Ben Howard swag can be purchased from the website’s store.
    5. 5. • • • • Twitter Handle: @benhowardmusic 358K followers 573 tweets Exclusive appearance information is tweeted to promote up-coming events and to interact with fans.
    6. 6. • Approximately 600,000 likes on Facebook. • 11,000 people mentioning Ben Howard in their posts. • Ben Howard shares his videos as well as videos of artists he supports. • The artist shares concert photos to thank his audiences via Facebook.
    7. 7. • Ben Howard is connected to 2.9K people on Myspace. • Since this social media website has become less popular, Ben Howard does not actively use this platform as much as he uses more current social media applications.
    8. 8. • 77,358 YouTube subscribers to benhowardmusic’s channel. • Actively uploads videos of his music e.g. music video’s and concert clips. • Ben Howard receives a lot of positive feedback from fans on his YouTube discussion board.
    9. 9. • • • • 29,937 followers on SoundCloud. An average of 1K likes on each posted song. Over 100 thousand plays of each song. Positive comments from followers.
    10. 10. • Ben Howard’s Effective Use of Social Media Platforms Based on the Following Social Media Tips: o Find your audience o Post meaningful, shareable content o Engage your current fans o Continue the social push, hand out swag and flyers o Post Consistently
    11. 11. Find Your Audience • Ben Howard posts, via social media (e.g. Facebook) and on his website in the news section, where he is headed on his tours so that fans in those locations are aware and purchase tickets.
    12. 12. Post Meaningful, Shareable Content • Using SoundCloud and YouTube as examples, Ben Howard posts music clips and videos that fans can enjoy listening to and share with their friends by reposting.
    13. 13. Engage Your Current Fans • Ben Howard engages his current fans via Facebook, Twitter, etc. by giving away free songs and autographed swag in order to celebrate a good cause such as the protect our waves petition.
    14. 14. Continue the Social Push, Hand Out Swag & Flyers • Ben Howard promotes sales for swag and autograph auctions via Twitter. • Facebook is used for flyer posts for up-coming events and appearances by Ben Howard.
    15. 15. Post Consistently • Ben Howard goes on social media applications (e.g. Twitter) to post and repost at least every few days.
    16. 16. • Ben Howard uses several social media applications to effectively communicate with fans, building communities around his music where people can share their opinions while accessing the opinions of other Ben Howard fans.
    17. 17. BEN HOWARD Created By: NICOLE SAAB COMM 2F00 – Module 6