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Social Media Presentation By Monica Monica Horsley & Trevor Dickerson
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Social Media Presentation By Monica Monica Horsley & Trevor Dickerson


Published on

Monica Horsley, Owner of By Invitation Only(, Richmond's Premier Retailer of Invitations and Stationery …

Monica Horsley, Owner of By Invitation Only(, Richmond's Premier Retailer of Invitations and Stationery
Trevor Dickerson, Head of Design & Printing at By Invitation Only, Founder and Editor of

Published in: Business, Technology, Design

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  • 1. Leveraging Social Media for RVA Biz
        • Monica Horsley Trevor Dickerson
    • @byinviteonlyrva @TrevorDickerson
  • 3. Social Media Timeline: Trevor
    • Started with Twitter in March 2008
    • Attended spontaneous “tweetups”
    • Met wide variety of people from all backgrounds/industries
    • Used Facebook personally since high school; for business starting in 2008
    • Grew recognition of Downtown Short Pump through Twitter
  • 4. Social Media Timeline: Monica
        • Started tweeting in April 2009
        • Got connected to keep up with competition
        • Wanted to build relationships with current/future customers
        • Low-cost way to get name out
        • Used Facebook personally for several years
        • Learned of need for Fan Page
  • 5. Getting Started with Twitter
  • 6. Twitter: Step by Step
      • Pick perfect Twitter handle related to your business
      • Consider attaching “RVA” to associate locally
      • Interact as if you were in a physical group
      • Form relationships naturally and your presence will grow organically
  • 7. Twitter: Step by Step
    • Stay consistent in amount of daily tweets
    • Be yourself and keep it authentic
    • Be true to your brand - you are the face of your company!
    • Pimp your wares, but don’t be annoying about it
    • Be more conversational than self-promoting
    • Show rather than tell
  • 8. Getting Started with Facebook
  • 9. Facebook: Step by Step
    • Set up both a personal profile and business Fan Page
    • Same rules apply: be consistent and authentic
    • Give customers a visual of what’s going on at your business
      • Attach photos
      • Share posts from vendors & success stories from customers
  • 10. Facebook: Step by Step
    • Actively participate in vendor and local business Fan Pages
      • Make comments
      • Add them to “favorite pages” on your Fan Page
    • Keep page frequently updated
    • Use pictures to communicate
  • 11. Getting Started with Blogging
  • 12. Blogging: Step by Step
    • A blog is an extension of yourself personally; an extension of your business professionally
    • Use blog to showcase events, products and experiences in your business
    • Use as an outlet to connect with your customers
    • Brand yourself as an expert in your niche
    • Build customer loyalty through interesting posts
  • 13. Bringing it all Together: Cross-Platform Integration
  • 14. Cross-Platform Integration
    • Social media is an extension of your website & brand
    • Set up auto-publishing between Blog, Facebook & Twitter to save time & promote simplicity
    • Cross-polinate between platforms to grow your voice and your bottom line
  • 15. Cost vs. Impact Analysis
  • 16. Cost vs. Impact Analysis
    • Low investment and high return
      • No overhead
      • Little time investment
    • Big rewards if implemented correctly
      • Special incentives for followers/fans can be highly successful
  • 17. Cost vs. Impact Analysis
    • Important to continue traditional ad campaigns, but make sure you’re maximizing profits with each strategy
    • Consider low-cost, pay-per-click ads on Facebook
      • Can target to age, gender, location and more
  • 18. Success Stories
  • 19. Questions?
  • 20. Thanks!