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Facebook Frenzy Presentation


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Facebook Frenzy Presentation

  1. 1. Facebook Frenzy
  2. 2. Must Have Answers.
  3. 3. Facebook FrenzyOverviewo Meet FacebookTimelineo Terminologyo Define Your SocialMedia GoalsBricks & Mortaro The Anatomy of a Pageo Updating your brandingo Posting Info and Mediao Formatting Posts andCommentsRainbows & Butterflieso Measuring the Success ofYour Campaigno Post Time, Frequencyand Ideaso Generating Fanso Complimenting withOther Social MediaPlatformso Outsourcing vs. In-houseSocial MediaWhat‟s On Tap
  4. 4. Timeline Concept.Meet Facebook TimelineIn 2012 Facebook made thechange to Timeline for people tobetter tell their „story.‟ TheTimeline feature allows a user tolook at a person‟s or business‟sprofile through the years.
  5. 5. Terms of Endearment.a) Promoting a Postb) Storyc) Personal Profiled) Walle) News Feedf) Friendsg) Likingh) Groupi) Fansh) Appsi) Unfriendingj) Milestonek) Statusl) Pagem) Friends of Fansn) Commento) Replyp) Insights
  6. 6. The Anatomy of a Page.TheAnatomyofaPage
  7. 7. Outcomes of a successful campaign.Exposure &BrandingLeadGenerationPromotionsRise in SEOBuildingRelationshipsBuildingCredibilityIncreaseGrowthDefining Your Why.
  8. 8. What is your social media goal?
  9. 9. Your cover photo.Do:o Use an image thats 851 x 315pixels.o Use a unique image torepresent your Page (ex: apopular menu item or a pictureof a customer using yourproduct).o Experiment with differentimages to see what peoplerespond to.Dont:o Price or purchaseinformation, such as 40% offor Download it on our website.o Contact information or detailsthat should go in your Aboutsection.o Calls to action or references toother things on Facebook suchas the Like button.Branding Your Page.
  10. 10. How To: Step by Step.o Update your cover photo.o Change your profile picture.o Add to your timeline in the past.o Add an administrator.#
  11. 11. Creating a unique URL. Distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis Choose wisely! Your name is yours for life. Ideal for those linking to their Facebook pagefrom a website or other marketing materials.A Name Tag for Your Page.
  12. 12. How To: Step by Step.o Setup your unique URL.o Post information, photos and videos.o Format, edit and organize posts andcomments.o Schedule posts.o Post in the past.o Post an event.#
  13. 13. Reply: A new 2013 comment feature. Just launched and will be enabled inall pages on July 2013. Not available on mobile. Reply directly to the comments lefton the page and start conversationthreads. Easier to interact with individuals. Increases conversation quality.A One-on-One Conversation.
  14. 14. Edge Rank: Determines your object “in-crowd”.Edge Rank decides how important an object is to each user.Where All the Posts Go.Affinity More interaction with a page orperson = more affinity.WeightPhoto/Video are highest, followedby Links then status updates.Comments add weight.Time The older a post is the less likely itis to display in a news feed.
  15. 15. Edge Rank: Anna‟s example.Where All the Posts Go.o Anna attended a wedding this week and all of her friendsare posting about it.o Because of this engagement from her friends, they willbe shown in her news feed.o As a result, your business Page post may not appearorganically or will appear below all of these friendstories.o But, you can promote your posts to appear higher inAnna‟s news feed than they would have organically.
  16. 16. Promoting Posts. Bumps your post higherthan it would otherwiseappear in your audience‟snews feeds. Starts at $5.00. New in May 2012. Increases the likelihoodthat people will: See your message in theirnews feed. Become aware of yourbusiness. Respond to your offer orsales promotion.
  17. 17. How will you measure the success of your campaign?o Number of hits to your websiteo Friend/Fan/Follower head counto Leads generatedo Revenue generatedo SEO ranking improvementsMeasuring Success.Exposure &BrandingLeadGenerationPromotionsRise in SEOBuildingRelationshipsBuildingCredibilityIncreaseGrowth
  18. 18. How will you measure the success ofyour campaign?
  19. 19. How To: Step by Step.o Find and view your activity log.#
  20. 20. Monitoring Insights. Assess your Page‟s performance. Learn which content resonates with your audience. Optimize how and when you publish content so people will tell theirfriends about you. High virility is good, it means a person is more likely to share thatcontent. Make note of this content and post more like it. High reach is good, it means that your content reached more people Take note of the time of day this content was posted and post aroundthat time of day to test. Take note of object type and consider posting more like it Engaged uses is good, it means your viewers interacted with yourcontent. Look at time of day, object type and content to replicate.
  21. 21. Monitoring Insights.
  22. 22. How To: Step by Step.o Look at Insights.#
  23. 23. Post Frequency.This particular page experiences highest levels ofengagement at two posts per day.
  24. 24. Optimum Post Time of Day.o The three biggest usagespikes tend to occur onweekdays at 11:00a.m., 3:00 p.m. and 8:00p.m. ET.o The biggest spike occurs at3:00 p.m. ET on weekdays.o Weekday usage is prettysteady.However, Wednesday at3:00 pm ET is consistentlythe busiest period.o Fans are less active onSunday compared to allother days of the week. Wed Most CommentsMon Most Posts 
  25. 25. Integrate it into your culture. Use social media icons on yourwebsite linking to your businessFacebook page allow currentcustomers with Facebook tobecome fans of your business atany point Invite your current Facebookfriends to fan your Page Give information only throughyour Facebook Page in an effort toentice fans to sign up Offer a discount or coupon ifclients or prospects fan your Page Place Facebook ads Invite your email subscribers Add to your email signature block Display a sign at your store orbusiness Write awesome content, so peoplewill like and comment and you‟llshow up on their wallBuilding Your Fan Base.
  26. 26. What to Post.o You don’t just have to post about what you do.o You do have to post about topics that interest youraudience.
  27. 27. Quality content controls. Are you promoting or conversing? Social media is about building a relationship. Selling constantly and never bonding does not build relationships. Are you contributing too little or over contributing? Everyone likes a chuckle or a helpful hint. Steer clear of continually talking about mundane tasks. Posts between 100 and 250 characters get about 60% more likes, commentsand shares. Keep true to company culture don‟t change your persona. Stay positive. No one likes a whiner. Make it visually stimulating, Photo albums, pictures, and videos get180%, 120%, and 100% more engagement respectively.What to Post.
  28. 28. Where to find post inspiration.What to Post. Check out your competitionand those you admire. Post summaries explainingcurrent events or technologicaladvances in your industry. Feature clients. Post about industry specificcontroversy. Subscribe to RSS feed of otherpopular blogs in your industry. Keep a list of FAQ fromclients/prospects. Share photos, video, events andevent summaries. Share testimonials.
  29. 29. Content Recycling.Minimize yourbottom line byrecycling content.
  30. 30. Building a online bridge to your customers.Content Recycling.YourAudienceClosedBusinessFacebookEmailMarketingBlog &WebsitePinterestOther possible digital components of your marketing bridge:Twitter, LinkedIn, Houzz, Google+, YouTube, Google AdWords
  31. 31. Don‟t just build a bridge, cast a net.Content Recycling.YourAudienceClosedBusinessWEBSITEBlogEmailMarketingFacebookPinterest
  32. 32. What additional media could you use torecycle your content and expand yourreach?
  33. 33. Scheduling, strategy and consistency.Keys to success.o Ping.FMo Nimble.como TweetDeck.como HootSuite.como Wysija.como When will this fit intoyour schedule? What will your routinelook like? How can you tie it alltogether to make itmore efficient?
  34. 34. Conso Their main focus is gettingthe business name andinformation out to thosefollowers.o Scheduled timely posts.o No expense fortraining, hiring andbenefits.o Possibly disconnectedwith what you really do.o Less control overmessages, posts andbranding.o No inner office buzz orparticipation.Outsource -VS- In-house.Pros
  35. 35. Facebook FrenzyOverviewo Meet FacebookTimelineo Terminologyo Define Your SocialMedia GoalsBricks & Mortaro The Anatomy of a Pageo Updating Your Brandingo Posting Info and Mediao Formatting Posts andCommentsRainbows & Butterflieso Measuring the Success ofYour Campaigno Post Time, Frequencyand Ideaso Generating Fanso Content Recyclingo Outsourcing vs. In-houseSocial MediaWhat‟s On Tap
  36. 36. Must Have Answers.
  37. 37. Facebook Frenzy